Friday, October 31, 2014

Oct 31:San Diego to Philly & Decisions😁

Alice's Kitchen
Today is departure day from the mild and sunny West Coast to a more seasonable cold snap Philadelphia. Got up @ 7:30 AM this morning.
Bye San Diego :(
First text message I looked at was from my Mom: " Peter died at 2:15am" He wasn't able
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to keep his food down and he was in hospice. whole situation concerning Peter is bizarre.
Mimi Driving Me to Airport
I'm leaving it at that.
I got my stuff rustled up and got a ride into the San Diego
Cool Bridge
airport by Mimi. It is now 10:23 AM they're going to start boarding at 10:30. I guess are going to start
Art Near Airport
with the super first class, first class and then kids & wheelchairs first. So it's a transition day from vacationto my  old life. So it's cloudy and cool by San Diego standards and a photo of John at the Giants victory
Waiting to Board
parade shows that it's pouring rain in Northern California. For stop the slow molasses like boarding for our
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Detroit stop. I will not be officially grounded till 9:30 PM Eastern time. This is a brand-new plane but I overheard. It has USB ports on the back of the front seat seat in front of me so I can charge my phone.
This is a big step and passenger convenience. I did notice they have no cupholders. It is
now 8:00 PM our flight is been delayed already 20 minutes as of now. We are sitting in Detroit
it is cold outside as hell. The other flight is just rolling into the little thingy that's going to let them out of the plane. So  we're
not  leave until 8:45PM so looks like at least 45 minutes late for this flight. I'm gonna
have to call Larry and let him know as well they don't have enough room for carry-on so I donated my bag for freight to be part of the luggage. At home there's sort of
misunderstanding freak out going on which apparently is calmed down at this time. I've been watching a special about the Chicago Cubs 
blowing game 6 the game 2003 league championship series
against the Florida Marlins. The Cubs had a 3-0 lead in the 8th inning. Cubs fans blamed it on this guy named 
Steve Bartman.
They talk about how everybody blamed Bill Buckner for blowing the 1986 World Series against the
Mets in game 6. The reason for being late is that it's snowing here in the happy confines of Detroit Michigan.
The plane is moving it is now 8:49 PM Eastern daylight Time. I'm looking outside it looks like it's raining
in Detroit not snow. It's 9:14 PM when we going to lift off. Just found out Wednesday morning 8:30 AM. It's going to be one hell of a
week my blocking buddies.

Thursday, October 30:Lant FULL Day in Sunny California

Driving a Mini Cooper
Good day everyone who loves October. There's 2 days left.was awakened early by Bob planning for a Halloween party that Sharon told us about
I Slept Here in 2011
a month ago when Bob and Lisa visit it. Then my sister woke me up so we can go eat breakfast and
View from My Sister's Place
I would drop off the rental car to enterprise rental car. It is now going on 3:00 PM and she's not back yet and has not responded to my messages.
Slept Here 2014
I found this magazine called  American Scholar. It had about three or four articles that were very fascinating from Walt Whitman and his brothers and how the Civil War affected their lives. The next article was about to the American myth
My Rental
of the frontier and the 3rd article was about satisfaction as we reach old age. Just as I was reading, her cat just nestled up with me. I next went on the computer  to sit and and start up my homework for my short story
The Drive to Rental Place
class for Saturday. seemed like a good day to do that since Alice obviously is more busy than she forecast due to work and weird family stuff that I will not discuss. Talk to me instead since that will be more appropriate.
Being Driven Home
So I guess I'm gonna get off my duff and do something.  Well I did do something I looked at the New York Times did some laundry and him talked
Alice's  Cat
to Bob and Lisa about the Halloween party that's happening tomorrow night. I indicated that there's no realistic way I could get rested up
Good Articles Here
for that after a long flight across the country. I told him I don't get home till 9:30 PM.later on when he stopped over and relaxed wants to
View from 2nd Floor
share in our competitor OkCupid matches and had a good laugh. I believe you're not actually in meeting somebody from OkCupid on Saturday 9 AM. Alice came back and decided
Around 5pm
we would go out to a nice dinner with Renée and meanie place called claim Jumper. I had a pretty good pasta was delicious. We then went home and watched these don't do Netflix
Looking Forward to Sat 9am
that we all thought was pretty decent. Next you watched one episode on the west and then I decided I better just get ready for bed and stuff my laundry in my suitcase. So blind to see
Clouds Here are Cool
the sea last full day of my freaky shit here to West Coast, The land much different than the east. Here in the West Coast
the roads are wide the sky is blue and the days are sunny and 72° well I ended my night by listening to
Pat's Fish Tank
the Beatles put my clothes away etc. and then I send pictures for Pat. Good night everybody

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weds. October 29: I-8 to Jacumba CA

Good morning East coasters West coasters and table coasters. I first went over to La Mesa
Condo Association-Land
to pick up Alice's friend Renée. Her place is  is condos where you can not change the color of your house without condo association approval. That is bogus!
Renee's Pup
It's easy to tell since all the house at the same exact color. Today I went with Renée to Jacumba
I-8 East Towards the Desert
California to their spa. For $25 you can going to swimming pool Jacuzzi sauna and stay all day. We're
Driving the Rental Car
out in the desert and it's the only place nearby.. It's pretty desolate here you know desert and all that
The View Along Interstate 8.
. It was about a 45 to 50 minute drive on the interstate to get here. Amazing enough I could 
Yup, They Have Them Here
see the the border fence between Mexico and United States. It was funny AT&T said welcome abroad.
The Mountains
We're only reason I have Internet access because they have free Wi-Fi otherwise AT&T was not providing
Quite a Route
any service. So I'm probably not getting any text messages while I'm here. The pool was a little chilly 
The Spa
but the sun was really nice. The water comes up from a sulfur Springs so it has a funky little smell to it
The Sulphur Spring
but it feels really nice. We're now having some drinks to cool us off. It's now 12:20 PM. We chilled out in the pool and then we went to the warm soothing sauna for about  a half hour.
Next we decided to
Nice Waitress
have some lunch at the restaurant that's at the spa. I had a breakfast Burrito for $5 and it was really
Lovin the Sunshine
good it was a cheap date. Then the nice young waitress told us about this place called the Desert View Tower. Well this place IS out of this World!! I've never seen
The Border Fence with Mexico
anything like this in person in my life. On a clear Day
A Rocky Road Ahead. Quite the Sight
you can see the superstition Mountains better 300 miles away in Apache Junction Arizona. It's
Go Left to the Desert View Tower
hard to believe with dinner ready early settlers had to do to survive in this rocky terrain that is hard to
We are Here
fathom for for yours truly who is never seen anything like this in his life. It is it once beautiful yet for
The Desert View Tower
bidding far out yet scary. The owners of this place has about four dogs in there the most tagged out
The Entrance 
mellowed out dogs ever. There's not much Wayne of light pollution or noise pollution here except
The Owner of the Tower
for the swishing sounds of cars on the interstate. That's interstate I-8 that is.

Mellow Dogs
The Art and Gift Shop
back Sunday morning at 2 AM. So I'm glad I'm getting rid this cold because I'm in for a shock when
The View Atop Desert View Tower
I get back east Friday night. 
Well it's 5:37 PM we just drove back almost 80 miles east of
The Housing Near the Tower
San Diego and I'm in La Mesa and I'm going to drive back towards San Diego and then check other
Bolder Park
things out for little while while the sun still out. Well I ended up sorting out my photos while sitting in
Welcome One and All
La Mesa sitting in her driveway. I'm trying to put as many pictures as I can on this blog because there's so much that I saw. It was a good day and I think I got some sun as well. I am glad I had
How Far I was From Apache Junction
the opportunity to see this landscape. I have seen it in photos BUT to see and feel it in front of me
More Rugged Territory
was an experience to remember!! I hope I will return one day with a friend to share the experience. If I can't, or life doesn't grant me the opportunity
I Just Saw a Face
and etc, I could very well make plans to move out here in the West Coast. My Sister would like me to move in with her but I am committing to
Border Patrol!!
anything that forehead. Seven years is a virtual lifetime! I talked to my friend Amy and she says it every 7 years a major change happens.
well according to my calculations the next major change according to the seven year rule, would
Art for Sale
be the year 2018. Well I cannot retire with full benefits of the year 2021. This means anything could happen though I think I will end up staying
An REM Video from the 90's
in the East Coast since I have familiarity friends there. And the star over in the late 50s doesn't sound that plausible
I Can See for Miles and Miles
to me at this time as of October 30, 2014. Well tomorrow is my last full day and  I hope to get as much nice weather as possible. There is NO mischief night out here so it should  be safe. I will return the rental car tomorrow and hang with Alice tomorrow. We can talk about family stuff and junk.!