Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Last Day in May

It was good for me to have a month break from Commission meetings. I did wish that I could have made that NOONTIME Commission when Mayor Shannon waved that sledgehammer. This blogger had to work his real job!! You will notice my entries on have been mostly non-political.Time away gave me time to help with the Fithian House Gallery and the new studio in our backyard. The work reminds me of the renovations we did on our house in West Philly. Hope the economy picks up in the next 6 months. I just had a tennis lesson in the rain this morning. Yesterday's weather forecast said NOTHING about rain. I had to put tarp out before my 8am lesson. The rain started here about 8;15am.
Here are photos of my neighbors moving out from the downstairs apt. The sister of the owner and family will be moving in soon. Also pictured is the floor painted and some customers who who came in today. The other is the backyard of the studio furniture waiting for the floor to dry. The sun is out now as of 10;52m. Its now 6pm and time to wrap up this day. What day is best to have a cold one??

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Backyard Studio May 30

The Fithian House Gallery is getting prepared for June's 3rd Friday. Right now the studio floor is being prepped to be painted and we installed a sculpture created by Wayne Russell who's work is featured at our gallery. Steve Testa is taking care of this work for the next several days.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Route 55 Visits the NJ Motorsports Park

On Memorial Day, I got a personal tour of the New Jersey Motorsports Park. I had only been to the clubhouse before and never seen a race. It was time to see what it was about and to see it for myself. I was led by "Gap" Sparacio of the Green Flag Committee.
This complex is 750 Acres of track and new development. A cycle club was renting the track on the day I was there.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clark's Pond New Jersey

Over the long Memorial day holiday we went to visit my step-daughter's home at Clark's Pond near Bridgeton. She lives on a gravel road and boy was it pretty. Sure takes my mind off politics for awhile.

Margarita Bash 2009

It was a nice mellow event. According to Carl , 76 people were there. Carlton was at his usual spot next to the back door. Tim Shannon made the tastest shrimp and I won the 50-50. It was the first time I had won since 1986. The weather was fine and I saw folks I have not seen in awhile.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday in Fortesque NJ

Yesterday I did some errends such as picking up my veggies in Mays Landing. On the way back went to the OVT. Now I did not know what that ment but its the Old Vineland Taveren. Went in and had a beer. Cheaper then in Millville for the same beer but its in the middle of nowhere. Has a young barftending staff. Its not bad but way too far.

After shopping for food, to make a bean salad, we went to Fortesque NJ. Its now the Horseshoe Crab mating season. Man, there were a ton of them out on the beach. There were also quite a few people there as well. It was perfect weather. The nice cool breeze kept the bugs away. A house that was 100 feet from the beach had no breeze and tons of bugs. It was cool funky old place. We then with our dogs June and Jesus went to a small store and chilled out and had some snacks. It was a nice time for sure.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23 Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I needed a break from blogging and being in controversy and get other stuff done and to chill as the youth would say.
Lets see now I went to a Downtown Millville Merchants Assn. meeting at the RRCA on We ds May 20th. They are getting ready for the 2nd Annual Downtown Millville Arts & Music Antiques Festival that is being held Sunday September 13th. Last year's was excellent and this year promises to be better
With the election being over and Millville electing a fine group of leaders , the drivel that is on the Daily Journal has gone WAY DOWN. What a relief and just in time for the Memorial Day holiday. YEA!! Alas, some did leak out but I found it to be pretty silly in the way in bonehead thinking.

I am looking forward to the annual Margarita Bash at Carl's. I have attended for the past 3 years. There are plenty of folks and food to enjoy and the pool is nice for when it gets real hot. I see folks I do not get to see on a day to day basis. One year we could see the Air Force Jets flying overhead. If you stay after sundown you can see the curiousity below. Have a great Memoral Day weekend!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Red Book of Welfare and Other Thoughts

May 18th and that means there is only a week before Memorial Day. I was buzy at work writing up sanctions for folks who do not cooperate with Welfare to Work guidelines. I have names placed in the book that you see me holding up. It was a fine cool day for Mid-May. Tonite was Dottie's walk. Dale Finch did show up today along with the few of us. We showed some properties that are a mess and Dottie saw a lot of neighbors she knows. Tomorrow the swearing in of the newly elected Millville City Commission will be held at Noon today. Since I do have to be at work, I will have to miss this one. There will be no evening meeting so I get to be home.
I am for one glad that the independent Democrats support open space preservation. Lets hope they stay in the race and push this issue. We are the ONLY County in the state with an open space plan. This is very disappointing for me. Cumberland County needs one before all the land is built up once the economy rebounds in the next 18 months.
Another blogger in Millville is RD Owens who writes a site called E-Cache. He writes very well and gives alot of thought in what he writes. I don't always agree with him such as voting for Millville City Commission but I do on others such as Lou Magazzu. He wrote a very interesting piece about the Motorsports Park way back in May 2005 before the park was built and several weeks before we moved to our present address. This was the 1st and biggest issue when I first moved here in Millville. Today in the BEN, Jack Hummel strongly reacts against a letter that Linda Forbes sent in today in the News of Cumberland County. Jack seems to be a strong big Lou supporter. Folks need to write to Mr. Hummel and not be bullied by Mr. Magazzu.
Well got to eat and have coffee now. Have a good week.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Poetry on High at Bogart's Books May 17th 2009

It's been awhile since I dropped by Bogart's Books for Poetry on High. It is held the Sunday after 3rd Friday and features many local poets, musicians and artists of all stripes. I took a break from spreading 30 or so bags of mulch since my neighbor said that someone was parked in his handicapped spot. Since the mini-van had Pa tags, he figured that I might know this person. He was right and I walked a little over 200 feet (I did not have to notify Bogarts of our zoning variance for our gallery Fithian House Gallery) and found the artist I was looking for. While he went to move his car, here is what I saw. Videos on YouTube are up now. Hope I can stay longer next month.

Mulch Time!

Yesterday it was time to get some new mulch in the backyard. The other much was pretty much worn out and it was just that time. Well, this year we got Pine Bark Nuggets. They are larger wood chips so they will hopefully last longer. It took about 30 bags to get the coverage that I wanted but it looks ready for the hot weather and guests to come. Today was a good cloudy cool day to work on this kind of outdoor project. I went to Poetry on High at Bogarts Books since I was out to tell a friend to move his car from my neighbor's handicapped spot. I KNOW he could not afford the $250 fine being an artist and all. I think it came out pretty well but stop over at the Fithian House Gallery and see for yourself.
Its good to do something with no controversy since the only cover-up being done is by spreading mulch. I saw at Lowes that they sell RUBBER MULCH. I just never heard of the stuff before. I ran into 2 friends and they said it smells. Not sure it would be good to have rubber sitting on the ground and seeping petroleum for years and years.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

3rd Friday at the Fithian House

Friday May 15th was Third Friday. The Fithian House Gallery featured Dave Miller and his fiddle. He was once my supervisor in my job with the Pa Department of Public Welfare about 12 years ago. He got to retire about 3 years ago and now does gigs with a band. He played very well as you can see on the video below and on YouTube as well.
We got to show our new studio in the back yard and folks seemed to be impressed. We still need to paint the floor and make other changes. The folks who came had a nice time and we made some decent sales. June's Third Friday will have a pirate theme in honor of Don Cossaboon-DeGregorio who was the 13th and last Pioneer Artist .There will be the number 13 and pirate flags next month. I am glad the Arts District is following though.