Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday, February 28: A Warm Day for Work and be a Treasurer

 Good day. Today is Tuesday, February 28 last day of the warmest February   nd record we've had three days of over 70° which is never happened before. Yes I read that in a real newspaper not on Facebook or BuzzFeed. Speaking of news,  
PGW seeks 11.3% rate increase, citing warming weather patterns. So people using less of PGW so they have to charge more for it. Is that the law of supply and demand? Or is that the opposite because we're dealing with PGW the cities worse utility! Anyhow Sharon got up and she pointed out that my hat dropped off right next to a car. I took a picture of it and it indeed was my hat! I just cited to wear my winter coat but have a short sleeved shirt that's a little bit warm. Will see if I don't get as hot as I got yesterday. The 48 bus took a while and it was pretty packed but a woman kind of pushed towards the back and I took her direction and found a seat. I could see why you don't want to go back there it's a home of cute little yuppies thriving and meeting as we sit on the bus. Anyhow I got on the EL and got off at 60th St. by mistake. I think it's him about equidistant from wor from the 56th Street station. I got to work on time. I then saw most of my 12 people by the time I ate lunch around 1:45 PM. Only a few of them didn't shop. I had a 75% show rate which is very good. My next thing is to go to the TD bank and get some kind of statement and subtract that by the $400 that I wrote checks against on Sunday. And then tempting to make my first meeting as the district treasurer. I miss the December one because I was away in Canada and I missed the January's because I just flaked out. In the world outside my ridiculous bubble, some states are pushing for restrictive boating laws. I think they figured with Jeff sessions as Attorney General and Trump is president the fridge won't want to do anything about voter participation. Since voter participation or at least increased voter participation doesn't help Republicans. Well tonight's the State of the Union address by President Trump. In Trump's speech, here are five things to watch. This is according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Well I got to the business meeting half hour early. This afforded me time to organize when I was going to say. Overall it went OK. I did not have quite enough detail of what I groups donated. Now I know. I was pretty shaky but as the meeting went on and I got prepared and started to feel better. Well I watch some of the Trump speech and I probably will not watching make a speech again it was full of it 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 27: Working and Dealing w/a Grifter

 Happy Monday to you all out there in Candyland. I woke up after not getting a whole  heck  of a lot of sleep. I'm not used to that. I've been getting a good amount of sleep lately and that's been very helpful. I did remember to bring my certificate of been trained from 1986 to work  as well as my will and testament as well as my story about the retreat in Montrose   ennsylvania in March 1981. I have typed it with a typewriter  on old funky looking typing paper.  I got to work and only one of my clients I did   chedule did show up. He was part of two parent household. I've been in touch with my friend from   altimore often on via texting. Overall it's been a pleasantly uneventful day. You know it's a funky political  era when GW Bush sounds extremely reasonable.  
The former president defended the free media is keeping people like him accountable. He said power can corrupt. I'm glad talking some sense. Well, I did catch up to some of my appointments from last week and the week before. I only one of my clients come in. I'm hoping I can get rest of my closings done. I don't need to go to the post office and check on my treasury stuff. I believe I lent money to the wrong person anyway it's not raining but it's threatening rain. It's not that cold but a jacket is needed but not a hat. It's 6:25 PM I just finished a stand at the post office fetching mail from the PO Box. I wrote two checks totaling $400 and I'm going to at some point go to TD Bank. I think they close at 7 o'clock during the week. I'm probably not gonna be able to hit the bank and see a live person today. I might just do that tomorrow which is the 28th. According to the online publication the hill,March will be the most important month and a decade for the GOP.I have a chance to change federal policy. They'll do this if the stand behind unit knighted agenda. I'm hoping they don't quite frankly. Well I never got to the TD Bank but I did go to the Monday night beginners. It was a little less filled up than last time. I left feeling a little odd but felt better when I got home. Sharon bought two pizzas and a ginger ale at the repeats so I have extra pizzas 🍕4 lunch


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday, February 26: A Day to Clean Up and Hang Up Photography

Greetings everyone. Today I plan to wake up at 8:30 go to a meeting at 9:30 if brave enough. I then went back to sleep and it was 11:30 AM before  I woke up.    was pretty tired. I was going to hit the Apple Store and get a connector for my headphones. I also was thinking of   oing to the Apple Store for another reason. My phone couldn't get charge last   ight the cords acted like they didn't belong with Apple. It was very frustrating overnight. Ended up the portable charger charge  my phone to about 70% while I was doing other business. The other business that I spoke up is finally cleaning up my room and hanging up   photographs on the wall. I had three empty bags full of paper. Not the huge garbage bags but three kitchen size bags of paper that I've been accumulating. I did find my last will and testament and an old paper I typed out in 1981 about my experience with the born-again Christians up in Montrose Pennsylvania. I'm gonna get them both scanned it work and make copies of the last will stuff for my brothers who are you supposed to be in charge. my fares if I become in competent or a vegetable. Well I toiled for about 3 hours then took a break for a cold Pepsi and call Uber to take me to 20 & Walnut so I can set up the room. Well I   ot in at 7:15 I got plenty of help this time. The coffee was kind of goofed up but it didn't matter. And then came home and ended my day