Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30th: The Last Day of the Fiscal Year

Well, its June 30th and a state budget is going to pass the Legislature. It looks like pension "reform" will pass ONLY for the Legislature and the Governor's office only BUT that legislative leaders
will extend the session to get pension "reform" pass after the budget is passed. This will be interesting at best and a nightmare at  worst. Speaking of nightmares, the Supreme Court may CRIPPLE government unions on a case called Harris v. Quinn. This
could damage union's ability to collect "fair share" dues from those who do not join a union YET
are given the same union services and protections.  Grobart in my present world, I caught the 21 bus at 6:50 AM. I will let you know what time the bus arrives at 20th
St. I am motivated to get up on time because I am leading the meeting today at the sunrise
. It's cloudy misty morning but nice and cool. Meeting went pretty well" like the story. I'm now running
late to work I have a new supervisor. When I do get to work I do have to change out of my shorts and T-shirt into work clothes. Okay it's 9:16 AM I'm about to enter
work. It'll be Monday a.k.a. Drexel day I'm on the board day. Work was very very busy today!!!  I worked late till 6 PM and I got a lot done which
will save me several harassing phone calls about carfare. I have to buy my  Transpass tonight because it's June 30, Next I need to
pay Jane hundred bucks for the next two weeks cause she's going to not be able to pay rent otherwise
. Lastly I'm going to Monday night beginners at 6:45 PM

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday, June 29: Hot Stuff

I  Got a Lift
Sunday, it's a real hot one out here already and it's 9:30 AM. I was walking along to catch the 21 on it's infamous Sunday schedule and I noticed I missed a call. I called
Old City
gentleman back and I'm going to get a ride in the meeting. I'm pretty psyched. Well went to the meeting sparsely attended but there's
Cool Tattoo
an decent shares. And then ran into Joe and I'm traveling around doing errands and listening to the Mexico Netherlands game on his phone.
My Friend Who Gave Me a Ride
Then after that we're going to go to his place and do some setting up his apartment. It's in West Philly on Mellon Street. Now we going
to do a Mexican restaurant watch the Netherlands Mexico game after weekend of Lowe's. He told me Lowe's markets to women. How about that little factoid??! I may want to go over the meetings to do the appointment with her and do my pick up my laundry and get my haircut. Not sure I'm getting

Add caption
any of those done. My guess best guess is that the laundry will be done for sure.
 I just saw Mexico get ripped off by the ref and lose to the Netherlands. The guy for himself getting tripped and fell down. The Netherlands
Lowe's Markets to Woman

A Philly Landmark
guy was awarded a penalty shot. That was the winning goal Netherlands 2 and Mexico 1. It
The Winning Goal!
was a really good game and the food was just kicking ass. Joe decided he wasn't going to do work on the house right away so he dropped me off with the food I brought
At That Great Mexican Place
Dean from the Mexican restaurant. I then chilled out at my house for a moment. Okay. I'm at Larry's picking up my computer Dean is buying it for $25 a month for 4 months. I think it's a square deal and he
The 21
gets what he needs and like it's next to cash. It's very hot outside and I'm going to probably take a nap at Larry's get some coffee and take it from there. I may be seeing a play
I Slept Here
with Dean at 4 o'clock and $.27 and it's arty theater. I finished my nap took a shower and fed Larry's cat. I then went to the SEPTA turnstile to get in and this kid is locked inside
the turnstile. Kent wasn't in pain but he was merely stock could not move. They had the call for extra back up to move the kid.
Kid WAS Stuck!!
Well I got the massage done do you never went to the play we need to did I considering it's 737. I'm going to have to decide what I'm going to do either just go home and
On the Bus Again
bag the whole shooting match or actually go to this meeting. I just tried to buy tickets and mean
Suburban Station: No Sun Sales after 7pm
my chance pass but ticket offices were CLOSED!! Now I'm on the 42 I'm going to Saxby's and think about it again.......,,,
it's 7:42 PM and
Outside Saxby's
I'm putting it off 20th now and then think. I'm going to go dammit and do some sharing. This blog and wobbling. Y I thought about hanging out
Editing this Blog at 8pm
with Dean's 10 PM karaoke. I decided since it was a Sunday night, not this week Well after the meeting I stayed for bid talk to a few folks including my sponsor and plan to do more studying. Then I talked a little further and then just
about midnight I realized we had no toilet paper in the house. That had to be taken care of so now
I can say good night. I start off the week by leaving a meeting at sunrise

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday, June 28: A Hectic Saturday in My Life

View as I Got Up
Today is the last Saturday of June. I got up went to the men's meeting. I actually gave a nice coherent share today. I think it's a small meeting and page 417. Afterwords out with a couple guys talked about and culture busting on soccer is being the downfall
Kitchen Window
of American civilization. All I can she's got to consider the source. I was thinking of having breakfast with people from that meeting like I used to have but inside I go to the 10 at 10:
Saxby's Before Meeting
30 and meet up with Larry. Larry is not going to Delaware today. I also need to buy a hat because it is really sunny and I will get a sunburn
on my head if I don't. While I walk the 15th St. and catching the EL at 2nd & Market Streets. I ran into Larry. He went to Starbucks
Market Street Near 15th
and I went straight to the tenant 10:30 PM meeting since I already had a coffee. Is there a decent morning too.I then made it to Larry's we hung at his house for a bit. Larry
Words of Wisdom
then wanted to go to Penn's Landing and check the new pavilion that they have at Penn's Landing in the Christopher Columbus Museum
Near Christ Church in Old City Phila
area. There actually did something that's halfway interesting. I don't dig Penn's Landing in the middle of the summer. It's freaking too hot.
  I  sat
Add caption
and watched Larry drive. Then I had to pick these "innovators" that they're pushing and then  some dumb ass questions. Made
Larry Driving a Mazda 3
10 bucks for about an hour's time:)Now I'm going to attempt to take the EL back to West Philly take a shower and then rent a zip car to go to Chestnut Hill for this art opening.
The Front of My Place
I lucked out and arrived at 44th and Chestnut just as the  21 was showing up. I was fortunate it had to stop and pick up a bunch of people. I am getting the closest ZipCar which is  at 30th St. Station. The closest one
to me were 12 to 16 bucks an hour this one's $9.69/hr. I got the zip car and it has a wrap on it for Longwood Gardens so it's colored green
The Zip Car at 30th Street
flowery it's really funny. Getting hair scout pain in my ass we go waggling around and Siri did not seem to want to be on time so I come
here and unwind. Well the trip to the art opening was kind of disturbing in a few ways. I'm not going to disclosing
The Woodmere Art Gallery on Germantown Ave
because this is an anonymous blog. Let's put it this way traffic jams, NO cigs,  misunderstandings, and bad attitudes abounded that's all I have to say. See my Facebook page for Dean's take on this moment in time.

Wes & Emily
I met up with Amy after she waits  an hour for me to come back to my place. It was mellow. We decided we take a walk and go to the percussion event on 40th and Walnut. They played Indian
drumming Spanish drumming and other sorts of percussion. It was very good. After that we walked to 42nd just not much of a couple beach and ordered
The Percussion Concert at 40th and Walnut
out a vegetarian platter and brought it home. We talked and prepared to dinner and then eat it. It was a nice mellow quiet way to end very hectic sort of day. She left us out on the porch
Kendell and I Chillin
with Kendell my neighbor and practically fell asleep I'll getting bitten by mosquitoes. Eight the leftovers but I had left and crafts a mighty crash