Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, November 29: Bar None and Such

Well I got up to go to the bar none meeting. I zipped down with my car and found a pretty decent parking spot nearby. I was pretty drowsy but
My Data Use So Far
I did manage to share. Wes couldn't come because his refrigerator
Bar None
stopped running so he had to run and catch a new refrigerator the same day. I drove home and parked
on 25th in Aspen. My roommates pretty fired up about her ex right now because somebody decided to
My Willingness
text some gossip about the person that his ex is living with. I think this is a fine time to have some coffee
 Vine Street
and get my laundry organized & clean. I took my laundry to U Do We Do laundromat and to  take
a little quick trip to West Philly. I decided to hit the green line cafĂ© at the corner of 45th and Locust. To kill my half hour before I got to go back and return the rental. It is really packed in there. It's cool but I
42nd Street
At the Green Line
have my layers on so I'm able to sit outside. The fact it stopped raining it's an added bonus as well.  
Locust Street Near 43rd
Well I left the green line and give myself a half hour to get to downtown. Well, I barely made it at 2 o'clock

Will news outside my cold addled  mind is the state budget  Its to be decided this week.
I came home and took a nap.
On Chestnut St Near 12th
I still feel my cold stuck in my chest. I need to get something to eat because we got to move a table
for Pat in his neighborhood. There is somebody always right in this world. It's whether I can see it. We got the table in the house and sang Go Go's tunes on
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the way back. Never lifted up the steps which is going
The 32 Bus
to be probably the hardest part of the whole exercise. Well it was a little hard but wasn't nearly as difficult
Back Home at 3pm
as I expected it fit up the stairwell. Pats going to treat us to some quinoa salad and I'm going to get some Indian food while Pats preparing our meal.
Sharon Driving to W. Philly
Well Pat got us our dinner and it was quite delicious. After
Sharon and Dakota
dinner we listen to some Go go's and danced around and listen to some other 80s era music that has
On Pat's Cool Drums
a fondness for the 80s music I like it all except for Howard Jones I can live without him. It was a pretty fun time after moving that one people. It
42nd and Spruce
gave Sharon a break from being home all the time and me a break
Going to Get a Table
from the every day. Pat has these cool drums where you put on your phone it sounds like you're playing
loud but nobody else can hear it. I've never heard of such things but the really cool. Sharon and I both got to jam on the drums. It really made much more
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fun to play the drums that way. Well Sharon dropped
Jammin to the Go Go's
me off here since it was no point in going home since it was already getting close to seven. I got here nice
Split-Screen of Sharon and Me on Drums
and early and there's a football game and nobody's paying attention to. It's Seattle versus Pittsburgh and I think
Saxby's Instructions
Pittsburgh is winning by one point if I'm not mistaken.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday, November 28: Out and About on a Wet and Mild November

View Outside My Window
Well after going to sleep pretty early for me, I managed to get up by approximately 9:00 AM.
I got up ate breakfast and then took Uber to the Starbucks to meet Larry and Murray.
Uber to Starbucks
We then went to the 1010 30. While I was there I checked Enterprise Car Share to go to the flying with Pat and
Meeting Larry and Murray
I can't get in still because I didn't update my license within one business day. I just tried using Xfinity's free
Leaving Starbucks
one hour complementary and of course it's very weak and barely works. Well the very end of the meeting
Festive Bike in Old City on 3rd Street
I didn't realize that I left my backpack at the Starbucks. I just got here and it was here. Noun order
View From Christ Church
to go flying I have to do a regular all day rental car situation. So we'll see. Wells 12:34 PM. I decided to
My Car Rental
rent the car and I convinced Pat to fly and move his stuff on the same day. The rental car goes from 2 PM
4th and Market
Upstairs at Starbucks
today to 2 PM tomorrow Sunday the 29th. So I left third and arch I decided I would go to springboard media to get a new charger for my phone. The other one was going bad and I lost it anyway.
Catching the 33 Bus to 20th
Shopping Season Again
I hung out at Starbucks at 19th and Chestnut to finish up my blogging  We're going to go out and I'm chance the elements with 3 different planes. With the trip went pretty well it was drizzly rain but Pat had no
Getting My New Charger
problems flying is electric for Remote control planes. I got some shots but it was a bit cloudy and a bit

Car Rental at 12th Street

Driving Downtown
Expressway was a mass coming back-and-forth not sure where every one's going. Pat and I got
Pat Loading His Planes
food at the competition after we picked up some stuff from a nice old lady he knows from the laundromat.
Driving to Valley Forge
She was around the block I used to live with my brother back in 1988 maybe 44 and Pine Street with Pat
Pat with His Small Plane
up in Valley Forge then I went and ate dinner with Pat and drove up  to 2nd and Spruce where the parking
is free until New Year's. I found out another gentleman who is also parking at the same time as me.
Pat with Large Glider
I tried to get into the Ritz and I was an hour late for the movie so they wouldn't let me in. I tried seeing
Flying at Valley Forge
you thought you would let me in & he didn't to go in so I wrote to Bob and Drew that I ain't coming in.
On the Schuykill.
 I then decided to move my car towards the Starbucks. It's the only coffee shop open past eight anywhere nearby in the city. Parking is also free in this section. I checked with Larry and he affirmed this.
West Philly
It's now going on he 40 7 PM. The Starbucks will be closing soon and I should be hearing
Getting Furniture
from Bob and Drew about where they are when they're moving ends. OK at the Starbucks, he paid all
Loading in Rental
the Christmas songs year after year. That includes the waitresses. Their Christmas songs only thing that they
At Kabobeesh
left us in their legacy. Of course they played frank Sinatra is "let it snow let it snow." Yeah I
STILL Leading in the Polls
think I got my early Christmas late November fill of Christmas songs I believe. It's still pretty mild out here in old city Philadelphia. I'm gonna give them till nine and then I'm splitting back
to Fairmount. So felt good to go out and about I feel little bit better today. Oh no word from Bob door true. So I think I'll walk towards the smoke shop where my car is parked in front. Larry asked me to let him
Pat As I was Leaving
know when I'm heading back out there. It's 904 and I haven't even asked me to leave. In fact two people
Larry at Harry's Smoke Shop
came in right at nine.. That's pretty cool and pretty much chilling here waiting to hear from Bob and Drew
Starbucks at 3rd and Arch
Well while sitting at Starbucks, I did hear from Bob and Drew. did hear from Bob and Drew. They met me where my car was parked @ Harry's smoke shop. 4 of them plus me went downtown to some
10pm Temp
nondescript bar on Market Street & hung out. We walked around for a bit and decided to call tonight. I
Drew and Bob
didn't know this but they tow cars at 10 o'clock along Market  Street. I thought the tow truck  waiting for
John and Gang Being Driven Home
 cars to tow. I can't believe that it's that early and they just are so eager to toe people. It's a Saturday
It's 10pm. Do U Know Where Your Care Is?
night too! I drove home in the rental and I was home before 10:30 PM.