Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday, February 27: 4th Step Foward and 2 Steps Back. My Life

A Great Save with 5 Seconds Left in the Game vs Minnesota
Good day it's a brisk sunny morning in Fairmount. I got up on time for the 10 o'clock meeting but
Sunny Yuppie Day
between thinking about getting myself and Sharon coffee, I lost all track of time. I had to go to the right
You Think!!
bread in stead of the OC F. The library was full of happy loving couples with little kids all over the place. I
So Satisfied in the Sun
guess 10 o'clock when the newly minted parents come out of their house. Anyhow the meeting started at
Cool Laundry Bag
10 I guess I'm going to be pretty damn late. I suppose it doesn't matter I'm doing Sharon service since
Heading for Trouble
she has a 10 o'clock coming in and it's already 10:11 AM and I'm just getting to the house now. I'm
hoping to pick up pictures from photo out and hopefully the let me use the promo code I delivered the coffee and Sharon told me about this store called blue Q. At some cool funky items. Sharon told me showed me a laundry bag she got from them. He did say the customer service people are kind of nasty.
Ultra Hair Salon
Well my world outside myself , the Republican establishment
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is beginning to totally freak out over the more than 50% chance that Donald Trump will be there
nominee. Despite all the forces arrayed against Mr. Trump, a paralytic sense of indecision and despair has prevailed. Well I'm a half hour late for this meeting.
Then I'll go home afterwords and I actually felt OK about myself considering what happened. I talked
At the Ben Franklin Parkway
We are NOT a Glum Lot
A Sunny Afternoon
to Amy for a long time and that was really good for me. I got to charge up my phone and now I'm walking
The Photo Lounge
toward Center City until the 48 or seven decide to show up. I just missed the seven bus. It's now 2:07 PM in
Bye Donald Trump
the photo place is going to close at 4:00 PM. Well of 48 bus just blew right by me as I was writing this post. It is now 2:10 PM. Well I got down to the photo along fairly quickly before you did show up right past the
Cool Restaurant 
Sunny Center City
parkway. I got there and realized I  too late to get pictures today. I then made arrangements
Against Bullying!!
to have them matted and by framing place nearby that works with the photo lounge. I wanted to get
Far OUT!!! In front of Coffee Joe
it over with next went to the revolutionary taco and ordered out to vegan tacos. Then almost twisted both
Add caption
ankles back to back so I'm glad I made the coffee Joe at 4:24 PM to rest my weary feet. Well I finished
My View from a B&W Eye
off my revolutionary, go and order 2 cups of coffee. I'm supposed to go to Bob's and catch the East Falls
Vegan Taco at Coffee Joe
train by 6:30 PM. We plan to watch 
a movie. If the Antarctica a movie that was mentioned at Fairmount
 this morning before the trouble started. It's fairly nice outside but it's a little bit cold it's now 614 and I got to split. I had to take her to catch the train on time since I was almost going to miss miss it. It was confirmed that my friends
Off to East Falls
Catching the Train
too sick and I'm on the train now to Bob's I should be there at 6:45 PM. Lisa is in Istanbul and Bob
Suburban Station
will be moving out of Philadelphia area end of April. It's going to get to spend some quality time with
On the Trains
Bob while he still in the United States. I made it to Bob and he's using Internet and Chyna like Sean and I do. I'm watching Civil War stuff and Bob cooking up some meat. It wasn't too cold outside and drink up here at least Falls pretty darn quickly. Meanwhile in news outside my head, Hillary Clinton easily Bernie Sanders in South Carolina aided

by a huge black vote  Clinton cruises to big win over Sanders in
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South Carolina

Friday, February 26: Whip It Good.

Well, I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning before it blew off the sunrise and was late getting to
One May RULE!
work. If I'd been to work five minutes earlier I would've beat my supervisor in. As it was I had them
Damn Moods
marked myself a half hour late because I got in at 9:30AM. Well I ended up seeing a few more unexpected.
A couple walk in etc. it was a grind it out kind of day. I got to sanction pack it all written up but I think I got I hadn't heard on my alert and scheduling can fill up
57th Facing Market
three appointments and the like. This was like the 5
Closing In
day this week that I thought about leaving early and I didn't. I had to cook these two yogurts are
56th Street Station
you and an ice tea for breakfast and lunch so I am not in the mood for. Coffee of course, is a major
Add caption Don't Want to
exception to my rule of eating for this evening.  Well, I worked until about 5:40 PM today I grind out
19th Street
a few quick phone call I got a few people scheduled. I didn't even have to add anybody. All I have to
Used to Be Berger.Org
do is make sure I do the same amount to find some packets as my alternate work does. Well I went to the photo lounge after I left work. They told me they can print 12 x 12 and
Milgram and the Elephant in the Room
13 x 13. I felt so much
Getting Motrin
better after that. I then talked on the phone and realized I had left out some information. I'm glad that
Add caption
information was revealed early in the process instead of later.
Well, I later on went to see the movie the Experimenter with Larry and Veronica. It started out really strong but kind of lagged towards the middle of it. It concerns itself with 1961 experiments on humans obedience to authority. Every body's heard of the Milgram experiment. It was pretty f fascinating on how Dr. Milgram
 thought. So I went to the CVS to get Motrin for Sharon. The script only cost 2 bucks and they are 800mg too. She was quite pleased. So the sloggy week ends on an up note. Remember the end of the week does not happen until tomorrow which is Saturday

Thursday, February 25: Not Such a Bad Day

Wonderful Sunday
Well I woke up at 4:30 in the morning got distracted with funny Facebook post them and I was going
back to sleep the alarm went off and the phone died. I was really too hungry to go to sleep so I decided
Route 48 Heading Downtown
to get up anyway and managed to catch the bus on time. Last night I attempted to reserve a conference room.
Walnut Street
$209 with the cheapest room. I got to find another way. Any help during the meeting I got into looking at my archive file. It's throwback Thursday on Facebook and
I want to little nuts. I found some
My Life on View
really nice pictures though. I'm very distracted today. Speaking of distracted, forgot it just our
meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month so I missed it. I was able to concentrate at work
I Want to Escape
and that was a good thing for sure. My cold seems to be transferring now
 down to my throat where I
feel a tickle. Hopefully I won't get to coughing up along like some coworker I know. Well I left for
West Philly Politics
my meeting with my sponsor and then we met at Saxby's. Well it was too full we stopped at Almez
Commuter Time
CafĂ© had soup  We talked about me negative thoughts & shame. Next we went to the pizza shop
Photo Lounge. Where I Spend!
next door on 20th and got a couple of slices. He even gave me a ride home. When I got home very
Gold Blue and Blace
tired and went to bed around 1030.

I was wait into the throwback Thursday situation and posted some old pics from the days of latter-day you're.
It was kind of fun.