Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cumberland County at the Bottom AGAIN!!

I just read this today

Hunterdon is the healthiest county in New Jersey, and Cumberland is the least healthy, according to data the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute compiled. The county health rankings are based on mortality and morbidity rates; behavioral factors, including tobacco and alcohol rates; access to hospitals; and socioeconomic factors such as income and education.
The five healthiest of New Jersey’s 21 counties are Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, Bergen and Sussex, the report found. The five unhealthiest are Cumberland, Essex, Salem, Camden and Atlantic.
Hunterdon and Cumberland had other striking differences: The poverty rates were 3 percent and 20 percent, respectively, and Cumberland had 15 times the teen birth rate of Hunterdon. The rural southern county also had six times the rate of sexually transmitted diseases
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What? No Motorcycles!! NJ Motorsports in Need of New Mgt!

The News Aint Always Pretty
I read the news today oh boy...I read of more bad news about the NJ Motorsports Park:
The Racers Group, a high-profile diversified motorsports company, has dropped plans to build a $5 million headquarters and racing facility at New Jersey Motorsports Park.
TRG also began removing equipment Monday from leased garages here, though several months remain on the company's one-year lease agreement
They just did not end their relationship, the CEO of the Company Kevin Buckler made it sound like a messy divorce and twisted the knife:
"The park has obviously had some challenges and things did not develop as we had hoped for," Buckler added. "We no longer support the management of the facility or its vision for the future."
He goes on further:
Buckler said his company is "red hot" and doesn't need "the distraction" posed by the park. He also was angry at how the park treated local creditors, adding, "Many of them are my friends."
"Our brand is very strong right now and our NASCAR and Sportscar racing programs arein full swing," Buckler said. "It is regrettable but in the best interest of TRG to distance ourselves from this current situation. Our lease is not up for several months, but we are removing all of our equipment, temporary personnel and signs as of today.We wish the park the best of luck in the future."
I saw the Wikipedia entry on Mr. Buckler. He seems like big deal in the world of Motorsports. This can not be good for the current management.
I have heard from informed sources that a new management team will eventually have to take over the park for it to move forward. They did not elaborate since it appears this is in process.
Meanwhile the stupid lawsuit (My tax dollars at work) drones on and on. And when this FREEZING Spring turns into a hot summer, noise complaints will resume like fleas on dogs.
Meanwhile the neighbors of the Levoy will try to make a cheap payday claiming damage to the Fath Building.
Man I wish I could retire and drive my Vespa around keeping an eye on the folks who want failure for their own sake. You know who your are and I will not name names. You do not NEED the satisfaction this would give.

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Monday, March 28, 2011


Saturday March 27 10am
Men Hired to Cut Vines
The owner of the brick building in our back yard wants to cut the vines. We understand why. We had a agreed to allow him on our property along with the next door neighbor.  We told the owner m to have men that are INSURED! Instead he calls the city and we get a letter from Mel Truxton. Our neighbor got the same letter and called Mr. Truxton and told him that the gentlemen wanted to have the work done with no insurance and he wanted to use poison. Mr Truxton said he was not told those minor details and agreed that the owner of the brick building obtain insurance. Well, this Saturday, the owner of the old Foglio's building had his worker come over and start cutting the vines that are at our backyard. I called the neighbor who then called the police. The police stated if they come back to call them for criminal trans pass.
They did stop with the cutting but ruined the neighbors rosebush. Our vines are still intace as of this morning
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RIP Pillsbury Doughboy.

I Got this from a Friend on Facebook who must have seen this.
ATTENTION... Please join me in Remembering YET ANOTHER great icon of the entertainment community. The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes to the belly. He was 71. He often worked under the stage name of Poppin' Fresh. During a brief rap career in the late 90's, he was also known a P. Dough Boy. Dough Boy was survived by his wife Play Dough, three children, John Dough, Jane Dough, and Dosey Dough, plus they had one in the Oven. The Funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.
Dozens of celebrities turned out, including Mrs. Butterworth, the California Raisins, Hungry Jack, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, Captain Crunch and many others.

The graveside was piled high with flours as long-time friend, Aunt Jemima..., delivered the eulogy, describing Doughboy as a man who "never knew how much he was kneaded."

Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with many turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times, even as a crusty old man, he was still considered a roll model for millions.

Toward the end it was thought he'd raise once again, but he was no tart.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24th and Beyond

Art West Philly Style!!
Anthony at Bridge Plaza
Hello. Been a buzy week in the world. We all know about Libya and Japan but do we really know? These big questions can wait for now. Yesterday morning I took the bus for the first time in several work days. Starting in April, the Pittman express bus will stop at the Walter Rand Transportation Center AND Bridge Plaza. Now, Bridge Plaza is no South Beach.Its in Camden NJ and its a slab of concrete right next to the Ben Franklin Bridge. There is this UGLY high rise building right near where the Route 408 bus stops. My friend Anthony and I joke about how wonderful this place is and how we can make money. We have this idea that riffs off of Bruce Springstein's "Greetings from Asbury Park". It's Greetings from Bridge Plaza.
Another Co-Worker Retires
/Testing Mike's Bike Last Night
Got a Kid Outta Wedlock??
Well, I believe there will be activity at the Levoy site and thing are going to move ahead. The local Democratic Party is working to get back to being a party of its members not just of a certain over-sized ego we have all grown tired of hearing about. This will be good and it would be nice to be able to again support the local Democrats. There is good news on that front which will bear its self out. I took the El to work from Pat's  and saw a poster from a man who can help absent father's with their child support obligations.  He has an MS. I called him and asked him "Excuse me sir what is your MS in? Are these one hour sessions?". Yup he is charging $30 bucks for an initial consult but it will go up to $50 bucks starting April 1st. What a salesman.
Last nite, I was at Pats house. Him and Mike were working on Mike's motorcycle then we watched "Due Date"  that had Robert Downey Jr. It was light entertainment.
This Kid Can Play the Blues!!
I was pretty tired from interviewing 14 people today at the welfare office then slamming my thiegh when trying to catch the PATCO train on time. Whatever I hit really hurt for about 10 minutes. Once on the 408, I just wanted to sleep and I did. I got a text from a dude I have seen in awhile. He was a friend of Big Don and we used to meet up for beer once in awhile but it had been months. I met him at the Oar House and we caught up. There was this kid playing at the Oar House open mike who was like 9 years old who could play that blue guiter. Wish I had my regular camera so I could have video's. It was a fun night better then the jammed packed scene on a Friday or Saturday night. This was chillin.
Well, its a cold Spring night and I got to get to work tomorrow morning.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The First Day of Spring: 2011

At Home Depot
It was the first day of Spring. It started off very WET and cold. Its cold now..
I went to work, then went to do errends at a friend, Home Depot and Harrs. My friend bought several plants. I went to Harrs and got there before the 9pm closing. When I got home,
An Appartment on West Philly
Pat's Backyard
Demonstrator Table
Helpful at Harr's
I gave the pups a nice walk. I then had to look at the Demonstrator info that was sent to me by UPS. The demonstrator table is just a box and you build it. I think I got in right but my space relations were poor as a kide and its improved  a bit but still not what I want it to be.I will drive from Philly via the Atlantic City Expressway to Mays Landing
This of course will necessitate me leaving work early. Its so disruptive to come late or leave early. Oh well, we will see.
We will see if the collation to bomb Libya will work or Kadaiffi will start a bloodbath. Now Time to get some sleep
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Equinox 2011

Fred Kramer's Creations at Amethyst Gallery 

Carolyne liked the one on the Left 
Pups at Ostara Yoga Class Sat March 19
It's time to celebrate Spring. Its been a long time coming and the mornings are still cold (I have to wear my red hat) but the grey cold presence of Winter is fading away. One St. Patrick's day, one of my co-workers retired. I have worked with her since I arrived at the Elmwood District back in 1992 way back in the Bill Clinton era. On 3rd Friday it was a nice 60-70 degrees outside and we ventured to the Amethyst Gallery which was a delight as usuall. We saw Fred and some other folks and it was a relaxing affair.
Shvasna at Ostara Yoga
Watching the Pussy Willows Bloom in Fortescue
Carolyne in Fortescue 3-19
Holly Treet in Bloom in Fortescue NJ
Sunset in Fortescue NJ Sat March 19th
Saturday was a cool day. I first went to Ostara Yoga and had a very good class. We then went to the Church of Vintage and hung out. I got the Wi-Fi for my iPhone and Carolyne and Kay looked at vintage dresses. Carolyne Kay and I went to the Toadfish for lunch and/or early dinner. We went to a fellow's house to talk and chill untill we got ready for the "Super Moon" that was to appear for the first time since March of 1983. I was sophomore at IUP back then. I know when I go back, the campus will have NONE of the dorms that were there.  Anyhow it was a fun day and evening and the gloious sunset as well.
Yesterday, we just did some errends and mellowed out a bit.  I have my first demo in Mays Landing tomorrow. I paid a visit to the Pet Smart there. Its  near the Hamilton Mall. Well, more about that later.
It's now time to take my stuff and go to work.
Saturday at Ostara Yoga
I still can not believe that Blogger does not have its own app for the iPhone. I looked but could not find it. It would be good it if did, then it would be alot easier to blog on the fly and not have to get up early to fit it in.
Temple and Villonova are out of the NCAA Tourniment so I really am not following it now. The US and allies finally bombed Kaddifi. I mean he will massicure his people if he takes over the entire county. He came out and said it as much.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Asphalt Ordenance Goes Flat

Gary Moore Speaks Against the Asphalt Plant!
Before I begin on the proceedings at the City Commisson and my flat. I want to comment on the Planning Board Meeting. I got a call to see if I was going. I could not due to previous engagement. I did get this report from a friend:
As far as Wawa, the City Commission was completely surprised by Wawas proposal. Wawa did not submit it to them ahead of time, as generally the accepted standards, and the plan was a far cry from what the City/residents/organizations had worked out a balanced compromise between development and open space. Tedesco on numerous occasions inaccurately represented the current Open Space Plan which is in draft form right now. Fortunately several members who sit on that committee were there to set the record straight. The meeting started at least an hour early - many of us missed that small notice in the paper - and we left at 9:30, as Rocco was just getting up to speak again after the public comments. It would have been really helpful to have more residents there, but I think everyone was blindsided.Wawa never gave the city a packet ahead of time so they were surprised by the plan, and wawa completely ignored the recommendations by the city and residents.
So it looks like WAWA just wants to clear-cut this land and just build on it and Commission and residents be damned. We have to keep an eye out on this. Wish I did not have to work or work so far as to miss this stuff.
Flat Tires Suck!
Anyhow, a funny thing happened on the way to the Commission meeting. I want to Harr's to pick up some food and other items. When I went back I could hear air hissing out of my right rear tire. I then went towards Millville. Affordable Tire was closed,NTB had an hour and a half wait and the man was very dismissive. I then turned around while the tire was losing air towards the Sears or the Pep Boys. I never made it. Instead, a man helped and plugged the hole. It took an hour but it was done and I paid him for the trouble.
At the Commisson meeting that I missed, was packed and they had to open up another room for folks to see the meeting. There was mention made of the postcards sent to every resident of Millvile from "Concerned Citizens of Millville" This was NOT created by anyone from Millville. A source who did see the meeting gave me this:
Stavola has about 25% of the area asphalt business, and South State 75%.
I don't know too much else but will say that MWW, the group ...that was circulating the original petition and I suspect is affiliated with DeCotiis/Concerned Taxpayers of Millville (see information on the principals (DeCotiis and Kempner of MWW) of "The Group" - democratic funders 2008, filed paperwork in 2009 listing Stavola as a client. Certainly not evidence but suggests the possibility of a connection.
A presentation was made by Noah Bronkesh, attorney for Arawack Paving Co., the company connected with the project and John Barratt, president of Arawack. They acted like it was a planning board meeting. They were somewhat rude to the Commission and the Audence was trying to get them to shorten their presentation. A person who went to the meeting gave this report on this:
We got to watch an 8 minute movie with children and school buses. The developer's attorney gave a presentation on the proposed plant, which, btw, has technically NOT been proposed. Which begs the question - why is the developer giving a planning board proposal of a proposal that has not yet been proposed, and doing so not at a planning board meeting, but at the public hearing for an ordinance. Is the tail wagging the dog?
As the presentation by Arawack went on and on here is what happened
The commission gave them leeway under the circumstances but the attorney just went too far. I brought it up to Jane, who said something to the solicitor, who finally said something to the attorney. By this point all of the commission was visibly upset. Mayor Shannon on several occasions tried to get the attorney to discuss the ordinance rather than being site specific. He refused, insisting Shannon was wrong in how he was handling the meeting.
Mayor Shannon had heard enough!!!
Went on like that for a bit until Shannon finally told him "It's my meeting and I'll handle it my way".
There went the Asphalt Plan. Just like this Tire
Boy, I wish I had been there to videotape THAT exchange for sure. Well, there will be more where that come from that is for sure.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iPhone Photos:Can Asphalt be Far Behind??

These are some photos taken on my iPhone this past Sunday. Its a pretty good camera. I bought my first app for 99cents called "Photo Plus. It gives more functionality for the iPhone camera. You can see the one photo at the bottom, I changed the color. There are different settings such as cropping and a flash feature.
Tonite is the Commission meeting concerning the proposed ordinance  to make it easier for a 2nd Asphalt plant in Millville This ordinance does not
authorize the building of the plant but the reduced buffer of 75 feet (way too low) and other provisions will make it easy for the proposed plant to be approved. I think it should be made to go though more stringent oversight and if it meets the oversight, then it has a right to be built. Yesterday, I found out my first demonstration at Pet Smart will be next Tuesday. My supplies are in the UPS mail. I got to Millville from Philly in 45 minutes and just barely made the 4pm conference call that I had to make. I was driving a wee bit fast cause, its really hard to get out of work early at my job.There is always some kind of emergency etc. Well, I am the on call man  for work  today.
Hope you like the photos.

The Feelies are Back!

The Feelies will be at the World Cafe Live on June 17th! I got in to them back in 1987 when WXPN played them. I then saw them at Swathmore College, TLA, and in Hoboken, where my tape player was stolen when I was asking for directions. Glad I was not hijacked!!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

March 13: Poisoning Vines, Nuclear Meltdown, and Taxes

Spring is now moving on in now. The highs are hitting the 50's with regularity. Today is daylight savings time. I did not know this till I went on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, I now know why some folks can always respond quickly to posts.
Well, the man who owns the brick building facing the backyard want to again kill the vines. I do understand that vines can screw up the mortar on bricks. I just think it adds so much to the look in our backyard. I really object to his plan to poison the area in my backyard where the roots are. Now I am not going to allow someone to poison my yard not with my animals and plants! He may own the building but I own the land on my yard. I have to keep and eye out so that the building owner does not allow his contractor to traspass on my property without me being there!! This man owns the Home and Gift Store, so I will have to pay a visit ofter and stay alert!'
I have a conference call tomorrow at 4, so I have to leave early from work again. This for a part time job and the company is called Bil-Jac and they make premium dog food.
I just took 6 hours to e-file my taxes. Well, the e-file was rejected due to a SS#/Last name problem. So NOW I have mail in the form and hope I get my refund in 2 months! (GEEZ!) At least Turbo Tax promised I would get my $$ I paid them to take 6 hr of my life to wait 2 months for MY money!!

Japan just had a 8.9 EARTHQUAKE last week. Now the 17 nuclear plants are in danger of meltdown. Here is an email alert I just got recently:
Breaking News Alert: Officials believe a hydrogen explosion occurred at Japanese plant
March 13, 2011 10:43:09 PM
Nuclear officials believe a hydrogen explosion has occurred at stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant. A massive column of smoke was seen belching from the plant’s No. 3 unit, the Associated Press reports. There's no information yet on the extent of damage or whether the containment vessel was damaged.

For more information, visit
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Gov. Corbett Goes After His Employees

SVG of Pennsylvania state sealImage via Wikipedia
As expected the Governor called for sacrifices from teachers, schools, the poor and the Middle Class.
Corbett said there must be sacrifices among unionized workforces and called for eliminating 1,500 state jobs, almost half of them in mental-health services. He said he would seek concessions in salaries and benefits from unions representing tens of thousands of state employees when contract talks begin this spring.

"To the people of Pennsylvania, the taxpayers who sent us here, I want to say something you haven't heard often enough from this building: We get the picture. It's your money," Corbett said.
Dude, it's OUR money too. All state employees are TAXPAYERS!! Its class warfare Republican style. The old divide and conquer pitting middle class folks against eacher to race to the bottom of the economic latter while your Fracking buddies take the spoils. Say, why don't you, your staff and the ENTIRE Legislature agree to cutting your saleries and perks, then I would know it would be "shared sacrifice.
As the Philly Inquirer notes:
He said that freezing school employees' pay for a year could save $400 million. He noted that state workers' median salary is $45,105 while the private-sector median is $32,239. And he said that state workers pay only 3 percent of their salary for their health coverage while almost everyone else pays much more.

What he didn't mention - though he proposes a slight reduction in the Legislature's operating budget - is that lawmakers pay only 1 percent for health insurance. Would have been nice to hear some shared-sacrifice talk aimed at lawmakers.

Here is SEIU's Kathy Jellison's response reaction to the Budget.
Kathy Jellison, president of the Service Employees International Union Local 668, which represents some 20,000 state and county social services workers, was more dire in her assessment. She saw Corbett’s somber message as the first salvo in an all out-attack on every aspect of her union’s state contract, which expires this July.

“Every benefit we have I feel he’s coming after,” Jellison said.

She called Corbett’s no-tax increase budget “Fat Tuesday” for big corporations. That leaves state workers to make the sacrifices of Lent.
Jellison said the social workers, parole officers, and drug and alcohol counselors she represents are already doing the work of two or three people. “Our people know how to pinch pennies,”
This contract is going to be UGLY!!
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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Motorsports, Bankruptcy, and Odds

Well, its almost Mid-March. I again am not working the Philadelphia Flower Show. I guess the owners family had enough kids and Grandkids so they do not need outsiders helping out. Oh well, it was a good 9 year run that's for sure.
In Millville local news, the NJ Motorsports Park has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As the Daily Journal reports in today's paper,this will not lead to a loss of jobs for the park. As NJMP General Manager Brad Scott states in the article:
“We wish to emphasize that none of these changes will affect our scheduled 2011 racing and so-cial events, Drivers Club Memberships, season passes, pre-event ticket sales, gift certificates, deposits or any other NJMP operation,”
City Officals stressed that NJMP has paid all obligations to the city and that the city would protect itself. As Vice-Mayor Derella stated
As a city, we must reserve all rights and explore all options under state law as to what our actions will be in coming days," Derella said afterward. "We are also especially concerned about all the unsecured creditors that have provided products as well as services and have not been paid by NJMP. The city hopes that NJMP is successful in their reorganization, because we still believe that the project is the future of not just the city but the entire region."
Of course we can not leave out TrackRacket and Michelle Post who responded to accusations that they are "reveling" over the financial problems of the the NJ Motorsports Track.
Here is my comment on the previous article that the DJ quoted me. It was in response to someone accusing us of reveling over this news.

"Why would TrackRacket be happy that the NJMP is in effect thumbing their noses at the business community that from the beginning invested their heart, soul and hard earned money into what they believed was an entity that would turn this town around? They were hoping for success with a payout down the road as all good business people do, and now they are the ones left hanging. If the track is successful in restructuring their debt, these local businesses will receive pennies on the dollars owed to them if they receive anything at all.

Hardly the way to be a good neighbor to the business community.

I am saddened that the track owners would treat their biggest and most vocal fans this way. In my opinion, this is downright despicable."
So I see she is concerned about the companies that did business for the track, but at the same time has an ongoing lawsuit. TrackRacket has hired an expensive Philly lawyer. I am sure this lawsuit did not help the bottom line for the track.
We will see what shakes out.
How Hollywood Promotes a Show
I applied for another part-time job at a tax place. I may work on Saturdays. I did go to Carls Corner and filled out the easy application. I suppose after work I will go take Pat to Home Depot. Well, my dog June is quite the watchdog. Maybe I will use  this video for my future company. Kinda like the MGM lion but funkier :)
                                                        What a cute Smunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!