Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday, March 31: Trips to the Library and Eddie the Eagle in the Rain

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Well it's a very rainy day Buffalo New York. Staying up late watching Law & Order I wobbled I had some Raisin Bran. And watch some videos of Larry
Driving to Library
Wilmore show and got my picture on the front
At 1 or the 2 Libraries 
of one of the photography Facebook page is that I'm joint. It was very nice. Next I went to the library
Kerry and Ken
with him and Carrie. The problem is they don't have Adobe reader installed in the one library and we
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went to. We went to that library because the other one doesn't open till 1 o'clock. So we're getting a tour of the  Cheektowaga
The Hours
Outside Her Place
 branches. None of the library had Adobe reader installed

on their library computers I think pretty lame. Not bad today I didn't do much of anything because it
was rainy and nasty and I stayed up too late watching Law & Order  reruns last night. We are going
Called American Airlines
to see a movie called Eddie the Eagle. It's supposed to get very cold towards the weekend. I may
The Kitchen Window
be coming back a little earlier than Wednesday night because I have an opening Wednesday night and I want to be there to show my photos off. Well we walk and he eagle which was really fun. There were three of us in the movie theater. We are first going to one theater and it wasn't play throughout the Orchard Park for the Buffalo Bills play their football. The movie was

enjoyable and then we had food at chipotle Carey didn't like it that much. It did serve our food
This is a Common Sight
needs before we watch the movie. I was able to purchase a mega bus ticket for Tuesday night at
Got the Bus
midnight so I don't arrive in Philly at 8:30 AM on Wednesday. It's either that or pay $75 or $200 bucks and I
This Was Corney
wasn't going to do that. I do need to let people know that I'm coming back a little bit early. I got to see
Ken for little bit if he's playing video games and that was the day good night Paul

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday, March 30: A Lazy Vacation Day:with Photo

Good sunny day here in Buffalo New York. Today I originally woke up around 730 I was thinking of going to the gym where Kerry goes to but decided I just
want to sit on my butt for a bit and really
The View From Kerry's Place
vacation out. I had coffee and granola cereal and caught up on my blogging. It is a very nice sunny day. I believe today will be The nicest and warmest day I will see here in Buffalo. From here, it will be rainy tomorrow but warm and then the temperatures
are going to start the plummet below freezing in about two days or so from now. Carrie got back from the gym and we hung out and talked about different things from Willie Nelson to her dentures at University of pit at
Hot Cycle
Bradford. Here's the New York Times summary of today's news.
We're going to go off to a town named Williamsville take a walk
Williamsville NY
grab a coffee and then get some food. A perfect kind a vacation day in my book. What we want to
Williamsville Wives
Williamsville and took a nice walk. We then went to this coffee place called "the spot". I had a quesadilla
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 finish wrapping it was very very good. I found myself pretty damn stuffed.
We then drove down
to the Wegmans and stuffed ourselves with food to be ready for the week. It is a very large store. Also
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pretty empty since its Wednesday afternoon at 4:29 PM. We are just about done after getting help serve pasta cereal fruit orange juice and yogurt. I didn't touch
Add caption
with Marissa Sharon and Larry
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throughout the day. If you want to seem to be pretty good and just chilling out and going to get some
Meat Counter
food. I can't wait till I get paid. I need to pay back the credit card that I had to use throughout this week.
So when I put the food away at least will be fully stocked so we don't have to go out and get food everywhere we go. I got about $65
Shopping at Wegmans
worth of food which is not bad considering how much
Food for the Week
I bought. I think we both did pretty well on the food shopping department that's for sure. It's now 445 the sun is making a return as we leave the store. Well we came back from the supermarket unpacked all the food and Carrie was really very good at organizing the stuff in the refrigerator. I proceeded to have a snack yogurt and a plum and today. I then decided I needed to go outside. Once I went outside it started I want to buy another birds out. So I bought the album and I was pretty much taken it. And then looked up in the clouds and it was really pretty cool looking. I was really inspired a whole bunch of pictures of the sky offer Tennessee Avenue the Boy Scout building and then a entrance
to a cemetery. It had a couple metal structure surrounding
Genesee Street
the cross. It was pretty spooky that's for sure. Towards the end I found a couple sprinkles of rain coming
Cool Sky
down. I then came back to the house and watch a little of a show called Bob's burgers. Meanwhile
Kerry fell sleep since she was pretty tired. I then texted Amy a little bit and reviewed my pictures. Already
Add caption
put to him up on Instagram and put up a third one time lapse. Amy really like the one where I said "The Sky is
The Winning Score
watching." Flyers are fighting to try to make the last playoff spot you did win last white one in
overtime goal. They were   losing 1-0 with five minutes left in the game. But then they tied it. It went to shoot out in Flyers won 2 to 1.
The Road
It was a really good game. and then hung out and watched a bunch of lawn order

Monday, March 28: Rain, Work and Relaxation

Well I got up without the alarms and mute for some reason. I was little late for sunrise because I got distracted by God knows
20th and Walnut

what. It was really rainy and nasty and cold outside. What started all really
Monday Rain

busy with childcare problems voicemail and all kinds of stuff. I'm hoping to write two or three today but 
My Former Co-Worker
that didn't happen. I was able to wipe out the 12 more alerts it came streaming in today. I ate very little
Working My Butt Off!!
I had a banana and a yogurt given to me by Peter. I did find the cover but packet turned in before
Leaving Work
I leave. 
Like at least turn one and just keep someone occupied for a little while while I stay away for a week 
Here Comes the EL
for work. Well I decided to head to old city. I got myself a big ass slice. You know, that hit the spot
2nd and Market
really nicely. I went to Larry's and we hung out and watch a little bit of nightly news. Trying to make 
comfortable pillow and snooze for about 25 minutes. I really needed that really bad. I really hustled today.
Then again I hustle most days at work. It's 8:40 PM about halfway home on the 48 bus. I'm in one of those 
Time to Relax
battles between tired and hungry. Well I came home and ended up going to the a.m. p.m. minimart with 
Running Errands 

Sharon and got a few things to eat. I ate one of my frozen samosas two bananas yogurt and it was quite good.