Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday, June 30: A New Fiscal Year Awaits

Construction at Fairmount
Good morning. Yes it's already the end of June which means a couple of things. I have to buy the July
On the 48
Transpass, transfer money so I have enough cash for the Atlanta trip, and figure out my new
19th & Market for Coffee
budget due to financial changes that await in approximately 11 days. Again my trouble getting up but
Boarding the Trolley
I got up at 8:00 AM. I'm 20 minutes late to work and I have a whole mess of people scheduled for today I'm going to guesstimate that
At Fresh Grocer After Work
12 will come in. I could end up being almost 20 people are up to
Fresh Grocer WiFi Speed
17 to 20 people if everybody came in.
Weather day wasn't here nearly as fast as I thought people
The EL at 56 Street
didn't come in but at a slow steady pace and half of them didn't show up anyhow. I'm guessing about 8 to 10 showed up today.
The Clouds Come A Rolling
It looks like the Republicans are going to pass a pension "reform" bill and give it to Governor Wolf.
Really Dude
 It won't affect current
state police like myself but it really screw the newcomers that come after us. Pick up pressure Governor Wolf
The Blue is What I used
and he might actually find it because and use it as a bargaining chip to get some of the other priorities. We will see. Well I got my July transpass since today
is the last day of the month trying to get my loose ends together before I fly off on Friday for Atlanta. I
Walking Towards Arch Street
transferred from savings over so I won't be bored and broke. And I read that the Republicans passed a liquor privatization bill during the governor to veto it. So once again we have political brinkmanship in
Eastern State Penitentiary
Well I am at the OCS coffeehouse looking at the Eastern State penitentiary you and Sharon now is it bishops.
I am back-and-forth with somebody on tinder as we speak. Another person from NE Philly. Oh well. I've been in simultaneous conversations with Tina Sharon and various people
Eastern State Penitentiary

about channel 3 firing at home newscasting staff and the group people who love office-supply.
My View of the Rain
It's nice to do in the game stuff every so often.  Well now it's 8pm and I skipped the Men's Meeting and
Yes Common Application Form
am waiting out the 2nd thunderstorm we have had today. Well I'm finishing up blogging at the OCF I'm going to go meet
Sharon at home and maybe grab a quick pizza. Hopefully the rain has stopped!! Well lo and behold ring at the doctor and it was very nice woman coming down for a man Avenue. I got a better Liigi's Pizza Fresca to get some Wi-Fi and 2
After the Rain
slices of pizza. US is beating Germany and in women's World Cup soccer 1–0. It was a nice night just looking around at the coffee shop for several hours. I was very much entertained by Facebook texting etc. It is now 843 line to get my butt home before 9 o'clock

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, June 29: A Less Humid Day

Well after staying up close to 4 AM last night I know I need to stay sleeping a little bit longer than normal.
Breakfast and Lunch
After two alarms I finally got up around 9 AM. I got to work @ 10am. I get to leave work in the in the graphic
Fellow 48 Bus Commuter
beautiful world that I almost want to touch at times but I keep my distance and
ethereal  haze of my brain.  
It's like looking in the beautiful fish tank now if you stick your hands and you disturb and not
Getting Food and Wi-Fi
please. But I want to touch and taste. That means I want to keep living which is a really good thing
So Far So Good
wouldn't you agree? Well anyhow at 6:30 and I got to get wrapping up with this for the time being. It's warm
FEEL the Summer Rays
but it's a lot less humid outside very nice summer day. Well I'm glad I have a job but it would be nice to
Coffee Joe at 6:15pm
just take off and just wonder around and be a Bohemian hipster and not worry about having to earn a living. I guess this coffee is pretty good isn't it? Ha ha😃☕️☕️. Well I went to my first Monday night begin her in about a month.
On Facebook. Folks Like it
I think it was since my vacation out in California. So navigator going to get shorter bit by bit the
Looks Like June!!
rest of the year. That's pretty fascinating if you ask me. So I began my frog down 22nd St. It's a street
4 Sharon
where you have to bus route but I end up walking about a mile almost every time I walk down it. It's not too
Creepella From the Flintstones
bad now that it's summer. In the winter though it turns out to be a real drag man. Well yep I got some more
expenses. Well I was pretty much wasting my money anyway so I can I can accept it. Well I'm going
$5 Night at Bridget's
to walk to the pizza place grab nipple to eat and then talk on the phone. I hope I get a better early if I did
Our Hostess
not know we got enough sleep. 

Sunday, June 28: Tall Ships and Such

OCF at 9am
When I woke up this morning fairly well rested. I was picked up by Drew in front of the clubhouse after
Cleaning Out Salon
I got coffee @ the OCF coffeehouse. After you pick me up, we went down to Sharon's place and I got
Self storage 
the keys for the storage unit and the ultra shop. Remove two big pieces and a couple little pieces down
Drivin in South Philly
to the self storage unit and made one trip and flew the coop from there. From there we went to Modell's and
Cops who Text
I got shoe deodorizer and an umbrella and Drew got two sets of sneakers. The cashier was pretty sweet
Gotta Go to Mo's
too. We are now going towards the tall ships from Drew's house. We hope to catch a cab. that far but
South Philly
we did stop at the Whole Foods at eight from south to get some chow! We each had a vegetarian delight.
Cruising Broad Street
 It's a bit overpriced but I'm really hungry and will be out in the sun all day watching big boats float.
Add caption
   by. Bob and Lisa are already there waiting in line at the Chestnut Street bridge at Penn's Landing.
Hipster South Philly
It's 12:14 PM and it's pretty warm but I don't think it's going to rain. Wow was I hungry. I'm going to try to
Veggie Delight
find an alternate entrance to the place. I heard there was no backpacks allowed had a good
Getting an Iced Coffee
idea leaving it at Alan's  so I don't have a problem when I get the Penn's Landing. Drew and I decided to
Checking the Tall Ships
enter through the Spruce. We got in with no problem and I truck the woman 5 bucks from my extra ticket that I had. I had since Sharon was unable to join us this afternoon. After about an hour and a half we did get on the US Coast Guard eagle is pretty cool. We the sailors were pretty cool and this is a training ship and they really know what they were talking about
that's for sure. We also saw a French tall ship that was rebuilt back in 1997 and it's sailing around the world for the
Enjoying the Scene
1st time. We also went to a ship that was called the tree of life. It was named after some body's daughter.
The Coast Guard Eagle
It was a head this build out of wood that's not made anymore. It was pretty cool. We then hung out after
Add caption
the bullshit quote and then we walked over to play for Drew really like called Karma. It's an Indian
Crew of the Rebuilt French Ship
restaurant that's a bit pricey but the food is not bad. It's not hardly spicy at all but it was made very well. I found a
Rebuilt French Tall Ship
outlet in the restaurant that is able to charge my phone as well as Drew's phone while we were eating
dinner. That was pretty quiet since my phone ran out of batteries towards the end of the tall ships
Eating at Karma
portion of the program. After we went to the restaurant we went towards and landing and went our
Call the PFD
separate ways. Drew Bob and Lisa went to Ben's landing and I went to Larry's. There my brother called
Christ Church
and we ended up meeting after the fireworks display had come to an end. The fireworks were pretty
 spectacular I must say. Hanging out with my brother was 

really fun we went to
Good Show at Penn's Landing
the national mechanics like I said before and we had a good time it was very cool to hang out with them
Taken with a Selfie Stick!
then I went home and hung out with Sharon. She showed me a video of people helpful half
At Larry's
singing "hooked on a feeling". That was funny