Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31: The Last of The Dork!

Did you know I got up at 6 am but ended up running very late to the meeting?? Well, its true. I entertained myself  on the computer and I got caught up and Buzz Feed? I know it's not that sexy but I'm feeling  kind of minimalist at this point.
Catching a Smoke
 Went to the meeting and of course the meeting that I went to Lake is all about prayer. There was some good shares for the time I was there. I didn't hung out at La Columbe for a minute and then
 headed off to work. I just found out through the UC listserv that the trolleys are going to be closed

My Office
underground from Center City to 40th St. from August 1 in 10 PM till August 17  The doing pretty extensive work. I'm glad I am on vacation for half this time! I then got off the El at 56th Street &

Work Fridge

Where I type all day
  there's a couple ranting men preaching. Unemployment does suck! Well hopefully
my organization of my desolate will need to start the car fare with my feet running. Have lots of clients to see you today and I got pretty
much done that's my pasta for lunch and then had to race off to group at 5:45. So I'm going to be running a little late today.
I didn't appreciate
On the Rt 42 Bus
the "gift" of DORK socks that my brother gave to me and posted Facebook! It's first good cry I had about on a year!! overall I would say
Refreshments for Pat and I
today was a step in the right direction.It's now 11:03 PM  and 57 minutes remains left of this month of July and the end of dork. Let's see if a person who saw the book of Mormon will have
Going Home.
enough time and energy to call me back. It
Feeling a Bit Shaky
turns out she did not. Well, I am pretty low on her totem pole. Well, I was not unaware of this. I just did not THINK about it. Well, I have sweated enough over myself. Got to go now

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30: The 2nd to the Last Day! I know Where Shame Comes From

Good morning. It's a brand-new day in the neighborhood a brand-new day for shame-based thinking and behavior. Took this long to put
Waiting for Bus
one +2+3 but I'm i'm going to work it because I'm worth it! Well I don't really keep up
 writing a blog throughout the
Kicking Out Plants
day like I usually do. I guess I just wasn't in the mood to write anything about a sleepy Summerday at the end of July..I worked very 
All Plants REMOVED from Welfare Office
hard at work. They have in order to get rid of all the plants in the office. This memo stated that people were getting bit by bugs and being hospitalized. We've come along way
My Desk
. When I got home  I didn't feel like doing much of anything at all except sleeping in sitting in my apartment and going on Facebook. I just
Going Home
got in touch of some but I haven't talked to since high school or junior high. He lives in Colorado is
The Neighbors
an airline pilot. Well that's it for this blog today stay tuned before the end of July and the beginning of Vermont

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29: It's A SO Nice & Cool to Wake Up to Cool Crisp Morning!

View Looking South on 19th
Yes I woke up! before I went to the hood doing like I should, I woke up to a beautiful crisp fall like morning. Mike just gave me a notice
I am familler with this Feeling

from the state police that they've formally expunged my records. I got to share about it at the very end of the meeting. It was nice. The sun
At La Columbe
is pretty intense though but the cool breeze right now makes it quite pleasant.
Well men and women boys and girls, it's time for me to go to work and try to get stuff done. I'm going
Stale Room
to Vermont Saturday. Also getting a ride to the airport since I'm flying there. Well, work was okay I was relaxed and I got a few things
Rocky the Squirrel 
done which is always good. I had a big bunch of green lettuce couple yogurts banana it was a very good lunch. I ended up working late till close to 6 o'clock and got some random stuff done. Yes, Peter and I generally try
Looming Sky
to stay late. Check this out somebody told me about a guy with a pet squirrel about a half block on market near my job 57 the market this
4th and Pine
is dude line with the squirrel check it out. Well went to therapy and then and then I'm now going
The Many Moods
to the hipsters and flips there's meeting called the underground because I'm here and it's
Hipsters Man
8 o'clock. I'm either glutton for punishment or because I'm old and they're not. There's some nice people that meeting
At the Troc August 28th
actually. I  might just have to take it as it comes especially the after meeting socializing.
It almost brings me back to elementary school and junior high. Eew! Speaking of things that are hip, I just saw the sign for the band X.
They're playing at the Trocidaro!
Ghosts of the Past Creeping Out
Does bring me back about 25 years. I think it be fun to see them never seen them before. I think another friend of mine wants to
Not Feeling it!!!
go. Well after riding the 21 really looking forward to going home eat some leftovers sitting for the computer and feel the air hit my face. Oh yeh loving it!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday, July 28: Post Thunderstorm Moments to Savor. (It's a Choice)

Good morning today is Monday and we just had a pretty intense thunderstorm rolled through here
Add caption
and you can feel the moisture. The bus stop that eventful a lot of people seem to be here because I just missed the bus. The bus came but also another
Looking Back at 20th and Walnut
21 bus came at the SAME time! So we got a little train of 21's for today. And it's a special charm the 21 bus pass for me.
So it's the last week
La Columbe
of July and my last week of work before I take off for Burlington Vermont for one week. It's the
La Columbe
end of the month which means only one thing special ounces and carfare which rhymes with welfare!! Today we read
the chapter on acceptance. Specifically
30th Street
that this is the answer to all my problems. I can't ever get tired of reading that one. It's a nice not humid morning and I'm grateful for that. I was at La Columbe and someone from
 Sunrise said  "I like your pictures from vacation." He said that  my brother looks exactly like me. I just said yeah well we are peas in the same pod. Well it's Monday of last week of the month reports car fare in general mud meet Monday madness and Drexel ensue upon us today,
Striking a Pose Before Work

Heading to the Fresh Grocier/Shop Rite
hi I'm getting lunch since I had to work away the cash apps and the like. It's pretty warm out not that humid but it is warm outside
Heading In
which I guess makes sense on July 28.
Well work slows down nicely after 2:40pm. I cleaned up some of the mess in the morning
Lunch Room at Work
and then started working on my reports due the end of the month. Going home getting changed their five-time pick up my laundry. Then I go to the Monday night beginners and put out the commitment sheet.
Well, I did not have time for the laundry but I did take a quick shower. I was pretty warm when I got home.  So I got the bus to the Monday night beginners got some ice coffee and
ventured him. I passed my commitment sheet and got it filled up immediately. That was very good. We looked it page 52 and then on manageability is in the mind as well as in the
actions. Feeling I can't form relationships is just one part of that. Afterwords I had that feeling of alone in a crowd syndrome. I
called the sponsor he suggested that I just go up and  introduce myself. It's  such a simple idea and sometimes I don't want to do!
Went to at second meeting about self-loathing that was very good. I then took the bus the 40th thinking I was meeting Pat at St. Mary's
The Social
Church . It turned  out I was meeting at home to move the simple piece of carpeting out of this house. I now finishing up a Somoza and I ate some grape leaves that he had made 4 dinner. They came out of it can I get a buy me a can of that stuff!!
There I am
He left for an hour to go to work get some overtime. I'm waiting for
Pat's Waiting for Call
friend to call me at 11 will have a talk to since last Wednesday. I'm pretty tired and the internet is down at my place.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27: The Last Days of Ramadan

Good morning all you animal lovers and piglet lovers out there on Facebook. Today started off very early around 7 o'clock I got up.
On the Big Screen
 I then went to Saxby's got a coffee. I decided to talk to a  local  TV crew. I made a video that shows me  asking a TV cameraman about a corporate term that used in the news a lot
Coffee at Saxby's

I then attended the Sunday Fun day and got my two T-shirts. I heard some really good shares today and into paying out with someone
The CW
who also has the ADD. We hung out it was okay. She decided to go to bar none and I got a ride.
The CW Office "Powered by"
After the bar none things got a little awkward I caught the 21 and came home around
I Got a Ride Today
12:30pm. I  then napped for four hours. Boil boy did I need that!! It was just too damn hot.
I also think I had bad coffee. Yup, it was just a day to lounge in my air-conditioned apartment . Just think I was thinking of doing a day road trip somewhere. Glad I didn't do that!! Probably going to meet up with Larry @ a meeting and pick up my laundry. I did pay my Best Buy and my Zip Car Bill's. So the day wasn't completely wasted :-)

Farmers Market

it's a good Sunday staying cool and not acting a fool!! It's now 7:08pm. I will find the shower cleaned up tonight then I packed up some food
and sneakers to libertine to 22nd St. I entered the apartment and his roommate was naked again. I found out
I need to get home by 12:6
 he likes to be naked in this apartment. Larry and I watch Law and order and then show called Chicago PD. well I watch channel 10  news and it's going to be some  thunderstorms rolling overnight going to head to bed as soon as I catch the EL from 2nd Street

Here I am about to catch the 21 Bus at 11:40pm. I was at 2nd Street and the rains came when the bus got to 9th and Walnut Street. I was lucky that it was the 21 since I only had to run a half-block and not get too hot.