Monday, October 30, 2006

Union Time

I am now the shop steward for our office since the elected shop steward
is having surgury and will not be at work for seveal months. I got an
email which will sum up some of what my duties will entail
"It just sucks when people not only don't say thank you,
but play a game of what have you done for me lately."

It will be a job within a job but its for my coworkers and myself.
I really liked this t-shirt
as well.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eastern Standard time

Hello, I am writing tonite to say hello. It was a fun weekend to be in October. First off on Thurs night went to Carl and Liz house to hang out. The DiVinci galllery took its exhibit to at the Gallery at St. Asaph’s. Went to the Grounds for Sculpture and that was fantastic. Let the photos tell the rest cause I am cold and tired and just want to get warm and sleep.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dumb Stuff

Good day one and all.
It has been awhile since I last said anything and for good reason.
Last week was a stupid week, you know where dumb stuff happens, like leaving the stove on and leaving the house. Lucky no damage done but still working on the smell. Then I got a stupid company called sending me 125 text messages in 2 days and calling me. I got my friendly customer serviceperson Rebecca on the case. Can you believe it VERZON can
NOT block calls! I have my text messaging turned off till Weds and we will see.
The Eagles just
on ANOTHER last second field goal. It was 62 YARDS!! Again the Eagle did DUMB stuff, like 2 interceptions and a 30 year penelty in the 4th Quarter. And to finish this gallery of idiocy, I went to a Millville City Commisson meeting and well go to
Carl Johnson’s
Website which says it best and if you want to read more go here.
Well, here is to a brighter week and good cheer for all :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

30 Years ago..

We were making changes to the living room. One of the changes is moving the computer to the 2nd floor. In the shed we were getting clothes etc when I found pictures from a long time ago. The photo on the left is at the Mayo's Halfway House on Rt 72 on the way to Long Beach Island in 1975. My parents just bought this EconoLine van. This is a Poloraid snapshot. Remember them?? Since then Mayo's has stayed around and its been awhile since I have been there. I had some fun times there. I remember a stuffed deer in an aquarium along the wall and the all the wisdom of hunters and fishermen. The beer was cheap and cold and it was very relaxing. I think now its a sports bar. Being in Millville it is not really on the way to LBI but I hope to go there someday.

Philadelphia Open Studio Tour

Hello There. This past Saturday we drove to the Philadelphia Open Studio Tour. It runs this weekend and next weekend. This past weekend it was studios west of Broad Street. I was impressed with how organized it was. It was obvious that this has been done for years in Philly. They had brochores, maps, and even big name sponsors. We started at 59th Street and ended up at DeVinci Gallery in South Philly. Along the way we met some new friends and old time friends as well. We walked June at Clark Park then stopped by at Sam's Place at 49th and Osage. The West Philly art scene has grown since I was livin there for sure. After attending the opening at the DeVinci gallery we went to Washington Avenue and had Vietnamese noodle soup. MMmm good for the hour ride back to Millville. It was a refreshing and enlightening trip to see art and to be in West Philly and NOT be at work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Good morning America. Its Tuesday morning in October. Going to be 80 degrees today. Should be a nice day NOT to be at work inside. Tonight is the Millville Commission meeting. I hope I remember to call the city about the yellow paint for my small driveway. I read an article from Kathleen parker that says that Sen Rick Santorum is getting a bad rap. HAH!!. Send her an email at and let her know what YOU think. Gee she has own website. I bet its a hoot. So go to and see for yourself. Got to commute now. The picture on the right is from the Maurice River last weekend. Today would be a fine day to float on the river. Be safe!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pat Witt's Art Class on the Maurice River

Sunday October 1st 2006 will have to go down as a Fall day to remember for many..many years to come. Carolyne had a class with Pat Witt which was to be on a boat along the Maurice River. I was getting ready to leave when Pat said that could come along. Well, as the pictures will attest(to some degree),
mother nature was showing off!! We saw the Bertrum Farm, seveal eagles, and contrasting cloud formations. At around 7pm a rainbow was spotted as we were getting back to Millville. This rainbow was so colorful and vivid, it was like a set in a movie. Everyone on the ride enjoyed themselves and well, so did I. Thank
you Pat!!