Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday, September 28: Pope Week Ends at 6:45pm

Well I took advantage of the fact are letting his son two hours late by taking my time waking up. I decided to walk down to Saxbys and meet my
7 and 48 are Running!!
friend why haven't seen in 8 months. She broke up
At Hamilton Street
with her boyfriend and the catch up. In the meantime I walked and witness life getting back to normal
The Stage at 8:30am
so to speak. I saw the buses were already running and the streets we're mostly opened. I did some editing on yesterday's blog
The Parkway
while I was waiting for my friend to show up. It was nice to see her &
Vine Street
she looked well. We hung out for an hour and a half at the Saxbys and then it was 11 o'clock and I was trying to catch the 21 bus. We were both fortunate that the 21 came right after we left the coffee shop.
I'm going to be about 15 minutes late. Let's see if they're going to
Sharing a Coffee w/ a Friend
 dock me my time or just wave me on.
58th and Market
When I came in to work without incident. I mediately started sending notices from my packets. I think I
Fun at Work
did about 8 of them in total  today. I forgot my meds this morning but I hung in there. I called the
Still Life at work
doctors office at 1420  twice! I need to get an appointment somewhere in September I missed an appointment
with the esteemed doctor. I'm off to bid the beginners and I need to find out who is the GSR for this ticket
Rittenhouse Square
organization so I can possibly go to this convention in November. I guess I shouldn't be late for
Look NO Porta-a-Pots
the 6:45 PM meeting. Clouds are sweeping in after holding off for the last three days. I'm at the
coffee Joe and edit this blog and try to be on time for the meeting and to beat the rain home. well I got most of the second blog done. I found out Sharon had bad
The Take Down
news concerning  her former
Full Moon Over Philly
partner. I realized when I went to bed I left my meds at Larry's place but I wasn't going to make a huge
Blogging Before Meeting
production out of it I just decided to go to bed and tough it out

Sunday, September 27:The Pope and the Parkway

Last Day of Pet Sitting
Well let myself sleep in till 8:30 AM since I was exhausted. I did my stuff with the animals and then took Uber to Front and south. I stopped into the
South Philly
bar none. I'm going to have to leave early since I've got this meet
Larry and then meet Bob sometime a little after 12 noon. I heard on the TV news last night that this
More National Guard
was the biggest operation the Secret Service is ever conducted. Bigger than the inauguration. Well after the bar none I headed towards Larry's house. Once
Bridget Foy's
there I had breakfast of bacon and then I'm left.
2nd and South
We then watch little pope coverage on the TV and I faxed the sandwiches that were bringing with us.
The Nice Sight of the Weekend
We took the EL from 2nd to 8th Street.
So I'm going to walk the rest away towards City Hall. We met
On Every Corner
a woman as we are walking from the Dominican republic. They were directing crowds to 20th and
Breakfast at Larry's
Callowhill Street. We started to go that way and Larry decided maybe we should just sit here and use the
Jumbotron. We were going to meet Bob and Lisa but they decided they would take the 22nd and Callowhill checkpoint that's how far gone the
Enjoying it 
 line is. I hope to get some pictures
The Crowds in Center City
from Bob or Lisa about how crowded it really is. It's now two or 2:33 PM where we're sitting near the water fountain at JFK is gotten really compressed and crowded
15th and JFK
since they've closed off the street so the police can have emergency vehicles I'm eventually coming home from here right now they're closed
Add caption
off JFK. The  Police are running up
An Arial View
and down the street like they're practicing some kind of formation. The pups not coming down
JFK this time probably. I believe it's because they want to burn see vehicles and VIPs to slip through. I'm glad the Eagles are finally winning. Yes Sharon
Callowhill Street
hibernated but she's hanging out with a friend but I
Cool Coffee Dude!
don't know whether going because she didn't respond. I got tired of being at 15th and JFK so I'm
Near Hamilton Street
walking around a big ass circle to a checkpoint so I can get close to home. Bob and Lisa up that way at 22nd St. Now walking north on 15th St.
Sharon and Butters
It's the ticketing area. I'm just going to go straight
At the Bishop's Beer Garden
the Fermount take a left and then go down any street that will let me cross. I did get home pretty
The Pope is Everywhere :)
easily and talk to Sharon for a little bit. She told me about the party she went to and that was cool. Friends
They were All Friendly
of hers were singing my name while buzzed. That was pretty funny!😜 I then
All Different Law Enforcement
needed to crash hard and I did. I crashed for about an hour until the doorbell rang and there was Bob.
Pope Francais Says Goodbye
He told me him and Lisa got a really find spot for the people mass that was held. So once I rouse myself
The Parkway Aftermath
awake we went down to the bishops collar to the pope beer garden that they had set up. We talked
The Stage Afterwards
for a while and decided that we had to get a particular T-shirt that spelled out "poop" in old Phillies
We Got T-Shirts There
insignia font. So we walked around the parkway looking at the aftermath of the pope and the staging in
front of the art museum and in the parkway. We went down to Doobies at 22nd and Lombard where the owner of the establishment was selling different
The Blood Moon Eclipse
styles of hope T-shirts. She did have the
Twas the Weekend
ones that Lisa and I were looking for. Geez I have not been into Doobies for 20 years I suppose. Amy
Having Fun
called and I talked to her while Bob and Lisa chilled out and had a beer. Next we walked on the open
Playing in Empty Streets
empty streets of Philadelphia. We decided to check out the cabin also 19th St. after trying to decide
Removing Barriers
where we are going to eat for 10 minutes. After a delicious chili, we foreground the middle of
Look Ma! No Cars
the street and Bob reminded us of the blood moon that was having a full eclipse peaking at 10:45 PM. We
Vine Street Expressway
are simply amazing the empty streets and took it all in. We knew that this would never happen again
The Parkway
except in a 2 foot blizzard. We didn't parted ways and I walked  through the morass of the parkway. I
saw more cases of water then I have her seen before. I came home and hung out with Sharon and gave her one of my buttons that I had bought
Good Bye Pope Francais
for a dollar. Larry stayed for the mass at 15th and JFK and ended
Lisa Took This
up going to eat Chinese after the mass it ended around 6 o'clock. Well my friend came home from the
Stretching on Chestnut Street
shore and said that she was mailing the check to my house. I have a feeling I'm really going to need
Blood Moon
that money because I really spent money like crazy man for pope T-shirts etc. But it was worth it since it was once-in-a-lifetime event and I want
to record it as I'm been known to do on occasion. Pope week will have ended.