Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 30

It was Friday and that was a good thing for sure.t was taste workday
19th ans Walnut
before my vacation. I had lots of folks to interview. I got most he my work done but not all. I stayed there till 7 until a cleaning person kicked me out. She  assert her authority. Well, it was time to go anyway.
I found out that I had to change my date for my bus ride to Mt Pleasant Mich
Making My Dinner
. I went to the Greyhound station but did not have my ticket so, I went back home and got some Chinese and went to bed. resI did get a date for Saturday at 5:30 at the La Columbe. That ought to interesting for sure.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

An(Up)date on the 29th

I'm heading home. Yesterday was a busy tiring yet good day. I went to  the meeting which went well. Jim  was back!!It was the mos
comfortable I felt up there. I then went to work and busy myself being people and getting reports done. Couldn't stay late because I had a previous engagement. I met her at LaColumbe for coffee and
52nd Street
We talked for a while about  her job, politics, travel and the like. He then took a walk through the Square and we parted ways. Overall went okay got her phone number and that's the way it is. I then went to meet Larry at the cigar shop he frequents on 3rd near Market. It's a pretty chill place but I couldn't take the smoke. I gave the computer repair money of
$75.00. This was for maintenance of one computer and the blinking screen problem on the Windows 7 computer.
The blinking was
La Columbe
caused by a faulty video driver. It was worth the money but I shall turn it going again,I then got back home and ate a can of tuna and fell asleep.
Steps to my Place
I woke up this morning my last day of work with the best sleep I've had in two weeks

Wednesday: I meet the Queen of 24th Street

40th Street Nija
Yesterday Wednesday a seemingly normal day my life. Get up early then work the whole 7 o'clock in the normal stuff.
Pat Cooked this. YUM
Well I had a different agenda last night. Pat invited me to see his cousin at a comedy show at Rembrandt's in Fairmount. Well that show was canceled.
but not the fun. We need new friends and hung out at her house afterwords and listen to music.
Add caption
The conversation was fun and I tried my first taste of a electric cigarette that was interesting.
The battery died so that are there no pictures really cares the memories are in my mind!
I have two days left till I have 2 weeks vacation!! YAY!!! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday: Time to do it for the hood!

At the meeting I got help for the greeter commitment. I just can't seem to get it together to organize and I'm getting better at the early
enough stuff. Just thinking about it seems to mess with my head. Someone telling me was just cool.
Today after Sunrise,  I decided to do long neglected maintenance activities in my place.
I got somebody cleaning up the place I took my laundry to the laundromat to dry cleaners and got rid of my recycling and trash
By the way   I had a lot of people come in today and I did not the paperwork done I was at work tout 8 the computer system seem to like going to a snail halts after about 730. To go home and maybe check out the new clean digs and then possibly afterwords do little more shopping that I didn't do yesterday
Here I am walking down Market Street between  57th  and 56th Street near the EL. I worked a bit late    I'm going to light a lot of incense  since it smells too much like detergent here. It sure looks clean. Glad I did it.

Late Monday August 26

Under the Hood

The" Battleaxe"
What's with the trolley this morning at 19th and Market. See this  video I made
The Sonnet
while waiting for the trains  There were no trolleys running!!
I did not see folks waiting. I'm thinking they heard something I didn't :(
 The SEPTA website Had no advisoriesCan anybody tell me what happened?? Well, my friends, I got no conclusive answer on this topic. The woman on the left is an archetype that Ok Stupid has for one of their test. Its a bit bizarre but this little drawing reminds me of a few folks. As for me Despite my strong urge 4 companionship.I'm still learning to let go & let God on this kind of thing

Working on a 50 name list
As for me Despite my strong urge 4 companionship.I'm still learning to let go & let God on this kind of thing. One week from now I will be on the bus to Michigan.
The 12 and 12 w/ new frames
Feel like a young kid going out to a camp.
It is a time to look back on in the future
It's like a field trip for a 51-year-old kid.
I will have to work my butt off at work.THIS  is the first time I taken a PLANNED 2 weeks off from work in a long time!! The last long time off was an emergency. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Far out Sunday

A good place to text new friends
Golden Floor
Got it! This is Sunday.  I went  to the meeting of Bar None to sit on the floor It was beautiful outside but a lot warmer but not terribly humid! Hope you're having a nice weekend! I  did not have a three prong adapter, so I went to the CVS after checkout the Headhouse Farmers Market. I got practical stuff. I also called for the cleaning service o come over on  
 I went  to a place called Milk and Honey. Its a little coffee place staffed by hip 22 year old women. I  just mellowed out after the BAR NONE.  I am just chilling out looking at
On South Street
the Fringe Festival  and just being a lazy man on a Sunday afternoon because I can. I was doing the Ok Stupid and got some results but time will tell on THAT matter. 

Fancy Chocolate 
Tuesday to  give this place a good cleaning. A man is going to move in later this week and I need my place to be more organized.
Add caption
I may hit a block party at 4th St in South Philly. Just giving you fair warning:)  I've been sitting in the back. Until my next collection of thoughts let's ROCK ON!!  
I ended the day taking a dating personality test by the OKC. It asked some of the wall questions and some good ones. Here is what I was labeled  I am the loverboy

FACT: You embody the German principle of Konstantzusammenschaft, which is best described in English (without using the obscure English word “sammenschaft”) as “eternal togethermanship”.
I did a Google search and saw this blog which asked some interesting questions about the man with the matching blue pajama's. This blogger commented in 2006 and said this about the man in the photo
Am I wearing perfectly matched flannel pajamas? I think I gave way too many "yes" answers to questions about kink and questionable behavior to have an avatar with a full matching pajama set. That's probably why I'm sitting on the ground there...thinking to myself "where did it all go? It all used to be so exciting! Now look at me. And my Chai Tea is still too hot to drink! Oh why me? Why me?" Although it does look like I have some scratches on my neck....
Well, I took some OKC tests. We will see what happens

The Death Test

WOW and Yikes

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sit down and relax for Saturday:)

The Basement after painting
Today woke up man and we painted the church basement I was cool I I came home, ate then took a 2 hour mid-day
Meeting New Neighbors
nap. I then went to my friends house around the corner and we hung out on her porch. I was still groggy
from my nap but it
was mellow On a beautiful Saturday afternoon It was a perfect activity to chill along with
Walking on 40 near Spring Garden
new people so quickly without a large effort. Lately it's been difficult to drive people. It's getting better:) I lost track of time to meet Larry at his place to go  new restaurant That a friend of Larry's is opening up today.I would've saved some drama Simply by asking Larry where the restaurant was located. 2700 W. Gerard is
My Meal at Shify's Taco! YUM:)
 not that difficult to get to via  SEPTA.  It takes about 35 minutes. and Gerard.A guy i know from Larry just opened up a taco place. I know him from the Sunday night meeting. and Gerard.A guy i know from Larry just opened up a taco place. I know him from the Sunday night meeting.
Add caption
Meeting the New Neighbors
and Gerard.A guy i know from Larry just opened up a taco place. I know him from the Sunday night meeting. This place is good. Nice people and an up and coming section in Fairmount. 
I just met to the most sexy women I've seen in a while waiting to eat there oh my God.
Hung out w/ Local Businessman
I am now waiting for the 43 bus towards my place.  43 drop me off at  35th and Haverford. I only waited 2 minutes for the 31 which will take me 46th and Chestnut Streets. From there
Eating at Shifty's

I'm going to help a friend get a computer. She lives around the corner from me. I thought about going to meeting at  Fairmount but I decided I want to be close to home.
Matua Sun
Hopefully Pat will be okay with me coming over later to do filming. We did not do recording. That will be done tomorrow.
 I need to get stuff done before I leave for Mt Pleasant Mi. I am not in a relationship and I have vacation saved up, I am thankful 

Stand up for America!!! It's Friday

Well I got up early for the meeting  6 minutes late
View from the 40 Bus
. I didn't get my coffee till after the meeting and confirm that we can make arrangements for Amanda and moving my place for a month before my trip to Mount Pleasant Michigan Where they are good at standing  up for America.
25 to LIFE!!
Hope you're having a fine Friday.
I'm at 4th and Pine for a meditation meeting. Have you been to it?? Here is my bus trip.
Nice Woman

Some sad news from Sunrise!..
I got this while at Shoppers today

 "Coffee Jim" is in Hahnemann Hospital with a (215) 762-7648
I got paid
broken neck - admission phone # is
He is a great guy!! It's sad really

Alright then I am went to the meditation meeting and then I took the 21 bus 
Whom I work for...
back to Pats. I got some guava juice. i them decided to go home and get the Certs and charge my phone.
Where I "shop" on Friday's
Went home and got distracted and charged my phone and I'm bringing my computer and we're going to be vainglorious!
Pat went flying
We chilled and what's funny videos and whatnot and now I'm going to go to bed and take the next step through my life

My Blog IS Please follow me cause I
Horay for Saxby's
would be a creeper if I followed YOU!! Think about it ok?? Its supposed to be nice cool weather this weekend :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

August 22 a Nice Little Day

21 Bus
Internet DOWN!!
Well, it was a pretty good day except that I forgot my appt and that will cost me 50 bucks. I had a good group and we talked about my ADHD stuff and I wore my
Leaving Starbucks to 
ADHD Shirt at work yesterday. I had my last day of training for the ACA known as Obamacare. Group was pretty cool and I spoke to women about dating...