Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th

A Topiary at Ashley's Furniture. 
Yesterday, was a day to take care of business and that is what we did. On Saturday we did some shopping for us and for the X-Mas holiday and we spent most of the shopping at Boscov's in Vineland. I did see a person who bar tends  at the Oar House with her beau other then that I did not see anyone else I recognized. We got lucky when an elderly woman gave us this little shopping cart since she was finished her shopping. Man, it was good to have that to use. I did not have to carry stuff around.
I think its for the disabled and elderly only. I did not see anyone else with one. Boscovs ought to have more of those carts around, might make it less of a drag to shop. We hit Ashley Furniture and almost bought a topiary. Its was a funky looking plant that did not look real.
Sending it back :)
Well, after all that we had some leftovers and watched Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris. It was made in 1972 and I can see why it was a much talked about film. It was definitely a deep European film for sure with the soft sensual lighting and graphic words to match. It also had the slow pace that I have noticed in the foreign films I have watched when some of my friends were into Euro culture and such. I have to watch it again soon since I am sure I missed some of the plot development.
As I mentioned early in this posting, I stayed inside most of the day to take care of business that was not completed previously. I think we go 95% completed and it was a bit of a grind I would have to say.
Chillin at Bogarts Sunday.
 After  we were completed, we decided to stop at Bogart's Books in Millville which is right around the corner from our house. There we saw Steve Testa and his brother John  play along with Jody Janetta on drums. It was jazz fusion funk to me. They sounded good to me. We caught the end of the performance. The video below is just a sample of the sound. Some of the compositions are long and you can listen to a more complete version of how they sound on my YouTube page right now if you want to. Its over 9 minutes long so it just came below the YouTube 10 minute limit.
Well, it getting close to 5:30 am and today I am catching the 408 Bus but I am driving tomorrow so I can get back to Millville by 5:30 and not have to depend on the NJ Transit Route 408 to get me to an appointment in Vineland on time like I did LAST week.  I plan to write up carfare for the day and not answer the phone so much. December is ONLY 2 days away!!
I think I am going to save up for an IPad. Its really cool and portable, my sister swears on them. The only disadvantage is no MS Word can be added AND Apple is really hard-core and difficult if the product is broken and for 600 bucks that is pretty scary when one is a bit of a klutz like yours truly. At the rate I save $$ it will be at LEAST 6 months man.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Millville Thanksgiving Parade

Yes, it was that time of year again to watch the Millville New Jersey Thanksgiving Parade. First though we celebrated Densie's Birthday at our house and then went to eat at Peking Tokyo Restaurant. We had seats next to a window so we could watch the end of the parade. It was a good chow for sure. We then walked home and I then returned back to watch the parade and hang out at Sitar Bob's place where he was serving Turkey and other vittles. I did get to see the Center City Millville Float and it was one of the better ones. Of course, Santa was there at the end of the Parade. At Sitar
Center City Millville Float

Bob's, I got to watch the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. THAT is one strange yet very entertaining movie for sure!  I really liked I am the Walrus and this song that had the words Death Cab for Cutie  came from. Now I know where that band Death Cab for Cutie got its name. WXPN plays them alot or used to. I got to see some film shorts from September Shorts film festival that Sitar Bob showed several years at Zelphys'. One was called Life in Transistion and the other was called Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager They were fun to see again. The folks were pretty cool there at Bobs. One even wrote about me in Facebook which was pretty silly. I then at the end of the evening talking computers and being a bit paranoid. Well, the holiday is winding down and it got pretty cold as the night went on. It was to be out and see folks I do not see that often. Well got to go now. Its going to be a buzy next few days.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

A Tennis ball Author: User:Fcb981
One Serious Tennis Ball
Its a serious tennis ball kind of morning and afternoon that is for sure. Its cloudy and it started to rain 2hr ago but now it stopped in time for the Millville Thanksgiving Parade. The kids are coming over in about an hour (e.g 3pm). I did some errands like go to Staples to get a printer cartridge so I can print out statements.
Some serious stuff going on!
Wire Baskets for the Holiday... Why not??
When  I was flying to and from Oakland California, I somehow managed to AVOID the body scans and the check on my junk. All I had to do was to take off my shoes and empty out my pockets. I guess I was lucky or I just am so non-threatening that they did not bother. The TSA has pissed off EVERYBODY from Palin lovers to  pissed of liberals mad at Obama. I think they will be forced to modify their procedures.
I hope to be at the Millville New Jersey Parade. When family comes over, we will probably got to the Peking Tokyo to go out or just order out and eat at home. I think I will indulge in a cold Miller Light before then.
Our New Sign of the Times
The video below shows what a plain ole day its been thus far.

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Thanksgiving Etc

The office taken on Thanksgiving
Taken today around 10pm
This year we just stayed at home and slowly worked on some household projects. Oh, of course, I walked the dogs and hit the Shoprite which was the only store open in the mall today. My Mother was at my brother's house in Maryland and I guess my other brother living close by went to Boston or someplace kinda far as is the custom. I did some work in the office which was where we had our dressing room and a roomate for a spell.
Its been hectic since my trip from Oakland and Berkley California. Work was buzy of course and I had an active pet sitting schedule this past week. The 2 days I took on the Route 408 were eventful as you have all seen in my previous post. I was so tired after getting up so early for Monday and Tuesday. This short video shows just a portion. I noticed they are renovating Clark Park and Sams at 45th Street between Osage and Pine is not called Sams. There is a park at 48th and Chester called  Squirrel Hill Falls. It's pretty but gated up and seemly NEVER open to the public. It has some impressive funders but what is it there for?
Its better then an abandoned lot so it does serve that purpose. Its had a long history since about 1985 when it was first proposed to be built. The Philadelphia City Paper has a good article on it dating from June of 1996. You can see the list of contributors to this park on the 48th Street side.
An Interesting event will be taking place on Weds December 8th at the Varga Bar on Spruce Street is having a Calender Release Party. Should be interesting if I have the time and $$ to have a $6 beer. Check out the announcement. Its pretty flashy for sure.
I turned on the TV and saw the Cowboys about to win against the Saints but Roy Williams fumbled the ball and the Saints beat the Cowboys 30-27. The Cowboys Kicker just missed a 59 yard field goal which would have tied the game.
Hope to attend the Millville Thanksgiving Parade this year, but I am not sure how the family schedule will work out. We are having our Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow on Friday. Well got to sleep tonite. Bye.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am driving to work and I am so TIRED. Went to bed at 8pm and still tired as hell. Well, a buzy day at the Welfare Wakka and food shopping this am. Well, got to fly. Have a great Thanksgiving y'all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Long Strange Trip

I cought the 4:15am bus from Millville to Camden, then went to philly so I could watch a bunch of cats. The Commute home was held up over an hr since a driver got ill then the 408 had to pick up folks from a broken down rt 400 bus. A long strange trip it was for sure. I now have to do the same today but I have 3 pet jobs and have to leave work early due to a very important apt which is paperwork intensive like my job. The man behind the counter at the Camden Bus Station was rude but I made new fiends on the bus.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to Work

Well, its back to work. It was very buzy for my last 3 day work week after my fun trip to Oakland and Berkley. Boy that was a good time I must say You can see a good sample of photos on my
Picasa photo album
Hope you enjoy them. You can see my latest California Videos at my YouTube page.
Meanwhile, I have to get up real early and the Giants are now ahead 17-16 with 6:38 left in the game. This seems to be a tale of missed opportunities in the red zone for the Eagles. I think I might just get to bed for the 4:15am bus so I can go to this house of 15 foster cats. Holy crap...McCoy for 50 Yards TOUCHDOWN!!! 22-17 Eagles!!
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Monday Tour of Berkley

Getting Direction on the Berkley Campus
An Artist and his string art
John and Alex
Today, John and I went to breakfast around 9 am and then John went to work.  I was to go to the club but instead decided to walk toward the University. I met Carl and he gave me a guided tour of the area near the  campus of Cal Berkley.I did some interviewing to him about Metaphysics and the 7 second rule. After that, I met john and his son Alex at a nice resturant bar. Boy it was a beautiful place. I saw 2 people that looked exactly like a good friend and a French woman I had met in 1985. I had a nice California buzz thats for sure.
This is quite interesting and states  and alot of walking though the campus. He called Berkley Bezerkley and I did find that amusing. More amusing then the 50 year old men with the fancy bicycle outfits that were very prevalent near the bakery and coffee shop near John's place. More fun then seeing dogs everywhere on the sidewalk. Sorry it took so long to get this out. I have been getting back on track with stuff and then blogger had technical difficulties.
Mural at Berkley
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunday Nov 14 in Berkley and Oakland

We all got up pretty early and decided to grab a breakfast at a down home place near John's place. After that we took a strol down the mail boulevard to do window shopping. Alice was in bookstore heaven here.She has an I-Pad and she really likes it. We figured out where we were since this device has GPS built into it.  Then  we went to the club and enjoyed the pool. It was a true relaxing experience for all of us. John and I then dropped off Alice to the BART station. Next I watched John play ice hockey for the Mustangs, a club team he is on. It was pretty cool to watch. The Mustangs lost 5-3 due to goaltending issues but John was a plus 3 and no goals were scored while he was on the ice After It was a very mellow day with the weather being being close to perfect.

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Saturday in Berkley

Steely DanCover of Steely Dan
Good day America. I am now typing on my brother's Apple and listening to Steely Dan's Aja. All of us just came back from dinner at a restaurant and  getting ready to rest for the night.John and had breakfast at the bakery near his apartment and some coffee. After that we went to the club he belongs to  and hit the exercise room. He went to lift weights and I decided that going to the pool and sauna was more my speed. While my brother went to play tennis at a tournament he was competing, I met my sister who just flew in from San Diego at the BART train station.
We celebrated John's 50th
The Claremont Club and Hotel 
The view from the pool :)
  Instead of just getting the cab, we just took a leisurely walk and hit bookstores and 2 places to have a beer. We had a nice lunch as well. Again the weather was perfect. I mean it was California perfect weather that I can get really used to. Its a a habit that would be good for the mind that's for sure.Hey I forgot in yesterday's posting that I met a woman at the Oakland Airport who was on that ill-fated cruse ship that was adrift  near Mexico. She stated that it got dicey towards the end of the 4 days they were without power in the middle of the ocean.
Alice and I in Berkley Saturday
Chillin at the pool. Work is so far away
 She seemed pretty cool and that she kept her cool during this vacation from hell.  We later went to the Clairmont Hotel and had a fancy dinner for John's 50th B-Day.  Anyhow that is is it from now. I will put some sample photos as soon as I can. You can see them on my
Picasa photo album

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Made it to Oakland

The Serra Nevada Mountains Nov 12 2010
5 AM at 30th Street Station
Hello world. I arrived in Oakland on time and feeling alright. I took the 408 Calvin bus and boy did I get some good laughs. It was like a comedy skit and reality show in one at times. I then got to the El and napped one stop too fare. I then walked an extra 4 blocks to my friend's house and got to sleep around Midnight. I got up at 4:30am caught the SEPTA Airport Line and caught the 8am Southwest Airlines flight to Denver.  It arrived 30 minutes early. I then chilled out with a sausage McMuffin. I then got the connecting flight from Denver to Oakland.  Boy each plane was PACKED! The flight to Oakland I was in the C section which in English means I was in the back of the plane with the babies and the young kids. Most were OK but the little brat behind me kept being sassy with his mother. I did want to stare at him but I went to sleep instead and got to see the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada mountains. They were more impressive for sure from 28,000 feet up.
I want another degree.
I landed in Oakland and my brother John picked me up at 2pm and we visited  Oaksterdam University which is very close where my brother works. This school was featured in Business Week magazine article about California's Prop 19 which would have legalized small amounts of marijuana. It was a trip seeing this place and it had nice HVAC system it seemed. The folks were nice. There was a weekend seminar and 100 folks signed up for it at $250 a pop. I went to the store that sells t-shirts and other college stuff. Its right now 4pm or so. I am now in my brothers office at Envision Schools in Oakland California. Well, we are getting a cold one at a bar in walking distance of his office. The weather out is perfect a sports coat is all I need.
This was posted in a men's room at the Denver Airport
Well, its 9:30 and we checked out a few places.
I plan to listen to my brother's Steely Dan Collection and other stuff he has. I am awake and well, he is asleep. All in all a good first good day in Oakland and Berkley California.  Alice will be coming in tomorrow and that should be fun as well. I already have a souvenir to bring home and that is cool. Well going to start a Picasa Album of this trip that can be checked out for other photos.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterns Day: The Day Before My Trip

Flag of Oakland, California. Image created by ...Image via Wikipedia
Well, it was a beautiful day out. The sun was brilliant and there was a nice sweet breeze. It was a good day to be off from the welfare office. We first went to the park with the dogs. We lied in the sun and mellowed out. Next we checked out some old cement structures. We got some cool photos. This is just one of them. Did some errends around the house. One of the things was to make some changes to a sign
Near the Riverfront Park

 Carolyne and I did some painting of the Fithian House Tee-Pee sign. It will be quite different when its done. We plan to put out on the street at the corner of High and Pine to let folks know that there is yoga class going on. We had a fun time.
I am now finished packing for my trip to Oakland. I will get some cash and then take the 408 to Philly and stay overnight at Pats house. I printed out my boarding pass and now got to fly.
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