Sunday, January 27, 2008

Highlights from the Neighborhood Summit

On Saturday January 26, 2008 the Millville Neighborhood Summit took place at the Rescue Squad Building on Cedar Street. There at least 100 people at this event. Leslie Smith of the Center City Neighborhood Group led the summit . Attendees of the summit received information about Cumberland County's Children First Initiative Substance Abuse Prevention, Violence and Gang Prevention and Safety, and Mentoring and Youth Programs. I was quite impressed with the Gentleman’s Club

The presentations included violence prevention by Steered Straight, Millville's Neighborhood Groups and Reverend Charles Wilkins made a good speech about how "One Person Can Make a Difference."

There will also be entertainment and presentations provided by some of the city's youth programs. The Millville Senior High School Show Stoppers Step Team made an appearance and were quite the performers will the Silver Run School Choir, the Gentlemen's Club and Millville's Weed & Seed Youth Leadership Program. Prizes were given out as well. I hope folks got a lot out of it and will attend THIS Thursday's meeting at 6pm at In His Presence for the 2nd meeting which will feature the Guardian Angels

Friday, January 25, 2008

Strengthen Millville's Loitering Orginance NOW!

This is the trenton loitering ordinance - it has teeth unlike our current one in Millville. We need to adopt this kind of law. Loitering leads to more serious crimes and harms the quality of life to TAXPAYING citizens of Millville

ARTICLE II Gang Loitering [Adopted 7-19-2005 by Ord. No. 05-88]
§ 154-4. Police procedure.
Whenever a police officer observes a member of a criminal street gang engaged in gang
loitering with one or more persons in any public place designated under § 154-5 of this article, the police officer shall, subject to all applicable procedures promulgated by the Police Director:
Inform all such persons that they are engaged in gang
loitering within an area in which loitering by groups containing criminal street gang members is prohibited;
Order all such persons to disperse and remove themselves from the designated area at which the order was issued;
Inform those persons that they will be subject to arrest if they fail to obey the order promptly or engage in further loitering, within the next three hours, within the designated place at which the order was issued.
§ 154-5. Policy, procedures and area designations to be promulgated.
The Police Director shall, by written directive, designate areas of the City in which the Police Director has determined that enforcement of this article is necessary because criminal gang
loitering has enabled criminal street gangs to establish control over identifiable areas in order to intimidate others from entering those areas or to conceal illegal activities in detriment to the public good and safety. Prior to making a determination under this subsection, the Police Director shall consult, as he/she deems appropriate, with persons who are knowledgeable about the effects of gang activity in areas in which this article may be enforced. Such persons may include, but need not be limited to, members of the Trenton Police Department with special training and/or experience related to criminal street gangs, elected and appointed officials of the area, community-based organizations, and members of the CPAC community groups. The Police Director shall develop and implement procedures for the periodic review and update of designations made under this subsection.
The Police Director shall, by written directive, promulgate policy and procedure to prevent the enforcement of this article against persons who are engaged in collective advocacy activities that are protected by the Constitution of the United States or the State of New Jersey.
§ 154-6. Definitions.
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

CRIMINAL GANG ACTIVITY — The commission, attempted commission or solicitation of the following offenses, provided that the offenses are committed by two or more persons, or by an individual at the direction of or in association with, any criminal street gang with the specific intent to promote, further, or assist in any criminal conduct commonly engaged in by criminal street gang members. The following is a listing of such activity under the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice:
2C:11-2 Homicide; 2C:13-1 Kidnapping; 2C:13-2 Criminal Restraint; 2C:12-lb Aggravated Assault (Firearm); 2C:28-5 Tampering with Witnesses; 2C:15-1 Robbery (Home Invasion); 2C:33-28 Gang Recruitment, Threats, Intimidation; 2C:18-2 Burglary; 2C:35-1 Controlled Dangerous Substances; 2C:35-3 Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network; 2C:35-4 Maintaining or Operating a Controlled Dangerous Substance House or Facility; 2C:35-4.1 Fortified Premises; 2C:35-6 Employing a Juvenile in Drug Distribution; 2C:35-7 CDS within 1,000 feet of School; 2C:35-10 Possession of CDS; 2C:17-1 Arson; 2C:39-3 Possession of Firearms and all subsections; 2C:39-6 Possession of Explosives; 2C:39-4 Possession of Weapons (Firearms) for Unlawful Purpose; 2C:39-13 Unlawful Use of Bulletproof Vest. All subsections of the statutes listed apply as well as those that were mentioned specifically.

CRIMINAL STREET GANG — Any ongoing organization, association, in fact or group, of three or more persons, having as one of its activities the commission of one or more criminal acts enumerated herein, and whose members individually, or collectively, engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity.

LOITERING — Remaining in any one place under circumstances that would warrant a reasonable person to believe that the purpose or effect of that behavior is to enable a criminal street gang to establish control over identifiable areas, to intimidate others from entering such areas, or to conceal illegal activities of which criminal street gangs engage in daily causing an extreme danger to the public at large.

PATTERN OF CRIMINAL GANG ACTIVITY — Two or more acts of criminal gang activities of which at least two such acts were committed within five years of each other.

PUBLIC PLACES — The public way and any other location open to the public, whether publicly or privately owned. § 154-7. Violations and penalties.
Any person violating any provision of this article shall, upon conviction, be subject to a maximum penalty for such violation of one or more of the following:
A fine not exceeding $1,250.
Imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding 90 days.
A period of community service not exceeding 90 days.
Any person convicted of a subsequent violation of this article within a one-year period shall be fined an additional amount as a repeat offender. The additional fine shall not exceed $1,250 and shall be in addition to, and calculated separately from, the fine imposed for the violation of the article.
Any person in default of the payment of any fine imposed may be imprisoned in the county jail for a term not exceeding 90 days or be required to perform community service for a period not exceeding 90 days.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

War is Peace?

Please look and listen.
Notice the guy dressed as the Grim Reeper on the top right
of this Video.

A nite with Jerry Blavit

The MDC had a fundraiser at the Elks Lodge which featured Jerry Blavit. It was a rockin good time.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cummunity Summit on Gang Violence

MILLVILLE -- Approximately 400 people came as expected to attend a special community summit to address gun violence and gang activity in the city at 6 p.m. at the In His Presence Worship Center at 221 E. Broad St. on Thursday Jan 17 2008

Pastor Dave Ennis said Cumberland County Prosecutor Ronald J. Casella, Mayor James Quinn, Public Safety Director Dave Vanaman and other city and local government officials attended the meeting. Senator Jeff Van Drew and Assemblyman Nelson Albano came. Freeholder Lou Magazu came as well.

Videos will be available soon. Lets us hope more folks get involved and miss American Idol!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Current War Info and 2008 President Campaign

Here are some fact taken from a website called



Iraq Afghanistan
Days 1,762 2,290
GIs Killed in Action 3,183 276 DoD
Non-Hostile GI Deaths 729 132 DoD
GIs Severely Wounded 12,918 1,126 DoD
Current Troop Deployment 160,000 27,000 Brookings
Total Cost (approved through Sept 2008) $488 Bln $156 Bln
Cost Per Day (Avg) $241 Mil $61.2 Mil
casualty status updated January 9, 2008

2008 DELEGATE COUNT as of 1-14-08 as of 01/14/08 as of 01/14/08
REPUBLICANS (1,191 needed to win)
Mitt Romney 30 42%
Mike Huckabee 21 30%
John McCain 10 11%
Fred Thompson 6 9%
Ron Paul 2 3%
Rudy Giuliani 1 2%
Duncan Hunter 1 2%

DEMOCRATS (2,025 needed to win)
Hillary Clinton 183 55%
Barack Obama 78 23%
John Edwards 52 16%
Bill Richardson 19 6%
Dennis Kucinich 1 0%
Mike Gravel 0 0%
count includes pledged super delegates source:

Slumloards AND Millville Crime


Even a blind squirrel can see that there is a problem. This is why its incumbent to ENCOURAGE homeownership in Millville

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Steely Dan

Here is Don’t Take Me Alive which has a cool guitar jam.
This is one of my favorites called King of the World. Here is a rare tune called Dallas and a song that reminds me of the Summer of '78
FM. I got some live early Steely Dan as well. Here is Do It Again and My Old School
Of course Haitian Divorce has to be included. I thought the burlesque's dancers from the 50's
was a hoot. Got to love Steely Dan and YouTube! :)
Plan to enter Postcards in the Mail at the RRCA and I thought I would go listen to a band I dug since 1978. It would be real exciting if one of my photos was good enough to win!!Not sure where I got the picture on the right but I thought it was pretty groovy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Please come out to "CONCERNED RESIDENT'S MEETING next Thursday 6pm at IN HIS PRESENCE WORSHIP CENTER located at 221 E. Broad Street. This meeting will have Ron Cassella of the County Prosecutors Office, NJ State Police: Gang Divison and Carlton Young from "Breaking Chains Inc of Phila.
We have had shootings EVERYDAY since the new year. I have been to meetings and shit I am tired and I am planning to get my staple gun NOW and and put put this sign for this very important event

Monday, January 07, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Michelle Post at Ellarslie in Trenton

Here are some photos from a show we saw in Trenton NJ. Michele Post "Shaker Furniture show ended and we went to the closing. Its a pretty nice place Ellarslie, at Cadwalader Park in Trenton (incidentally, designed by the same person that designed Grand Central Park in Manhattan)

Michelle Post exhibited her “Shaker Furniture” found object-sculptural pieces.
Michelle’s work featured literally hundreds of salt and pepper shakers epoxied to furniture. Hence the title of her exhibit. She included chandeliers, Popsicle stick light sculptures and a rug with socks sewn around the floor.

New Year's Eve at the Brainchurch in Millville

We walked over to High Street and enjoy the company of friends and had lots of food and laughs

Dec 29 2007

The picture at the bottom is a puppy that chewed off his leash. we saw in W. Philly that we almost took in. June our pup looking up in black, really liked him.
We then drove back to Millville and went to Bogart's Books and hung out with our friends Kim and Mark and listened to some Music.