Monday, January 31, 2011

Buildings Set for Demolition by Feb 1st

Monday or TuesdayImage via Wikipedia
These 2 Buildings to be Demolished Tomorrow

Arrow Tax Building Jan 30th
Well, I am driving to work this morning. The weekend went by faster then usual and I am wondering when the demolition will be begin. I am of course talking about the Arrow insurance building which as of this morning at 6:22am is still standing. They did peel of the siding and I could see the black insulation. This is how the old house at Buck and Pine looked before THAT went crashing down. My source gave me this assessment:
The tax building will probably start to fall on Monday morning. There are a few issues with coordinating the demo with the big steel beams in the Levoy but they should be resolved on Monday or Tuesday. I look for the tax bldg to go first and the top of the Tea room early on. The light steel will likely be picked from the debris by Gartons and Ogren and then the big beams can be handled.
I will have the photos as the building goes down. (Did you know that Monday or Tuesday is a collection of Short Stories by Virginia Wolf? I just learned something this morning!!) Stay tuned for the updates. It will be good to see this eyesore. Well, if you get lemons make lemonade. This is how I see this demolition. The city will be done with another eyesore, like Millville Gardens!
As for the weather, it looks like we will just get the "wintry mix". Can the weather service be incorrect 2 times in a row. Not likely in my opinion.
6am Today Coffee Time!
I have cat sitting, bank errands and a direct deposit change that has to be done today. I also have a possible part-time interview I wish to delay a week due to the snow. Schools were closed for 2 days and I need a certain document. Not sure the job will be worth it since it pay under $10/hr. Work was a mess when I left Friday since I could not concentrate due to pressing issues outside of the welfare. Now its 7:10 I have to get ready to drive to work. The sun is out.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday in Pitman NJ

Pittman Grove Jan 30th 2011
One of the Streets in Pitman Grove
Well, it was a fine winter day in Southern New Jersey, too nice to stay at home cleaning. We decided to do what the dogs wanted to do. Road Trip!! We went back to to Pitman NJ and this time the sun was out. We went to check out Pittman Grove. This part of Pitman has an interesting history as a Methodist Camp.It's Similar to the Malaga Camp I see on Route 55 when I drive to Philly to go to work. It covers a much smaller area and its in middle of Pitman an established town. The Pittman grove is ordered in a "Spoke and Wheel" design and I strongly suggest that you go to Google Maps to see it. It is quite a sight and part of history. Here is a photo a write up about the Pitman Grove:
Pittman Camp. Quite handsome!
The Pitman Grove camp was organized in 1871 in the manner of other Methodist camps — a central auditorium surrounded by tents and cottages tightly packed. In Pitman, the auditorium, built in 1871, is the hub of a camp with about 160 cottages arranged in a radial plan. The auditorium is really a pavilion — the latice work sections can be removed when the auditorium is in use.
Many of the cottages are used year-round today, and most have been well-maintained
Well, most ARE well-maintained. It was a fun afternoon. I was very hungry and tired and had a good chicken steak at an Italian place on Broadway. I forgot the name but it began with a V!! Here is a video sampler from YouTube. This weekend was what the Dr Ordered

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow, Sledding, and Brenner's Brew

Weds 6:46am on the 408
Pat, Mike, and I at Dahlik
The Blizzard Ends in West Philly
Sledding at the Art Museum
Sledding on a Cookie Pan!! I lost my keys here!!
Well, I was in Philly for Weds and Thursday nights due to the weather. My 2 friends and I went out for a few drinks and my friend with the big head joined us and we had some good conversation. We went to Dalhak and Queen of Sheeba We decided that we should go sledding at the Art Museum Steps. Boy, that was a grand time. There were a bunch of young folks out having fun. There were all these dudes riding souped-up golf carts. It was a pretty wild scene for sure. It was very pretty out at 2 am when the snow ended. Yesterday, I realized that I did not have a set of my keys since I was tumbling alot while sledding. I went back to the Art Museum at the urging of my friend Mike. He stated that folks do save other's keys. I got to 30th Street station and then walked though the slush the 15 inch snow left.  I looked and LO and BEHOLD..there were  my keys :). Man I was sure lucky that's for sure! My employer the Commonwealth of Pa  was CLOSED Thursday. That was only the 3rd time in my 18 years that has happened. The last time was the 1996 Jan 15 blizzard that dumped 35 inches.
Powellton Village Snowball

Delicious Lunch at Brenner's Brew in Bridgeton NJ
Well, yesterday, Friday I worked hard. I had to deal with some sudden some bank issues and this limited my ability to get my work done. Last night Carolyne picked me up in Pittman. We checked out Pittman Grove which is the old Methodist Camp. Its a pretty neat little part of Pittman. We next went to Barnsboro NJ. We went to this tavern restaurant. It  was called the Barnsboro Inn. It had the best chicken cheesesteaks. It was nice and spicy for sure. The folks there were friendly. It was nice to go out to eat for a change.
Add caption
Today we went to Carolyne's Ostara Yoga Class at the Energy Center located on Commerce Street in Bridgeton NJ. We did nice stretches and her sisters were there. We then had lunch at Brenner's Brew and it was a festive atmosphere. We are going to try to do this each month. Its a relaxing atmosphere and the food is varied and quite tasty and affordable! We signed up with TD Bank and they made it easy to get a new account.  Oh yes, we got the neighbor to install the new propane heater. It took him and a friend to get the thing installed the correct way. The studio can now be used
Tomorrow we are going to clean house since we have a visitor. Next week its carfare and catch up at work and new snowstorm on the way.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 25: An Eventful Day

Yup, Its 3:20am 1-25
In West Philly
Watching the State of the Union
I got up very early to do the cat sitting and to do the shopping thing I do for my friend with the big head. I cought the 1st 408 out of Millville which is the 4:15am. This bus driver came 3 min early and left 2 min early. This is bogus since he should stick to the posted bus schedule. I did the cats which live in a nice home in University City. The shopping went ok but the bags did get a bit heavy. Work was cool since I did not schedule very many folks so I just did carfare. I left early from work to help with the Obama event we had at our house. This went very well even though some folks did not make it. The folks who came were a nice bunch. We noted not a peep about gun control. Seems the NRA has smothered any chance of realistic gun laws in this country.
Well, we are going to get some SLOPPY weather later today and tomorrow. snow, rain, sleet.  Millville may get no snow at at all and philly might get 5 inches. The weather forecasters are bamboozled by this storm or storms coming this way. We will see how this plays out. I am going to stay overnight in Philly tonite. Enjoy the video and lets find out if that Arrow Building gets torn down!!
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Blighted Building to be Demolished This Week!!

This building at High and Pine Set to Go Away!!
I just read in the Daily Journal while I was at work, that the insurer will agree to pay the costs to rebuild the theatre. This is a big hurdle to clear. The best news for me personally is that the Arrow Tax Building is to be DEMOLISHED!! Say goodbye to that eyesore!!!
City officials last week said the neighboring Arrow Income Tax building also must be demolished because of pre-existing structural problems. Its issues are not a result of the Levoy collapse, officials determined, but were found when crews examined the building in preparation for demolition of the Tea Room.

City construction official Milt Truxton said Debex Enterprises of Cherry Hill has been hired to demolish the Arrow and Tea Room buildings, and the work could begin today or Wednesday. A Debex official could not be reached for comment Monday
I simply have to get a photo of this and here is a photo. We will see if the building is still standing. Lets see if the gross weather we are going to get is going to delay it. Mr Mayor, TEAR THIS BUILDING DOWN!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Inches in Philly. NONE in Millville

The latest weather forcast
On what could become one of the wildest nights in a wild winter, mixed precipitation is due to give way to heavy, wet snow late in the day or after dark, with several inches possible in a compressed period, complete with thunder and lightning.

The National Weather Service has placed the entire region under a winter-storm watch, and its latest snow-accumulation map is calling for 6 to 8 inches in the immediate Philadelphia area.
Boy, I have not had Thundersnow in years. This ought to be a trip


At Bridge Plaza 1-24 7:24am
Center City Philly Jan 24 8:08am
Appeal Papers
Taking the 408 home
Yesterday, I had to attend a hearing and go to 8th and Market Streets in Philly. I had to wait almost 2 hours since the hearing was at 9 and I arrived by bus there at 7:36am. Man, I was board but at least I bought my camera and took some photos and made a small video of the experience. Of course the client did not show up and I showed up at the office around 9:45am. It got real busy and my sup was in the mood to ask alot of questions. I got crap from another sup who is thankfully retiring this week. Boy this person can get away with being so rude to other co-workers. Management figures to ignore her disrepect since they are going away soon to be old and stuff. It was not the best
Anyway,  I made it. Today I have a cat to visit, shopping, Sewage and of course work. I am calling back about a possible part-time job and the bank who are being jerks.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Jan 23rd

Old Foglio's Building to sell Cell Phones
A Pioneer Artist on High St.
It was a day of rest. We stayed at home most of the day to stay warm and it was good to be inside in this bitter cold. The dogs kept us warm.  I did manage to go to Bogart's to Poetry on High with Rita Lyman and I brought the dogs with their coats. It was a light turnout since the weather was so cold.  I saw work being done to the old Foglio's building. Its going to be another cell phone store. I think its going to be Metro PCS. Meanwhile in the outside world. The Rachael Maddow Show looks how the GOP likes to spend on favorite constituents
2 More Artists in My Home
The Dogs and I at Bogart''s
GOP haunted by big spending, corporate favors
Chris Hayes looks at the hype surrounding Congressman Paul Ryan's expected rebuttal of President Obama's State of the Union address and the flaws being exposed in Ryan's economic roadmap and the Republican record on spending. James Galbraith, acclaimed economist and professor at University of Texas joins for analysis.  

Its going to be a busy week. I have a cat sitting job where I go each day 2x. This starts Tuesday That is a first since most cat owners have me go every 2 days. I am not going to complain since its $$ coming to me. Its now 12 degrees outside and it will not get much above 20. Oh, by the way its the Packers vs Steelers in the Super Bowl. That means the Wing Bowl can not be far away. 
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ostara Yoga and Carolyne's Paintings at the Energy Center Plus

Carolyne's Paintings at the Energy Center 1-22-2011
Brenner's Brew on Commerce St.
Well, yesterday, Saturday was a VERY cold day here in Cumberland County. I started the day by walking our dogs June and Jesus with their matching coats. Have to admit they look cute in the coats. Next went to Carolyne's Ostara Yoga Class at the Energy Center Plus store on Commerce Street in Bridgeton.  Carolyne's sisters joined us in the class. We did some high energy stretches that kept us warm since the building was pretty cool.After class, we put up some of Carolyne's paintings on the wall. As you can see, they look very good in this large yoga studio. She is quite a talented artist and it shows in this wall paintings. Hope folks will come to see these and attend one of her classes. Here is the class schedule from the Ostara Yoga Facebook Page.
Ostara Yoga classes at Energy Center Plus will start up again after the holidays on January 6, Thursday. Monday classes have moved to Thursday: 4-5pm all ages Kids and Caregivers Yogs; 5:30-7pm all levels yoga. Saturday classes remain at 11 - 12:30pm all levels, all ages. PWYC $5-+

The cold is supposed to stick around till Weds and then we could get a huge blizzard as the Atlantic City Press suggests in the worst case, or just a so-called "wintry mix." which would be nothing but wet sloppy stuff all over. Of course the state will be open and I will have to feed this cat during this week. I looked at the weather forecast for Philly and here it is:
June (foreground) and Jesus in the cold 1-22
Cloudy. A chance of snow in the morning...then a chance of rain in the afternoon. Not as cold with highs in the upper 30s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 30 percent.   Tuesday Night Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow. A chance of rain. Lows in the lower 30s. Chance of precipitation 50 percent. snow Wednesday Cloudy. Rain and snow likely...mainly in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 30s. Chance of precipitation 60 percent.   Wednesday Night Mostly cloudy. Snow and rain likely in the evening...then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Lows in the mid 20s. Chance of precipitation 60 percent
Here is a movie....

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State of the Union Watch Party Tuesday Jan 25

Hello everyone!! On Tuesday, January 25th, President Obama will deliver the annual State of the Union address, sharing his vision for job creation, health care, and more. This is an important speech for the nation and for this movement. That's why supporters here in Millville and across the country will be attending watch parties -- and sticking around after to craft the strategy we'll use to support the agenda President Obama will lay out.

Carolyne and I hope you can join us for sharing a potluck meal, refreshments, and friendly company at the Millville Watch Party.

Here are the details:

What: State of the Union Watch Party

Where: Fithian House no. 2
112 E. Pine Street
Millville, NJ 08332

When: Tuesday, January 25th
8:00 pm

We won't just hear from the President and connect with fellow supporters . After the speech, volunteers will participate in brief strategy sessions to plan local action. Your ideas are needed.

The steps we take this year in  and beyond will be a vital part of helping enact the President's agenda. We're determined to make 2011 a year of job growth and progress, and that starts with all of us on Tuesday.


Here is a preview that the President just released

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Vintage Rose Tea Room and the Levoy

Loading the truck
Here is a  report about the cleaning out of the Vintage Rose Tea Room. As you know the building was damaged heavily when the Levoy Collapsed earlier this month. Here is a report I received from the scene.
The Tea room was essentially cleaned out on Friday. Under the supervision of an engineer, workers carried a large portion of the contents of the Vintage Rose Tea Room out of the building and stacked it on High Street. Not everything was saved because the collapse of the rear corner of the building made it unsafe to go to the back of the building.
Gail and her husband supervised the packing up of the contents in a large moving van. Friends and Levoy reps carried a lot of the boxes. Gail was in good spirits and the weather cooperated.  It’s possible that during the demolition process other items may be recovered but it is gratifying that most of the store was saved, Even the hanging sign was removed.

This was ambitious project and I am glad that most of the items were saved. See more photos on my companion  Picasa photo site. Please share!  Despite this setback word has it that this project is a go. This progress will go on even if the  naysayers want it to fail. The Levoy organizers even are turning lemons to lemonade by selling brick for $10 bucks. They are being sold at Steelman Photo and at the RRCA.  When I get up some cash, I plan to get one. Here is a  News 40 Report about this brick sale.  More about the Levoy can be seen at   Carl Johnson's website as well.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Rest of this Week

June and Jesus and their Coats!!
Last Walk with Sophie 1-20-11
Fresh Grocier 56th and Chestnut
Anything Unusual about this Man??
Midnight with Mike
3rd Friday with Isabelle
High Street Fri Jan 21st

Liz and Isabelle
Well after all the paraniod stuff I just wrote about. It was time to live out the rest of the week. Weds was a quiet fairly mild day. It was ok but I got a surprist from the bank. I then stayed overnigh in West Philly with Pat. Weds nigh we just ate and just crashed. Thursday I just got a call from my oldest customer. He said that Sophie did not need as many walks and my servicess would not be needed. It was a sad surprise for sure. I have walked this dog for over 8 years and I will miss Sophie. Next we went to Mikes and watched Piranha. It was fun and cheezy for sure. Richard Dreyfus was in the early part of the move. He gets cought up in a whirlpool caused by an underwater earthquake, all these prehistoric piranhas come from below and eat him up. This was one of the Jaws riffs the move took. We had white wine and I had 3 samosa's for dinner. After the movie Pat and I walked back to his place and the sleet and snow started to fall.  I woke up at 7:30am and saw that only a dusting had hit the ground. It was nice to be able to get up at 7:30am and make it to work by 8:30.
Friday was a decent day, get some work done and then drove the bus home. I stopped by Piking Tokyo and saw Ned and Linda eating. I then saw the Swift's and enjoyed good conversation. Next went to the Artist Consortum and saw Isabelle and Liz. When I got home, I saw the doggie surprise, the dogs have the some coat but different sizes. It was nice way to end the week and see folks I do not get to see that often. It was cool that the News of Cumberland County did a story about the Riverfront Condos right after I sent something to the BEN Column. It was gratifying for sure.

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