Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday, April 30: Old City to Pitman. Art Return and Dinner

Well I managed to be 14 minutes late to the men's meeting. I got up and found my charging cord and
Heading to Bus Stop
would happy to wake up in general. Let's see men's, conversation with sponsor, 10 at 10:30, massage,
meet for weight by friends, pick up work at Dupree Gallery.  Well it's 10:07 AM. That was going to be the plan. The massage fell through till tomorrow, I didn't get to meet with my sponsor. So looks
The 7 & 48 Bus
like this days going to be serendipity Saturday for this blogger

Well I did meet at old city coffee with
Spring in Rittenhouse SQ
my friend. Larry wasn't around but me and her had a nice little chat over some
Missed the Boat
coffee. The 10 @ 1030 with sparsely attended but it was good. She went off to pick wait for her food to be delivered and I just remembered I needed to rent a car.
I took the EL from 5th
Tomorrow 4 Broad Street Run
Street to 11th St. and from there I bought my Trans-pass. I also rented a car rather than using the Car Share
since it's going to end up the same after all the hour or add it up at the weekend break. I'm sitting at
Pano Side Effects
Jefferson Station. I'm using their Wi-Fi and relaxing at this point I'm updating my blog and checking
3rd Street
out different 
things. I just thought of something, I would I would pick up Amy at her place and drive her around
Old City Coffee
because I have this car for 24 hours. I think and do some laundry and maybe pick up some food.
Driving to Pittman
Might as well get my full value for the car for the price I'm paying for it. Another thing is I can do my
Add caption
laundry. That's the plan. Plans can change. I was thinking of going somewhere far away and coming back just for the hell of it as well. Well today is going to the best day when it comes to the weather. Its cloudy and cool BUT its NOT raining. Its going to be a soaking tomorrow for the Broad Street Run. Oh well. I went to the rental place at 12 street near Chestnut. Well I got my rental car at the enterprise lot at Joe and just not. They're going to give me a jeep. I decided to wait till small car cleaned. The car that I got was a Volkswagen Jetta 2015 job. Believe
Near SEPTA Headquarters
it or not it does not have a USB port in the car. I even checked the owners manual. That was
Add caption
an unexpected pain in the butt that I have to deal with on the whole trip up to Pitma and towards Melrose Park.

Anyhow, we first went to a place on Broadway in Pitman. They had high food looked very good. A weird thing happened as we are about to eat.
Driving in Philly
The owner told us we had to leave because there is electrical
Driving on Route 55
fire starting in the kitchen. It was just a smoldering fire by the fire trucks came in force!! Lease in the ambulance came as well. No one was hurt and building wasn't lit on fire.
Heading to Pitman
It was the first time I ever I believe restaurant because there was a fire issue. We then went to a Mexican place that was just like Chipotle. We liked it there
Cheap Gas in Jersey

Broadway, The Main St in Pitman
Unfortunately there's really no place to charge my phone so I don't now to the nub you're like 12% power. I split there
The 1st Place Before the Fire Alarm
around 4 o'clock and headed towards Melrose Park. My battery died
Here Comes the Fire Dept.
and I just kept going north on Broad Street till I took a left.
Creating My Burrito
I found Cheltenham Avenue by mistake. I did go past Melrose Park. I also found the exact address on the Google maps. I'm here at the AT&T store getting
At the Mexican Place
charged up I'm at 10% I'm going to leave now.  The portable battery
Entering Philly
cost $30 but I declined. I charged my phone up to 16% thanks to be AT&T
Where I Charged My Phone
store at the Cedar creek shopping 
center. This map shows you where I landed and how far
My Trip to Melrose Pk
I was away when I got my phone charged. Well, I eventually arrived @ At Amy's house. I have
Take a Right at the End
something to drink I was really really thirsty. We didn't have much time to sit around and we headed
Approaching Melrose Park
right back down to South Philly. Scenic route down second Street. No actually it was fourth Street
Pretty Tulips
it was very interesting seeing all the parts of Olney, Logan and North Philly.  We found a parking space
about a block and a half away from the Dupree Gallery. We were very relieved that the gallery is
Picking Up Our Work
actually open at people in it. We pick up our work nicely bubblewraped by one of the men at the gallery.
Add caption
We wanted to talk to Mr. Dupree he was otherwise occupied. We then went to Alyans since I was the one who was hungry. I think she liked it a lot. It had a nice cozy
James Dupree
 atmosphere. We took time to talk and catch up
Picking up Art
on things. And the food was quite delicious as well. After that we walked back to the
Walking in South Philly
car and we took the expressway to Roosevelt Boulevard and took a left at Mascher Street.
Where Zipperhead Was!
That's returns and to second Street. I learn a lot about that part of the city by that trip coming
Dinner Near 4th and South
and going. We hung out at her place and talk a bit. She showed me what she cleared up so far.
Guessing she'll move in a year and a half. That's not so far away in my mind. Anything that happens
Heading Home
between now man that's for sure. I didn't throw back home talk to Sharon. Butters lick my face as
Believe Me I AM
a nice greeting and then crashed. I must say it was a fun day with a different twist. I hope I can more days like this.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday, April 29: End of April and Cool (8:24PM Edition)

Waiting for Assist
Its  another cool April day here in Philadelphia. I actually got up after a decent nights sleep.
A Trip to Canada in June
That'll be two nights in a row my friends. I went to the sunrise but before that I found out the busty
TV Life
pork detour had an end it ended. It was a bit crazy there today. Afterwords I invited someone to go to my
56th Street
Canadian trip in May. He might actually go which would be fun. Today I hope to finish up and clear up
My Desk
some of my map that was caused by the fact that I interviewed at least 10 people yesterday. I got the shop
At Work
today and alerts to take care of. Well I got to work and parent Lee the right can strike is affecting my
Got a Tuna Hoagie Here
ability to get a call through at work. Well at least my computer works thank God.
I just got to the blurts
Big News for Eagles Fans
and 1:17 PM. It's damp but it's not raining at least. I'm also heading to the boat I got to pick up
Leaving Work
a tuna sandwich and a water for my workmate. Hopefully I can make a dent on these alerts today
Add caption
and turn in this report. Mama left work after lingering around the Wi-Fi. I texted a few people and head
Bought Incense
down to Center City I was definitely feeling peckish by the map. It's a place where burger.Org used
View from Train
to be. That's not really took the edge off of my hunger. Oh by the way, I did check for the rent plus $50.
Paying Rent
We agreed upon that and Cherl will buy food at the food coupons store. It's pretty cloudy outside.
19th Street
But the greens look really green that's the good part. I want news outside my bubble after the class a primer is it looks like it's deathly going to be at Trump for Quentin rates. Ted Cruz pick Carly Florina the ormer head of Hewlett-Packard to be his running mate. Meanwhile

Add caption
f John Bonnier  called Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh." This comment
Add caption
have gotten a lot of airplay. It's me people forget about him picking his bikes presidential candidate.
Add caption
Meanwhile the Philadelphia Eagle have some quarterback drama. On number two draft pick
Carson when arrived in Philadelphia today. Meanwhile Sam Bradford, the current quarterback
wants to be traded. He feels blindsided.
That's all it's going to need a flock so I think I need to just finish these blogs and go to the gym and eat late again