Sunday, December 17, 2006


Its a week before Christmas. Got stuff done for Christmas and for our New Year's Eve party. I am trying to get a friend to come who lives in Philly. He thinks there will be uppty style folks like in University City or my friends friends who are doing quite well. We will see. Its nice and warm for putting up lights which I did on Saturday. The Eagles won today and have a good chance to make the playoffs. This is hard to believe if you saw them four weeks ago. Third Friday at the Arts Center was fun. There was a choir who sung in the atrium and folks saw the expanded gift shop.

Friday, December 15, 2006


The morning started began in a sad foggy fashon on this December day. There was a sense of sadness that hung and remained static all morning. It was heavy and tight and as I drove though it, I felt a deadend calm. It felt as white and flat as the fog that laid in front of me for many miles. Gradually the fog lifted and another day came.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Road Trip

On Sunday Dec 10th my friend Patrick and I went thru New York State to pick up a remote-control plane he bought from a seller on E-Bay. Pat did not want the plane to get
smashed on delivery so he asked me if I would drive him up in my 2003 Corolla and he would provide $$ for gas and toll and a tip. So off we went up the NE Extension to I-81 and then West on I-90 at Syracuse to Niagra Falls. The trip going there was easy since it was sunny and both of us got a good night sleep. Man New York state is pretty! After meeting the man and getting his plane we drank up the Red bull and ate at Roy Rogers and got back. Here are some photos

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Center City Caroling

Today I participated in Christmas caroling with the Center City Neighborhood group and students from Silver Run School. Judy Kessler, Leslie Smith, Barbara Marrow were some of the organizers of this event. I was in caroling group #1 and we went up towards 6th Street and Vine. Folks enjoyed our singing including Dottie! Afterwards there was food and drink galore to warm up with at 1st United Methodist where Rev. Shuster and Mayor Quinn greeted the kids. It was a great event and quite fun.

Party Time!

Its holiday time again. Last year I not even mention the holidays. Shoot, I did not even put in one entry last December. This year will be different for sure. Saturday nite went to my first Holiday Party in Collingswood at my friend Mike's House. The house was in great shape and they had this moving piece on the wall. I wish I had a picture of it. It was real cool and a good ice breaker as well!! Saw my old buddy Wes (a rare sighting indeed) and met some nice folks. Most I met were from the wine club he is in. The 3 old men are Wes Mike and yours truly enjoying our time.