Sunday, August 27, 2006


It started off with a good old end of Summer thunderstorm that lasted from last nite till about 11am. Walked the dogs in the pouring ran and boy was it raining hard. Did some volunteer work at the Arts Center, then went to the grand opening of Casa de Felixe Artis on Mulberry Street a block from our house. It was a nice affair. The interior of the house was redone and the backyard is huge! There is an old black cherry tree and they converted an old garge in to nice outdoor space. Had a nice time

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Got a call yesterday afternoon from a friend who had 3 tickets available. Well, I jumped at my chance to see Lincoln Field. Its real nice quite a difference from the VET!! The Eagles beat the Steelers 16-7. David Akers is in nice form and the "D" was sharp. EVEN preseason tickets are $80 a pop!! Lets hope for a good season this year

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey Its Wednesday

Today it was bit hot. I think its been a month exactly since any rain fell here. I was walking a dog during my lunch break while my co-workers were holding a retirement lunchen. I ran into a friend I have not seen in 10 or so years. She tells me her 2 kids are doing well. One is in the Air Force and the other is an actor. Gina plans to attend Community College and get into nursing soon. Work was buzy of course since I was out all last week helping out with Babe Ruth Softball and the RRCA. Went and saw my friend's backyard and as you can see it looks nice with the pond and planting.It was back to the commute. I hope to have a person call me next week to start up the carpool and share the costs of the ride. All pictures were really taken today. It was a nice sunny late Summer day to get outside and see people and things

Friday, August 18, 2006

Third Friday

Hello. It was 3rd Friday in Millville NJ. After getting the Arts Center ready for the Fiber Revelution show, it was time to check out the Phantum Gallery show on plaza on High Street. Liz and Carl set up the gallery and it was impressive. After a good night at the gallery, we went out to dinner at the Next Oar and were impressed with the food and service. The atmosphere was cool and our friends from Collingswood were impressed with the resturant and Millville in general. A nice nite making new friends. Good night and time to rest for a new day. As for the softball Wausau is playing for the Babe Ruth World Series

Well Good luck and good nite

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Its a nice warm day. I wanted to share some pictures from the past few days. The car show was excellent and featured a trained lizard as well. Both Millville and Wausau girls softball teams are in the playoffs in the Babe Ruth World Series. and Carolyne was offically named exectutive director of the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts. On Saturday Aug 13th it was announced at a farewell party for Mike Cagno who is the new director of the Noyes museum. It was very exciting! After that we went to a gathering off of Carmel Road. It someday will be the Millville Folk Festival. Lets hope so! Well enough of me typing my day away. Here are some pictures.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Babe Ruth World Series

Want to talk about the Babe Ruth World Series. It is a a big event here in Millville. We were asked to be a host family. We are hosting 2 girls from Wausau, Wisconsin. Right now they are at practice. Its now 10:38 and I need to pick them up at 11am.
Anyway, I went with the Bus Driver to Philly International Airport Friday Aug10. You know the day the Brits foiled a plot to blow up planes with liquids and MP3 players. We picked up the Wausau girls along with 2 other teams from Colorado and Lodi California. There was no real food and the girls were well behaved dispite being tired and eating nothing but 75 cent chips. Just when the bus was going to leave, I got a call to wait for an umpire who had JUST flown in. So the bus driver and I went searching the ump at the airport. 20 minutes later we found him and when he went on the bus a BIG round of applause came from all 3 teams. As we drove on I-95 we went by Lincoln Financial Field where the Eagles were playing a pre-season game agains the Brown. I broke out singing FLY..EAGLES....FLY...ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY..E-A-G-L-E-S....EAGLES!! It was pretty darn fun for sure. Too bad the girls did not bring a cheese-head hat..... Well off to the practice field ...lunch and then a 3 pm game

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Eventful Times Ahead

Greetings one and all. I am taking a break at work and checked out the news of the day. Well its offical Route 55 is now the Veterans Memorial Highway. Gov Corzine just signed the bill last Weds August 2nd. We are hosting 2 girls that are participating in the
Babe Ruth Baseball World Series. It starts August 12. I am taking off from my job in Philly to entertain them and take them to their games. I think they are from Wisconson. Next week ought to be very eventful for sure. I anticapate some surprises too!! Well stay tuned to this blog for more. Enjoy the summer!!