Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vote Quinn, Shannon AND Derella on May 12

Today is the City Commission Forum sponsored by the Millville Chamber of Commerce. It will be held at the Millville Senior High School at 6;30. I will be there with camera in hand to witness the proceedings. I hope that you all will show up and see for yourself who the most qualified candidates are. I strongly support Jim Quinn, Tim Shannon and Joe Derella. They have shown the steady leadership that Millville needs to continue the slow and steady progress that our city has made. They have made investments in our downtown and city neighborhoods that were neglected. A city can not move forward if it lets its core of commerce and center city neighborhoods rot. We do not want to be a doughnut city like Detroit with its nice ring suburbs and its "hole" of a downtown. The current commission has made bold moves to move Millville forward. Jim Quinn is a great ambassador for our city and shows his pride and stewardship. I read in the Daily Journal that a green energy business is considering a move her just becouse Mayor Quinn told of the good things that the city is doing. Tim Shannon is an honest proud resident of Millville. He takes the time to serve and volunteer for all kinds of civic activities for the citizens of Millville. As the Commissioner of fun, Tim has shown leadership and enthusiasm. When the Friends of Millville cleaned up a littered lot in Center City, he came out and volunteered his time out on a hot day to make it a success.
Joe Derella has shown a businessman's acumen as Commissioner of revenue and finance. This position has got to be the toughest with all the scrutiny on city spending. He has a vast grip on the complexities of city finance. Under his guidance, the current Commission is not dependent on a distressed cities grant. In other words, the city is on sounder financial footing.
They have all shown a can-do attitude as opposed to the can't-do anything that some of their strongest opponents have. This can do spirit told us that Millville is a city with a future and why we moved here almost six years ago. In closing the three gentlemen have EARNED re-election.

Oh I know my "fans" are gonna fill up my comments. That is cool but please state positions if you agree or disagree. No personal comments Ok??

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MDC Meeting

Graphicus made a presentation of their new marketing plan to merchants at the RRCA. One plan was to ask all merchants to be open Friday (till 9pm) Saturday and Sunday. An email was sent earlier this week and so far 9 have responded.
I think with the Motorsports Park, there needs to be a spirit of can-do and I think Graphicus has good ideas on the marketing of the Arts District

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter becomes a Democrat

Sen Specter switched parties cause he looked at his polls and decided that he can not win a primary in Pa. Only Republicans can vote in the Republican primary and the the Republican party has lost 200,000 members over the past year. Specter was losing by over 20 points to Patrick Toomey of Allentown.
He will be one of the conservative Democrats that Pres Obama will have to compromise with to get his agenda though and since he is a "Democrat" now Sen Spector can not be ignored. Man this man is good aint he.
He is gonna have his way with anything now.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shed Renovation

We are in the process of cleaning out our shed and adding windows. It should look very nice when its done. It will add to the Fithian House Gallery experience Right now I can not wait for trash day. Its going to be 90 degrees again today. Yesterday I canvassed for Tim Shannon and got my first sunburn of the year.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Remember Y2k

I was called into jury duty for Jan 3rd 1900 as you can see below. Click on the image to see for yourself.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 21st Millville City Commission and Beyond

Tueday April 21st was the City Commission Meeting. The meeting was VERY short. Done by 7:45. No MF's spoke but Lou and some NJDOT person spoke about the Rt 55/49 improvements from state highway funds. Lou asked POINTED questions to Tim Shannon of why he was against the Rt 55/49 project. This is because Tim was at the Republican Protest. He also asked the entire Commission if they supported the project. It was stated that ONLY 30% of the jobs created by this road improvement will be for Cumberland County residents. Umm what is with that?? Lots of Racetrack people filled the room and Judge Porecca did not say a word. I will put up Video . Michelle Post and Don Fauerbach were at the meeting
We were wearing "What would Don Do" buttons since it was last April 15th he brought a sledgehammer to urge the demolition of the Millville Gardens.
Millville's Democratic Chairmen peppered me about my problem with Lou while at the Oar House. I started the conversation asking his wife if she still wanted to play tennis with me. I knew I was gonna hear it and I sure did. It was interesting. They said I should have spoken to him after the Commission meeting and in general questioned me why I did not go out of my way to talk to him. It was "interesting" They made it seem like I could just call Lou and just talk. Now I just have get his cell number. Also I was told the Lou badmouthed me in the paper last August cause some people said I was "CARL'S BEST FRIEND! Sorry, but I almost cracked up. Well that is all for now. Video will be uploaded at my YouTube site in 24 hours. Have a great day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday in Mid April 2009

Its Tuesday and another City Commission meeting is going on tonite. Its the last meeting before the May 12th elections. There are 15 folks running. Its a vote for moving forward or going stagnant in the past. There are school board elections happening today. Please vote for Bill Herman, Connie Johnson and Mike Weldon. They are all experienced and from my service on the board the past year they deserve to be elected.
This is my pup Jesus he is driving in our Honda Element, a very nice car.
Anyway spring is here

Monday, April 20, 2009

3rd Friday at The Fithian House Gallery

Tom Shephard of Ole Shep's Honey held the first Fithian House Front Porch chat.Shephard spoke about the importance of honeybees and how they are properly cultivated. He will bring an observation hive so Third Friday visitors can see the bees at work.Tom Shephard is a member of the New Jersey Beekeepers' Association as well as the South Jersey branch.
We had a good turnout on a very mild and sunny 3rd Friday in Millville.
After the talk a nice gathering of people came out to enjoy the art, our backyard and each other
The gallery is located at 112 E. Pine St., near High Street in Millville.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Myths for Tea Baggers

I went on the Web today and saw some highlights of the Fox News sponsered
"Tea Parties" I saw signs comparing Obama to Hitler and questioning his citizenship. Boy Hannity and his dating service and Limbaugh got them OUTRAGED at the damage that Obama has done in 3 MONTHS. What about 6 outta the 8 years the GOP held sway against the wimpy Dems??
When it comes to Bi-Partisonship its just a one way street! Democrats are also too willing to wimp out when a Republican is in office.

Here, then, are 10 Republican Tax lies:

1. President Obama will raise taxes on small businesses.
CNN concluded "fewer than 2% of small business owners would pay more under Obama's plan." But in case there was any doubt about the Republicans' deception on the point, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center quickly put it to rest:
Out of 34.7 million filers with business income on Schedules C, E or F, 479,000 filers fall into the top two brackets, according to an analysis of projected 2009 filings by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.
The other 34.3 million - or 98.6% - would be unaffected by Obama's proposed rate hike
2.The estate tax devastates small businesses and family farms.
3. 40% of Americans pay no taxes.
4. Tax cuts always increase revenue.
5. The GOP is the party of fiscal discipline.
6. Ronald Reagan was the greatest tax cutter of all time.
7. FDR caused the Great Depression, or at least made it worse.
8. Obama's cap-and-trade plan will cost each American family $3,100 a year.
9. Obama's tax proposals will undermine charitable giving.
10. The rich pay too much in taxes already.

For the details behind each of the GOP's Tax Day deceits, go Here:

Off to get ready for 3rd Friday and our 2nd 3rd Friday for our Gallery The Fithian House Gallery Its 5pm and time to fight the traffic

Route 55/49 Road Project

Well there was a protest about the 55/49 Project. I went to see what it was about and now Lou Magazzu has replied on the BEN column of today April 16 2009. He will be at the next City Commission meeting Tues April 21st. Here is just part of what the Freeholder Director said

"Further, it may be that the improvements at Route 55 and 49 may give the state incentive to move quicker on the other projects which require attention."I intend to be at the next city commission meeting on Tuesday, at 7 p.m., to ask the Millville City commissioners their thoughts on the Route 49 and 55 project."I have also asked DOT Commissioner Dilts to set up a meeting with DOT representatives and neighbors to determine if their concerns can be alleviated.

"When I am given a date and time, I will ask the city commission to make city hall available for the meeting.

"I have also asked the DOT to determine if there are other shovel-ready projects that could move forward in place of this one, if there is a desire to move away from this project."

This sounds ok to me but will it really happen? What about public transit like buses and trains???
Since this is not federal stimulus money being shovel-ready is NOT a requirement. How does a state that is BROKE just "find" $27 million?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Commission Candidate Forum April 14

All15 candidates in the May 12 City Commission election spoke a “Meet the Candidates” night. All of and were allotted three minutes to speak. at the American Legion building on Buck Street on Tuesday evening. They then met individually with the residents for about an hour. More than 100 residents, many of them members of Millville First, packed the Buck Street American Legion hall to hear each of the candidates give short presentations and then discuss the issues over coffee and cakes. As you can see in my photos, folks got to talk each other. This made up for the fact that each candidate had only 3 minutes to talk about what they would do or change about the direction of the city of Millville
The newcomers were Joe Sooy, Mike Wydra, Richard Marshall and Dave Ennis. They had never run before and I knew little about each. Mike Wydra and Richard Marshall were generic, though Mr. Marshall did express enthusiastic support for the UEZ. Joe Sooy complemented Millville First and questioned the RAD. He seems pretty smart but his opposition to the RAD bothers me. Pastor Dave Ennis spoke about the gang problems. Charles Flickinger is a current Board of Education member. He is a 4th generation Millvillian. He states that we all have opinions and he will listen to all opinon and understand the issues. Ian Roberts and Robert McQuade are running for a 2nd time for the City Commission. Mr. Roberts came off as a nice guy and Mr. McQuade listed his accomplishments. Bob Tesoroni and Emil Van Hook are the well-known Millville First candidates. Mr. Tesoroni gave his litney of grievances about the current Commission. He has some pretty patriotic cards(I am looking at one now)
and lawn signs. He opposes the RAD , UEZ, and the pedestrian bridge over the Maurice River.
Emil Van Hook did not look well. I hope he gets some rest.Mayor Quinn gave a rousing review of the accomplishments over the last 12 years. He remembers when the 100 block of High Street had one store open (Howell's Hardware) Commissioner Joe Derella spoke about stabilizing the tax base as head of revenue and finance. Tim Shannon spoke about the renovation of the riverfront and the creation of the NJ Motorsports Park. He spoke about the RAD and how it was awarded a "best practice" award by National Council of Development and Finance Agency. Commissioner Dave Vanaman states that there were not so many boarded up buildings on High Street. He states he opposed the idea of the racetrack and questioned the financing of the Union Lake Crossing. Dale Finch spent his wedding anniversary listing his past govt experience in Millville such as school board, 12 years in City Commission, and the Millville Housing Authority. Jim Hertig explained that he is a hard worker and noted his leadership in the Center City Neighborhood group.
You can listen for yourself on YouTube. I made every effort to include all candidates whether I support them or not. You can hear them but excuse the poor lighting.
I notice that no representative of TrackRacket was present. Ms. Post was not there to ask questions one-one with the candidates even though several brought up the racetrack noise as a viable political issue. Don Farabach was there last night at the forum. I met R. Owens who writes a blog called eCache that is quite good. He also lives in Millville and reads this blog as well.
I am going to respond on the DJ Forums where as of 8:15 am this morning April 15th, insults and nasty comments have started. My motto " I read the DJ Forums so you don't have to!" I feel like I am spelunking in a deep dark cave or cesspool.
Well got to file my taxes, See the new eye Dr and other errands. Lots of news that I have not even covered yet such as the school board election and the highway protest.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dottie's Walk April 13 2009

Tonite we went on Dottie's Walk. We had a pretty large group which included the Mayor and two candidates for City Commission Dale Finch and Charlie Flickenger. As the photos show there are some structures in disrepair and the property Friends of Millville cleaned up was littered. Some of the problems seen were the same as March 16th when the media showed up to the walk. There were no reporters today. Well its now late and stating to rain. Will go to a scheduled protest against the 27 Million RT 49 &55 off ramp project tomorrow at 7:30. Its at Rt 49 and Wade Avenue. Then off to the Cadidates Forum at 7pm at the American Legion.

rain I

RIP Harry Kalis

We will miss him

Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Good Questons in BEN Column

In the News of Cumberland County, today April 13 2008, Millvile First invites Everyone to come out to meet the Candidates for City Commission and give its political platform. "BEN" gives a response:
Here it is in its entirety with no commentary.

officers and members of Millville First
"Please remind your readers of "Meet the Candidates Night," on Tuesday, at the American Legion, on Buck Street, in Millville."It's sponsored by Millville First."As with every meeting of Millville First, the public is welcome."We meet the second Tuesday of every month, same time and place."Come and bring a friend. Learning about your government can be fun!"Millville First is committed to informing taxpayers."We are concerned about Millville's financial health ($55 billion in debt)."We want to keep Millville affordable and a great place to live, work and raise a family."We want people to have a voice in city government."Many of us have become concerned about the drastic increase in local taxes during the tenure of the present commissioners."We have endured unchecked development (eminent domain) and community-changing projects (the motorsports park) without having the opportunity to vote on them."Part of the mission of Millville First is to present "the rest of the story" on each issue so voters can hold the commissioners accountable."The purpose of Millville First is to inform and educate voters and encourage citizen participation in city government."Our effort to encourage taxpayers to participate in their government has made some people uncomfortable."In an effort to discredit us, our critics have called us negative obstructionists."Nothing could be further from the truth."We believe it is positive to encourage public debate."We believe it is positive to hold elected officials accountable."We believe it is positive to disclose information officials do not divulge. We believe it is positive to point out the pros and cons of government action."We believe it is positive to require taxpayer protections in contracts, instead of protections for the developer only?"We believe it is positive to insist that tax abatements illegally granted be revoked."We believe it is positive to seek repayment of illegal payments to Sun Bank."Is it negative to expect all citizens and businesses to be treated fairly, equally and with respect?"Is it negative to expect a commissioner to read and understand an ordinance or resolution before he votes on it?"Is it negative to demand that a commissioner exercise his independent judgement instead of doing what a staff member tells him to do?"Is it negative to demand that our elected officials obey the law?"Are we obstructionists to object to spending $2 million for a bridge from nowhere, to nowhere, for no reason?"Are we obstructionists to suggest that inspection and review fees mandated by ordinance be collected from developers?"Are we obstructionists to expect the commissioners to put the interests of the citizens ahead of the developer when negotiating a project?"And I could go on."Join us and learn, so you will be an informed voter on May 12.

BEN's Response:

The only problem we see, Paul, is that the watchdog group spends a lot of time on what not to do, but doesn't offer a lot of suggestions on what to do. Are you watching over the city, or are you watching over city commission? There's a difference. If you're watching over the city, then your ideas should be to move the city forward. If you're just watching over city commission, you're trying to keep the city as it was. And what was so great about what it was? The tax rate? Was it going to remain stable in the face of increasing costs? How can you spend one-third of your budget on public safety, and we're up to what - 80 police officers? - whose health insurance costs alone have skyrocketed, and maintain a stable tax rate doing nothing? How do you pay energy costs that are out of sight by doing nothing? How do you stay in the same four-year period that Emil Van Hook was mayor and pay for all these rising costs? By becoming a distressed city, that's how, and praying Trenton will come through every year with a handout. And what about education costs? How do you keep them stable without all teaching being done by lecture in an auditorium? You can't stop the clock, Paul, or you'll just fall further behind.What is your plan for increasing ratables? Or do you want to just spend less?Can you get the ratables here without abatements? How many came here in the Emil Van Hook era? How many have come here in the last 12 years? Do you think Bridgeton's tax rate has remained stable by not attracting ratables? Maybe your candidates will tell us what they want to do on Tuesday. Not what to not do. But what to do. No reflection on you Paul, but we need some answers here more than opposition. Tell you what! Bridgeton is willing to buy the land that holds the motorsports park from Millville at a fair price, if you're interested. T hey understand that it has been a spot with a lot of non-forward thinking citizens. They'll take the chance that tax revenue from it will pay bigger dividends than its own Cohansey Hotel down the road.


A Peek for the New Week

Its now back to the real world now. I read in the AC Press about how a health food store called Harr's sells cigs and in the Daily Journal a retired judge wants to help the taxpayer of Millville while at the same time suing the city for lord-knows how much. The Millville haters are in full battle-cry about the Arts District Facebook page but that's old news. I see that there is a run on guns and ammo cause folks are afraid that President Obama and Congress are "gonna take r guns" . Get real we all that the NRA paid off Congress long ago. The BEN Column, today April 13th, has done something that none of the other members of the local media have bothered to do. He asked questions! Scroll two-thirds down to where Millville First announces their candidates forum Asking the right questions is important but its nice to get the facts. I will post the I look forward to going to the Candidates forum tomorrow night 7pm at the American Legion Hall. Show up to this forum and see where all the candidates stand!! Well 2 days till tax day and


Easter was very cool and sunny. We had our neighbors over. They brought over some good home cooked food and their child over. It was pleasant and relaxing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snob Appeal

The good old University City listserv. They are so well-healed. When I write, they screen me out cause I do not LIVE in University City any longer and I live in Jersey. Just go here and see for yourself!! Read their comments. It just shows the mentality of SOME that think their thoughts have more value. I have been attacked with this superior attitude before. See this blog posting back in 2006. It features a UC realtor and illustrates in her own words better then I EVER could. I guess living in Millville has made it pretty clear and this one just shows how healed they are. We have an Arts District here in Millville that has received rave reviews but when people think of South Jersey they EVERYONE lives like this person. This is email list in University City also known as West Philly near the University of Pennsylvania. They are USED to having many choices. Read and let me know what you think. The photo above is the plate that Desi Village uses to serve their lunch and dinners. I am sure they will pay heed to the denizens of this community. Heck I would just like ONE Indian restaurant here in Millville
See the email below that inspired me to write this and feel free to comment. Thanks

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Well-healed resident
Date: Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 11:37 PM
Subject: [Ucneighbors] REVIEW Re: Opening of "Desi Village" Indian Restaurant
To: (This is the Listserv address)

Hi All-
We got a big take out order tonight and ate our food at home, on our Blue Willow plates, flatware and cloth napkins.

My eldest daughter and I were cheerfully offered a seat to wait a few more minutes for our order when we went to pick it up. Not a problem and not a lengthy wait. While soaking up the atmosphere we thought the resto itself is going to have to up their game if they want to compete with Dahlak and Vientienne where you get cloth table clothes and napkins and don't have to eat off of styrofoam for about the same price and equally, if not more, delicious.
Pakora and Samosa: fair. We prefer the ibes from the International Store on Walnut Street. The Pakora were strangely small and round and very salty. The Samosa were $2 each and bland.
Garlic Naan: good
Tandoori chicken and Tikka chicken: good
Chicken Sagwala: tasty but the "creamy chopped spinach" was over processed and had the appearance and texture of baby food
Lamb Rogan Josh: good.
Overall, credible and edible but truly nothing special. Honestly the styrofoam and plastic cutlery freaked me out. I still think the slew of Indian restos up on 40th street are much better.
In the end, we'll probably order from there again but we'll try to get our appetizers at the International Store.
I'd be interested in hearing what Roger and Vince thought.

Anne B. Wealthy

--- On Fri, 4/10/09, Mark Krull <> wrote:

I just ate there and we had the lunch special. Boy is it fresh! Yumm.

Pa Department of Public Welfare Spending

Kathy Jellison, President of SEIU Local 668. the Pennsylvania Social Services Union, said today that Governor Rendell is "negotiating though the press" and "not being honest with taxpayers."

"The Governor says he is 'giving us until the end of March' to tell him how he should cut the budget or he will start layoffs," said Jellison. "The truth is that we have repeatedly given him suggestions on ways to cut the budget, and he has ignored all of our ideas. Instead, he wants to focus on the most extreme option - laying off workers."

According to Jellison, Governor Rendell has given out over $1 billion in outside contracts since he became Governor and that many of those contracts cover work that had been done by state employees.

"The first thing the Governor can do to stop wasteful spending in the state budget," Jellison said, "is to cut out some of the private contracts he has given to outside companies to do work that our members can do better and at a lower cost."

In addition, Jellison pointed out that Pennsylvania is 50th out of 50 states in the number of state employees per capita so that cutting employees' hours means cuts in services. "You can't cut any more fat in the state payroll," she said, "because we are already at the bone."

There is a agreement between SEIU and the Governor. There would be NO fourloghs BUT
A TEMPORARY 20% reduction in the Commonwealth contribution to the PEBTF effective April 2009 up to and including June 2010,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

It was Good Friday and I had an interesting day besides going to work. I stopped by the Green Line Cafe for for breakfast. My last posting on this blog took me awhile and I had to rush out. Anyway, I chilled out and saw that the Inferno newspapers I had left there 2 days ago were still there. They were and I had the nice woman take a photo of me posing with the paper. This is like how folks going to exotic places, like Vietnam, pose with a copy of the Daily Journal. Next I contacted Wes, a friend I have known since going to Penn Valley Elementary. He was available to meet me for lunch. I had been reading very good reviews of Desi Village located at 4527 Baltimore Ave. They just opened this week. Wes and I had the lunch special ($7.95) and it was tasty and fresh. They have plenty of vegetarian selections to choose from. They do not have a large buffet table since its nice and cozy but the freshness more then made up for it. I got home and walked my 3 pups and decided to take them to the Oar House and all of us rested for a bit. Next had dinner and stopped by Lalli's Liquor Store in Laural Lake. Man, they have all kinds of funky beers for sale. I ran in to 2 friends stocking up. It was good to get away from politics as usual and enjoy the good things in life.

Friday, April 10, 2009

News of this Week

Since I last posted some news came out that was very interesting. On Wednesday Governor Jon Corzine paid a visit to poor Cumberland County to announce $27 million in road improvements. Most of the $$ is marked for reconstructing the interchange between routes 55 and 49. During the summer season, the interchange quickly backs up with shore-bound traffic.The other project site is the Route 49 and Wade Boulevard intersection. That intersection is west of the highway interchange, but traffic also backs up there. I noticed alone with others that standing with the Governor was Lou Maggazzu and Albert Kelly. I did not see or read that our Assemblymen Albano, Milliam, nor Senator Jeff Van Drew were present. I did just now find where they were as of yesterday, they were in Oklahoma with Corzine. Are they not the folks who complained that Cumberland County received NO federal stimulus monies (the only county in NJ in fact)
I now read that there is to be a protest rally Tuesday April 14 at 7:30AM at the Wawa located at Wade Blvd and Rt. 49, Millville
A group calling itself "
Concerned Citizens of Millville" is organizing this event ought to be interesting. Its a concern to many that the quality of life in Millville is being attacked. This concern goes back several years when the housing boom was in full throttle. I plan to stop by and record the proceedings so stop back to this site next week.
I paid a visit to Millville Gardens to see the situation. During the City Commission meeting Dr. Kim Ayers stated that 36 homes are to be built and there was only now one tenant left. I decided to check it out myself and found it empty. You see what I found here and here. I asked a neighbor across the street and she said there was no one living there and she was pleased that the place was closed and that when told the city was building owner occupied homes she expressed approval. They thanked the city and thought I was a representative of the City of Millville. I assured them that I was not but a Board of Education Member till May of this year since I ran for a one year term last year
Today I read that the Millville Development Corporation
voted to approve a contract with the arts district's new advertising firm Thursday for a maximum amount of $375,675, marking the end of a process dating back to late last year. Members of the MDC in February, chose Graphicus Communications, a local marketing firm, to handle public relations for the downtown area. The decision was not announced until March 12th The MDC after a drawn out process dropped eight-year mainstay Wyble Advertising. A meeting will be held at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts, on High Street, at 6 p.m. April 28 to unveil their new marketing campaign for the city.
In other news the Millville Arts District is now on Facebook. Umm.. what took them so long according to the article it appears that they just discovered Facebook. Well its better late then never. Last but not least the minutes from Dec 8 Freeholder meeting will be put up later this week. Today is Friday folks!!!
Well have a happy and safe Easter.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Daily Journal Foums. A Taste

WARNING: This may be offensive to some. I read this comment from an article that
the city got a grant to improve signage. Here is a response on the Daily Journal Fourm
Read it for yourself here:

"Correct me if I'm wrong. But $3,590.02 per sign. This is exactly what is wrong with this city. This grant money should be used for something useful like cleaning our parks, hiring more Police officers, cleaning our streets, or opening that rediculas pedestrian bridge so the gangs can "tag" it. Maybe if you cleaned our streets people would want to come here. What would the signs say " Welcome to Millville, dont forget your glock."
"Welcome to Millville, Not responsible for lost or stolen items"
"Welcome to Millville, Our Mayor is a Retard"
"Welcome to Millville, Our crack whores are the best in the county"
"Welcome to Millville, the rectum of N.J.."
I could go on forever. Let see what the rest of you folks can come up with. We can have some fun with this one." catfishguy

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Millvile City Commission Meeting April 7th 2009

City Commission met last night. It started at 6:30 and there was some good news. First off, the city is nearing a deal to replace Millville Gardens. The city purchased the property for $2.7 million and took ownership last October. The proposed "Foundry Park" will have 36 market-rate homes, priced at $150,000, and six affordable housing units. Planning Director Kim Ayres said the plan would include a half-acre park for the neighborhood. This proposal had the smallest number of homes and there were no rental properties This is down from 120 Rental Units.
Next, Heather Santaro give a RAD report. 43 Home Rehab Projects have been completed and 13 folks have been helped in buying their first home. A total of 123 homes have been affected positively. 123,000 in investments. This is just after a year. The RAD was opposed by a few folks running to unseat the current Commission. I will be at the candidates forum being sponsored by Millville First. It is NEXT Tuesday April 14th 6:30 PM at the American Legion building on Buck Street. 9 of the candidates have confirmed that they will be there. I congratulate Millville First for holding this event. We can not hear what folks propose and get a public hearing.
The public hearing portion lasted as long if not longer then the meeting itself. A candidate for City Commission spoke and was informed by a sitting Commissioner.
Questions were raised about the Motorsports Park Financing. This went on till 8:25 as you can see the clock behind the speaker.

Caught Speeding

On the way to work yesterday morning, a State Police car was on the median near the Rt. 56 Vineland exit going northbound. I was in the right lane when this car passed me right in front of the cop. The photos tell the story. Speeding fines are STEEP in this state!!