Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday, August 31: Hot Day in August and Dinner at Dan Dan!

First Thing in the Morning
After a decent nights sleep for the first time in a while, I got up in time for the fun ride. And I was 10 to
Heading Downtown
15 minutes late but I made it. Speaker talked about 1015 minutes longer past the usual 20 minutes
allotted. He had 20 years & was really talkative. He had some good points but I could see the crowd was
At Saxby's
getting a little fidgety. Well, I got to work on time before 9 AM. I proceed to work on the alert from
Today's Selfee
pensively and interviewed about five people today. Are usually leave Wednesday free but
Morning at 30th Street
it was too many residual to schedule on Thursday. I'm taking off next Thursday and Friday to go to
At 56th Street Station
DC so my next day of scheduling people who didn't answer the phone and were terminated would
Its "Walk" Season
be Tuesday, September 13. Tomorrow is pretty full so my goal is to write a package on Friday.
2016 A Space...
I'm trying to anticipate people that are going to be terminated so I'll have them done by the time the
Standing Room Only
alerts reach my desk. I expect the cash in on my  massage by next Wednesday. This was in exchange for me walking her dogs last
Chi Chi
week. Well I'm running to my sponsor earlier this morning I'm going to
Center City
meet him at 6:30 PM this evening. I'm hoping to get some blogging done in the half hour I got to do
Elixir Cafe
that before I need to meet in the 16th and Walnut The place was called Dan Dan. It was delicious I had to tastiest noodles. They wanted to kind of funky tasting but delicious peanut sauce. Then I had dumplings in Chile too. It was quite the tasty
Updating Blog Posts
treat. I couldn't phrasal much more than I did. I put it on Facebook and I will definitely go back there
16th Near Chestnut

again. We hung out and shot the shit and it was very casual and I appreciated that. I think I sometimes
We Split at Dan Dan
tense up thinking I'm going to be quiz. I haven't quite gotten over that stuff yet. I think came home
Brought 2 Cookies
hung out and talked for Sharon 4 a bit. I didn't talked on the telephone for a bit and fell asleep. I got
After Dinner
up a couple times for some stuff on the Internet and posted them.

Tuesday, August 30: Exhaustion Takes Over @ the End

What a very odd sleep. I had to sleep in late. It was cool enough that I didn't have to crank up the air air conditioning. I need to put the fan and that was good.
Funky View of Bus Stop
Well I got up waited for the 48 which was running
My Phone Bill Video
slow but it wasn't crowded and there wasn't any unnecessary traffic tie ups this morning. This
Market Street
is a good thing because otherwise out of been very late. As it was I arrived at work around 9:13 AM. I just thought it since I didn't have 15 client scheduled on Tuesday
19th Street
for a change that I go to the fresh grocer
Today's Selfie Tired
and get some food. I was feeling pretty hungry so I got a bunch of yogurts, peanuts and bananas.
On the EL
Yes, I did get an iced tea.
It's 11:34 AM and I'm gonna finish up my report and actually
Leaving Work
started thinking packet or 2. Makes going to be in West Philly around 8 PM so I think I'll adjust my
Add caption
plans accordingly. I might even get a ride back to my house. Well after work and I made it to my appointment
at 5:35 PM and it was pretty decent. I did find myself repeating myself but it was overall pretty good.
Afterwards I felt really tired and exhausted like I did earlier in the day. I was heading to
Add caption
West Philly on the 21 and decided to get off the 22nd that. I just need to take a nap and go home.
I napped for approximately an hour and it was wonderful. I didn't meet Meg but we had a nice phone call. I think
Was Going to Go to W. Philly
got up from my nap and had a small dinner prepared  by Sharon. It was kind noodles out of the box
and premade things planned. It was a refreshing difference in food. I got reacquainted and you
At Biships
can catching up. I then went back to sleep but later on got hungry and had a bowl of cereal and
then crashd for the evening.

Monday, August 29: Hot Again w/ Work and Last Day of Dogs

One Dude Talking  and Causing a JAM!

Well I got up very early this morning. I had to do the dog so making the meeting this morning was a bit
23rd Street Bus Stop
difficult to put it mildly. I watered the plants emptied the trash from the house and took my final walk with the dogs. Wasn't sure with the final
Going to Subway
walk but I was hoping it would be. I caught the
19th and Market
64 bus and the EL in good time so I was able to get to work by around 9:05 AM. I got there before my
West Philly Sights :)
supervisor showed up. I ended The dog walking that had started last Saturday. They were cute but I was glad to be done!! The owner, a woman named Christy and her kid were there and she was
Watering Plants
The Dogs!
in the mood to talk.  I hung out with them in their apartment and I hope to get a massage next
Wednesday. I'm heading into Center City. I thought about making a 645 meeting I called the 21 of
us and I felt really tired so I decided I would just take another bus home from Center City. 
Hot but Good!

I walked by my old homestead and caught a glimpse of this article. 
NYT Now: Anthony
Weiner and Huma Abedin to Separate After His Latest Sexting Scandal
Well, Weiner got caught
Add caption
in 2011 with sexting a woman that wasn't his wife. He said he stopped but he got caught
Dog Owner
doing it again! It was in New York daily news. It's sad and it's a joke at the same time.
I got the 33 bus to Fairmount.
Corgi with Cool Owner
This was after 32 bus BLEW right past us at 19th and JFK Boulevard. I then took the 33 to 20 & Fairmount.
90's Homestead
I proceeded to walk up 20th to 24th and Fairmount  where I went to the OCF coffeehouse to relax
Streets of West Philly
for a moment before it closes at 
8 PM. It's now 7:52 PM and it already darker outside. The
Add caption
days are  getting shorter day by day, one day at a time. Well, I didn't get to finalize and proofread my
Love the City
blog but I got to write more into it. It was quiet here in the two women working here were pretty nice.
It is now 758 and it's time for me to head home finally. While walking home, I text Sharon to see if she
Outside the OCF
needed anything. He said he wanted a icy and a Reese's peanut butter cup. I got better to Sunoco
Fairmount Ave

and I got myself some milk at the CVS. I've been hung up with Sharon for a bit and watch a little bit
Getting Stuff at CVS
of Law & Order. I had some leftover Chinese as well. I believe this is the hottest August I've ever
Sunoco ICEE
experienced. Post selfie an article in the news about that