Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday, May 31: Up Down and All Around

Good morning how are you I'm dreaming. This is Mark. I woke up in my air-conditioned room and pick up some things and then decided
Speaks for Itself!!
I would go to a meeting in Fairmount. I woke up extremely frisky as I
My Window View of the Prison
left home this morning.. I did go to the meeting . It was a good thing reading Tradition 5 since my carnal desires are strong.  They have the potential to get me in trouble like
Getting my 1st Cup
the booze. I enjoyed the meeting tremendously I haven't
been there in a while and I think I'll stick to showing up to this meeting. I became the greeter actually. Actually I'm sharing that
My Blogging @ OCF
position so that will work for me.
My Neice at Dance Recital
Now I've got to put that on my calendar so I don't forget. Well I went to OCF and I've been here for a while
Love the Funky Here
catching up on my blogging. The Wi-Fi network wasn't working for the first 15 minutes. So I'm just settling in and just people watching. I'm almost on my blog and so I'm going to have to see and leave. I think 3 cups of coffee :-). Well, time to remove myself from all
Water for the Dog
the cute couples and get home. Its ALREADY 1:30PM!! Well, it's 7 PM and I'm waiting for the 48
Photo Files
the shop in about three minutes assuming it's on time. Well I got home did a couple things then
Hard at Work
thought about going downtown then found out Sharon was in the midst of taking care of business
Face lift
with Richard her coworker in hairstyling. I took an hour nap bought some stuff at CVS and then decided it
Google Maps
was too hot to stay outside. I decided I would start backing up my photos from the iPhone starting this
Hot Outside
year 2015. I'm not sure if it's tedious job but it felt good to get it done and over with. I've been in pleated
Waiting for the Bus
January I still have February March April and May to complete. Well my next stop will be Saxbys. The 40 bus managed
Here is the Bus
 to show up on time. Well I met Mary and Veronica since the others couldn't make it. We hung out and talk
Larry at Saxby's
at the Saxby'ss. Meeting went along fine. I didn't got a text from a friend who is going to quest love of the
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Roots dance party. I proceeded to eat. So I figured I just did not like the check and then go to the dance party.
At Dance Party
Well I met Geri and her friend outside while they were cooling off. We then  danced around and it
Dude Dancing
was pretty cool actually I then got a ride from Jerry back to Fairmount. Sharon and I discussed our evenings and I took a nice long shower
Boogie Down
sweating like crazy. I'm going to bed close to 2 AM and it was a good time! 

Saturday, May 30: Staycation­čśâ

Good morning are you Saturday morning patriots. It's a mildly him a day here
 in the city of brotherly love. I got
Here Comes the 48!
up early with my clothes on and club 48 in good time to go to La Colombe & the men's. It was good to
Excellent Mood Jamz
do and then I to the men's meeting. Next I had a nice coffee at the very crowded Starbucks at 3rd and arch.
Dreaming on the Bus
We hung out and talked @ the Starbucks. We then headed over to the 10 at 10:30 AM. The temperature & humidity really skyrocketed in the  hour and a half since I first went outside. I said good bye to my friend
and took the 48 bus from 6th
Stealing Home! Love It!
and Arch home. While sitting in the air-conditioned route 48 bus I read this disturbing article.
The Justice department wants
Looking Out From Christ Church
Waiting for PGW

to make it much easier for the FBI to legally hack computers. Someone described it as taking big shit on the fourth amendment. Mother cheer myself up my fellow video of a guy stealing home.
Nice Man Arrives
That's always fun to watch. I got home and then the gentleman from the PGW came to turn on the
gas and we hung out for a moment and then decided to eat at little Pete's for a afternoon lunch.
It's attached to the Pennsylvania where I will you see a psychiatrist. The men's room so I had to use the ladies room
Sharon Enjoying the Walk
with a Key. After leaving Myrtle Beach, Sharon wanted to go to the " Schyukill beach". Just wanted to
Nice View
check the water works out along the Schyukill  River. We were pretty for a visa wishes food from
Took a Dip Here
Little Pete's and we walked slowly down at the art museum to to the river's edge and took a dip in a very
Schuylkill River @the Waterworks
nice pool water fountain. She plunged and I just stuck my feet and after taking my ankle brace and
speakers on that feel pretty freaking good that's for sure. It was a pretty hot day I'll even buy the river.
The Waterworks. My Favorate
We then heard a band playing the cure and we will get around a little bit. The band was called phonics.
Cuddling with Butters
At least that's what I think the band was called. They were very tight and the basis for the attractive as well.
Checking the Salon
We saw these folks scooting around on a two-person Michael contraption. This is give me an idea for a "activity" for any date that I might go on.
Well after being in the sun for that long version of us great summer air-conditioners out specter of rooms and myself my garage
Now THAT'S a Meal!
for 3 hours.
I didn't wake back up till about 7:15 PM. We next decided that we were hungry after seeing a picture of some dinner at Rembrandt's pizza. So we went to Rembrandt's and really enjoyed our food there.

Friday, May 29: A Day of Heat and Change

N. 24th Street
Well I'm writing this partly over again since apparently I didn't save it. I just saw somebody & got distracted.
New Reflective Signs Going Up
Anyway I got up after taking a nice shower. This is despite the heat and hot water being cut off by
Breakfast @ Rybread
the BTW. There was still water hot water in the water tank which was cool. So I got to work 20 minutes
Ice Cream at bodega,
late and went working hard. To my surprise I got 60 termination/alerts today. I reacted accordingly. We
Heading to Upper Darby
got a memo about that 24 hours after the fact. "We will be submitting about 127 terminations this month for both South and Elmwood.  This is due to working on a new process to make sure terminations are done on a timely manner and closely monitored...."
Upper Darby
  I finished the old list and started the new 60 person list today. I've been at waffle and fish for lunch.
Oh Yeh Iced Coffee @ Starbucks
That's because I ordered two separate things that were not that expensive. Well work and it okay and I want to do upper Darby met
City Hall in the Late Afternoon
a friend  Lindsay and hung out and then took a train and 2 buses back to Fairmount
My Friend
Avenue the home it is now 8:29 PM. Sharon and I talked for a while and then went out to eat at little Pete's We ate outside and it was really very nice with a slight breeze going on. She's going to some changes with her business and  is doing ok.  Well, its been an interesting week where I changed my routine to see what it might be like. Time to be steppin!
At Little Pete's

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