Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 28 2012

It is now November 29 was November 28 service was sad to get I did see a bunch of my friends and family I'm here are some pictures.

Need Cloud Storage: Computer Down!

My sound on my computer has been dead for about 2 weeks now. I messed with the sound settings and had 2 intellegent friends, who were visiting yesterday, update the Bios, the drivers  and reboot. The sound worked with the earphone jack but NOT the speakers.
I then called India er....HP tech support. They were nice enough. I had to wipe my hardrive clean in recovery. I am now going to have to send the computer back to HP for repair which will take 3 weeks or close to Christmas to return. This computer was bought on June 26 2012. ITS LESS THEN 6 MONTHS OLD!!! At least I am under warranty for the next 200 days!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rest in Peace Chris

Charles Christopher Chris Eberharter, 47, of Easton died suddenly Tuesday, November 20, 2012 in Forks Twp. Born: September 24, 1965 in Washington, DC he was a son of June Nixon Eberharter of Wynnewood, PA and the late Herman Eberharter. Personal: A graduate of St. Joseph's Prep School in Philadelphia he was employed by Symantec Corporation for the past several years and was a consultant in the information technology field. He also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. Survivors: His mother, June; brothers, Thomas and his wife, Marie of Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Richard of North Wales, PA; sister, Judy of Drexel Hill, PA; niece, Paige Hannigan of North Wales; and his daughter's mother, Mary Green. His daughter, Juliana died November 20th. Services: A Joint Memorial Mass for Chris and his daughter will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, 3219 Santee Rd., Bethlehem, PA 18020 with a calling period from 10 to 11 a.m. in the church. The Ashton Funeral Home, Easton is handling the arrangements. Interment will be private in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA. Memorials: May be made to Moravian Academy, for the Lower School Music Program, 7 E. Market St., Bethlehem, PA 18018. Offer online condolences at

Monday, November 26, 2012

Life and Death: Past and Present November '12

Thanksgiving 2012
Thanksgiving week 2012. I am living life on life's terms. Last Tuesday My friend Tony visited we hung out and he saw my Beatles poster. The day before Thanksgiving last Wednesday the 21st I left work and I drove down to Pikesville Maryland.
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Madeline and Sister
Tony with Frame
Kathleen and Gwynne
Hung out with a friend that night and then Thanksgiving day woke up in Maryland and drove to Philly. When I arrived in Philly dropped off the rental and went  went to an AA fest then went to South Philly for Thanksgiving dinner, which was a good time. I  slept in late on Friday and went to another meeting 530 and mellowed out most of the day. On Saturday I went to really fun party and saw some old high school friends. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. The birthday girl really enjoyed herself!. The shocking news of the week came Weds while I was going to lunch. My friend Chris passed away  last Tuesday in a freak car wreck. His daughter was in the care and also passed away I don't think I need to see much more than that at this very sad
Weds morning is the funeral service in Bethlehem.
I will try not to text too much and really communicate with folks, like I did when I shared my story thanks to another old friend from back in the day...
Good day.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Week Just Ended

My Brother
This week is closing out and it has been eventful. Work was way too much. I have a problem keeping up.  I interviewed for a supervisor position this past Thursday. There are about 20 openings and 60 some people applied.  My  chances are pretty good as the numbers show.  I had conversations with several folks and the karma seems to be that I have a legitimate shot at this. In about three weeks I will find out   Its exciting and scary at the same time as I get this feeling that it may happen.
The End Game?
La Columbe
The Church in Pikesville MD
.I did some errands for Pat at the post office on Friday the 16th  planned the weekend out best I know how and that's about it I next went to "school" downtown for the day,  I went to  a trip down to Pikesville Maryland  to meet a friend. I took SEPTA to the Airport to get my car rental and away I went! This was an interesting experience for us. It was pretty cool.
School Nov 17
A Friend also planning a business venture which is about providing a service on the internet. Not sure how it will go but it should be interesting how it might turn out.
Cell Block H
I had conversations with a friend's girlfriend since he was acting erratic. She really cares about the dude and her voice kind of sounds like his. Simpatico, I suppose. I think they will work things out. Man, like high school.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

The window is open. There blows the air
Laughing all the time without a care.

I am there

but it's all in my mind

something I may never find,
alas I'm told, in time.

Indian Summer Weekend

Sat Nov 10 8am
Saturday, November 10, 2012 It was a good day. I went to my first men's meeting in about a month. my neighbor friend wen to the women's meeting. I then met another friend at 3rd Street at the Starbucks near the meeting he attends on Saturday's.
Alicia's Puppy
I hung out with my neighbor and she had a fire set up and we had some take out. I met her new year old puppy. It was cute as could be!
Going down Gwynne's Steps
It was relaxing for sure. I decided to Zip-Car and drive to Reisterstown MD. This town is near Towson near the Baltimore Beltway. I went for a friend's 50th birthday party. The ride was smooth and I arrived at about 7 pm. I had a blast. One of Gwynne's friend was real fun and funny. She had me in stiches.
Gwynne and Stuart
We laughed about the dollhouse and the spin cycle amongst other issues. We both had issues but we laughed them all away. Wish she did not live so far away and... I stayed overnight after watching "American Beauty". THAT film really gets to my gut for sure. It was the 3rd time I had seen it. I FINALLY realized who killed at the end.
On Sunday I met up with a friend and we watched the new James Bond movie. I arrived late but I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. I talked to R over the phone and more laughter ensued. I am planning a trip down MD way Saturday after class. That ought to be interesting.
The Dollhouse
Today, I went to a meeting met with Sponsor then did some cleaning and chilling for my Veterens Day off. It was a really nice mild Fall day!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Past Week of Nov 5

Last  week was  a good week primarily because the president won reelection. He faced brutal attacks  over the past  four years and I love reading conservative sweat it after being such boastful loudmouths for so long anyhow the week was decent I was busy at work usual and I felt better in a mental sort of way.Its growing up a bit late. Here are some photos from the week.

57th and Chestnut

Friday, November 09, 2012

President Obama Wins 2nd Term

It was a good night for President Obama and a bad night for Todd Aiken and Richard Murdock. Looks like Allen West is going too. The Republicans have succeeded in keeping the House. They also succeeded in  creating exhaustion in the country.
I have NEVER seen so many attacks on a sitting president in my entire life. I thought they were bad with Clinton. You know he plotted to kill Vince Forster, and Ken Starr spent lots of taxpayer money to find out that an intern had oral sex after they ordered a pizza.
President Obama deserves a 2nd term. He has shown a steady head with the economy and foreign policy
Republicans are blaming Chris Christe, Hurricane Sandy, and my favorate a high school mural!
Here is what one website, the Daily Beast, take on why President Obama won this race with 332 Electoral Votes!
In reality, the Republican Party didn’t lose the election because of Sandy, because of Christie, or because of a mural. It lost because 71 percent of Latinos, 93 percent of black people, 73 percent of Asian-Americans, and 55 percent of women voted against it. The party did not embrace policies that appeal to these demographic groups—and lost. And that’s the GOP’s fault.
Well, have a nice weekend with NO political Ads

Monday, November 05, 2012

I am 51 Years Old Today

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Today November 5 my birthday age 51 nine more years to retire as of today went to the meeting interesting discussion after the meeting at La Colombe coffee. I then went to work late and the morning wasn't too bad now I am attempting carfare to be done I'll go home and take it easy and then hopefully hang out with Wes and what's the elections. Its very close but leaning for the President. I think the political Cartoon shows one iconic moment in this election when President Obama worked will with Gov Chris Christie. As for me just had a normal work

Sunday, November 04, 2012

November 4th Eastern Standard Time

Coffee Please
This morning I first got up and when I glanced at my phone, it was an hour earlier! So I went back to sleep. I woke an hour later and thought I would try to make a 10 am meeting at 3rd and South Street.
I  got the 21 Bus at 9:35 this morning. As you can see I started off without coffee. I ate, showered and went to the bus stop. Google maps was correct in that I did wait about 6 minutes at the stop.
On the way to South Street on the Route 57 bus a huge Tom Smith for Senate bus clogged the road then tried to park on the side of 3rd street What is your plan for the week? Maybe I will see you downtown or the web or a text message. Who really knows, I don't control others thoughts and actions, ya know!
Had a fun B-day party last night. Photos are here
Have a great morning & I hope you did NOT forget to turn your clocks back this morning or you may have been confused. Remember, "Spring Forward and Fall Back!
Gov. Christie Today
After the meeting I met up with my friend and we did some window shopping for shirts and pants at various stores downtown. I was really looking for a hat since it's so cold. I believe the low tonite is going to be 32 degrees for the first time this Fall. Speaking of weather, the aftermath of hurricane Sandy are wire apparent. New York may ask for a 2nd day of voting. The CNN reporter said it would be 20 days after Election Day. How weird is that? I mean the election could be decided by then and if it NOT, well," Houston we have a problem."
Back Room
The Blue Light Special
Back to my day, I did buy a hat at Marshall's, at least I think it was Marshall's. My friend and I went to Starbucks and I got 2 coffee's with my found Starbucks card. We agreed to meet at Saxbys at 7:30 before the 8pm meeting next door. I then decided to hit the Apple store to charge my phone. Well, with the iPhone 5, the store has very few plugs available, that fit my my iPhone 3GS. I next went to the AT&T store and charged the phone there. I had to hang around the store for quite a bit. I think I was there for about an hour. I then hung out in CC and met my friend at the 7 PM AA meeting. and of course it was packed but the speaker was very good. He lived with a mentally ill Mother and an alcoholic Father and had tons of roaches in the house and was pretty good with the ladies. Here is the Album that I have been listening to while on the computer for the weekend. I am just hooked on Steely Dan again. They are a timeless band and I never I was not way into this album like Aja or Countdown to Ecstasy. Well, tomorrow November 5th is my Birthday and I will be 51 years old. I think of Area 51 nowadays!

Cold Saturday: Early Birthday

Big Book
Early Birthday
Stu, Samanthia, Wes, Helen
Hi it was  Saturday yesterday.. I got up went to the meeting down on third Street in Christ Church. Now that was a good meeting. There are people like me that look at the mirror. I then went in the cold!! BURR!!! It'snow too cold to not have a hat! I then walked to get my haircut doneand face shaved. I  then had a political discussion with 2  Romney supporters,  a couple pro-Catholic Romney supporters. They were there due to being against the  HHS mandate by the Obama admin. on coverage for birth control. They believe that this is threatening religious freedom.
Romney Supporter
I went home and did NOT clean my oven. I took an hour nap before my friends showed up and we drove to Willow Grove to meet my Mom at the Olive Garden. Well Wes brought over his cute little daughter Samanthia along with him. That was cool of him. I got a birthday cake and some things I wil need to traval to Nova Scotia. That I am looking forward to next Summer.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday November 2nd: Felt Nice :)

2nd Street El Stop
Today is first Friday. Friday, November 2, 2012 i woke up really groggy and had to get go to a store early in the morning and get some milk. Next, I went to the Sunrise meeting via the RT 21  and it went pretty well. I shared and I was nervous but   I went to Sunrise and I shared. I was nervous but it was real!I was glad I did it early in the meeting!  Honesty does not go down so easily. Practice and more practice !
I really felt grounded today after waking up VERY drowsy.ZZzzz..
I wish I could stay in this calm and even mood. With some faith I hope I can'
I want to work on time! It was busy yet I did not get the carfare nearly done?. I was OK with that though. It just shows what life feels like when I am in a good focused mood.?! I have to pick up a package for Pat but I left at 5:30 from work because of I I caught the SEPTA Route 21 from 57th and Chestnut, after work heading to my friend's house. I was to pick up 2 packages at the 30th Street main Post Office. I had slips to pick up from his house at 42nd Street. While on the bus, I decided to write a check for my student loan. As I finished writing this check, I noticed my checkbook missing. I looked up and down, in my pockets and asked fellow passengers if they had seen the Green checkbook.I came to the conclusion that someone STOLE my checkbook!!
Well, it was a good time to get off the bus at 38th where I went to the TD Bank and decided to open a new account. I had tho and TD is going to monitor my old ACT for my next direct deposit so I don't end up w a check being mailed. I had to change my acct. anyway since my info was compromised. They lost some backup "tapes" FIVE MONTHS AGO!!  So I did do the right thing since I should have changed my account when I got the letter in mid-October that alerted me to this breech!  I went to TD 10 min after it was stolen.
I then met my friend and his wife at 8:00PM The film festival was canceled and so we just walked around Old City to check out Galleries and get a snack. We had a nice time. I was invited back to their place for a Stromboli. We watched CSI NY and Blue Bloods on the TV. They are Neilson raters and almost done their 2 year commitment.
Getting New Account
I have not heard from Maddy much in the past week not sure what's up but I believe she is extremely busy this week.
Let's see if my mood holds up this weekend.
The election is around the corner. Lets close this writing with a clip from the Simpson's. Note the electoral map in the background, note who wins Florida, Colorado, Virgina and Ohio..

I turn 51 Monday November 5th. Getting together with friends tomorrow and see my mother.