Saturday, September 28, 2013

Iconoclast Day 9-28-13 😃 :)

Drew and I at Little Pete's

A veiw from a meeting
Woke up it looks cloudy like it was going to rain when I first got up. Now it's sunny and cool the sun is out and the sky is blue at 11am. I ran into Drew at the meeting and we went to little Pete's Next we went to Starbucks then the Apple Store. Drew was downloading the new
Sign made in 2003
Apple operating system IOS 7.I ran into Drew at the meeting and we went to little Pete's Next we went to Starbucks then the Apple Store. Drew was downloading the new Apple operating system IOS 7. I then took the 42 bus and got off late and went back to my old stomping grounds at 49th and Spruce and Locust.They are renovating the Croydon
apartments after many years. The first apartments should be opened by Spring 2014. I got to look at the front foyer and they will have a guard in the
concierge. there and it will be marketed for students. Early I want the park and it looked pretty much the same not too bad. Well now the sun is still out and buy it is 1:34 pm and I  am getting 1:49 train to Bryn Mawr.  I arrived in Bryn Mawr & Laura was waiting at the station.  We decided that we would be going to a Cambodian Thai place and the woman sold us on eating there.  It was fun. 
The food was fresh and since there was nobody there we got there very quickly.
There we walk to the bookstore and walked really walking path at the Haverford College, which was very calming.
Good conversation and lots of laughter and really can't say anything better than that because it was fun.
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I'm inspired to create a video parody of Olivia Newton John song let's get physical!'can't wait:) Yes the cosmos looked down and it was good. Kismet be cool & stuff!

(Note... this posting was JUST edited at 6:40 am October 1st. I kept the parts she thought were funny.  I care about your enjoyment of my blog:) 

World Tourism Day Sept 27th

Happy Friday to all! I just Discovered that its World Tourism
It's what they do.
Day! Today I am going to tour Center City walking 
and going to a Sunrise. I hope you will do a tour of your world outside your box.After sunrise I walked with a friend who got screwed on the divorce proceeding yesterday. They reduced her payments by over $1000 bucks a month. He's looking for another place to live as well downtown.
I might see her later depending on her schedule.

Well work was okay I plopped through some appointments.  I was
On the EL
scrambling at work because Monday the whole computer system will be
At My Desk
on shut down to implement Obamacare!! 
It looks pretty cloudy out but it's feels real nice it's not perfect whether the cold not hot. Yeah I'm just thinking about not much which is good. It's 5:13 pm and I am at 56tj street. The train will be here in about a minute,  so I'll be about 15 minutes late to the sun and supper buckle with Mark but mean but I will be there at 5:30. I went to Shoppers w an iced coffee and ended up falling asleep

 for part of the meeting. Next I walked and took the bus to the 
meditation. There I met a friend and we went to a WAWA and I dropped her off at her house. and possibly a movie but not sure
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about the movie that's my friends feeling a little sick and nauseated 
at this time.
My friend
Done Shoppers
may not be up for the movies. She feels sick she sent me this text message;
       "Hi . I just wanted to let you know that when I picked up my son from school I got incredibly nauseated. I've been home for over an hour and still can't shake it. However I think it seems to be passing a bit. Frankly I think it's the allergies that affect my inner ear and then I get car sick. So it's definitely not like I'm sick. Anyway I just want to know when u would  be leaving just in case I don't shake this."

 It was 5:19 PM when I got to 34th St., train. It's more  crowded but moving fast. 
Shoppers was fine but I was sleeping cleaning my
Locust Street
head against the wall I then said my
A View from the EL
and now the 44th and pine I did not hear from either person that I made plans w/ tonight Rolling along I will go. Where is stops, nobody knows.
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 I went on Facebook there was an article how Goldman Sachs says it's good to have a government shutdown and the Tea Party agrees with the Goldman Sachs instead of middle-income folks. Here is an exchange with  of my friend on Facebook; Here is the Exchange from the Beginning!!
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  • Mark Krull See the Tea Party was supposed be against big government and big business
    I was silly it's bankrolled by the Koch brothers
      "Ian  So we keep spending into oblivion, right? I mean, we can print more money, can't we? How about we stop paying Congress and every elected official, starting with Obama, until this gets fixed!!! This administration has spent more and incurred more debt than every other administration in history combined, yet some people still think we are on the right track. (Mainly people working as "activists" and in government funded "community programs." Can't forget the ultra liberal teachers unions...indoctrinating children for 50 years and creating a culture of big-government loving zombies. Someone once said you can take over a nation in 50 years without ever firing a shot. I think it was Lenin and compare where we are now.) This is no longer the nation our founding Fathers designed, fought for or envisioned. It just sad and frustrating. Those that rely on the government are OK with their little piece of government cheese, subway ticket and government healthcare. I was raised to believe that this is the land of opportunity where you work for what you have, not where you put your hand out and expect the government to give you entitlements, handouts and reasons to stay home and collect freebies, or maybe be convinced that you are OK in your little cubicle, doing what the elite and arrogant masters tell you to do. Good God, even JFK must be rolling in his grave. Didn't he say, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your country." I work hard. I serve my community. And what I have I WORKED FOR!!! I would rather have people who make a living out of making money for others, than I would want a "community activist" mandating what I do. If I screw up financially, my household gets shut down. I can't go to my credit card company and tell them I need an increase because I keep spending. I have to cut spending or my nights out get shut down. That is reality...but many on the left can't see straight and think it's OK. What a mess. Oh, and yes liberals...I's all George Bush's fault. I mean, it's his fault the Titanic hit the berg, right? And the extinction of the Dinosaur's...yup. Bush! Obama is a friggin' saint, right? Congratulations. Your brainwashing and indoctrination is complete.
That reaction was just questioning a tea party and how allied with big business it is.  Sen. agreeing with Goldman Sachs about the proposed government shutdown
The 40 to 4th and Pine
Now I'm going to watch some left-wing propaganda about Mohammed Ali disobeying the man. It's called
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Surrounded 11:30 pm on the EL
"The Trails of Mohammad Ali.  Going to the Ritz at the Bourse.
Nice Mural
Barack Obama send me an email commanding me to go there. I'm just some liberal stooge Patsy but I'm going to enjoy myself so who cares. On the way back to West Philly. Well, next will be an iconoclast to meet and great. More later

Friday, September 27, 2013

This is September 26th. Train Your Eyes

A View from group
My God anyway young girls making babies and talking about my least
Mom is Watching
favorite topic.I refuse to get locked into that negativity.Group last until 830 I had a walk along the river to see the lighting of the bridges. The walk along the river was very pleasant indeed.
I am  thinking  I am OK with befriending women.  It will be good for me in the long run.I will learn something of who are Indigo Children. I hope to find out Saturday in Bryn Mawr.
I caught the 42 bus which saved me a walk and it was working up outside
 Here is an interesting artist  I was told about  I really like this painting and the message. I am often reminded to stay out of my head. Well, this is a good visualization of what may be going around my mind
Art Speaking to Me

I'm sitting here at 15th and Walnut. I decided that I will wait for a 21 or 42 bus to get me back to West Philly. It was a cool night. I found myself being memorized by a man playing a harmonica. I like the sound scape of the urban center with the music in the background. Philly was feeling like Paris to me at this moment. The sound tapped in my mind romantic notions while the man's  harmonica while making Philly a cosmopolitan paradise.
As I was heading home from getting off the 42 Bus, I listened to 2 fellows sitting on a West Philly porch playing acoustic guitar. The sound was strong yet sweet and mellow. I first took a surprise video. When I walked away to listen to it, it was hard to hear. I then just climbed up on to their porch and asked permission to sit and record them play. They obliged and here it is from 45th Street between Spruce and Locust.

And so it goes...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Day is It? Tell Them Krusty!!!!

It was quite a morning in the sunshine of talking on phone all day
Sunrises okay I came into work and work and I worked I finally got a break around 3 o'clock pretty nice out here standing outside my building at work.I may hit a Wednesday meeting which I haven't done in a while Well, since .I have us boat load of work, I'm staying late because it's probably going to be the last time late since we haven't new administrator arriving next week. Well I worked till almost 8 and I got enough done so that the rest of the week should be doable. I like getting the paperwork done with NO interruption. The DPW will be shutting down the computers Monday September 30th to get ready for Obamacare. All the carfare is due today since tomorrow the system will start getting worked on. The problems started today and that is ONE reason,  I did stay late
I then caught the 21  and had a yummy dinner at Pat's.
Looks like the weekend has opened up a bit. That is the signal from the bat-cave. I might have 2 dates but then again I might have 0.
October 1st is the implementation
Working Late before Obama care
of Obama-care. Its called the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans are actually loosing their minds over this and are threatening to shut down the Govt. Jon Stewart delivers an epic take down of the right-wing's latest media sensation, Ted Cruz. This man thinks he is Presidential material and he has not EVEN completed ONE term in the US Senate.
Well, here I am today Friday September 26th writing my blog and enjoying some De La Soul "3 Feet High and Rising" This is one of my faves of all time!! Well, time for a shower and Sunrise. You all have a good morning and may all your friends enjoy your company. Get some HUGS and love!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time for Tuesday!!!!

Waiting for Bus 7am
Well twice I attempted to start the blog birthday and twice it said it was uploading and never uploaded so afterwords I walked  a friend  to 7th & Market, then  turned around, to 8th and Market to
At Saxby's
catch the EL.I got to work and didn't have a lot of interviewing for his energy not getting my miscellaneous junk and complete 3 reports just in time! I was quite relieved  that reports got done.  I got this message today and I thought it was funny.  

"The blog is cute - Sure I can meet up with you this weekend. PS I like the same kind of food you do."

What can say I got the cutest blog in West Philly! Correct that all of Philly ha
Cream in Coffee
ha Ha ha ha!! 
It's 6:50 PM I am now going to the Gratitude meeting at 17th and Delancey. It's a nice day all around.
Just before the gratitude I got a message from someone I got this text from someone I know well.
"What do you do when you want to throw your life away?"
I want to say in blunt terms get with(in) the program. I realize however I can't make anybody do anything that they're not prepared to do themselves. As I've heard many times you have to want it not just need it.
7th Street towards Market
I also heard from new friend in Michigan with her own views of  living in a large city. I found it to interesting. She lives in a small town where it is quiet
'Thank you mark from Philly. it was a pleasure meeting you also. your life is so different than mine. i look at your pictures and think damn, i couldn't live that the city with no trees and all those people. i sit here tonight with no sound whatsoever. no nothing. quiet. peaceful. i couldn't live any other way.
Yes I have to agree with her, trees do make a place more livable and quiet!!
It's nice to meet new people from different lands and experiences. I met this friend at the Wheatland Music Festival earlier this month. It was a gas and I hope to come back in Sept 2014!!
I will wrap this up with a comment about 1992. This is the LAST time the Pittsburgh Pirates made the MLB Playoffs.
"This just in: 1992 was a long time ago. In fact, some who are reading this may not have even been alive then. What was happening in 1992? Tom Brady was a sophomore at Serra High School in San Mateo, CA. End of the Road by Boyz II men was the No. 1 song (as if you didn’t know). And Barry Bonds and Kirk Gibson were teammates with the Pittsburgh Pirates.That’s also the last time the Pirates made it to the postseason — before today."
On my front Porch

Boy that does sure bring me back to the carefree days of yore. The movie "American Graffiti" asked the question: "Where were you in '62?" In my Well, 1992 was when Bill Clinton won the presidency. This ENDED a woeful time to be a Democrat with losses with Michael Dukakis,  Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter getting creamed by Ronald Reagan. I was going back to work for the Welfare Department and I was fired from the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging after 5 painful months. Frankly, I just sucked at that job. It was VERY depressing.  To my  friends born in the early 60's I want to ask the question:
Appel Farm in Elmer 1992
"Where were you in '92??
My World

Well, that is all. October is right around the Corner and a trip to San Diego is coming up on Oct 8th to Oct 15

Hey! It's Monday September 23rd!

My Sunrise Destination
Monday morning did the usual and went to work as a pretty plain day.
A Bus going down 19th Street in the AM
 I did hear from someone else and to be doing errands at the end of the day with Pat and another person that's all.
I was so tired by the end work I could not even their way so I'm going to a neighbor and
A busy day at work
going to Pats and eating dinner and coughing up some cash. I ended up working till I was getting the head-bobbing action.
Leaving Work
I met with my neighbor and we worked out a payment plan for the Best Buy. Pat got his $30 for his date at Dalhk. I on the other-hand, came home and hung with the roommate, and crashed.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday at Germantown

It was Sunday September 22nd 2013. It will be looked at as the first day of the rest of my life. It's true!! Its REALLY really TRUE!! Well it started when I woke up around 7 am and I found it so much cooler morning then it was the previous day when I overdressed in Delaware.
Used a Cab
It cooled off after a night rainfall. I had crashed really early last night and got a good nights sleep. Woke up and discovered
  was out of milk so I walked to the 7-11.

While listening to a stupid song by Rhianna singing like a diamond in the sky,  I browsed at the newspapers  about the budget showdown 
and got my milk.Finished up previous  blog and then Mike and I went down to the Bar None. It was pretty good. We
afterwords, headed our separate ways and I ran into Drew.and we  met at the Milk and Honey and
Drew in CC
then we walked towards the Market East Station catching up with past week's events. 
It's a beautiful sunny day and I took the Chestnut Hill East train.
At Germantown Train about to get a ride
We are in the Temple University station I will be getting off at Germantown  
because I got on the wrong train. I should have boarded  on the Chestnut Hill West train
Church in Germantown
. The Germantown stop is more sketchy then the Tupehocken stop. Well it turned out not to be such a big deal in the scheme of  things.
Art Gallery near Weaver's Way
. I got picked up and w
e decided to go to the produce market near her place. Got some
We were gong to have coffee here
food and ordered a hoagie for lunch. We  had lunch and shared about the new OS for the iPhone. Next we cooked up  a nice dinner and conversation and took a walk.
Then I caught the last train out of Germantown and am home and Wesley to start another week. Here is my podcast LIVE at the Germantown train station.