Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday July 31st: Mystic Monday working and hoping

It was myasthic Monday. I know that doesn't make any sense but that work just 
 opped in my head around 6 PM while sitting at the coffee shop. They have
 a start date o'clock. It was hard to get out of bed but I did get myself
 up and away. I did catch the 48 and Straley and then Hill after work. 
  was maybe a minute late and they are on my supervisor said we heire 
 n time ago yes I was here on time and I admitted I was one 
 r two minutes late. That is pretty busy but I got things accomplished to a good degree. I got to 
 anctions written up which was somewhat of an accomplishment considering
 the interruptions and what not. The main reason was report has to be
 done and to get all the sanctions written up that I want to get written up I 
 ill not be ready by tomorrow. I got more done this month and the other month since
 I started this odyssey of doing to people's work. No I left work and headed downtown to the Monday night beginners. It went pretty well I must say. I then finished 
 ff my ice coffee I had 
 t the coffee Jo and  I had to take care of some cat sitting detail in West Philly
. I'll be doing that for the next two weeks. I got a nice check for $140 and that 
 eally does help o while waiting for payday on Friday. The keys I had work and and I talked on the phone with my new friend for a little while and we decided to schedule something on Thursday. Live-in 42 St. and got some Indian food.  Pat  was at work so I picked it up and got the 21 and the seven was home back home.

Sunday, July 30: A Drowsy Date and Letdown

I got up to go to the 9:30 AM clubhouse and got there just in time to get a seat. I did get 
 y ice coffee as usual one of those overpriced breakfast meats. Afterwords actually did go to the business meeting and then couldn't decide whether I'm going to get changed
 or just go straight to the mugshots coffee house. I decided
 to change clothes look a little more formal. I went to the mugshots and waited for about 
 5 minutes. She had trouble finding parking. I found out that the day that we went to
 Mugshots the last day that was going to be called the mugshots. Who's going to close it and 
 eopen as another coffee shop. All I know is that the menus going to be limited to crêpes and

 breakfast food. I thought that the crapes fat had gone away. Not a fad is rolled up ice cream. That'll 
 aturating fade away in about a year. People having fun with it though. Any hail wind up talking about Obamacare and trump care. We took a bike around the neighborhood and then I walked
 her to her car. That's it folks. Then went home and took a three hour nap and 

 hen got ready to meet Larry at Zaxby's. I first went to the The church to set up and make the coffee. I then went to hang out with Larry Branica 
 nd Larry's buddy. It was nice. The meeting went OK. They then decided to walk home since I was up in my head a little bit too much for my liking. It was very nice night to walk home.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Saturday July 29: The Rain Holds Off! Fun in Collingswood

After a half decent night of sleep I got up and worked on the hail and rain and Tom.
 Tom and I talked about dating for a bit and are so hard spirits is. After

 that I went upstairs shower and shave and get ready to head towards Collingswood. 
Apparently I just missed a 45 so I decide to take over the eighth and market Street so I would not be late. I was late to go to New Jersey anf it ended up being an expensive 
 oondoggle. Anyhow I made the train on time and the train
 ride was very smooth. I was picked up at the parking lot and I want to have some 
 offee and that was very pleasant. The place was pretty nice. We 
 hen took a walk downtown and went into this place where they have wood working 
 quipment such as legs and other heavy duty tools. And mulched all this 
 s a really funky ass coffee shop called the factory. I definitely 
want go back there was definitely a cool hip little spot. After going 
 here and checking out the the tool room, we took a walk on Cooper River Park which was 
 retty mellow. After that I was dropped off at the Collingswood PATCO station. The next
 stop was Starbucks because I had to take care of mother nature. And there 
 as no toilet paper then I had to go to the Mexican place and take care of 
 hat. I then went to the Apple Store to charge up my phone
 for 45 minutes. I tried to figure out what I was going to do next. I was going to go to a meeting and then I came home and I just
 needed to lie down and eat something no
t necessarily in thaorder.That was OK. I then walked the dog with Sharon and and hung out. I then got hungry and one of the 
 lice of pizza and to make a phone call. Well I got both done in three
 hours later I came back and hung out with Tom and Sharon and we had a good
 couple of yuks that's for sure