Monday, March 27, 2006


Well, spent last week getting rid of the abwiz Trojan Horse. I got it and thanks to all who
gave me sound advice. I plan to try an offsite storage providor and get antispyware program as
I think Spring might actually show up this week. Its been cold and clammy lately. Can not get a picture to see you

I got hit with this one on March 21st. It f*** with Norton Antivirus, then I could not
use the "favorates" in Internet Explorer. MS Word then got screwed up by Norton.
Here is the info on this
Well I used these instructions and it took me over 2 hours from 5:30 to 8am to get the dammed
thing out. Later they had a tool to fix it.



Sunday, March 19, 2006

RRCA 5th Anniversary!

The Riverfront Renaissance Center For The Arts(RCCA) celebrated its 5th Anniversary on Friday March 17 2006 and honored our founding board members and two special patrons, The Joseph L. Carley Foundation and Denny Blew. A great crowd came out and enjoyed the pink champagne and each other's company. The 50-50 did excellent and the pioneer artists were honored. I encourage folks here in Millville and in Philly to come and see this Exhibition. Also come on out to the Annual Spring Gala 2006 Saturday, April 22. To get more info go to the RRCA homepage. Here are some photos from this event.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Here I am last Sunday March 12th with a cute English Bull Terrier we called Bully.
The dog was lost but after about 3 days, the owners found him. He was so friendly and
our dog June even liked him

Its a beautiful St. Patricks day. Go and enjoy it :)


In reference to the Beatles Revolver. I have listening to it on the way to work and Its the
best Beatles album. But I will let "Paperback Writer" a man on the Amizon website say the rest:

"Quite simply the greatest album by the greatest band of all-time. A mind boggling collage of perfect songcraft and sheer sonic joy, Revolver, like its predecessor Rubber Soul, stunned the pop world when released in 1966.
In terms of Beatle evolution, Revolver catches the Fabs in the midst of their most perfect phase -- more sophisticated than the Mop-Top years of 1963-64, yet more restrained than the experimental Later Years. Lush psychedelic tones flourish throughout, enhancing, yet never overwhelming the colorful song textures. Witness George's painstaking backward guitar solo on "I'm Only Sleeping" for a textbook example of innovation with restraint. Mesmerizing rhythmic structures, which pop-up all over, may well be the most inventive of the band's career. Ringo's percussive tom rolls transform John's single-chord mind-bender "Tomorrow Never Knows" into the most hypnotic three-minutes of acid-drenched pleasure ever recorded. Never have Beatle guitars sounded so bright, trebly and as bitingly distorted as they do on "And Your Bird Can Sing" and "She Said, She Said". On the gentle flipside are the baroque sophistication of "For No One" and the epic neo-classicism of "Eleanor Rigby". Gently washed in the mournful hues of George Martin's perfectly scored string arrangement, "Eleanor" emerges as Paul's most mature and, quite possibly, most beautiful song. Sing-a-long classics "Good Day Sunshine" and "Yellow Submarine" prove that fun was indeed still fashionable in the Swingin' Summer of '66.
Every aspect of Revolver--from the biting social commentary of "Taxman" to the childish joyride of "Yellow Submarine"-- clicks so perfectly. A 1996 Mojo Reader's Poll ranked Revolver as the greatest album ever recorded. But Revolver, like the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, is more than merely a great rock album-- it is unquestionably one of the 20th Century's greatest works of art. "

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Here is a sketch of me by my friend Pat. He drew this while we were up early Sat March 4th. We were planning our pet-sitting schedule. Its now
7:11 am on Weds March 15th.
I have training at work for Limited English Proficancy or (LEP). Our office was cited by the Feds in not giving enough non-Engligh speaking services. So they are sending us 2 women from the Federal Govt to spend 3 hours to instruct us on this. Should be a hoot!!
Its cold again after being 70 degrees just 2 days ago. Oh Well it IS March after all. Spring is just around the bend!!
I wonder if its my fate to work 30 years for the welfare department. Hell I only have 15 years left and I have a real pension which is more than most can say. I grow tired of the needy, pushy folks who just have babies.
Its the Ides of March today. I heard this Prof on NPR state that when you breathe, you breath a molicule of Julius Cesaer, then you breath it out when you exhale. Its now 5:06 pm and off to pet sit away with 3 walks and 2 new people to interview. Then off to Millville

Monday, March 13, 2006


This is ONE cute dog We got her in a shelter in Philly and she is quite a pup. She is a Boston Terrier/Pug mix!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Working at the Flower Show

Well, back at home in Millville. The flower show went well, very busy. Here are a few pictures from my work at the show. A group shot of the owners and their family
did not come out. I guess that's the risk using a throw-away camera. Here are some photos. We worked in a 288 SQ FT booth surrounded by hanging baskets of Spider Plants, Tri-Colors,(member of the wondering jew family), Burrows Tails. Sales were brisk especially between 12-4pm. The day started at 8am with the unloading of the truck from New York and ended at 9:30 Pm for me. I worked with nice hardworking people with a sense of humer. Plan to do again next year as well.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Flower Show is Here

Hello again. I am off to work the Philadelphia Flower Show from tomorrow
March 6th to Friday. I will be working at booth 202 with Always Better Grown.
So its a week from welfare to busloads of plant buyers. The week is hard work but
worth it. That's why I have worked the show 4 out of the last 5 years. Have a great week one and all.

Of Course UC Pet Tenders is always available.
Just send an email

The Millville Water Supply

Got a letter from the City of Millville Water Utility and the letter states that the City of Millville had had level of Gross Alpha of 17.4 pCi/L AND Total Radiuim 226 & 228 of 8.4pCi/L .

Below are the MAXIMUM contamnant levels.

If you are concerned call Patrick Ney at 856 825 7000 x381.

First off, how long was this like this?? Where is the local media? They have stated that Bridgton Pike well that was spewing the high levels has been shut down!!!! See Powerpoint Presentation on current Federal Regulatons




Gross alpha particle activity
15 pCi/LCancerRadioactive waste, uranium deposits

Gross beta particle activity
4 mrem/yrCancerRadioactive waste, uranium deposits

Radium 226 & 228
5 pCi/LBone CancerRadioactive waste, geological

< Source: League of Women Voters Education Fund, Safety on Tap: A Citizen's Drinking Water Handbook (Washington: League of Women Voters, 1987), 12-13.; and Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, State of Texas Water Quality Inventory, 12th Edition (Austin: TNRCC, 1995), 77 - 79.


This Old West Philly House

On Friday March 3rd, I visited my former W Philly house that I lived in since 1993. We had sold it in March 2003. The new owner was gracious and I took a tour. The living room was real differerent. The stairwell I had paint-stripped(what a nightmare THAT was) still looked good. So here they are. Bye

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Public Welfare

I work with the Department of Public Welfare. I work with a good bunch
of folks who work hard and are are underappricated by our clients and the
The picture is of our office. It has the colors suitable for Miami Vice.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Random Blog Search

I went to and decided and check this site called The Bangor Blues. I has some
decent political news and links to all kinds of media organizatons. Next blog is called 7DV which is about consumer design. Some interesting stuff on here. Next is a blog that I find a real bore. Go here and judge for yourself. A high school student wrote this one .
She has plenty to say, unlike me who struggles to to write 6 lines of prose
The last blog for the nite is the The Portland Freelancer. This man writes about the Beatles Sports and Politics. I think I will bookmark this one for sure.
Well. This took me awhile. I have problems at times making the darned links work.

Port Security and You, Perfect Togather

Hello, I just got home from the cold drizzle at 8:30pm and saw this clip of Lou Dobbs
on CNN. This man is a straight shooter who hates the attitude in offical Washington. This
woman Tori Clark "forgives" Americans for being against this port deal and says that the
average (70% of whom are against the deal) are "too buzy" to know the facts.. Well this ports deal is going over like the Mondale Tax plan and Harriet Miers

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Time to Rest

I think it might be a good time to chill out. I mean with bullies with email and a lying President and sleet on the way, its time to sleep!
Good nite and maybe I will think of somthing creative tomorrow

Good bye 1989 Cressida

Well my 1989 Toyota Cressida died with 170,000 miles and a new car note is born for a 2001 Cressida. Let us bury the old Titles both from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

I will be back with more from the angry realitor and her response to my
Have a good day. Its now 6:57AM