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Poetry on High at Bogarts Books October 21st

October 21st marked the one year anniversary of Poetry on High. This event has been held
every Sunday after 3rd Friday in Millville. Local artists, poets and others join in.

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Me and Live Chat Guy

I was getting bounced emails when I sent email to Comcast email subscribers.
Earthlink's phones were down so I went the "Live Chat" method
Welcome to Earthlink LiveChat. Your chat session will begin shortly.

Not at home and you want to read your email? With EarthLink Web Mail you can check your email from any computer with an internet connection!

Chat Information'Saben K' says: Thank you for contacting EarthLink LiveChat, how may I help you today? When I send email to someone with Comcast the mail is getting bounced back to me
Saben K: Hello, I will assist you with the email issue. Good
Saben K: Could you provide me the complete bounce back error message? I hope it will fit..This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: SMTP error from remote mailer after initial connection: host []: 554 comcast COMCAST BL004* Blocked for spam. Please see SMTP error from remote mailer after initial connection: host []: 554 comcast COMCAST BL004* Blocked for spam. Please see ------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------ Return-path: Received: from [] ( by with asmtp (Exim 4.34) id 1Iibnr-0003Bl-Lr; Thu, 18 Oct 2007 16:17:11 -0400 Received: from by with HTTP; Thu, 18 Oct 2007 16:17:11 -0400 Message-ID: <> Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 16:17:11 -0400 (GMT-04:00) From: Mark Krull Reply-To: Mark Krull To: Carolyne Krull ,,, Subject: Re: Today's Daily Journal Cc:,,,, Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable X-Mailer: EarthLink Zoo Mail 1.0 Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Saben K: Please forward the complete bounce back message to .
Saben K: Our Engineers will fix the issue. I did that alread and I got this:Thank you for writing PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE EMAIL TO RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE This address is only for issues where EarthLink appears to be blocking a mail server and mail is returned with the the following error messages: "550 Dynamic/zombied/spam IPs blocked. Write" EarthLink may be blocking your mail server because the server is listed in a dynamic IP range, is listed as an open proxy, is listed as a compromised machine, or is major source of spam. In order to help you with your issue we will need some information from you. If you are the administrator of this mail server, please follow the instructions below before emailing us back. If you do not know what IP address your server is sending with, please contact the mail administrator of your company or your ISP and have them follow the instructions below. If you are the administrator of the email server being blocked, please know you may be able to expedite unblocking by checking to see if your mail server is listed in the following lists and resolving before emailing us: Info from their site states: "What is the CBL? The CBL takes its source data from very large spamtraps/mail infrastructures, and only lists IPs exhibiting characteristics which are specific to open proxies of various sorts (HTTP, socks, AnalogX, wingate etc) which have been abused to send spam, worms/viruses that do their own direct mail transmission, or some types of trojan-horse or "stealth" spamware, without doing open proxy tests of any kind. In other words, the CBL only lists IPs that have attempted to send email to one of our servers in such a way as to indicate that the sending IP is infected." EarthLink blocks mail from all known proxies/zombies because they are major sources of spam. Info from their site states: "Spamhaus tracks the Internet's Spammers, Spam Gangs and Spam Services, provides dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks, and works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide." EarthLink blocks mail from all known major sources of spam. Info from their site states: "Users of dynamically assigned IP addresses, please note that SORBS is not identifying you as a spammer. SORBS is identifying you as a dynamic IP address user, nothing more, nothing less." EarthLink blocks all known dynamic space from sending directly to our mail servers. Dynamic users should be sending their mail out through their ISP's static outbound mail servers, or their company's static outbound mail server. Other spam databases to determine if your mail server IP has spam issues: If your IP is not on any of these lists, is not dynamic, is not an open relay/proxy/zombie, please reply back to with "BLOCKED " in the subject line with the IP inserted. does not block any mail sent to it, so we are asking for your mail to be sent to us in this format to help us sort out spam from legitimate reports. All reports sent to this address, not using this format will receive this auto response. This process will allow us minimize the amount of time to resolve any blocking issues. Thank you for your cooperation, EarthLink Abuse
Saben K: Okay, The issue will be fixed. How long will it take. This started yesterday..
Saben K: It will be fixed soon. Ok Thanks. What happened?
Saben K: Some how the domain got blocked. Ok
Saben K: Let me know if you are able to end/receive message to other email address. I have NO problems execpt with folks with
Saben K: Okay, Our Engineers will work and fix it for you. ok thanks
Saben K: Is there anything else I may assist you with today? Nope I am having a beer
Saben K: I appreciated the cooperation and patience you have displayed while we were working on the issue. Have a nice day.
Saben K: You're welcome and thank you for using EarthLink LiveChat. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us again. I will. You phone system was down today
Saben K: I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. No problem. A cold beer awaits :)
Saben K: It has been great to assist a friendly customer like you. Have a nice day!

Trick or TREAT????

Its Friday and Halloween is just around the Corner. This website is quite funny/scary!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fire on Pine Street

Monday nite Oct 15, and I was walking home and saw this commotion
Turned out it was the house next to me had a smoky heater. Later the same night this happend:

Millville-Allen D. Forman, 20, of the 100 block of South 2nd Street was charged with hindering apprehension, resisting arrest, obstruction, possession of drug paraphernalia and trespassing after a brief foot chase by police that started near 2nd and Sassafras streets and ended in the 100 block of East Pine Street at 1 a.m. Tuesday. Forman was held on $25,000 bail

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Children of Children Exhibit

Mark Menjivar speaks about the Children of Children Exhibit that opens at the RRCA in Millville NJ on Friday October 19th. The 2nd part of his talk is Here

Children of Children, Portraits and Stories of Teenage Parents is a multimedia traveling exhibition by photographer Michael Nye. The exhibit is a collection of stories of men and women ranging in age from 12 to 100 whose lives have been crucially affected by teenage pregnancy.

This powerful exhibition features 50 BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS, each accompanied by AUDIO STORIES told by the individuals in the portraits. Each narrative offers clarifying insights.

The Delete Key is Useful

---Original Message-----
From: Brian Sullivan
Sent: Oct 16, 2007 4:55 PM
To: 'Earl Smith' , mkrull Greg.Jones TRUSK19


I do not know any of you – ( I just know the Krull’s) I was getting sick of the emails to, but

that is Fricken Hilarious.

This email made all of those thousand emails worth it.

Subject: RE: Nobel **REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST!!!!!!!!!! STOP SENDING EMAIL 2 me!!


With an attitude like that it won’t be long before you won’t have to worry about getting ANY e-mail. Here’s a tip for all you whining Sally Nancies out there. I found this to be an effective tool.

From: camarrero [mailto:camarrero
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 4:19 PM
To: mkrull; TRUSK19
Subject: Re: Nobel **REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST!!!!!!!!!! STOP SENDING EMAIL 2 me!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Krull <>

Thanks Greg...

-----Original Message-----
From: "Jones, Greg"
Sent: Oct 16, 2007 3:26 PM
To: TRUSK19 bob@b jsebsmith ac411 , 2403553393
Subject: RE: Nobel

It’s pretty simple, my friend. First, the Nobel Peace Prize isn’t limited to work against violence/war. Criteria also includes “promoting fraternity between nations.” And since “global” warming is finally (!) seen as a problem faced by everyone on Earth, Gore’s work is eligible. Second, the Nobel Committee who voted on this knows why he’s eligible. Trust them!

Now to explain how Gore’s work promotes peace:

If half the eco-disasters/problems the majority of scientists are predicting do happen, humans will face serious turmoil. One example: Rising sea levels could seriously damage/destroy coastlines; the majority of humans and major economic centers are near coastlines; major displacement of millions of people and economic collapse could ensue. Other examples include drought (leading to water wars), depleted fisheries and other food sources, etc.

But, if people start reducing our impact now, we might avoid many eco problems that could disrupt the entire global economy and general safety – i.e. peace.

Gore’s documentary -- the culmination of 20+ years beating this drum – has forced unprecedented global public debate and political action to address this shit. And believe me, most people have NOT wanted to hear about it for years.

The bottom line is, Gore has clearly led the way in forcing the world to face these issues, finally. And the Nobel Committee realizes the value of this. Just see the film!

-----Original Message-----
From: TRUSK19
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 12:16 PM
To: Jones, Greg;
Subject: Re: Nobel

In a message dated 10/15/2007 6:22:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Of course you don’t. Republicans don’t understand anything about peace.

Explain it to me then.

What does Al Gore's movie have to do with peace?

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Long Drive Home

This is my first Movie with Blogger's Movie maker. It is not on YouTube yet. I was driving home Oct 13th.

Scenes from CCOAST

Thirty artists in 20 different studios open their doors to the public.There were artists at work. It was planned by artists, organized by artists. Since we had an obligation, I could only visit few of the artists.

Sunset: Center City Philadelphia Oct 13

Oct 13th several of my old friends and I went to a memorial service for our friend's father. Got to see them again and saw my brother and his child Anna

Name that Model

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bread and Roses Tribute to Change Oct 11

We went to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia to The Tribute to Change. This is an annual Bread & Roses event that brings together a community unlike any other in the Philadelphia area. In recognition of their 30th anniversary Bread and Roses Community Fund honored 30 individuals at this year's 30 for 30 Tribute to Change who have broken new ground in building paths to social justice.
The event was held in Hamilton Hall at the U of Arts. Its a beautiful building with a skylight roof. The cocktail reception was excellent
he 30 for 30 Tribute to Change featured a special exhibit of portraits of the nominees by award-winning photographer Harvey Finkle.

Professor Manning Marable was the special guest speaker. You can listen to his speech. There are 5 parts of the speech each about 3 minutes or so. Here is Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Join us for our cocktail reception with beverages generously provided by Barefoot Wines and Flying Fish Brewery and jazz music by U Arts music students.

Two of the 30 are described:

Sister Mary Scullion is the co-founder of Project HOME and has worked for many years to address issues of homelessness in the Philadelphia area.

Matty Hart works for economic and racial justice, LGBTI community development and equity in arts and culture. He was the founder of Spiral Q as well.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Slumloards of the Year

Here is the Slumlord hall of shame as listed in the Daily Journal:
Below is the name and address of the worst offenders and the link to the Daily Journal article of Oct 12. Its only October but the list is deserving of the dubious title as

James Anthony Cinquina (Millionaires in Millville), P.O. Box 221 Linwood
401 East Vine Street
Edward Metzler, 502 Edgewood Avenue, Collings Lakes
701, 703 North 2nd Street
Housing Authority of Millville, Buck Street
304 East Broad Street
306 East Broad Street
Amr M. Selim, 307 Gravel Bend Road, Egg Harbor Township
424 East Broad Street
William & Donna Raively, P.O. Box 560, Minotola
422 East Broad Street
Abdul S & Irene Sheikh, 2002 East 28th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.
320 East Oak Street
Robert & Sheila McCorristin, 122 S. Delancey Place, Atlantic City
322 East Oak Street
Wilfredo Dehoyos, P.O. Box 1672, Pleasantville
430 North 3rd Street
221 South 3rd Street
223 South 3rd Street
Dennis P. Ingraldi, 634 E. Vineland (Vineland Realty Corp.)
403 East Vine Street
427 Mulberry Street
222 South 3rd Street
Lenell Stewart, 480 Maurice River Parkway, Vineland
405 East Vine Street
Toli & Theda Vurganov, 406 Henderson Avenue, Millville
604 East Mulberry Street
Ed LLC & Brian D. Jewell, 1371 Marshall Mill Road, Franklinville
301 North 5th Street
Kenneth Williams, 501-503 Mulberry Street, Millville
501, 503 Mulberry Street
Gasper Oliver, 3562 Laurel Court, Vineland
224-226 Mulberry Street
Michael A. & Denise L. Irion, 1616 Pennsylvania Avenue
217 Mulberry Street
Preston & Anna Centuolo and D. McAnney, 1356 Kirkwood Drive, Vineland
407 Sassafras Street
Preston Centuolo,
He is one landlord that actually spoke to a friend of mine who lives near 407 Sassafras Street. Here is the quote from the Friends of Millville website
"The landlord of one of the nuisance properties. It was refreshing to meet a landlord that actually does care about the neighborhoods. He informed me that until he saw the article in the paper, he had no clue that his property was a problem.Anyway, long story short, he gave me his email and his phone number, and told me to call him whenever there is a problem with any of his properties. He promised to drive right out and address the issue. It is a pleasure to deal with a landlord that does care about the neighborhoods, who wants to be a good neighbor and is willing to work with the city and the residents.
He owns several rentals in the city, and has never received a citation from code enforcement, has never failed a property inspection, and this is the first tenant that he has had problems with."

Bernadette Joseph, 1286 Roosevelt Boulevard, Vineland
100 North 4th Street
Rebecca C. Thompson, 963 Ye Greate Street, Greenwich Township
112 North 4th Street
Lynell Bain, 316 North 4th Street, Millville
316 North 4th Street
Wayne St. Aubyn, P.O. Box 1121, Millville
408 North 4th Street
Melinda B. Guido, 429-431 3rd Street, Millville
429, 431 North 3rd Street
A. Feldman Atlantis Associates and Roy Epstein, P.O. Box 40266, Cherry Hill
425 North 3rd Street
631 Buck Street
Loyce Frank Burgess, 215 East Oak Street, Millville
418 North 3rd Street
Michael Finley & Gwen Etals, 628 Sunset Boulevard, Cape May
415 North 3rd Street
Tammy McCoy, 120 Fernwood Road, Mount Laurel
410 North 3rd Street
Albert R. Detullio, 200 Crescent Boulevard, Millville
301 South 3rd Street
Next Friday LLC, P.O. Box 221, Linwood
301, 303 West Green Street
Vyron Jay Whilden, 618 Church Street, Millville
618 Church Street

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fire.. Fire in Philly

Everyone is to leave their house when the ALARMS GO OFF!!

Wonder if this is from Homeland Security??



Please see the information below on the planned city wide fire drill scheduled for tonight.

[] Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 11:58 AMTo: Center City District PCAN, Law EnforcementSubject: City Wide Fire Drill Tonight

Tonight, Wednesday, October 10th, the Philadelphia Fire Department will be coordinating a city-wide home fire drill to highlight the importance of developing and practicing your home fire escape plans and installing smoke alarms throughout your home or apartment.
At 7:30 PM, fire apparatus sirens throughout the city will sound in all neighborhoods indicating the start of the city-wide fire drill which all Philadelphians are urged to participate in by putting your own escape plans to the test. Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers urges everyone to join their neighbors in the City Wide Home Fire Drill and leave your home in a safe, expedient manner when the alarms sound tonight. Thank you.

Sent by Stacy Irving to Center City District PCAN, Law Enforcement (e-mail accounts) through Alert Philadelphia powered by the Roam Secure Alert Network -------------------------- - To authenticate this message go to - To update your profile or devices go to

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Fall Computer Clean-up

Today I got my computer cleaned out of spyware and got 2 new programs. Adaware and Spybot softwares. The computer does not now take 5 minutes to boot up. Should have done this before but I got used to the thing being slow and I would get coffee or a bite of salad. My computer is now much happier :)

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Livin in Millville

Well the Phillies lost...and the Eagles stink at this point.. Fixed up the garden and will enjoy the day off. Its getting harder to write a blog since now folks know who I am. Oh well its fun anyway.
The turnout for the Oct 2 Commission meeting (Millville) was FANTASTIC

Monday, October 01, 2007

Go Phillies

After 14 years, the Phillies are in the playoffs. Thank you New York Mets!!