Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday, September 30: the last day of the month

Well I woke up to go to a meeting but I was too freaking tired after eight my breakfast. I eventually did get up and remembered to bring
No So p
my lunch that I had bought yesterday at the Indian store. Today at work we feature carfare reports. I think it's going to be mostly carfare for the welfare whacker women.
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Well, turned out to be more than just carfare. I realized how far behind I am at work today. I was pretty tired from the medication came straight
The Bailey Building
home. I ran into Sharon issues getting home from her salon. We both came home Sharon went
City Hall in Early Fall
went to get something and I took a nap until about 720. I then met up with Wes and Mike at Bridget's. I was
Dinner at Bridget's
a good time. I did not realize bridges had a fancy Italian menu. All I see is younger folk talking pretty loud
Wes, Mike, Susan and I
outside the bar. Anyhow, we had a really nice dinner and my brother-in-law and his wife Susan and we had a nice time together. We're all going
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to be going away to various places starting this week. Mike and Wes will be leaving for different destinations. Michael be going to Canada
Sunset with Lots of Helicopters
for a silent retreat for six weeks and Wes be gone as of tomorrow morning for most of October..museum to dinner I was getting really drowsy from the medication for my back. I walked 300 yards
Sharon and crashed the mighty crash. It was a swell day over my friend

Monday, September 29: A Day

Well I woke up with my back stiff as usual. Also found out that yes,  you can do a change of address
online. Here's the kicker they charge you $20 and a form is still required to be completed and brought back to the post office. Also it still takes
My Route to West Philly
in 7 to 10 business days to process the order. So I definitely have a complaint with them. I get it just waited in line filled out a form headed
30th Street
to the dude and got the same thing for lesson for zero dollars.
Well it's gonna be a busy day it's carfare and reports and I'm
Heading to Catch the EL
on the board. Yeah hey!! Turns out the day wasn't quite as frantic as it could've been. I was so thankful for that. I did make a beeline to
Chestnut Street. Going to Dr's
my doctors appointment which thankfully was at 4 PM not 3:45 PM. When I went to the office I was five
Spruce Street
minutes late and she called the doctor to see if the doctor would still see me because they have
My Desk
no grace period for being late to their appointments. I think that's a pretty rich! Well she did see me and that was fine and turns out
that I am on muscle relaxing and an anti-inflammatory. Hopefully, in a week, I will be done with this mess of a seizure of back muscles.After going to the doctor I went back to work till about 530. I then went to CVS and picked up my scripts.

Near 30th Street
I decided to go to Kabobeesh and the Indian general store and got some food. Next, I went to the post office. While there, I dropped off my change of address
Crossing the Bridge
form. I did piss off 1 or 2 folks because there was a massive line!! I just went upfront to the side and handed the paper. I've still can't get over the fact that the US post office says apply
Sit in the Chair
online" and yet it's basically just like it was except you print out your own form and still bring it to 30th St.post office headquarters. I then went to Monday night beginners enjoyed that. I next bolted myself home with my Pakistani food in tow. Sharon what's not feeling so great because she went to the dentist and had some deep gum tissue cleaning.ate my dinner watch John Stewart and went to bed.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday, September 28: A Day to Tidy Up

The View From the Back Porch
Happy early fall to you you all. It is a sunny warm day here in Philadelphia. I got up on this lead 7 o'clock
The Back Patio
took some photos of the sunrise at 7:30 and then went back to bed. Sunday is my day to sleep and got
Center City
up around 10 of nine ate some breakfast and then texted Mike to meet me at the bar none at 10 so I can
The Bar None
give him his check. Topic was good it was about anger. Afterwords Mike opened up his check and
Milk & Honey Cafe
it was about three grand and so he's in good shape for the time being. I'm happy for him at the same time
Mike Going Home
, Pat need some funding do the bills so I'm gonna take the money Mike's going to pay me and front of the
30th Street
Pat to help him out. On my can I locked until he went off to catch the owl and I went to cats a 21 to 30th
Nice View
St. post office. I want to get the change of address done. I got to the post office and as I was waiting
The Route Back
in line ahead of a pamphlet that I can change my address online so I quickly got out of line and
walked from 30th St. 22nd the county either the seventh or the 48. Well today is Sunday and they have
Near the Art Museum
a Puerto Rican parade so all the Center City buses seem to be detoured. I luckily read the 48 is divergent
all over the place and I caught the seventh seven bus at 22nd and Market. The bus instead of going
More Photobombing
straight up 22nd goes all the way down to 16th Street. Next, the bus goes up to Spring Garden Street.
My Feta Omelet
Finally, the seven bus goes from Spring Garden to 22nd where it takes us right back to its original route 7
My Stuff
route. Well I arrived here at 24 Street and we decided to check out the Puerto Rican parade festival.
Fairmount Ave
We took pictures and hung out and then we decide to eat at little Pete's. There we had a big bonus brunch
Larry Watching the Eagle Lose
to power ourselves forward to our cleanup. That's the same little Pete's that's near my old doctors
Eagles Blowing it on 4th and Goal
office Dr. Cohen is who I'm speaking of. I got most my stuff up well half of it I'd say. Pretty tired. It's pretty warm outside and I'm taking a break it's 5:10 PM I'm supposed to meet Larry downtown at 7:30. He invited me to watch Eagles game and currently the Eagles are leading 7–3 over the San Francisco 49ers. My friend Joe Invited me off to a Korean barbecue but obviously got to get this moving stuff done. I got as much of it is possibly could. I then went to the meeting and that was pretty good. I ran into Larry and Veronica at Saxbys and watch the Eagles lose 2621. Eagles have the ball on the 4 yard line on three times and couldn't get it in BOOO..!
I then chilled out and then cooked up some pasta to end a very productive weekend despite my neck and back stiffness

Saturday, September 27: I Choose 2 Move

Merideth Street
I also took some time to take care of some banking issues that needed prompts attention.Good morning America. Today
is Saturday and its sunny outside. I got up at 7:22am and decided I needed to skip the men's meeting
Cool Church o 24th
. I did some studying at the Starbucks and then went to class about five minutes late. Class was pretty cool we did a lot of discussing
That is the Place
about the three short stories that we were critiquing for last week. I must say that folks in this class a very
Heading Downtown
strong opinions. I even asked the teacher what you thought of blogs. She stated she didn't have anything
My Directions if Route was NOT Deotured
against them per se, but the writing and I'm a sloppy. I guess I'm not going to promote my blog to her
Short Story Class
that's for sure. I'm sure it doesn't meet up to a professional writers standards. Just before I went to class
Bacillica of St Peter and Paul
I decided I would rent a car and start moving my stuff completely out of the apartment. The car rental
Logan Circle
starts at 1:30 and ends at 5:15. That should give me plenty of time to move and to go back-and-forth
Church on N 20th
at least once or twice. It's the 19th and Poplar Street. I decided I'd walk up 19th St. since it's such a beautiful day
Neighborhood Nearby
The walk up 19th St. going north is very very nice. On the same block I saw a classic 66 Mustang and
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pictured and 1957 Dodge Cornet. The dude actually got the thing the start. I picked up the car and
Eithopian Festival
noticed that I had no gas card so they told me to charge it on my card and email the receipt after I take a
Movin out
picture of it. I plan to go about this just nice and slow and not stress out just go with the flow man. 
Found These
Hey are you weekend warriors.Well the car rental and moving went pretty well I have to admit.  As I approached  
Driving My Stuff
my West Philly apartment, I n
oticed that there was a Ethiopian fast that blocked off 44th street from
Leaving the Old Neighborhood
Chestnut through Walnut. I lucked out and got a spot right in front of my West Philly apartment on the 2nd
Holloween at Eastern State Penententy
attempt @ parking.  I managed to do it on my own so all that's needed to be moved are the futon,
My Stuff in One Room
a bookshelf, a couple of photos, The two printers and a little bit of miscellaneous stuff. I'm pretty tired I'm
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settling down for the night at my humble abode on 24th and Fairmount. I seem to of aggravated my back
that I had heard three or four days ago probably due to the chill in the air that was present early last week.
I'm really glad I got that done and now I can sort of just ease into things. One of them is doing a change of address.