Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29th 2013: Feel the Cheez!

Chestnut Street
2nd to Last day of April 2013, came and went. Where did April go?. It was a cool month like every April seems to be over past several years. I notice I say its cold on this blog EVERY April.
Went to Sunrise late then I went to work. While getting to work, I
Life: A Maze
missed getting off the 21 and ended up at 63rd St. I was right at 63rd & Market and took the EL back to 56th Street.once there I got some work done and then I worked late with Peter.
Add caption OK??
Just 2 more days till I get to
go to Buffalo via the Megabus. I don;t have much Elyse to say except this song. "The ink is black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write. " This
The World is more then Black
and White People!
song I remember from Tom Flocco's choir and or music class. This song is so cheezy. OMG
The ink is black
The page is white
Together we learn to read and write
The child is black
The child is white
The whole world looks upon the sight
The beautiful sight

And now a child can understand
The Gate

That this is the law of all the land
All the land

The world is black
The world is white
It turns by day and then by night
The child is black
The child is white
Together they grow to see the light
To see the light
I can taste Buffalo Now
just listen to it.
I need to get Grumpy Cat on this!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday April 28: Antiques and Old Thyme Folk

$300 Bucks and its Yours
i it's a beautiful Saturday morning at the end of April got up and
Back of the Mystery Jacket
messed with the  computer then I caught the 21. While waiting for this bus to show up, I met couple of short women who run a damsels blog and I shared my blog. Went to  3rd and  South  Streets ready to go to Bar None. and I'm wearing a strange jacket. I do not know where it come from but I found it in my closet after I go my
A Pretty Spring Day
place cleaned up. and changed my profile picture.. It's a photo with me posing with sponges. I went to a flea market. It had the old Americana
Not All are Pleased
stuff you see everywhere but it was strange with  good looking folks and Nazi and Commie items. The Nazi buttons were $85 bucks and this woman was on guard that nobody is to take photos of her and her husbands stuff.
Maternity 2013
It was also weird
Well, later,the clouds started to gather. I took a nap Pat and I went to see Dakota Dave Hull at homebody's house tonite. He is a folk guitarist and pretty famous. He was called t We go to hang with the greatest guitarist of the world. to hang out with the most interesting  people in West Philadelphia. It was a fun time and you can see videos in my YouTube account with 2 sets of music. After the concert,  chilled out of home all day
Maternity 1976
took a nap and watch some Good things

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Song of Saturday: DJ Cornmeal

Hey   I am on a crowded 21 bus now. It must been late cause its standing room only. Going to a meeting now. When it's over at 9:15, i need to go to the dry cleaners to pick up some shirts and go to the
Waiting for 44 Bus
laundromat as well. It's nice out now. Here is my report about Friday.
We finished lunch at a place called Honeygrow. It was a pretty cool place. You order by touchscreen and they have locally grown food . She finished and left and I ate the left Now going to catch the bus back to DA hood. Taking.the 65 bus to 69th St Terminal   Dr Shlomo and the GI Clinic
Gerber Baby by Pat
From there I will take the EL back to 46th Street. It's 1:21 pm. I did take the bus to 8th and Morris Streets for a real message and then I went back to West Philly to take photos of his baby sketch. He was happy for the result and he did work hard though several revisions. After that
I waited for 24 minutes for the 21 bus. It ended up that another 21 bus was right behind us. Its no wonder I waited almost 30 minutes. I Got a jacket that I THOUGHT was Drew's but damn it was not, it was a mystery jacket with some writing with a band called
Have you ever heard of them. I never saw them in basement parties I went to. Anyway I went to Saxby's to meet up with Drew and hang outShortie Jizzle and the Plumbercracks.              I guess they play in larger venues. It was a good sunny day but a bit on the weird as well.
before Madeline picked me up. I invited Drew to come with us and we went to dinner at a billiards place that serves good restaurant food. The topic of family court and seeing kids was discussed and got intense.  Next we went to see a move at the Ritz which was cool. I forgot the name of the move but the theme was written by band called  Obesity Epidemic.  I thought they sounded like a cross between Bob Marley and the Chipmonks. Wow! That was a sound to behold.
I found the JACKET!!! I am so happy I could just quit me job and regret it like a dream I just had!

I love fires!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday and Stuff

Its Friday and Spring is moving right along right now. I made a good impression at the meeting this morning by raising my hand and turning over my time to the sister of  a man who has 1 7 years of
Fire Drill

sobriety. I met a dude named Houston and we talked about how young women are etc. I then went off to work at the welfare wakka. I got a fruit salad that was not tasting good and I chucked it. It was
Add caption

odd not having an appetite.As an aside I have one now after taking a nice 2 hr nap.
I went to hang at Pat;s, walk his dogs and

then I then rode on his motorcycle with him on a pet sitting job in Powelton village. After that not sure but I will end up being asleep and then getting up and finishing my sleep at my  place.
I do need sleep since I have a busy Saturday ahead of me.
I will hit the men-s meeting  then meet a woman at a coffee place in Bala Cynwyd.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Moms Love Business Trips: The Untold Story LOL!!!

I happened upon this article on the Huffington Post. They have an ENTIRE section on this kind of stuff. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal about "Mommy Business Trips." I was at Starbucks yesterday and I just happened to take this photo. Why? Because the way the article was PASTED on the VERY top of the WSJ.  Well the article on Huffington Post had women outraged at the condescending tone and for me the best part was the inane and stupid graphics in the WSJ article. Check them out. They are just way too funny. As the writer in the Huffington Post says:
In case you're having trouble visualizing such debauchery, the WSJ helpfully provided a graphic, with drawings of these so-called moms, all of whom appear to be visiting our planet from the year 1983


Man what a fun way to start a Friday. I mean I am sure my fellow male bloggers who ACTUALLY make a living blogging have more fun then that woman in the graphic lying on the dirty hotel carpet gorging on the cheese dip. Have a great Friday!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blurb and Other Life Happenings: 25 April

I went back to sleep working on my book.
I decided to go back to sleep and be late for work. I got up early for meeting and instead bought 2  books by a glass artist I know on Amazon. I found out she made a photo book on a website called
Gee I Wonder Why
blurb.com. Well they this option that you can create your own photo book from your Facebook photos!!
Well I spent over an hour working on my own book of Facebook photos and when I went to save and order it, their server went down! I got a password & account and tried 4 times, I then went back to sleep. I got up at 11 and am just getting to work NOW!
It's 11:31 am.
Fruit Stand Across from My Place on 44th Street
Well I sent an email to Blurb.Still cool at this hour. At least I won't fall asleep at group tonite. I also have a Psych apt at 9:30 tonite!
I got the email back from Blurb and this is what I got.See below these photos to see what I have to do to make my browser work with Blurb
City Hall
Thank you for contacting Blurb. I'm sorry to hear the site isn't behaving properly for you. Please try the following steps to get this working:
1) Make sure your browser's privacy/security settings allow cookies (at least from Blurb.com). The option is usually found under the Preferences or Tools/Options menu, privacy or security tab. 2) Please clear your browser’s cookies and the cache (cache/private data choices are usually near the cookies options) 3) Update your browser (either via the browser's website, or from within the program's Help or About menu)
4) If necessary, please try again using a different browser (such as Firefox instead of Internet Explorer). One of these workarounds should do the trick! If not, please let me know. Best Regards, MarĂ­liaBlurb Customer Support
Walnut Street Looking East.
I had a very busy day at the welfare wakka. The day just breezed by cause I arrived about 2 hrs late. I then met Larry for a coffee at Starbucks. The scene was pretty cool and we went to group. It was good we had a dental student join us. She knows another friend of mine. Its a small world after all. I plan to go on a 3rd date
Heading to Starbucks!
Saturday on City Line Ave at the Corner Bakery Cafe at 12:30. Before that I plan to attend the men's meeting. I
Outside Starbucks
hope to have Drew over to gear the apartment for Dean's eventual arrival. I have no idea when he is going to be set free from the clink. Of course the bonehead social worker is not helping much. Oh well no need to rush myself in to an upset. No reason at all
I ended up not going to Dr. Cohen. I just remembered at 11:55 pm tonite. I am good with the meds, I need not worry about that for the time being. I am going to to keep work on making my own photo book with Booksmart .I want to  make a coffee table book that folks can enjoy. Right now its an indulgence that I have been meaning to do for YEARS! That is my passion and I hope I can move forward with it this Summer.
My Place
As for now its Buffalo starting next Weds night for an all night Megabus Trip. Then 2 weeks later its Greyhound to Portland Maine for my friend's 2nd wedding. I checked out the Official Facebook Wedding Page and I appear to be the only person coming from the Philadelphia Area. I was invited to a Goth event that Friday night. Well, THAT ought to be a trip for this 51 year old man to experience. Instead of me scaring the young girls, I think I am going to be the SCARED one for sure.
Good night and be well.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some News: April 24th

60th Street West Philly
Hello!! Wednesday April 24th. I went to Sunrise and then met the lady who was to give my place a cleaning. This was needed since the absent roommate is due to be realized soon. He said it was going to be last week but now its 11:45 pm which means its about 15 minutes to Thursday.At work, it  very busy day since I was on call along with one other co-worker.After work, I want to the shoppers AA where I had a tough time staying awake. I went to my 6:45  massage appointment that I had set up yesterday since my feet were a bit achy.  then I bought milk ( can't find it now..) At that point, I went to Pat's to chill out.  
12th and Chestnut
anyhow Nap and eat some dinner. Well I took a nap and ran into my neighbor Kendell and Alicia while I was walking home.
I got some good news today. Benefits will be arriving  and this person is going to get paid after 2 or more years of waiting. Good job!
Well, Rachel Maddow commented on the right-wing conspiracy theories that are being bandied about the government staged the bombings in Boston. I touched on this earlier this week on my blog. Its good to see somebody question them.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conspiracy Update

Use fake quote!
Read the links below. Then read the

Email below!!!This just blew my mind

My ID was stolen and I do not like my name being associated with this mess. I was in Boston for the run but that is as far as it went. The rest was made up lies. Please remove the blog.

I have read about you and your observations at the Boston Marathon. Did you know that your eyewitness account is being quoted by folks who see a FBI conspiracy???

Here is a blog I wrote about this stuffhttp://bit.ly/11xEiUk

I wrote the Arthur of the article to make a redaction
Dear Mr. Sharp

I wrote about about the Boston Marathon bombing on my blog. I touched on how some contend that the FBI was somehow involved in the bombing
In your article http://bit.ly/10xF8nw
you quoted a Alastair Stephenson as saying that he noticed more bomb sniffing dogs at the beginning of the race. Your article was picked up by this blog called. A Russ Baker penned this long article using Mr. Stephenson's name and the made up quote you attributed to Mr Stephenson, http://bit.ly/Z4X3jt

Well, sir I received a stern email from aforementioned Mr. Stephenson saying flatly.

"My ID was stolen and I do not like my name being associated with this mess. I was in Boston for the run but that is as far as it went. The rest was made up lies. Please remove the blog"

I believe that he has asked you to correct and redact your article! He
had thought you made corrections.

I ask you to please correct the record,
I will check in a week.

Thanking you in advance,
Mark Krull

Overnight Thoughts on April 23rd

The media is now under more scrutiny then ever before. I think this is a good thing since in the search for ratings and
advertising dollars, the rush to create a WhoWhatWhy that has an article of "What the Media Didn't Warn you About."  It does make a decent critique of the media coverage but veers close to paranoid conspiracy. The critique concerns the "narrative" that the media gives out during the blanket  coverage of the bombing and its aftermath. The narrative according to the article in question states there several themes to this:

"scoop is stronger then ever.  A case in point is the Boston Marathon bombing. I just read in a blog called
Worry, But Not Too Much
-Substitute for Substance
Looking for a Conspiracy!

Searching for More!
Next,  the article asks the question. "What Gets Blocked Out?' and gives the gun control legislation that went down in flames even with the 90% approval for the bill's only purpose which was to expand background checks. It appears that the NRA and its allies were beneficiaries of the the media obsession with the Marathon Bombing.
A 2nd story that was barely covered was the HUGE fire  and explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant. This event caused more deaths then at Boston but did not have the appeal of being in Boston and it happened to working-class stiffs at a Right to Work state. The plant was not inspected for 5 years since there have been cutbacks in funding for inspectors.

I did like this part of the article. It was well thought out and asks the right questions.

Under the Watchful Eye.
Only when the article, under the heading: FBI Missteps  the conspiracy talk starts. This part of this article talks about a  man named Alastair Stevenson . He states he saw bomb-sniffing dogs before the start of the race.  This man is quite full of himself  so  we must all do some critical thinking on this!! The article is even-handed and well-written until it links to this  paragraph from a Mobile Alabama online article
Going Retro for Facts!

While there is no confirmation yet on whether the blasts were the result of a terrorist attack, Stevenson said something he saw before the race was unusual.
"At the starting line this morning, they had bomb sniffing dogs and the bomb squad out there," he said. "They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise."
He added, "I've run a lot of races like this one, but I never saw bomb dogs at the starting line of any running event. It led me to believe that something like (a bomb detonation) might have happened."

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cold, Tired, and Feeling Good on April 22 2013

Good evening. It was sure a cold day out today. Umm its April 22 and it was near freezing outside this morning. I was tired all day but it turned out to be a pretty decent day. I did not have a lot of clients to see and I got one report done! I ate yummy leftovers from two restaurants I had gone to last week. I then went to Pat's house and did my favorate thing, NAP. Love that mellow house he has. I hope to have dinner with him tomorrow.
Speakng of tomorrow, I am meeting Drew at my place to bring the wire to set up my place for when Dean gets here. After a 7 pm meeting, I am going to Larry's to get my HP computer back from his cousin Bill. Its been since March 11 since I have had that computer. Last night I was up too late (4:30am) watching "Fail" videos and newscaster bloopers. Speaking of bloopers I am writing a response to the media coverage of the Boston Marathon. May 1st I take a bus ride to Buffalo just like last year. This should be a hoot.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cool Breezy Sunday

Good morning it is sunny cold and windy out today I went to the satellite lounge to meet a friend after I finished up my blog about yesterday. I saw Mike Watson as well. It was cool and we had some laughs I walked from 50th and Baltimore to 44th and Baltimore where I caought the 34 trolley to 30th Street. I got the   EL  to 5th then the 57 to Bambridge .  We were to pick out fabric for my place.
Hair Cut
An Old Friend
I made it and met up with Drew. Drew met an older Ethiopian lady and looked at the fabric shops and they were ALL closed.  We went to Starbucks with Ethiopian woman in tow. I  registered my Starbucks card we hung out then for awhile since Drew was awaiting a visit from a friend. we walked up South Street and a woman from the consignment shop  said there was a place called Fleischmanns Fabrics which is open and sells fabric.
Mural on North 52nd Street
We browsed for 10 minutes and checked out the prices. It was going to get pricey and we could not really decide. Drew then  came up with a great idea!! The ideas was to let Dean pick out the fabric and pay
Friend from ICA
for it. We both really liked the idea. Drew will drop off the wire at my place Tuesday. We chilled in the
Fliceshmen's Fabric
brilliant sun and then then went our separate ways.  Since I had a date in Ardmore, I went to the chop shop got my haircut and I caught  the 40 bus from sixth and Lombard to 42nd and Market which
Walnut Street Waiting for 21.
is about a block from Pat's home. I  took some pictures of a baby sketch and then went home showered and shaved and took the bus to 69th St terminal and JUST missed the 105 bus. The next bus was at 6:00 so had to take a cab to be there on time to meet her.We had a nice dinner and she then had to go straight back home. I caught a 44 bus which ended at city line Avenue and now I got the 52 going to Market Street. I got the El then the trolley to 19th street and went to the Sunday night meeting.