Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30: The 2nd to the Last Day!

Walking out in Overbrook Farms
Well I got up for the hearings and they went alright but that one cup of
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Starbucks wasn't enough to keep me from being bleary-eyed after last night and last weekend escapades.
I got a new dispatch from the drama 

"Just got the text below the discharging him from PENN!!  gave him a piece of his mind over the phone. but I've no idea where the hell he is going to go!!!

 I spoke w *** today and apparently he is getting discharged.  He refused Drug rehab again.  Thus, per   advice I tried a different approach.  Told him he was a full on junkie and that his leg was fine. He insisted he had an infection but I told him he didn't know what was good for himself and that he was just chasing drugs.  Told him
everything that came out of his mouth was a lie and that the only place for him was rehab. I reemphasized that he had done no work or introspection and asked him if sending suicide notes to his mother to make her call him was progress?? Finally I said call me when you want to actually do something positive with your life and hung up the phone. I'm still in DC not due back until 530.  Let me know if anyone is up for a Brooke Glen run today if he calls back."
My Desk Today
Eagles game is fantastic and on Facebook this morning somebody made that comment: "My vacuum broke so I put a Dallas star on it and it sucks again!"
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I came home and hour early from work I was exhausted took a nap and got up at around 625. It's
now 725 time to go out the Overbrook Farms

Dec 29th: Real Sane and A Long DAY!!

How I started my day!
Update on **. I walked down to the emergency department this morning at
9:30 spoke to the nurse and the doctor. I told her he he is not permitted back to my place. I told them he tried to cut himself and that I would give them his clothes and effects back.
they told me that he would not be released today. Back to that drama filled
40 bus after the Bar None

Cute Dogs with Bill
adventure at a later time.
After going to the bar none I then went to
Twisted Shorts!
The South Street diner to have a little bite to eat with a couple people afterwords. That was pretty cool. I then went to 21st
My Zip-Car
and south to hang out with my friend Bill. We then watched a twisted movie called movie 34 which was some shorts movie shorts
Student, neighbor and homeowner
that were really twisted. After that I was getting kind of depressed watching the twilight zone and we watched Anchorman the original movie. That
My gift from Alice
was pretty funny! Bill hooked me up and he served up some gumbo which was
Larry and Cleo
delicious. I then took the buses back to home, hung out with Mike and then went to 4021 and it was not too
bad. At that point I rescheduled my meeting with the woman from overbooked 8 o'clock. So I had the book at 8 o'clock get the ZipCar drive out to
2 point conversion attempt
her place. She ran late I came over there she wanted to sit down and have dinner but I committed to watching the Eagles game which is now 17 to 10 Eagles.
Game-winning Interception
As you know I was scheduled for petsitting for the month of January for an additional $500. I am pet sitting for
View from 40 Bus
woman out at Overbrook Farms. 
I had an 8 o'clock appointment with her which dragged out 9 pm. I rented the Zip Car to get there I had to return the rental
Eagles kept the game from being tied!
car to the Fresh Grocer garage and now I'm walking to 40 street to catch the El.
I'm getting off at second Street to watch the Eagles game with Larry I will get to see the second half. The game was really good I enjoyed
Cool arraignment of letters
 my time hanging out at Larry's and  mellowed out. I then left to catch the EL at 2nd St, I then realized I didn't have my laptop with me that I brought with me to Larry's. jumped off the chance 40th went back. I just missed the train and I looked for my laptop people poke for it and then I realized it one the morning that there were no more EL trains running. I ended up getting a bus to 15th and Arch.I walked all the way 52nd and market Street or I finally caught a Night Owl bus to 63rd and Lancaster then I walk to 63rd and Sherwood and finally got in around three in the morning. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

An eventful day: what can I say?!?

Got up around 730 and had breakfast at Larry's. As I was leaving Larry's, walking out the door I 17 bus. I was happy as a  clam because the 17 goes right up 19th Street right here
Went to the men's. It was good as usual
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to pick up my money for dog walking in the woman wasn't even there to think
that I got a ride back downtown from the same gentleman so you know that was pretty cool so now going to the Apple Store. I first have to hit the Starbucks to get relief and then get...
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We interrupt this  sunny afternoon for a a message I got a call I just left call found out and that a roomate
Being Taken Away
become a risk!!
I called an ambulance and now he's been admitted at the University of
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Pennsylvania Hospital. I hope they give him the help that he's not been able to get himself
After that I needed something to eat so I was going to get a smoothie and realize I lost my wallet
Drew and I on the Vine Expressway
on the route 21 bus. I got nothing 15th and Chestnut. May thing I did as I walk to the closest TD Bank at 17th and Walnut to replace my
card. While waiting to be serviced to TD three buses 321 buses that is came and went no wallet.
Fun for a Sat nite
Then a freaking miracle I checked one more bus and dashed out of that door so fast and he had my wallet it's a freaking miracle.
 So next I did get a haircut and a place Larry recommended and I got my goatee clipped that was good. Heading with the Larry's got a smoothie and showered up for the night ahead. 
The day DID I get better!! A buddy and I went on a double date. It was cool. We ate at Banana Leaf in Chinatown and then  walked to  Society Hill and Old City. We ended the evening at Midtown diner. We walked the ladies back to their car at the parking lot and Julie night parted ways him to pick his bike up and need to walk to Larry's. Now time to get some sleep.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cember 27th: The Last Friday

On the 21
Good morning capital people in other space adventures. I got up on time for the meeting got there on time with Mike
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that was pretty good and then buy a managed to catch a 21 bus to get home. Where I got my backpack
Friend on the 21 Bus
I forgot and my teeth brushed and my pills,my morning dose of pills that is.
I had a pretty productive day at work & got most of my carfare, done that had to get done by Tuesday
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 New Years Eve! I then got in this assignment to do 10 appeals downtown Monday starting at 9 o'clock. Now I  am walking down 56 to larchwood walking this dog one last time. I was to go to 4th  and Pine at 7, but I was so tired that I stayed home and crashed or a few hours. I woke up around 9 and went to dinner with Mike at kebab-ish. I then packed up for Larry's. I  arranged our double date with Drew and went to Larry's.
The G Bus

Yup, the G Again

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013 the day after

Well thanks to Amy and I got enough sleep for a cold but less frigid day. I fixed up the last two blog entries and showed up the sunrise a little late in the attendance was not as big.
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 as normal. I was very fortunate I got a ride to my 56 and larchwood pet sitting job and
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arrive work close to being on time. Today's been quite busy for the day after a holiday Christmas style. I'll be working on
my trance past write-ups and my alternates out and I seen his people. I next back to go to the Apple Store to try to fix a couple glitches that I can't figure out and maybe go to a 7 o'clock meeting.
57th Street Facing Market
The G Bus
First things first I just tore a gaping hole in my pants so I can throw these pants out.
Work was not so bad even though
Window on 44th
I was pretty busy with my alternate's people etc. I left right on time and went straight out to larchwood or fortunately did catch the jeep us. I took the lock dog for a very long walk and it took forever for the dog just to pee. What's fortunate I was able to catch the 42 bus 2/44 and Spruce.
5:53 pm
I'm going to go home see if the roommates are there and
throw out these pants are the big gaping hole in the side near my leg.It's Thursday night usually go to group but it Hampel or postpone the Monday you know the meaning I'm not allowed to go to, and going to a living sober meeting which would be a first. Starts at 7 PM
. It went well and I hung out at Saxby's. I then went to Larry's to meet up with his cat Cleo. I then went back to 44th and Sansom and make more juice and ate 2 Avocatos