Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Went to a co-worker's wedding Sat November 5th. It was held in Chinatown. It had
a 11 course meal including jellyfish and plenty of Heiniken and Corona bought to our tables.
The Groom was quite the crooner. A fun way to spend my birthday :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bush and the Cronies

This President has put his agenda of helping his buddies, banrupting the govt
and lying to get its way.
I am glad that Democrats have shown some backbone in forcing the Senate to look into the how the Bush Administration tricked the public and press (e.g. Judith Miller) in this war in Iraq.
Keep up the good work Senator Reid. Give him a call (202) 224-3542 and let him know you support his effort.
You KNOW the Republicans are gonna go after him like they do all who DARE oppose them.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Ratables Chase

In New Jersey and here is South Jersey the is great pressure to build.
a term for this pressure is the RATABLES CHASE. It is described here in 1998 by then Governor Whitman.

"The ratables chase is the propensity of some local governments to pursue additional property tax revenue through land development, or the addition of tax ratables. Unfortunately, without proper planning these actions frequently result in the addition of services required to support this development which cost more than the revenue generated. The end result is less open space and higher property taxes for the entire community."

There seems to be a ton of pressure to find ratables. I have been to City Commisson meetings and have heard the leaders earnestly talk of needing more development to give tax realief.
The city of Millville is run by the City Commission. I am impressed with the work they have done with the Arts District. I live right next to it and it is nice to be able to walk around to stores and get a cup of coffee. The Mayor of Milville Jim Quinn I think says it well:

"Millville is the poorest city in the state, and as long as environmentalists refuse to compromise, it will always be the poorest," said Mayor Jim Quinn, who got his start in politics announcing the Millville High School football games in the late 1960s.
Quinn, a former county freeholder who owns local cable and radio stations, said that unless the state begins repairing inequities in the tax structure, South Jersey towns like Millville desperately need development.

We are told to keep the Arts District going and keep taxes stable we need a a motersports park
a bigger mall with a Target store and more residentual development. I think that there needs to be some careful planning or Millville might be like North Jersey. Lets hope we are not
going to be like a cat chasing its tail

I think the racetrack proposal with safeguards is not such a bad idea. I like some others think
it might help the downtown. I worry about the traffic and the seeming rosy seneiros stated by
the proponents.
These issues have have caused stong feeling. Some have charged "outside" environmental groups as elitists who dismiss Millville's need for jobs.

Being election day being a week away, we need to damand action on the tax system in this state.
There has been a settlement in regards to the Motersports Park. It was FIRST reported in the PHILLY INQUIRER today November 2 2005!