Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday, June 29: Sun and Cooler! Will We Have a State Budget on Time?

Good day. I woke up to a much less humid morning. I was pretty darn tired getting up but I did get my butt out of bed. I  took a shower and got
breakfast on the way out. I took one of those granola bars we
19th Street
had in the house. That kept me going to the early morning hours. I went to the Sunrise and I did  share.
A Day in the Life Video
I thought that was decent. I also talked to my sponsor which was good. He wants to know how to write a
blog and I'm looking forward to teaching him. Anyhow, I got to work late. I didn't want to work on some of the orchid until pop when I was interviewing 13 people yesterday. It turned out I had 6
My Computer at Work
no-shows. You want to shut up it would've been 19 people. The show rate was over 50% which
Inside Work
was good. Well I have to finish an online training and I waited last hour to do it. It was a lot longer than
The Building I Work
I thought it would be. You couldn't fast-forward through it. I don't want to read the stuff that was
15th and Market
printed on the computer. I was doing while waiting for this woman to finish. I did manage to finish
Sun Streak at Walnut
before the assistant administrator hounded me out of the office. I I left Market Frankford Line 
to 15th and Market to Coffee Joe. It has the coolest Air-conditioning around blog look at
Blogging and Watching
Facebook and enjoy the sun and the cool AC in here. Do some people watching of course. I can feel my mood changing as I push back the negativity in the AC. Well the hopes of getting a budget in Pennsylvania on time  increased today. The PA senate pass their version of the state budget today.


Our union supposed to negotiate starting again July 18. That is over 3 weeks from now. Well hopefully
Outside Coffee Joe
the budget will be passed cleanly by the 18th. Both sides are acting like reasonable adult this time around as compared to last year. Linda day to be walking around Center City. I meant a nice woman who wanted to know where the
Chestnut Street
banana republic outlet was. She was walking the wrong way so I can hear her back toward 19th.
Reading the Phone
Nice outside. On my appointment went well and I found out she is pregnant due sometime in in the Fall. Interesting isn't it? Anyhow it went well. I then came home and Sharon made up
A Nice Day
Yum! Chicken
chicken and green beans along with this delicious white chocolate putting that she created. She also
Homemade Beer Bread
made from pure bred for herself. Looking low. She said she could put seltzer or another beverage
with carbonation that's not alcohol. That was nice of her to think of me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday, June 28: Humid! A Late Meeting

Well, despite going to bed very late came home late etc. I get OK this morning. I rolled out of bed got dressed and headed out. My goal was to walk to
To Baltimore Ave
dog make the meeting and then go work on time.
Out to West Philly
Well, two out of three ain't bad. The dog made a mess, a piece of artwork crashed to the ground and
49th Street
almost broke a mirror. That was a good time and I would just cut my losses get a nice coffee and early
One of the Dogs I Walked
for a change. While I was doing all this I was poking the bear. After yesterday's abortion decision the
This Fell
pro life extremist were out in full force. I of course had to put my contrary call me liberal views upon the
circle jerk of Facebook comments.
This just in after 8:28 AM. Buddy Ryan dead at 82! He was
Getting Iced Coffee
oh well regarded and loved coach from his players and two Eagle fans everywhere. RIP Buddy!!
Sam's Place

Boy it's been quite an eventful June out here in the good old US of A. I took the 42 bus and I warily
up the 59th St. but that's not far from where I work and 58th St. It is really humid out here I'm glad I work  indoors! Well I arrived at 8:39 AM. I have a ton of clients
60th Street
coming in today and my supervisors back
from the south. I got some food ice coffee and I got a cool off and then change into
Where I get Lunch
my appropriate work gear.
It's 3:03 PM I just finished seeing about 10 clients today. It's
very humid and cloudy. I think the clouds are keeping it from being ridiculously hot. Good afternoon how are you? I just finished work after  interviewing
13 people. The day went  pretty fast. It is god
Walking From Work
awful humid right now. I'm waiting for the train. I hope you get some ice coffee and mellow out before a
meeting I'm going to tonight at 7:30 PM
I had a delicious tuna hoagie. It really filled me up good that's
Coffee Joe
for sure. I still have a little bit left but I'm going to eat when I get off this train. Well I went to the coffee to go and hung out there for about an hour and a half. It was very chilly but felt great compared to what it was
Its Time
outside. I stayed there a bit too long and had to take the cab to the meeting that within 444 N. 3rd St. I
Heading North on 3rd
did get to present the flyer in front of the assembled folks. I think people 
liked it. There were a lot
Add caption
of people at that meeting there were new GSRs there. I didn't cook a 48 bus home and relax with Sharon
Add caption
for a moment and then shower and got ready for bed.

Monday, June 27: Dog Walking, Work Then RAIN! Abortion and Brexit Results

When I woke up, I was feeling really exhausted so I skipped getting up for meetings and proceeded
Sharon's Table Book
then to get up a little later and take a shower and eat breakfast. I decided that I wouldn't be late to work
Funny Color
to walk the dog. I decided that I would take an extended lunch since I didn't have very many people
scheduled. Well I plowed through some work didn't and didn't d thank you Patrick. I did clean up
Poking Around
my list of sanctions for a report that is due today. Well it turned out there are only two client showed
West Phily
up one was scheduled and one wasn't. The other one rescheduled for other days. I then took
My Old Neighborhood
a walk outside with and get the dog walking. It went fairly smooth way. The dog didn't do any crap
Add caption
and they did their business in a timely manner. I then went back to work the rent fall because I was a
The Old House
little bit sweaty running around. I did some handy shorts and a clean T-shirt to change into and that
Bodega @ 49th and Locust
really help me feel human after I came back at work feeling a bit sweaty.  I worked on my flyer for the last half-hour at work. I'm going to Larry & Veronica's place between seven and 745 depending
Catching the Bus Back to Work
Ending Work
on what I decide to do.. The have a printer and I'm going to have Veronica help me with making it
Add caption
look pretty. I'll email a copy of it and you can look at it if you have a minute.

It's due tomorrow
Cake and the Beanstalk
evening @ 7:30 PM.
I got it saved just in time before my boss literally stood over my shoulder and told me to log out and
12 Street Mural
leave. I was very fortunate I started doing my project before she stood over me. I wasn't able to get a print
Sitting at Cosi
copy but I don't think that matters. As I was going towards the early night out, I decided to go to springboard
Heading West
media and get a new cover for my iPhone. I could tell that the case was grimy. One of my buttons
Coffee Joe's
I could barely put Shin because of it. When when the springboard employee took off the
Cool Wheels
phone case, there were brown rings on the back of my iPhone like I set shot glasses or coffee cops
Add caption
on him. It was obvious some liquid had feet under the phone. I'm very lucky the phone didn't get screwed up.
Rain Starts
He recommended  A brand called Speck. So I got the case and the glass cover. The phone feels thinner
Printing 1st Draft
and looks a lot cleaner as well. I am pleased. I decided I'd go to Monday night beginners so I
The First Bus I Was to Use
took the bus up to the Coffee Joe after hanging out at Cosi. There wasn't that much people watching
Larry and Veronica Being Married
going on.
I left a little early from the beginners since I was running late
My Flyer
to go to Larry's place. His wife is going to help me with my choir event tomorrow night at 7:30 PM. It's
Towards W Philly
advertising a bus trip to New York on October 7 to visit the General Service Office.
Add caption
  It started to rain around 6 PM by the time I left Larry's place to head to West Philly to walk the dogs
Iceland Beats England
it was pouring. I was pretty wet when I got Hazel Avenue. I did manage to walk the dogs and feed them.
Add caption
It was a late movie Uber Pool was cheap and it was a good decision to take Uber out back home because
Raining HARD!
out of it and possibly wet Uber. We ate taking the scenic route I am with someone else. He
Add caption
dropped her off.  We were in the neighborhood kind of close to 
where I live. I took my
Uber Saves the Day
work clothes off took a shower and ate a very late dinner. 
Enough mention that to scream court boating 5 to 3 to overturn the Texas restrictive abortion law.
Supreme Court Abortion Decision
Folks are saying that this is a very important decision since antiabortion folks have  been instituting the law for the safety of the woman. It was a very full day.