Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec 30

Well, my last day of my workweek came and went. I did the usual errends and did some of them early. Work was impossibly busy and I could not wait to get home and have 3 days off. We had Smart Dogs with baked been and veggies. You can see we juiced it up and it was quite good. My Sierra Nevada was so good and well I am out of it. It was a nice treat from my neighbor
58th and Market Streets at Corner Store
Had a nice Yummy Dinner!
7am I was going to CVS to kill time and get an early morning snack.

Levoy Theatre: New Years Eve 2010

Phillip Van Embdem, director at the Levoy Theater Preservation Society, from Millville, points to the top of the last interior wall under demolition, as excavation continues on the restoration project. Photo/Dave Griffin  
Its New Years Eve 2010 and  the Levoy Theatre project is in high gear. Neither the cold or the recent snowstorm has slowed this project The Press of Atlantic City has an article in today's edition.
The final step of demolition at Levoy Theatre in Millville signals continuing strides to reconstruct the historic theater.
Crews worked from scissor lifts Thursday, using pneumatic chisels to break loose the building's massive interior wall, brick-by-brick. The dismantling process includes the proscenium arch around the original stage.
Then - rebuilding the Levoy.

"This is the final piece to be removed before it is all moving forward," said Phillip Van Embden, a member of the theater's board of directors.

The 102-year-old theater has already been gutted, with only the original exterior walls remaining, and the building received new steel trusses for the roof and improvements to the foundation.

Some Activity on New Years Eve at the Levoy.
worker cutting solid steel helical piling to length in preparation for concrete cap pour.

 Excess sand was removed from the excavation of the lower level of the Levoy. This level will house the stage facilities including the “Green Room” and areas for an orchestra, chorus, actors etc. Also on the lower level are restrooms, offices, mechanical rooms, storage and a kitchen.
This tall bottle is distinctive in that the front has lots of script across it saying;

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hurry!! Only 2 Days Left!!

Dec 29th at Larry's Bar
Here is a riddle that is real easy. What do y'all think of somebody who schedules 10 folks to come in for appointments when their Outlook calender shows they had scheduled doctor's apts for 2 of their children?? Me, I think that is not real cool. What kind of person is this?? Why would you do this??
Good thing my co-worker is quick on her feet. Well, not much was done with the carfare front, that's for sure.
After work, I did errands, went to WAWA for provisions, then met friends at Larry's Bar on Route 47 in Millville. It was pretty cool. Some folks are not cool with the Oar House at this time but I will not get into that.
Its almost the new year. I guess I could have done a 2010 retrospective but I was too tired for that. After today I will not have much time for blogging even though I am not working for the next 3 days. I do not want to plan anything, I just need to chill out and so do my friends and family.
On the rumor mill, I heard that one of the County Freeholders may resign to make room for Wayne Sojen. Crap, can't remember the spelling of the gentleman who ran for Freeholder yet lost. This is how the Dems got Nelson Thompson his political career.
The cowardly lion sleeps at night and is there a book called "The Plan". I checked out Google and so far there is not. Maybe I would be a better person if I went by this PLAN!!
Real men always have a plan to do what has got to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Levoy Theatre Update: December 29th 2010

Here is the latest report on the renovations of the Levoy Theatre in Millville New Jersey.  Please note the cool photos. I can not wait for this to open!!
Here are some updates for the Levoy. Despite the snow and cold the work continues. The roof decking is welded in place, the proscenium wall and stage roof steel are installed. Most, if not all, of the Helical pilings are installed, (the steel poles sticking out at odd lengths). The pilings will be cut to length soon and capped with steel. The area around the pilings will be framed with elaborate rebar and poured solid with concrete. These “piers” will hold steel plates designed to connect to the steel “I” beams that shape the floors and walls.
Pilings being placed underground.
Work Continues in the Dead of Winter.
Working on the Roof.

Construction started this past May. They are on schedule to open this coming Summer. Go to my blog where I have an archive of the history of this project from Millville City Commission to present. Its been a long road and the end is in sight. Congrats to Phil Van Embden and his daughter Lauren for making this project a reality!

The Great Recession and County Government

5:09am This Morning
Its a cold Weds morning. I was just thinking...Where is Robert Owens and his blog? It was called E-Cache and after going on Google, I found out its been taken down for a respite. His site went way back to the late 1990's. He is what they call an early adapter. My blog goes only back to Oct 2005. Well, we all do miss your thoughtful political commentary. I did not always agree, but I did  learn a thing or 2. Hope you have a Happy New Year and we can look forward to reading your commentary in 2011
In today's Daily Journal, I read that there will be no more benefits for county officials.This seem to be a political ploy since this does not apply to the folks currently holding these positions. In this article Tom Sheppard makes a very good point
Sheppard also was critical that the board took six months to reach its decision. He said the county could save $100,000 from its budget if the benefits cut was implemented immediately.
"That's three positions we could save," Sheppard said of other county employees. The county laid off more than 30 employees this year and eliminated several unfilled positions in efforts to trim spending.
Gloria Noto has such a sense of entitlement. It makes us low-level govt employees look bad. Unlike Ms. Noto, I do appreciate the salary and benefits I have earned over the past 20 years. I am sure Ms. Gloria Noto is honest and earns her keep but damn she seems to always come off so privileged. Don't take my word on it, lets let Ms. Noto speak for herself.
She denied a remark from Magazzu that she threatened to sue the county if she lost her benefits.
Noto said she is a full-time employee and on a par with department heads.
"That is grossly unfair," Noto said. "I am a department head, and I can't believe they want to take away my benefit."

Thanks Gloria!! This just proves that the County Democrats do not hold a monopoly on arrogance! It's always amazes me how when someone has been in power so long that they completely lose touch with the outside world!! I think I will complete the Cumberland County Survey. I just saw it today in the Daily Journal. I hope it asks about our public officials who need a little guidance! Here is the direct link to the survey. Let me know what you think. Well, here is what the outside world looks like. This was taken last night. Most of us have narrow paths in life, Ms Noto and others of her ilk.
Have a warm day. Now off to the Welfare Wakka to see folks and do carfare

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Latest Blizzard

2:30 am Outside My Bedroom
After all that was said and done, We in Cumberland County got 18 inches of snow. The wind continued unabated and made it very cold out for manly men to clear snow!
Hard at Work!!
My Reward!! Ummmm...
I spent most of the day shoveling the backyard for the dogs to get around, the driveway and front sidewalk were done next. I then shoveled from High Street in Millville to a neighbor's house past the old Foglio's building (Its gonna be a cell-phone store). I even earned a six of Sierra Nevada beer for shoveling a neighbor's side door. The drifts were about 4 to 5 feet high at this area. Here is video documentation of the Blizzard that hit Millville NJ HARD! We got 18 inches of the wind-driven snow. Some snow drifts were 3 to 4 feet high. I know this since I did PLENTY of shoveling of the white stuff!
A Nice Sunset Facing South in Front of our House.
Now its back to work at the welfare wakka. Carfare Uber Alles!! Need to find my utensils of welfare and life management. I am fetching scrips and doing  a little pet sitting as well today. Thank goodness I will have the use of the Honda Element this AM. Its helps me follow the plan!

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The Day After Christmas

Chillin at the Start of the Blizzard.
9:30am: The Snow Begins
I started This Blog on this Computer.
HI I am at Bogart's books in Millville New Jersey. Its now about Noon and the snow is really starting to fall heavy and the wind is howling out. We have the assorted locals hanging out and staying warm. We have to leave since its a bit cold and the dogs get cold very easly. Its good that I did call off for tomorrow since I did not make appointment that would not be kept anyhow. Its Boxing Day in England. I was told its where you give your leftover gifts to the less fortunate
Today the Philadelphia Eagles play the Vikings at 8pm tonite. This is when the storm is to be at its worst. I found out later that the game is bing postponed till Tuesday night. I think that was a good idea.
5:30 pm: Storm Gets Very Windy!!
10:05 pm. The Blizzard is ON!!!
I just watched Michael Moore in Capitalism:: A Love Story. The movie showed Jimmy Carter's infamous "Malaise Speech". Mr. Moore said " There is a new sheriff in town. It talked bout how all the former bank executives are now in the US Treasury Department. Its now 5:30 pm and the snow is really blowing out. I just wonder how the State of Pa is going to handle the snow. I am sure they will not close like they should but give just a just 2 hour late. I aint coming in anyhow since I had been asked to time time off by my family. We also watched Dr. Who and a farce called Zombie Strippers.
To end the night, we watched 4 episodes of Law and Order CI, the 1st Season I found out later that the state did not close and the welfare office did open on time. A text message from a co-worker  told me she was the ONLY person from our unit to show up for work.
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Christmas 2010

Fred Brings Treats
Yesterday was Christmas and the day before that was Christmas Eve. Its been cold out for a solid 3 weeks now. Christmas day we hung out at the house. Fred came over with some treats that were quite delicious. There was some pie and brownies. Next got the beard trimmed. It was now time to take a short road trip heading down Route 47 South. It was good for us and the dogs to get out of the house for awhile.
I just heard today that we will get about a foot of Monday am. Its supposed to start 7am today.
Boy it WAS Pretty.
Too Bad the House was in Horrible Shape.

Well, I heard the Jemoul's Crazy Hot Dogs will  be closing. I have known for while that a cell-phone store is to open up at the corner of High and Pine Streets. That's the biggest retail space in the old Foglios store. As my friend said to me that we did not need more hair places in the Millville Arts District. Wit;h the Levoy opening soon, there will be  need for places to see and   shop . Places to have  bite to eat or to go before and/or to go after a movie or show. Millville needs a plan. I have seen in my lifetime what happens when you do not follow a plan.
Sorry this is late, life just got in the way. Enjoy the video!!
Taken on a small Road Near Route 47 South.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 1st Day of Winter: 2010

One of drawings underneath the floor.Pat's creation
Tuesday. A day off of work but the work does not end at the pink welfare office my friends. We went to Lowes and got some domestic items to help make the house cleaner and did some home chores before meeting up with Pat to help Jon with the flooring. We got done all but the last row which did cause a slight problem with the molding. It got too late to think so we just stopped for the night. I am going to the Jon house later today after I shop for Pat and see my 15 folks at work.
Enjoying Carolyne's Homemade Stew!
Rita's Solstice Pary
Whats under your Laminate Flooring??

Looks like the family dogs!!
The RRCA got a grant from the Gerald R Dodge Foundation to hire an Assistant Director. I think this gentleman is the grantwriter and fundraiser in general. It was obvious to me that the RRCA Excutive Director job was too much for ONE PERSON to do alone. I am glad for the Arts District that somebody realized this and did something about it. I suppose its better late then never.
I went to Rita's Winter Solstice event. She showed her new studio which is a work in progress. I met up with some fine folks. She plans to have a New Year's Eve Eve party at the New Revelations/Tatoo shop. I am going to try to vistit then visited a friend who was away for several day to a cold place. Had a few beer and caught up
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Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 2010Image by TaniaGail via Flickr
It was quite the sight. A total lunar eclipse during the Winter Solstice. Not sure this has happened before in recorded history. I got up at 2:30am and watched it till about 3:20pm. Man it was COLD! Its December 21st 2010, a historic day indeed. Is this a sign of the future? Hope the video  do this event some justice. My photos were way too small. On the way back from the WAWA in Millville, I listened to the BBC and I found the Brits to be amusuing as they can be. The 2nd video is entertaining for sure.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday: I am Floored!

Sunday and the work on the laminate flooring continues. There is alot more to installing  laminate flooring then meets the eyeball. Man, that goes so much  slower the the Lowe's video we watched.  Jon had to have the right tools including a shaver to fit the laminate in small spaces. Also the heating vents had to be cut out after the laminate was completed. It went pretty good since Jon was cool and collected. I plan to help him again on Tuesday since the goal is to be done BEFORE Christmas. Tuesday is the only day I did not schedule so it was suggested to me to deal with that day in the most family-friendly way as possible to promote good will and harmony. Well, I will save $5 bucks but got to spend 10 bucks for the secret Santa. I wanted the gift to be $5 but I was not gonna argue with the powers that be (don't fight the power!!)
How we started Sunday.
What we got done!
I can feel some aches from the bending and kneeling on my knees. You will see on the video the precise measurements that had to take place to make the floor look right. It must be fitted correctly or it will buckle or shift. It was pretty funny when I get my shirt caught! I think the video says it all.  We called it quits around 10pm with almost half of the floor done. We ordered out from the Golden Pigeon located in a place called Carll's Corner near Bridgeton NJ. It just a 5 point intersection. The chicken cheese-steak filled me up.
Where we got Greek Salad and Cheese steaks!!
This week, I see tons of folk today Weds and Thursday. Tomorrow is the X-Mas party at the work site. The state does not want folks to have too much fun since we are paid by the taxpayer. That would be a scandal. I read in the Metro (Free on SEPTA) that having a company holiday/Christmas party at the work site is in a word LAME. Well, you know got to make your own fun while helping teen-mothers do what they gonna do.
Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles scored 28 unanswered points to beat the New York  Giants. It was a 3rd "Miracle of the Meadowlands".  I did not see the game , but I checked out the web and learned that DeShawn Jackson returned a punt as time ran out. Lets just say it was an exciting game and forget about hating Michael Vick for a moment. I did wish I did see it live. Oh well, they ain't gonna be in the Super Bowel with a defense that gives up 30 points a game.
Well, I am driving to work today and gotta find some unsweetened chocolates and get some sueplys for the holidays since we all must get ready for the coming of winter. A year ago TODAY we were digging out of the biggest December blizzard in 100 years. Man that was something. I have full coverage on this blog from last December's archives. Check them out!!
Have a great week!!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crossing That Bridge: Should Pa.'s Liquor Stores be Privatized?

Well, here we go again!! Another Republican Governor in Pennsylvania is going to attempt to sell of the Pennsylvania Liquer Control Board LCB). There have been 3 other attempts to sell of the LCB since the 1970's. This year some folks say this time MAY be different. They say is because the state of Pennsylvania is 4 BILLION in debt. This is the major difference.
A Treat on a cold December Day
"It's an alien world," Jason Cohen says of Pennsylvania, where "you can't buy alcohol where you want to." Cohen, who lives in South Philly, was shopping at Canal's Wine & Liquors in Pennsauken. (Laurence Kesterson/Staff)
You can get this in Jersey!!
I am conflicted, on one hand I go to Canal's in Millville and get a 6-pack of Yuengling Black and Tan for $5.89. When I buy it in University City, its at least $8.00. I also have been known to find a $4.99 bottle of wine that tastes as good as  $12.00 in Pennsylvania. So my friends there is something wrong here. I can just take the PATCO over the bridge and grab a case!
On the other hand I am a state employee who will somehow be blamed for the HUGE defecit that the Commonwealth has built up. Our union SEIU Local 668, I am afraid is gonna get KILLED in next year's contract negotaitions. I hate to see folks lose jobs in this crappy economy while those with huge estates get a HUGE tax holiday. Also, when privatization occurs, the initial monetary benefit quickly fades as favored folks and organizations just eat up the "savings" and just put it in their pockets. Its all an attack on all public employees and at least AFSCME is conducting a campaign to stop the lies
Well, thats it for now!
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A Saturday in December 2010

Yesterday I went to yoga and it was a nice large class. I saw folks I had not seen before that go to the Monday Ostara Yoga class. It was a good way to start the day.  One of our dogs got too excited seeing another dog during class, so I put him in the car. I then went to make a visit to Brenner's Brew, which is across the street from the Energy Plus Health Food Center on Commerce Street where the Ostara Yoga class is held each Saturday morning. As yo will see from the previous link, this yoga studio is very nice!! Note classes resume on Thursday January 6th.. After class, we joined Pat in
going to the house of Crowe in Clarks Pond NJ. We helped clear the living room of the furniture and the staples from the floor to prep the floor for the laminate flooring. At this point the underfloor material is on and Jon
is testing the laminate and Carolyne is leading the dinner prep and boy it smells good. I burnt my finger on hot garlic. Not a bad burn but still painful nonetheless. Well, dinner was so delicious that my slight burn stopped hurting. Jon found out he will have to remove the trim from the side of the wall. Today, Sunday we plan to return to the floor scene and work on getting the laminate flooring put on. Jon has the tools and technology to get R Done and God willing we will finish or at least get a great majority of this job done so the newest household member will get to crawl on a nice smooth floor.
Clearing out the furniture.
Removing the Staples
On another topic, the Washington Redskins BENCHED Donovan McNabb! Man, they really embarrassed him and he is being replaced by, get this Rex Grossman,
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 05:  Donovan Mc...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
a total scrub.  Boy the Redskins are a messed up organization that's for sure. They are the drama mamma of the NFL!

The Senate has filibustered a 9-11 First Responders bill. Its a disgrace!! They can pass a bill to help folks who have 5 BILLION in their estates. Even Fox News was just pissed off about this! Jon Stewart interviewed some 9-11 first responders about the US Senate action. You have to see Senator Jon Kyl say that the Senate CAN'T work the week between Christmas and New Years. You have to watch this to believe it! Shame on you Senate Republicans!
Well, at least 8 Republicans did did vote for the repeal of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in regard with gays in the Military. This was a smart vote and one of the few positive developments in this lame-duck session.
I love it when I have a morning to just blog away and drink coffee. It a good time off from the outside world, yet I see much of the outside as well.
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