Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sunday, November 19: A Lazy Day in the Sun

Well I woke up at Pats this morning and slowly made my way towards fair 

 mount. Pat was starting his guitar and it was a pretty quiet morning. I went to the Ryebread 
 or the first time since they moved away from 23rd St. to be at 17t
h and Fairmount. The place was full of young people and it was definitely sporting a
 renovated look. At the same time my friend Jenn got up really
 early to run in Philadelphia marathon today. She took some pictures of the crowd
 as they were starting the 26.2 miles that a marathon is. Anyway I was going to chill
 out there for a while and then I got a call from Pat that he didn’t mean 
 eed me to come over cause he locked himself  

out of his car which means you lock them self out of the apartment I mean his place. By time I got there everything was cool and we just ended up hanging out

Saturday November 18: Old City and Philadelphia Marathon.

 Well I woke up and Fairmount at Sharon‘s place. I then 
 ad to take a cab to downtown in order to catch the out to meet Larry in Old City coffee. I was 30 minutes late 
 ut we got to hang out a little bit outside since the Old-City coffee 
 ad no seats left. There were people taking up three chairs by themselves
. But that was OK. Well her and I talked
 for a little bit and then went outside because it was pretty warm out for
 mid-November. I then went to meet Jenn at 11th and market
. She’s going to pick up her supplies for the Philadelphia marathon 
 hich runs this weekend. There’s a whole bunch of vendors 
 nd people selling stuff to make money off the marathon. 
 he bought me a nice $25 Philadelphia marathon hat. I appreciated
 that. Next she went to return an item she didn’t intend to buy at a place
 called Aldo. It looks like a fancy shoe and boot place in Center City. We got
 hungry and she asked me what I would suggest and the hip 
 ity veg came right to my head. I’ve been there before and I thought the food was pretty good. Not that 
 heap but it’s 
 ood. So she treated me to lunch and it was quite delicious. We 
 ere able to eat outside because it wasn’t that cold. Then went to my friend Sue‘
s place to 
 ick up the keys to watch her cat for one day. She’s away for five days jewelers and go to West Philly on 46 and Walnut. After I did that I stop by the car the beach and hung out with Pat

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday, November 29: The Homestretch to Move

After crashing at Pats, I got up a little bit late since Pat had me up pretty early 
 hen he was getting ready for work. 
 e need a little bit of money to for the vet for his ailing old dog. When I finally roused 
 yself up I read a news about Matt Lauer was fired for sexual-harassment at work. This is the latest 
 n a series of powerful well no media personalities to be caught in the web of sexual harassment allegations. The others of course
 being Al Franken, John Conyers and Charlie Rose. Well fuck
 directly reading my blog I can’t believe it after a long hiatus that I’ve been on. I don’t really promote it because it seems to get me in trouble so I’m just gonna keep writing and that’s it. Anyhow today was
 kind of a slog. It felt like I was working in slow motion and the 
 ate was slow motion so I think I got some stuff done but I didn’t get the report done like I wanted to. 
 he next step at 5:23 PM is to get to the photo lounge in time before 
 hey close @ six. Next I will pick up my photos. After that I’m going to AC Moore to buy frames 
 nd accessories. And then have to frame them tonight and drop Mauff tomorrow night the 30th I assume at the at the gallery. Pretty hot in here I just need to get this done had a meeting and then go home and shower

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday, November 28: pizza for lunch and dentist

Why woke up at Sharon’s very much more rested than I was yesterday. Thank you for reading this 
 log I’ve been very much behind but I’m slowly catching up. They gave me 39 
 ore alerts just this afternoon around 12 noon and we’re having pizza
 for lunch and I just vegged the soda and
 a couple waters and a fudge brownie. The pizza was very delightful
 for sure!! I didn’t did interview about five or six clients
 have three scheduled at least 15. That was a good thing because I got a 3 o’clock 
 entist appointment to deal with my busted crown. Well I went to the dentist
 and they asked me if I save my crown I said no. They 
 old me they couldn’t do anything for the tooth beside have it removed. 
 his of course required me to make another appointment
 with the specialist to pull his teeth. That will be December 22. I also in a 2 Photos 
for the member show activate you which starts December 6. Tonight was the deadline
 and I just emailed the $20 and sent the photos. So putting opening will be next week. This along with the move from Fairmount to Center City on Friday