Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday, February 27: Flurries and Ankile

The Land of the Detour
Well I got up on time and it was a good thing to sense once again we have a detour on route seven
This Early Morning
and 48. This is a monthly occurrence apparently in Fairmount. I call it the land of the detour.
We DID Get a Dusting
It is snowing outside but they're only expecting a dusting here in Philadelphia. They forecasted this snow
The 10 Trolley at 36th Street
Well I went to the physical therapy and it went pretty well. He did NOT recommend expensive braces nor
Umm. A Sign Perhaps at 36th and Market
sneakers. There are no boots l or anything like that.  I just got 2 simple sets of exercises and a
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recommendation to get an anti-inflammatory. I have an appointment next Thursday at 7 AM.
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Well it's sunny and cold out. I'm getting my drink on. And getting water for my supervisor. I read some
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 sad news. I learned that Leonard Neimoy died. Yes and I'm leaving
in about an hour from work. It's  now  1:23 PM.
A Facebook Post
I went to the Pearlman center and was  looked at by the podiatrist and then he set up an appointment for
Perlman Center
an MRI and the second appointment back with him in six weeks in April. I have memorize Monday night
Getting My Ankle Checked!
at 7 o'clock. Got a believe that this permits that are building is unbelievably modern an exquisite
Perlman Center

looking. It looks even better on the really bright sunny day. The sun is out and it's not 22° and windy and cloudy. Really makes a
La Citadelle Coffee Shop
big difference let me tell you. I was thinking going to Pats and crashing there but I kind I just wanted
I Needed THIS!
to be in Center City since I was going to be meeting a friend @ at the milk and honey café at 6:15 for the 7 o'clock meditation meeting. Depending how I feel I might hit the shop or special but that
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might be a tight squeeze. I am still feeling bouts of exhaustion as I sit still I'm just like really drained and lacking in energy. It is a beautiful day out here.
I just went to La Citadelle Coffee Shop at the corner of 16th and Pine. Never been here before but it's definitely a find. I'm sitting on a really comfy
homey couch chilling like a villain. Well that was a group relaxing time in the coffee shop when I come back you're for sure. It's now 523 I think I'm going to move about
the cabin. 6:02 PM word came Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow. plans were made 
for a large demonstration soon.
I'm heading to the milk and honey coffeeshop I'm going to meet a friend at 6:15 PM and charge my phone

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday, February 26: A Seasonal Day at the End of February

Perot Street
Good day everyone who seeks spring in the meantime. I got up just in time after an interesting sleep.
Cool Windows on 19th Street
I hit the sunrise and then I want to lock alone talk with and the title I'm in a Michaela I touched base
At La Columbe
with Larry and a pen pal from overseas. It is now Thursday and I have a lot of work to do. It is now 9:06 AM I'm at 46th street station on the EL
heading to work very shortly I'll be a little bit late but hopefully there by 9:15 AM when my supervisor  generally.
56th Street
         gets in. Well I'm working like a fevered beast today and I'm going to the right aid so I can get withdraw some money to buy lunch.
I Get Closer to Work
I'm having curry chicken with garlic sauce which of the six dollar value with the Pepsi. It's cold but it's
My Desk
not ridiculously cold it's seasonably    cold. Well I interviewed  least 9 to 10 people today and could
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not meet Larry at 5:15 considering I get out at five and I had a hell of a lot of homework.
There were some good news today. The FCC voted 3 to 2 in favor of net neutrality. 

Verizon and Republicans
Butters in The Paper
are very upset by that and plan to  introduce legislation to strip the FCC of its powers The  bozos of
View from the EL
Verizon plan to take it to court for appeal.
I don't stand why having neutral rules for the Internet is the deal.
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It is a utility since it's needed in every day life by most people. Well I settled in to Center City about 5:53 PM
Cheesecake Factory to Open Summer 
so I'm gonna give myself 15 minutes in the elixir café amounts the hipsters & the rock 'n roll baby.
Coffee @ Elixir Cafe
Meanwhile the World of Washington DC, Republican Senate environment chief uses snowball as prop in
climate rant Sen. James Inahofle is known for being a well-known
climate change deniers. In another story from Washington DC, Pot lovers light up as Washington DC legalizes marijuana Very interesting. Congress is probably
going to disapproving override it. The small government Republicans will vote to override this law because
they can! I am running late to group and must fly now. Its 6:15pm. 745 I went to the bathroom break but
I'm really tired. Stuffy in here I just think i'm tired. Tonight I was called out on the fact that I always mention
that I'm tired. I haven't change habits yet I guess and people get tired of that stuff

Weds Feb 25: The Internet Access Quest Continues

24th Street
Good morning!! Well I got up in time for the sunrise. I had to take a cab because the bus was not  running too
STILL Under Construction
smoothly. and while I was texting Wes and Gregory Lablanc, Greg sent me this link about Philadelphia
View From Cab

Think I'm fighting off something because I crashed it before 11 o'clock
Cab TV
and I'm still kind of tired. It's a sunny typical winter day and I am going to be 20 minutes late to work.
Nice Bike
I got kind of pasted yesterday for being an hour late. Tonight I have an appointment and I'm
La Columbe
looking forward to telling her about my sleeping issues. Well my clients came in and it's steady rate so
Near Work
I was able to keep up. I got bad news I cannot get service from my alternate provider because
At Laundromat
Verizon is blocking them from using the lines fuckers. So I'm on my quest to find a hot spot locator. Let's see what I can find. Well the search for
Closing Time
unlimited Internet data usage has hit a dead-end my believe. Best Buy and Sprint both told me you cannot get them all a hotspot without
Leaving Work
data limits. That the only people lose service unlimited data or Verizon and Comcast. I'm going to keep looking. It's a quest😖
Walking East on Market
As for work, I'm really glad I got a decent amount of sleep. I Saul eight people today I had scheduled
A Minute Late
about 10. That's a pretty good percentage I might say. I got out of work later than I wanted to
Elixir Cafe
because I was trying to get my desk organized for tomorrow. I need to get a lot done tomorrow since Friday I have to leave work by
Evening Coffee
2:15 PM at the latest on Friday. I am now going to an
Shake Shack at 19th
appointment that I'm supposed to be at by six. I'm at 52nd St. as of 5:46 PM. It was cool I was less than five minutes late. Filled out some paperwork and had a good session
The Scene at Shake Shack
I'm now going to venture towards the 16th and Locust Place which
New Electric Lines
I haven't been to in a just because the times of been right. When we came home last night went
A Pretty Friend
straight upstairs and literally to fly down and crashed. I think got up at midnight took care of my teeth.