Saturday, January 21, 2017

Friday January 20th: Inauguration Day

 Good morning. It is now 9:01 AM I am at 57th and market streets. It is the last two hours  of the Obama ministration and two more hours until we get a new president of the United States. We are entering days unlike those live  ever live through. The only thing more dramatic in my life was September 11, 2001. I created a new blog.  I am going to work as your run-of-the-mill dude  has to do. It is a chilly cloudy day here in Philadelphia. I'm hoping to clean   p before I get the doubling of my caseload with sanctions.    doubt I'll be hardly doing any sanctions for the next few months. Well I slide through work and it wasn't too bad at all today.    I got a text message to meet   y friend at Essene Store. This is a much better choice since it's closer to get back home where to go to pats house later on.   Well as I was getting off  the EL at fifth and market I saw the remnants of a protest. I swear to God they're just as   any cops is protesters. I guess they weren't taking any chances of vandalism   nd what not. There was the drum playing in the signs and stuff. Well I ended up the four street was   eally backed up. And I didn't want to be too late so I took a cab.   hat took a little while but about 20 minutes faster than if I'd waited for the  7 bus to show up. Well they got there and show each other our photographs. She liked taking photographs of 
 egetables and fruit and nature. I showed her my Instagram photos. I think of myself a smoothie and that was pretty damn tasty. I 
 ot a ride back home which was really appreciated. I decided to blow off bath because I was so tired. I talked on the phone till about 9: 30 PM and then I just fell right asleep

Friday, January 20, 2017

Thursday, January 19th: Last day of the Obama presidency

 Well Initially I got up really early to take out the one last recycling that was still not taken out.    went back to sleep and got up at 8 AM. I watched one clip from Samantha bee and proceeds to get dressed and run over to the Ryebread  Coffee shop. They've gotten rid of so we milk so I have to drink whole milk   here. I was definitely about it. Waited almost 10 minutes for the next 48 bus to   ome. He finally came. I took my coffee my cookie in the yogurt that I bought I carried around so I got to work around   :03 AM. Well today was another busy day in the orifice. I worked up till almost 1 o'clock and decided to go to the bodega. I got a tuna   oagie and I got my coworker food for her as well. In other words I just fetch did she pay   or her own food.  Anyhow we had a unit meeting in the  last minute today. We just found out someone is leaving our unit on Monday and they just told me so my workload just doubled. The person who was share splitting the sanctions is being transferred to the   an's caseload who's leaving on Monday. It's a new era more ways. Beaking of which today is the   ast day of Obama's presidencytomorrow Donald Trump becomes president United States. This is going to be an interesting few years that's  for sure. The media is speculating on the content of trumps inaugural speech. I'm seriously considering creating a new blog that a report on each day at the Trump ministration. I will title each day is day one day two. Depends how motivated I am. One last link I will share today is the full list of Trump's cabinet appointments. Anyhow I left work and I took the EL down down town and I'm going to the Elixir CafĂ© to get some coffee and then go to 1420 Walnut for group. The dating   hing was pretty busy but it's already winding   own as usual. How do you like these big photos of Obama and trump just sort  of boo and of each other. It is 6:12 PM and it is 43° out here in Philadelphia PA. I had to go to the restroom during group because   I'm really tired. If I go to Pat's, i am definitely gonna take a power nap. It's now 7:47 PM. Here's an article about Donald Trump's fake plan to replace Obamacare. A restaurant   alled Fri, Sat Sun has reopened. We heard this tonight. Listening to this makes me glad I don't work in the restaurant business!! I decided I'm wasn't gonna go to Pats. I am too tired and I don't feel warm enough as well.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday, January 18: Deadline 4 Photos

 Good morning. I was pretty tired and I passed out right after I talked  on the phone with a friend. I  got up a couple times to   ake care of business like brushing my teeth etc. I then needed a shower bad and took one and then   alked to my roommate. The next thing I knew it's 8:45 when I'm at the coffee shop. I'm supposed to be at work at nine. I decided to say "Damn the  torpedoes" and take a cab and hopefully mitigate how late I am. 
I had another strange dream. This one I was picked up by a spaceship that was the size of a trashcan lid and it took me to Alfred since area. Somehow I was able to breathe oxygen it was a very friendly spaceship. Today I have to send in the pictures that I want to enter into the juried show. It's cloudy here but it isn't raining yet. Well it's 3:15 PM I just got lunch and went to the bodega for some chips. It didn't return with rain but the clouds are looking pretty looming right now. They are very dark gray. Today's been a lot of paperwork shuffling and right after work off the shuffle on downtown. I am praying that it won't rain. Well here's an idea whose time has come. Trump Singles: The matchmaking site where supporters can make dating great again. Yes just in time for the inauguration. You can find the love of your life while watching the inauguration. Ha! Ha! Anyhow I'm going to Photo Lounge to pick up my photos sit in a coffee shop and send them. It's now 7:42 PM I just finished writing up the 3 photographs I'm gonna use. I rode up for because like had trouble finding the fog picture. Well here goes nothing I'm gonna try to hit a  Center City young peoples 8 o'clock. Well the young peoples was at 7:30 PM so I went to Ritttenhouse at 8 o'clock at 19th and Walnut. That was decent 

then I came home and talked to Sharon for a bit and watch the movie about a battle in Korea. Which was historic. Marines were surrounded in three sides by kindness china forces in the winter of 1950.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday January 16: A Day Off

  Hi one and all how are you doing? I had a lazy day so far. I had   reakfast & hung out with Sharon and now I'm going to get my laundry to the laundromat. I'm  now waiting for the Uber to show up I took the cheap Uber Pool so The driver goes  around in circles picking up somebody before he picks me up. I'm not in a real hurry so it it doesn't   eally matter. I also ordered photos and I need to pick which photos and going to enter in the   atest exhibit. It's at the art alliance and it's a juried show so hopefully one of mine will go in. 
 'm really hungry so want to get to West Philly and probably going to chow down on something. It's now 2:33 PM and will be waiting  for the Uber driver to eventually show up. Well the Uber  dude already had a person in the car. He was very talkative and I just wasn't much in the mood for conversation. He drove pretty  fast and I was the first one dropped off so that was cool. Haven't heard   rom Amy and now I'm visiting Pat and hopefully were going to get an early dinner and stuff. I got the   ass and we did order early dinner and it was very tasty that's for sure. We then   atched two shows on Pats Amazon Prime. Pat then attempted to get his one plane to start. He is   ery patient with that. That would drive me nuts trying to figure out how to get the plane to start. I   hen came home after getting some items at the CVS. I then went on social media and
 have a fairly busy week ahead.  omorrow I'm supposed to help Sharon with   er situation with her case. Dating stuff is much better thank you.   es what can I s ay about this billboard that was right near pats house?