Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wednesday, March 28: Thunderstorms in the Morning and Working Hard w/ Errands

 Good day everybody. This morning I woke up to a slight rain fall which   urned into a heavy duty thunderstorm in the last week of March. It was quite unbelievable the   ightning and thunder. It wasn't as bad as a August thunderstorm but it was still a thunderstorm with lightning etc. I   mmediately went into work and started seeing people from the get-go. They came   n one by one and then a bunch of five came at once. By the time the date   as finished I had seen 15 people which is the new single day record for me.  Well like this  morning to help took a little bit to arrive at my station. My first stop is the  30th St. post office. Going to double check for checks. The head of the committee
 I'm with wants me to write her a check so I have my checks with me. Then if there is checks or even if there is and I have to go to  TD Bank.   hen next I need to get to the union meeting and then back up to 3rd and Arch. From work, I managed to go   o 30th St. go back to the trolley go to 19th go cross the street  to   he TD bank and then I lucked out like half the 33 Bus showing up to go   o the union meeting at 20th and Springgarden. I'm gonna stay there till about seven or so and   hen I have to go to 3rd Street north of Callowhill.
Meanwhile the House of Representatives and the Senate have taken away Internet privacy protections! This is what they mean by elections having consequence. It was overall a decent day can't complain.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday, March 27: Morning Sunrise and Rain, Evening at Pat's and Treasurer Stuff

 Well I got a pretty much on time for the sunrise I quickly put my clothes on grab to breakfast bars  and headed out. 48 came in pretty good time. The meeting was about the third step in the big book . Anyhow I then went to TD bank and had to fix up my negative balance. Geez I have  to balance my checkbook a little bit better. After that the L made us wait at least 10 to 15 minutes for some godforsaken   eason. So it's now 8:56 AM &   he train just showed up. Speaking of rain it's pouring outside right now. I got pretty wet just walking 2 blocks.   Well I'm got off the   L and it's 9:09 AM I'm pretty close to the fresh grocer in the rain isn't quite as hard but it's hard enough.    oday's my last day I can write up a sanction probably for the month so I  uppose I'm gonna get that word out in my ear. It turns out that   my supervisor was late and didn't get in till about 12 noon. All morning I just fix that minor problems did an over payment   hat was due very soon and schedule people like a madman. I was down to 37 alerts now they just went up to 50 again. I'm going   o the old Bodega and getting myself my tuna hoagie keep myself energized because I got to go to 30th St. post office and   hen the TD Bank for my statement for tomorrow nights meeting. Well the rain stopped and it's warm   nough that I didn't have to put on my hat. I'm going to settle down and hopefully get some work done while I   at my lunch. Well I shuffled through as much is the alerts as possible.  It's scheduled a shit load of people specially for tomorrow and Thursday. I did get   he undone overpayment stuff done which was really a relief plus I got rid of a couple other alerts but they called  238 alerts. They're  all done they're only about five or six of them so it wasn't that bad. It was good however  to get it out-of-the-way. Now that work is over I am really tired I'm going to take    power nap at Pats house want to get there it's approximately 5:37 PM and I'm at 52nd and Chestnut and I'm gonna get off at 42nd and Chestnut

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, March 26: Sleeping In and Going Out

 Greetings on a cloudy Sunday. I was very tired and first got up around 930 and talk to Tom about   is date last night. I then went back to bed and crashed the mighty crash till  approximately 11:30 AM. I quickly jumped up and jump  into the shower since I was due to catch the PATCO train.
I hung out with Sharon and Tom for a bit and had some assurance strong coffee to formally wake my ass up. Instead of catching the 48, I just took a cab along for a man Avenue so I would sure to be on time. There was some kind of marathon going on at the parkway so I don't want to take any chances w/SEPTA. When I called to Petco at Westmont. And then got picked up and went to the Ironhill brewery where we had brunch and that was very tasty. We had nice conversation she then drop me off back at the Woodcrest station. at 3:35 PM train finally did arrive after I waited about 15 minutes. I got home a little after 4 PM and I decided that a nap and be a swell idea. That's what I did. And I was finally was awakened by Larry. I then went to 23rd and Fairmount to wait for the 48 which was not showing up. I just had to walk past a Whole Foods Market and the 32 bus showed up and drop me off at 18th and Market. Well I got there about 7:13 PM and dudes are already waiting for me at the door at the basements ent of the church. Quickly got the coffee started and stairs chair set up. I'm going to meet Larry at the Saxbys. Well the speaker was was excellent. It was like we had a guest speaker because this guy is fairly famous and even has a Wikipedia about him. He was very intense and direct. It was one of the better speakers that's for sure.