Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, October 22: I see Berkeley

bird buddy
Good morning lovers of birds and other pets. It's a fine Wednesday morning out here in Berkeley California party meet us should rest my foot and part
My Route to Meeting
of me wants to go on seeking adventures and stuff. But here John's pet bird is helping me out. Well I
followed my brothers advice and stay off my foot for about an hour and a half to two hours. I got so stir crazy I said well let me look for
What a View!!
a meeting and take a bus around. I thought about renting a car but I decided against it. Mainly it's mainly because parking and it would be
No Meeting Here
a pain in the ass. Well I went up to a Quaker meeting hall and there was no meeting so I got up coffee
A Sunny Day
at Pete's coffee and now I'm gonna try to catch one that's 4 miles away be at the bus seven which is already
At Peets Coffee
two minutes late. The wait was definitely worth it for the bus seven. This bus took me the most scenic bus
Riding the AC Bus
ride I'd ever seen. Went through it area call Kensington a town called Kensington which really beautiful &
The Long Winding Road
 very very wealthy. You can see the East Bay I'm in the San Francisco Bay from the top of the hill it's
My Scenic Ride on the AC Bus
was quite stunning.
I made it to meeting only five minutes late. And made a nice fellow who gave me a ride back
Funny Sign Once Again
to Berkeley and allowed me to charge my phone as well. He's retired lawyer very nice man he allowed
The Ride to Richmond CA
me to stop and pull over and get some decent pictures of the view that I spoke about. He's getting his Birkenstock sandal healed and I
This Kensington is Nice!!
am sitting here in the car charging my phone. It is now 2:40 PM Pacific time. I found myself hanging out with
Tennis and Computers Owner
a computer expert at a computer/ tennis store nearby. I got home just chilled out talk on the phone and chilled out
How to Burn I-Tunes to CD's
for a while. John and Alex came home and had to leave immediately to take Alex to practice game but
Royals Smash Giants
his basketball team. I then decided to go get some takeout Indian somewhere along Main Street here.
John and Alex Getting Ready 4 Game
I succeeded and also found a very inexpensive thorough place to get a massage on my feet
Amtrak Berkley Station
and my body which is sorely needed that's for sure. Giants got clobbered 7 to 2. eating my food and
Eating Dinner Waiting for 51B Bus
catching up on my Internet. It was a good day. I debated guns and roles that women want "their man" to play and how men make women safer in this world. I just stated that woman like the Bad Boys of the male Gender.
Map of Berkley I am at the Blue Dot

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21: LA to Oakland. Time to Rest

Good early morning to all you riders of the Paisley Sage and all other sieges.  We are on I five leaving Los Angeles metropolitan area. We just went by Van Nuys Dr. I've heard of that one the traffic isn't bad now but we were warned of high winds & heavy traffic. The bus is pretty quiet except the 2 snooring dudes nearby. 
Some of us have caughs. We are approching a large hill with high winds. The driver was RIGHT!! There are very high winds. She wants nobody to stand up now.
I-5 Heading North
Well, I am going to try to get some
some shut-eye now since it IS 12:42am. at this time and 3:43am on the East Coast. It is now 3:12 AM we are stopping at this town called Avensl. This bus stop that has more buses that anyplace
My Last Bus Trip
 else in the world. It's a place for bus drivers hang out and mock theifor shits and giggles. I suppose that were halfway there now it's time for
LA Traffac
 along for us to restThe bus driver to move. Time to nap. 
Well actually it's now 7 o'clock. The bus arrived about 5 to 10
minutes early. I got a decent nap along the way. I almost left my backpack on the bus. NO! I DID leave
Add caption
my backpack on the bus. I had 2 minutes of sheer terror but they had it sitting out the bus.
I'm now waiting for my brother to pick me up. I've showered and I really need to get some rest.
It's nice out it is 8:00.
Hey kids good afternoon it is 3:05 PM Pacific time.
I finally got my good night of sleep I have sought since last week yeah!!! Yup the shower was glorious I listened
Berkley Ca

 to Simon and Garfunkel and then Sharon called me up around 230 and then it was time to get up. Just texted Allison and her Halloween party

More Berkley
is this Saturday not next Saturday so I've got a plan how I'm getting there I'm not sure which method
of transport renting a car flying or bussing it again. Now I'm having a vegetarian burrito and a little
The Cali Version
restaurant around the corner from my brothers house on the main street  in Berkley.It is hitting my
Buddy and I Hanging Out
gullet very nicely. I'm enjoying the cool breeze. After having that yummy burrito I just wanted to lie down
Some Providions
and that's what I did. While I was lying down John's bird named Buddy decided to hang out with me.
Meanwhile in West Philly
It was pretty cool. John got home and we watched the World Series game and then went shopping
at the whole foods which was within walking distance. I got some food for myself as well. We sat down and ate and watched the San Francisco Giants clobber the KC Royals
Tonight's Box Score
 7 to 1. The announcers were totally in love with certain guys one on each team. It was pretty funny. I did confirm that I'm
Ah The West Coast
leaving Berkeley/Oakland Friday to fly out to San Diego Dallas's place. I got a Delta flight was the most reasonable without taking forever to get there.
It's  now going on 11:00 PM I am now fiddling around on Facebook. I'm pretty tired so I need to get myself to bed it was a good restful day today.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20: Apache Junction to LA

The Front of Carl;s House
Well it's another splendid sunny  morning here in Apache Junction Arizona. I think I
What a Forecast
got up around 6:30 AM when Carl is going back to bed after working all night and Liz was just getting up. The cute little kitty cat is still here in the
bathroom. Liz got one response want her Facebook page about a lost kitty. The Woman live far away and made some weird remarks that Liz had
Cute Kitty
trapped  the cat in the bathroom and left a phone number that had a man's
The Local Walmart
voice on it. She then complaint to the appetizer of the paper if she's a regular weirdo. Liz is willing to drive
I Got a Haircut
me back to Mesa for my 11:50 AM bus to LA and then LA to Oakland. It's 9:36 AM Mountain standard
Far Away from Saxby's
time and I decided I needed to get out the house so I walked around the area looking for a pharmacy.
A Dove in the Backyard
I'd like to get another bandage for my sore foot and see what else is out here. Well I must admit I had to
Cutting Hair
say hallelujah to Walmart. I'm going to get a pedicure done a haircut and get a ankle support thing for my foot. I also got some refreshments cause I got really thirsty just limping over
Add caption
here to the Walmart.all done before I launch off to Mesa for the Greyhound
Add caption
Well, it was a good plan until the pedicure took much longer than I expected. I caught a cab
My Stuff
at 11:15 AM got back to Carl's place and Liz was like you're going to miss your bus probably. She took me down and I caught the bus with 30 seconds to spare at Mesa. The bus trip from 
Mesa at the Phoenix was very short
Downtown Phoenix
20 minutes. That is the same time it takes to get from Apache Junction to Mesa. I decided to take a cab to downtown Phoenix
Where I ate Lunch
rather than bake in the extreme heat. The cabbie was really cool and he took me right near a pizza place
My Lunch
where I am going to grab  some real food. Well I ate two slices of pizza and a and a lemonade and they made me feel a lot better. I then took
Phoenix Convention Center
a little walk in downtown Phoenix. It's basil really a few huge buildings the convention center and the Phoenix Suns basketball stadium..
The Light Rail Line
There's virtually no shade as well. I was fortunate the Google maps had me take two buses that showed
My Route Back to Greyhound
up right on time so I barely had to walk at all. I took a light rail and after the light rail I caught the 70 bus to the Greyhound station. I arrived at 2:55. The women that were holding my bags didn't think I was going to make it.
The Light Rail

Looking Out from the Light Rail
Thank God I did!��✌️
It is now 3:21 PM this bus unlike the Mesa to Phoenix bus is running right now a minute late. I'm
supposed arrive in Oakland at approximately 30 p.m. Pacific time. The bus is fairly packed. I estimate at least two thirds speak Spanish. Two
Route 70 Bus
 are just nonstop talking. Around 5 o'clock people started quieting down and napping. Which was nice. I was able to take in the little short power nap.  I believe @ some point,when it's dark, 
 I'm going to have to say: "Shhh...please be quiet. The Greyhound bus drivers in some my previous parts of the trip that cautioned
Add caption

people to be respectful and quiet when it's late out. Hey Everyone! It is now 6:03 PM Pacific time
View from Bus
we just entered California drove past needles and are now in Blithe California. This is our only rest stop the entire 300+ miles
Sunset California
that were going  to LA. I got two bean burritos.
Entering California
These bean-only burritos were $2.45 each. They are freaking huge! I'm not gonna be able to
eat BOTH of them but I will have extra food 4 me later. So it's only 12 more hours until I arrive in Oakland. I'm keeping myself busy through Facebook and text messages every so often. There's some nice people out
there in the world. We are winding down to the homestretch to Los Angeles. It is 9:41 PM Pacific time we're doing to be in LA at 10:30.
Waiting at the LA Bus Station
Well we got here at 10 o'clock but this bus station was really disorganized and waiting for our 1130 bus till 1130 so it is now 1141 and apparently
My All Night Route
there is a grumpy bus driver She lashed out at a kid for talking on her cell phone.Well we left around
11:45 PM from Los Angeles. The bus driver warned us heavy traffic & high winds. So I expect to be in Oakland after 7am.