Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday, December 2: A Long Week Ends

 Good morning ladies and gentlemen out there on the Internet and beyond.  Today is Friday it's a nice seasonable morning in early December 2016. I got up very very tired & went downstairs and for the third time this week cleaned out the dishes for Sharon. It seems to  be an impulse just for this week. She seems to appreciate it. That's always very nice. I spent my morning writing the taxi and editing up my blog from yesterday. It is 
  my final version of yesterday the first day of December 2016. It was definitely an interesting  day☝️️✅ It's now 12:47 PM I just needed to get out of the office and get some air. I got some canned Chef Boyardee.   t was $.99 so I'll just put hot sauce and making things better. I got a phone call from the student loan place in reference to a cosigned loan. I help somebody save money by giving them my Rite Aid card. It's a bit breezy & cool in the outside world. Speaking of the outside world there is a political development that 
  ragging on between Tom Wolf and the Republicans  in the Senate.
Blame game over impending state worker layoffs continues with no solution in sight. This apparently is a preview of coming   ttractions for the next state budget I'm sure. These jobs are at the UC Centers. Well the afternoon I just slogged through slowly but surely. I did get the basic stuff done that I wanted to get done but boy it was a tiring week that's for sure. I reckon I'm going down to Larry's help lift stuff up but I'm gonna need a nap to somewhere 
along the line. It ended up that Larry didn't need any help. So I immediately got off the train 15th St. to catch on the bus as it arrives at   5th and JFK Boulevard. I mediately  saw 33 bus that I was only able to catch because people were blocking the "box." the  33 bus got stuck behind some intense traffic. The bus driver it was yelling for   eople to get away from the back door. I get off the bus tired and I went to the pottery studio near 20th where they are having a Halloween get together. So I videotape some   f it it had that fabulous feel. I just meander through ate a couple pieces of pizza and he's going   ut. It was pretty fast if I must say. I then went to the OC have coffee house to get an Americano. They are playing some pretty good spacing music I must say . I noticed they spend at least an hour and 15 minutes   leaning up the place while customers are sitting here in the really kind of in your face about it. It's
 funny. I sat next to somebody who I didn't realize is a ploy E. That explains why they were kind of dismissive. And of course there were  young that had some to do with too. Well it's 7:37 PM I think   t's time for me to go home and do my thing in my   oom and say hi to Sharon. But back to the more acids the outside world.this report the Trump electors are being harassed because names and phone numbers or released of Trump electors. i've  never seen sore winners like this before. What can I say

Thursday, December 1: Da Vinci Opening & Work

 I got up and decided that I would clean up the kitchen again since it was such a mess. I just cleaned  the dishes and had breakfast and next thing you know it it was 831 by the time I got my coffee. The bus wasn't going to show up so I took a cab. Him not having GPS  made it so he just ran into a detour then we went down North Broad and we got held up.the   At that point, decided to get out of the cab pay them. I was near PAFA At North Broad Street and when I turn down 15th and I've been blocked off a block from City Hall because when what someone told me there 
were protesters walking around City Hall.  Someone from the program told me that. Parrulli I'm gonna get  to work close to 9:30 AM  so I'll just have to eat it because you can't fake coming in a half hour late. It's a really bright   eautiful day out here enjoy it. It's now 1:46 PM the temperature has dropped and the clouds   re now sneaking in. Today was really busy. If you're busier than yesterday and I scheduled   nly about six or seven people as compared to 18 people yesterday. So it felt like I was putting out fires today. 
So I saw my folks and I'm gonna eat some lunch at this point. Hey!! I took a little break from work for a moment getting some ice tea and then I'm going straight

to the opening it starts at six. I and getting some coffee first. It's 3:51 PM looks pretty cloudy but it's not raining
 It is now 5:08 PM it's become a    little cooler but not bad. I'm going now straight to the Divinci alliance. I'm gonna get some coffee first. Hopefully I can go to the coffee coffee place called Rally to get some soothing coffee. In news outside   y bubble .  Was the deal with carrier a corporate giveaway?some think it sets a bad example. That's because companies could  hold the US government hostage for better tax deals and giveaways. Well I'm on the train hope to see folks   etween 6 and 8 PM. As you all recall,last year we were in a Pennsylvania budget stalemate.

I caught the 47 got off a little bit late. I managed to get to the rally coffee 

shop at 5:56. He was close let me into serve up some coffee. That's a relief.  

It's 6 PM and I'm just about to enter the gallery. When I first got in there wasn't that many people but proximally 6:30 PM it was fuller .  

The Tyler glass students are selling Christmas decorations are very beautiful and other people are selling  

inexpensive works as well. Pat came over which is really cool. I'm not feeling as social as I have been in other openings. I really like this exhibit there's A lot of variety in the work. There's also a lot of variety in the photographs which are a challenge to what I'd like to do. Well mostly I've wondered

around on my own taking pictures looking at them  
and looking at the art. I then decided I would meet Pat at Doobies. I walked for a while and then waited at 7th and Lombard. I waited five minutes for the route 40 bus. I made a married woman from Chicago who is a physical therapist. We were talking about the new electronic methods of their payment penalize people with no credit cards. I actually hadn't thought of that. She's 38 but she looks about 28. Anyhow she'll have kids soon. I got to Doobies and it wasn't that crowded but then I got more crowded as the night wore on. The service was slow but the waitress warmed up to us. She's one of the original quote Sigma Kids" from the early Bowie era in Philadelphia. PATRICK showed me a picture on Facebook of what you look like back in the 70s. It was FAR out! All the people there were the same age as I was in the late 80s and early 90s hanging
out in big groups etc. The jukebox was excellent. I was digging the tunes that they played there. Everything from Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, the B-52s and Tom Jones. It was like a great big flashback to a long-ago time before people settle down had kids and moved away etc. some of us are wildly successful some of us are sober and others just disappeared. The nice thing about work duties is located is that I can catch the seven of us right across the street. That's what I did around 10:10 PM to come home. I then had some Sharon's German noodle delight since the meal a Doobies  wasn't quite enough food. I then talked on the phone for a little bit and then crash the mighty crash. It was very