Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday, August 28: Thoughts of This Weekend and Next Month

Back Porch on 3rd Floor

Early Cerial
I was manking my family angry with me ha. Ha!!
"RE: WTF are you talking about?" 
I was relieved that I only confused my brother Who is hard @ work already in Maryland
"Not angry....just confused."
It's now 6:22 in the morning. I just saw all the text messages between
Corner: 24th and Fairmount
Wes and Stuar heading out 622 in the morning. I just saw only text exchanges between Wes and Stuart.
Breakfast and Snacks RyBread
I was reading how this pregnant woman with cancer was "eased" out of Amazon where she worked. I then I read other moms experiencing

Talking bout Fitness
the same thing. One woman recommended a new company called to protest Amazon's treatment of women. Yes I distracted myself & I'm going to go take a quick nap because I'm going to miss the sunrise. It's already 7:19 AM. Well, I tried to go back to sleep but the phone kept dinging. My feet also got cold.
A 7 and a 48 Bus!!
Went to ride SEPTA to work as usual. It's a beautiful day out. It's now 10:18 AM I haven't done all that much at
Scary Ad for App
work and theInternet's really slow. I even stepped out and had to write three times to post something on Facebook. I wasn't able to scan so I rebooted my computer and I'm sitting outside chilling in the beautiful weather.
Back to work I had more stupid activities I had to get done. I also got 24 new alerts that were posted over
the last two days. So I hopped on them. I also had a few walk-ins. Several folks made some really good cookout food and I had some
My Entrence to Work
Jamaican jerk chicken it was very good. It is now going on
Waiting for  Computer
4 o'clock I took my break. To finish this blog for the afternoon. I might go to shoppers special straight
after work. In the meantime I need to get back to work I took a little bit longer and break and clean myself
Where Work Gets Done
up for the weekend and add a few more pictures to this blog of events that happened since then such a wonderful lunch we had.
Blogging at 3:15
I'm right now sitting in the lunch room with my personal hot spot on my phone and my portable computer.
Hipster on the EL
It's a nice way to take a break. Got yesterday logged on and today almost done. I spent the last 45
Heading Home
minutes getting a few things done and actually straightened out my desk a little bit.������. Well I just slipped
Fairmount Ave
out of work and I think I'm going to head head to Fairmount near my house. It's going to feel like a day off 2 me. Now, if someone decides to text me about something fun,  then I will certainly reconsider going  home
At this point at 5:30 PM I am heading on the train to the trolley to the 7 or 48. 
Get a Room
I walked her  dogs about a year ago. She goes to Minnesota where she's from with her child
She is divorced & lives in a small but nice apartment in West Philly.
OCF Coffeehouse

She's cute but very distant. Another words she gives a vibe that says" Don't ask me out!! She is though, very pleasant. She has massaged my back before. I'm not quite sure I got the best deal on this deal  I'm going
My Blogger App
to be wearing a bathrobe & living in luxury for an hour @ Toppers. That will be probably in mid September. Speaking of September, Matt thankfully postponed his wedding in Maine until Halloween. That's more apropos and gives me more time to reserve a flight. September looks like a very busy month for me. Thank God did not buy a plane ticket !!!!���� It's now fixed 30 3 PM I am settling
in at the coffee house. When I first walked in a couple was ready to get a room really early in the evening. By talk to Drew and

Blogging at OCF

Leaving OCF

Along Fairmount
Bertram company on the Cupid. I may be seeing her at the closing reception at the gallery.In news outside my personal bubble, the Pa state budget stalemate slumbers on towards the end of the summer.
Love This
 Republicans want a stopgap budget but Gov Wolf is not keen to the idea. Also, I heard that Sarah Palin is going to interview  Donald Trump this evening. It's  MUST watch political porn. It's disgusting but you
just want to take a peek. YAAAOOWWWW!!! YIKES.  Well I just got a call from Bob today I think I'm going to be going tomorrow afternoon. We should be able to get a cheap ticket since the Phillies are are in last place!! This week they keep getting a lot of runs on the Mets BUT the Mets keepcoming back in scoring MORE runs against inept
Phillies pitching. I watched a segment rom Last Week Tonight in which John Oliver talks about how folks in Puerto Rico, Guam, and American

Kitchen at Night
Art of Photography
Samoa don't  have the right to vote. They also are not considered American citizens on their passports!! John Oliver makes  good point against mandatory prison minimums.  He really shows how absurd these laws are and how they ruin lives. As terrorist, child molester and banker get less time! Well, It is past time to end this post. Its been fun. I got to talk and I might have fun visitors to closing reception at the Da Vinci Art Alliance. I am looking forward to that.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thurs August 27: I Visit La Pain Quotidien. Visit West Philly Late

Tis the Season
It's a nice sunny day here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I attempted to go to the sunrise close to being on time but of my able to do it but got caught up and
The 7 Bus
eating breakfast switching cartons for my leaking milk container etc. I was reading

My Second Bus This 
Facebook as well and somebody was talking about dating somebody who works for Comcast. She's young  but it was pretty funny. It's one of the comments:
"You go out for coffee and you talk for a few minutes. He disappears to the bathroom for 20 minutes only to be replaced by a different person who asks you all the same lame questions again. It goes on like that for a few hours until you finally jump up, curse him out and swear off dating forever."
Comcast deserves the mockery. It is a monopoly so they don't really care. They've got the politicians bought off. They just suck��
Well got to go its 7:45 am time to really go. Well I went to the locker room and got their delectable coffee today yes I need one of my fill your pants off work. It was pretty amusing. I have about 12 to 15
The Boyd Theatre
Add caption

At 19th Street clients 
Add caption
today so I'm not who  will come in handy today.  Well for floor today as of 12:45 PM is three people.

I thought it to get from someone nutritious food instead of getting a tuna hoagie just for something
My Work in the AM
different.  I got a nice tea and   some pens. I completely forgot that I had an AES student loan coming out of my account. Boo-hoo.
Clouds at 12:45pm
Well I'm going to have to make do won't we!?!?  
It is certainly warmed up!  It's not humid but it's definitely warm.
No Whiteout but I got Tea
Well, I'm going back to the orifice munching on my food in continuing my work. It's probably somebody in the office for me. It seems like that's the case whenever I leave the office. Well its now 1:42pm Got to go now.
Work Cookout Tomorrow
Well I saw 10 people today. But I think I got enough sleep so I did not feel completely wiped out
56th Street SEPTA Station
late getting little things done. On another note the Papal is a month away. 
Here is  an article I think you
We are Getting There
should read about SEPTA & the Pope's visit. 
SEPTA General Manager  
Joe Casey is very optimistic. He states
Across From City Hall
that SEPTA can get you close to the Pope. Read it for yourself. In other news outside my head, Former 76'ers star Darryl Dawkins died today

One of My Faves to Photograph
at the age of 58.. Remember thunder dunks etc. They left no details of how he died. I guess his publicist
Cheesecake Factory
will release it. I did not realize it until my friend Melissa told me. The coffee place right across the street from 1420. It's called La Pain Quotidien. It's actually very nice in here. You can't put your own milk in your coffee
but I got over that pretty quickly. It's very relaxed not crowded at all. Also there is very nicely appointed room for sitting and listening to Jazz.
La Pain Quotidien.
I'm definitely sold on this place. Why then went to group a little bit late but it was a nice group. I left around 8:15 PM. I should have left earlier supposed to be there at 8:30 PM. I have go to go to Hazel Avenue in West Philly. To set up my dog
walking job. I'm not getting paid as I told you I'm going to get a toppers massage 
I am on the 42 but I'm going to go on route three and then one from 49 St. to Hazel. This bus is packed to the gills I'm lucky to get a seat. am to meet up with this woman @ her place, then eventually get home. Sharon told me that  The plumbing fellow brought  her a pizza.
Route 42 Bus

Add caption
Is a weird man crush on her  There is an instagram site that has man-buns in Disneyland. How funky is that. I mean WOW!! Sharon shared this with me. As you might see in the picture above my battery died just before I got to Hazel Avenue. 
I went to Hazel Avenue
without knowing the address BUT the  woman I'm dog walking for drove by. Shit I was lucky!! That was hairy NOT having my iPhone. I survived.����
I went to the woman's house and got a full lowdown on my tasks. She is getting a good deal. I am getting a $230 deep tissue massage with hot stones at Toppers for payment. This is going to be involved. They are 2 Mini-Pins that are 10 and 11 years old. One is male and the other is female