Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, September 23: Meeting, Work and Messages Oh My

 It's a nice crisp morning here in Philadelphia. I managed to get up and almost make i t to the sunrise on time. First I clean the dishes from last night and took   ome pictures of the sunrise this morning. It was very nice that's for sure. I decided I would go to Saxby's  and  et some coffee. Been a while then went there but they knew exactly  what I wanted decaf with soy. I'm still a little bit late but at least I made it.  w ell it was about making amends. It was a very good meeting. Next I just decided I should   head straight to work rather than get more coffee for or socialize. I'll be get to work in plenty of time to blend into the day and to eat. Well the Internet pretty slow so it took a long 
time to publish more than one picture at a time so I'm publishing one photo at a time before you start work now 9:12 AM. The back door facing 58 street is being renovated as we speak. maybe get something Hunter eat and stuff. Now it's  12:35 PM. The 1st thing I I had to deal with at work, when I got back from watching that man to fix the door,   s I had a an appeal for an overpayment I   rote up in July. The appeal is scheduled Monday afternoon and I just got the notice today. So I had to adjust the overpayment, call the client, and write a narrative. I went to the  little corner store or as I call it bodega. I am with got caught Connie calling referring a client is an idiot that was a close call. Other than that I   ust have one client she came in and I'm going to eat lunch and   tart writing a sanction.
The rest of the day I saw two people and didn't have that many phone calls. I did get very messages from several people today. I'm determined to write up sanctions this coming week. I really cut down my number of people on the Thanksgiving list. Then again,  

there's going to be new people showing up for the October list which will come out in twos weeks. It's pretty mild out here right now. It was cool this morning so I came in long pants and a long shirt. I took off my shirt for my trip down
 to the EL. I may go straight home or I might hit a coffee shop and look at my   log and put some tags that I forgot. Well I went to that place called "cut" I then knew I was waiting half hour so I can decided to go to   axby's and  grab   n iced decaf Americano my usual cold coffee in the afternoon. So I walk down to the ta x fees which is right next to Jefferson Hospital and across from the Walgreens pharmacy. While I'm doing this   haron have a date in the continental. I guess he's at the Center City one. So I'm gonna go my way back to the haircut place by 615 ankd   et myself nice and shaved clean. I've given Meg the warning  as well. Can you believe this it's 85° at 6:15 PM. My haircut was completed and boys it short. I want to try to play me look l ike I'm in a play   bout Rome. I walked up 13th St. where it would happen and happening. A whole bunch are eating  outdoors enjoying the  evening. Some maybe looking   or their breeding life partner.s. I eventually walked up and walk north to JFK Boulevard once I got there, I took the   3 bus and got  myself home. As I was walking home from the bus excited to go to them   iki be to Preskett and get 250 slices. When I got home Sharon got home   ight after me. Jacqueline R Dave and I went upstairs to munch down my voice is better.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday, September 22: 1st Day of Fall

 Well I got up at 6 AM and decided I try to make my sunrise this morning. I   ad some cereal and some nice made coffee. It's a nice morning with Loki middle the outside. Ardmore looked pretty good that's for sure. I was really enthralled with   he big screen   ersion of YouTube last night. I'm going up to Ardmore station and here comes an Amtrak train. I was going   o just ignore it thinking that I don't go on Amtrak trains to commute. When I saw all the other well-heeled   ommuters going on I asked and they have Amtrak train replacing some of the commuter train. SEPTA has a shortage   f commuter train due to the engineering problem with the new railcars.  Well I got there 15 minutes late   t 7:30 AM. There's a good speaker. I found myself getting really hot and sweaty and then I cooled off by myself. It was nice to be there. I then walked by  the new target that's opening across from the CVS at 19th and Chestnut Street. For the hell of it I put in an application via email from the texting method was not working. Today I have a   unch of people coming in and I'm hoping to record myself being paid so I can send it to Meg. She'll   et a kick out of it. Yeah I'm going to go to group Larry's going to be there. He doesn't go very often. Well it's 9:14 AM I got to get changed and   ore appropriate work gear in the men's room and powder up. Now it's 11:25 AM.  I just took    break and it's still not hot and humid which is great. I went to the local bo dega at the corner of 58th and  arket got me so pumped to drink and a bag of corn chips and they are called Dipsy doodle $.25 cents. I talked to client now I'm   onna try to polish off the alerts and write up a sanction packet in between seeing other clients this   fternoon. Now time to eat lunch so I just sent out of 162 letter. Well, they left for the day I went to my schedule and what   re you people in the book for possible sanctioning I read my nipples all day on the fresh green beans   ogurt tater chips and apple and an orange. I rode the train with Peter on the way down.   Man the EL was really packed to all  hell I'm meeting Larry at Starbucks in fact I'm at Starbucks now. I'm going  to get a decaf iced Americano. Starbucks is why the places that will not   erve decaf coffee after dark. Americano and had to go back and  get more away. They seem to be shorthanded there at the old Starbucks at 13th and Walnut. What group was small and pretty good. Afterword Larry split  like a bat out   f hell to go to the smoke shop and watch Thursday night football. New England is playin The Houston Texans. Geewhiz I wonder who's going to win that game? 
Anyhow I got home and got the 33 bus and then talk to  
Meg for a while and planning the weekend. I told  

her about the route the deep New Jersey transit bus and my luncheon with my friend of the 408 bus. Then realize that my blog is 11 years old on this very day. 


it was Thursday, September 22, 2005.