Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday May 24: Working On and Leaving 4 Buffalo

I was getting ready to head out and I listen to Stephen Colbert’s monologue  He talked about Trump 

 nd what Trump calls “ spygate.“ Trump spending a conspiracy theory about the FBI planting a spy on his campaign. Anyway, Colbert went on to say“Sorry Hindus it’s a Lawless

 universe. “ let’s go baby slapping!“ I actually cracked up when

 I heard that. I knew they had ;to be the title of my blog posting. I 
may change the name but I find it very funny. I find especially funny 

 because we have so much in estrogen talk about babies it makes it even funnier. Anyhow

 I thought a little stronger today and I had snacks in case I get really hungry. I

 plowed away and salt 11 people today. I didn’t even hit the Bodega I just jammed on through today. It was the last day before I would be missing four 

 ays of work that would be Friday Tuesday and Wednesday oh that’s only three days well blow me down. 

 hings seem to of calm down at work from the great doorkeeper of this past week. I also

 actually made a little progress on my alerts. I was OK with that since 

  did see 11 people today. That takes up a lot 
 f time. I think I interviewed from 10 to 4 nonstop. After work I felt surprisingly decent and decided to make an effort to hit the early

 night out. I went to that night was pretty good and as I left that meeting, I ran  into someone at mass if I was going to the living sober and I said

 to her OK so I went to the app, left halfway through to go to my 

 ppointment and then went home and chill for an hour and realize the bus

 was leaving at 10:05 not 1105 
 nd I had to hustle and pack. I talked on the phone for a while and we had a good conversation. The bus left and fortunately had air going because

 it was pretty warm in here it’s very crowded bus and I’m sitting next to a very serious Orthodox Jewish man. Well it’s time to zone out for the day not good

 to currently feeling horribly motivated I was looking at a Facebook site and I think of How to Harry who got married and helped a woman make a second baby. Anyway good night

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday, May 23: The Great Door Caper

Good morning everybody well I got up to go to the sunrise but after I ate my cereal and yogurt I was so exhausted I decided I needed more sleep. That I did and then I got up took a shower and listen to the 

 Modern Lovers. I listened to more than just the one song I like and they’re 

 retty good. Especially the song public Picasso.. He can stare at women 

 nd not because of a jerk because he’s not you. Go something like that. 

 nyhow I just concede that I was going to be late and I wise. My supervisor wasn’t

 in though. Anyway I check attempted 
 o save what I just wrote anyway the great doorkeeper came to its logical inclusion 
 he lockers removed after a day of it being installed it was pretty hilarious nine controversy. It’s like a tempest in a teapot in but you know some people don’t have a lot to do at work. It’s  a crazy thing  know. Well I attempted to get a lot of stuff done first thing

 a bit lethargic towards the afternoon. Yes, I did get all my alerts done but 

  didn’t fill out the survey the financial desserts closure form which is going to

 have to be done tomorrow and I didn’t put in for officially
 put in for my time. I’m going to have to do that. Anyhow, I got a whole boatload of people coming in tomorrow my hope is that a lot  of them don’t show 

 p but it’s going to be busy that’s all I can say. And my report well

 I’ll just run one more sanction and I’m going to send partials on almost everybody 
 lse I’m afraid. Why did take a nice quickie nap in the darkened room in the office. I enjoyed that. And then left the office earlier than usual by about 5 minutes 

 ut I’m still running behind to make the meeting. I thing went on the train 

 nd I could just smell stuff like soda stale stale this. So I just decided to walk
  down 11th St. and then cool off at the Saxby‘s. Instead of rushing around make it to Fairmount

 or the for 530 early night out. I’m really tired I’m feeling exhausted so I’m

 just sitting here at the 11th St. Saxbys. In news outside my hazy tired bubble, the NFL capitulated  to  political pressure from the president and now has a rolled it LOL NFL players

 must stand for the national anthem or stay in the locker room off the field. Roger Goodell but a wimp. Is it like there were burning flags on the field let’s get real here. Can you believe it it’s 6:48 PM I can’t believe how late it’s getting so fast. I think this place closes at seven so I’ll be leaving very soon surrounded by folks half my age. Enjoying my last bits of coffee and a little bit of mellow music here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday, May 22: Hot Under the Coller and Rain

Well, got up around 5:30 AM and went back to sleep but it was pretty restless

 because it’s felt late even though wasn’t late. I managed to make the meeting only 10 minutes late which is good because
 the speaker was pretty good anyway afterwards less of people I haven’t seen in a while. My friend Rob from the program died recently. He had been struggling a lot and had many procedures with his amputation. He lived with me me for a while when 

  was in west Philadelphia. I’m probably 
 oing to try to contact his mom. I got to know her a little bit. She’s a good person. Anyhow there’s an article about Michael Jackson that I saw this 

 orning. They talked about him winning is a Grammys and one night. Well you know what I think  of the Grammys…. Well I do need to let them know that

 he still dead! Anyhow I got to work in the building was extremely hot. I was definitely getting

 hot under the collar mentally as well. Finally the 
 reaking AC went on it cooled off and I had some Popeyes discount lunch. Well I’m going to go back in to try to get some stuff done now  that I bought the

 water at the bodega hope to talk to a new friend later on today and hope that the rain will stop. This rain is really hard and steady. Well thankfully when I left the 

 ffice at 5:09 PM the rain had stopped. Yes, I do feel a few drops but I can get to the train without getting soaked I got off the train in that ring did hold off thankfully.

 In fact I’ve held off the rest of the day.. I need to pick up that umbrella from Larry’s tomorrow or Thursday. I came home took one of my quickie 
nappies. It felt really quick by the way. I then decided 

 o go the ACA instead of the four for four GSR. There’s a lot more people there. I would say about 10 people were there. That’s also and I’ve seen from the other fellowship she’s enticing but way too strange. Anyhow

 I came home and talk to three different people and set up next Wednesday at 1 o’clock. 

 y plan is when I come back from Buffalo Wednesday morning is to take a nap and then meet a friend downtown. come home from the bus with Loretta next Wednesday