Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday, May 23: first day in sunny Buffalo.

Kerry in the AM
Well I started the morning  Kerry and boyfriend Ken eating breakfast around 6:30 AM. The reason
Ken Off to Work
for that early hour with because can have to go to work today and be there by eight I believe. I thought it ran
Pat and His Cat
seven it was just time to get up and I have some homemade breakfast that Kerry made this morning.
Bailey Sleeping
I had scrambled eggs and sausage with sweet rolls. It's a traditional old-school breakfast my friends. It's 11:20 AM I just got out of the house and walk her dog Bailey a big happy
Pretty Cool Out
floppy Labrador retriever that he has. He's really cute and
Part of Dinner being Prepared

just happy and rub his belly kind of dog. Kind of dog is good with kids. It's not much planned today except for a a storytelling session later on tonight. I also am hoping to be able to sleep at Molly
since the boyfriend want some alone time. Which is fine because I don't want to listen to all that. I also realized as I
Kerry Preparing Dinner
I walked out that I REALLY need my ankle brace!! boy I do have to keep wearing it because my ankle feels particularly weak this morning so it does make a big difference. Molly and Jamie plan to come over around 6 for dinner.
Its now 1:19 pm and I think It might be time for a nap. I did take a two-hour nap and it was good.
Ken Home from Work
I think on the traveling just caught up to me finally. I then took a little walk to get some air. And it was
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good I really enjoyed that walk most delicious dinner wit Kerry Jamie Molly and we still can go to
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work again it a second job washing dishes. His first job is landscaping. It was cold pork macaroni
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and cheese and spicy baked beans. It was pretty good. It was all made from scratch.  After
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that scrumptious dinner we went to see a storyteller named Craig Watson. He basically told his traveling
Listening to Boring Storyteller

stories going to Japan and nationalist China and he was really boring. Thank goodness Kelly had to
Odd Couple
leave early so we left and right along her. Jamie was Nice enough to drive us to Tim Horton's probably
Driving To Molly's
the most mellow coffee place that Buffalo locals flock to. And route to an ATM and Jamie drop this off after
I got my money from the ATM and only charges a book and withdraw. There are no TD Bank ATMs in Buffalo.
Her Apt w/ Homemade Rug
I have to go to Canada across the way to hit the TD Bank. I had come Sleepy Time Tea.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday, May 22: Work then Shuffling Off to Buffalo

Once Again a Detour
Good day all holiday fun seekers. After going to bed at an atrocious 3 AM in the morning, I slept very well.
Center City By Cab
I had a really intense dream!! I then got up. took a nice shower and in a rush caught a taxi to 19th and
The EL
Market. Believe or not I got in by 9:15 AM with a little luck. My supervisor what several hours late  so,
there there was no problem there. I rushed around @ work. At least 6 of my clients didn't show up
Work to the Airport
but 2 did  and I got them out between 1 and 1:30 PM. I think what the EL to 30th St. and got the airport line
On the EL
to terminal C. Went to terminal C & and use the kiosk to get my boarding pass. That process was fairly simple. I paid an extra 26 bucks for some kind of ease on but we'll see what that
means to me and my new kids.
Waiting for the Airport Line
The Homeland security area the TSA area is really small in Terminal C. Fortunately it only took
Down to the Wire
about 20 minutes to get through so I got at my gate three at clock p.m. which is an hour before my flight
leaves. I did pretty well in my  humble opinion. 3:12 PM I think I'm in a go try to find load the LeBus coffee. I think it's important closest
Waiting for the Flight
coffee place to see 31 where I am. Well I have arrived at the airport. It was a
Landing in Buffalo
very quick yet bumpy flight. I didn't go on the Wi-Fi on the plane since the flight was so short.
It is now 5:18 PM so the flight arrived at least 10 to 15 minutes early. Kerry picked me up at the airport & we met up with Molly and
Approaching the Airport
Jamie and attempted to find someplace to eat. Well the first two pizza places we went to were no longer in
Safe Landing
existence at one disappeared completely and one at a for sale sign in front of it. It worked out well since the
The Local Place for Coffee

place we ended up going through tastiest pizza ever. I've been tried Loganberry drink. This am told by
Nice and Cool
Carrie is a very Buffalo kind of thing. Very local to Buffalo. Well I tried it and it tasted like really flat grape soda combined with cough syrup. I mean it wasn't
Great Pizza

bad but I couldn't drink much of it before I had to give it 
Molly and Jamie
away to Molly. We then finished up our deluxe pizza and drove over to an improv comedy place called

comedy sportz. I have heard of this conceptual comedy before in Philly and never did anything for
This was FUN!!

me or at least I didn't think it would. Well Jamie had reported front row seats to the comedy place. The place is
Molly and I 
weird because it had no bathrooms in it you had to go in this bathroom area around it it looked like a
Very Funny!

motel with office offices in it. What was the set up where you at comedians just up in two different teams 
bread buffalo wing side and the blue cheese side. And had some audience participation in it. It was
Final Score
actually really funny and the comedians were pretty talented. Who's even one older gentleman in the
Saying Goodbye to Comics
troupe. Usually comedy is a young man's game because it takes so much hyper kinetic energy. We won't have a really fun time there then afterwords we split up and I went back to Carey's
house. We talked and then Kelly watched her favorite soap opera days of our live on TiVo. I messed
Cool Cat
on my phone and grew very tired and literally just started bawling asleep out of nowhere. I barely remember Carrie's boyfriend and coming home from work. He worked very late on

Friday nights. I think the Sleepy time tea did it's job because I had that day I was fading quickly. It was quite the busy day today that's for sure but it was enjoyable!

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