Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Friday, August 23. Now Where Were We?

It's a cool get humid day here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I went to an excellent sunrise this morning. I felt welcomed and I
was able to share the anger and resentment I was feeling inside myself yesterday.
I got a busy day at work I had of me I running late because I just need some fellow shipping at this point
. I might try to go to a different kind of meeting tonight at 6:30. Yes and again this pay seems to be
having all the bills do except the phone. I'm really grateful I had the cat sitting job and Pat
paid me 80 bucks video of me in cash! 
What work has been dust far a lot less hectic and spastic. I'm deathly
more rested than I was yesterday. It's now 1:42 PM and I'm going to the right aid you know how to do
I'm getting my DeskMate her Clorox wipes Anne I am getting something to drink to split the
$20 that I have. Hope I can get some stuff done this afternoon. I spent the morning revamping
am ours because they made some changes in the referral procedure for one of the programs.
 It is overcast today still but no rain so that's a good thing. I'll be glad when that song by Farrell or for real whatever his name is called "
happy" stops being played into that ice bucket challenge I guess my cynicism is unwarranted I just read this
Right now outside the door hooks are having a debate on the cops behavior and Ferguson the
story. It doesn't seem to be getting any better. So my left work and I think I am going to take a nap after all and then go to the meeting

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday, August 21: Disturbed & Peace

The Trek Starts
Well the bus did arrive and it's scheduled stop around 2 AM as expected.  I was then charged
Lonely Food Truck
with the task of getting on the trolley works parking lot to South Philly. The folks that were in the van for me Milly just hopped in the
South Philly in the Dark
car and left and didn't offer to help. Which is kind of par for the course. The woman didn't much
REM Cover of Today
what I have me around I wasn't part of their clan or their kids. So I did take the 29 bus after walking I walked a
Look at ALL This Walking
half-mile to 33rd in Dickinson Street. Next I walked part of the way until the 17th showed up. After I took care of the stuff I did take care of I
Not a Happy Camper
finally went to sleep. I love myself to sleep until about 820 since it was 4 AM by the time I crashed.
Head Banging in the Cab
I've been at the stuff all kinds of stuff in my backpack to get ready to catch the bus and I just missed one five
Me After a Head Banging
minutes before I got here. All I've seen is five off-duty septa buses go turning the corner Rainfern of my
Directions at Work
bus stop. I finally gave up and saw a cab and said it's going be worth it to spend. As I was driving in the cab, the driver jammed on the brakes HARD and I banging my head against
the credit card payment machine. My head was bleeding.
Broad Street Tonite
That save me eight dollars. I got to work there were two clients waiting for me and it just didn't stop until about 330. Left work feeling pretty good
New Style
considering I only had four hours asleep. And then I went to group. And learn something about my social faux pas at the game yesterday
Subway Stairs
. Being around kids at single Man your suspect. Because of predators who want to go after boys. I was completely grossed out. Note to self do not go solo when you're going around soccer moms or Little League
games of any kind of children gathering. Oh my God yuck!
Well I feel pretty awake considering  I got 4 hrs of sleep which is pretty good I think. I just  heard this noise along
Everyone Does it
Broad Street. And I asked the woman she said its called dinner on the block and they pick up block each year so I'm going to check it out to see what the jogging man in the white suits are about.
the women stated that they would not trust a single man near theri children and that is the way the world is. So I was just sickend. I am looked as a poltentual CHILD MOLESTER??!! I felt dirty and upset. I needed a good shower. I guess I do not understand the soccor mom mentality

block. My friend gave me good advice:

I am sorry she made you feel that way . Forgive her, know that you are not what she thought , and move on. Don't get stuck and keep moving. Stay the course. Go to sleep. Tomorrow is a whole new day

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday, August 20: Off to Williamsport

Greetings seekers of  ventures . I left  South Philly and went to the sunrise. A few of us hung out at
Add caption 
Add caption
Coffee Joe's coffee shop since the La Columbe is closed until September . It was an interesting hang out.
This is your blog reporter Mark reporting for duty. Now I'mgoing to take the 12 Bus to the charter bus to Williamsport for the Little League World Series.
The Media Horde in Action
They needed more rooms to be on van. Ran with clutch because I have a car charger. Just just
The Van I Spent Riding In
leaving and on the Schuykill  at this time. We should arrive at Williamsport by 2 PM .Back to you Jim!
The Lineup
I'm pretty excited about this. I can't wait to get there. I have  never been to scene  like this before. Mo'Ne Davis,  the #1 pitcher will be
Cute Reporter Interviews Coach
on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. This will be an event to be remembered my friends
Kids in the Van
Ride went very smoothly we stopped at Wawa and got snacks we even listen to tunes.
only got here it's a little overcast
The Phones Needed a Charge
and or hunting around for parking. We have about 6  hours before the game starts. It says it's a 50%
Getting on I-80
chance of rain right now system overcast. There is a 3 o'clock game between Japan and South Korea and then our game at 7:30.
The Group I was in the Van With
We're now going to go through security and then we have time to either watch the game or do something else
We Make it to Williamsport Pa
An Drizzle Greeted Us Today
. I just plan to follow the crowd. It's now 3:10 PM we have a steady drizzle here and the first game
Waiting for the Weather to Clear
Mid-Atlantic Shirts Sold Well
between Japan and South Korea has been postponed. The announcer says to wait for the storm to pass but it looks like it's not going anywhere
Rooting for Their Team
but they did say 50% chance that rain would fall by the drizzle has gotten a little heavier since I bought
The Outfield
my poncho. It's pretty festive despite the rain. I'm waiting for my group to possibly meet me at the visitor center
Rooting for the Home Team
. And I can see if I can get a press pass but it doesn't matter. We're now in a  rain delay in the first game. Our game starts at 7:30. I'm attempting to get a press pass
Game was Played Here
 as a blogger wish me luck. One good thing
Getting Press Credentuals
about this media room does have a soccer and some people pretty cool.
The reporter picture and she's
Woman Who Denied Blogger Press Status
campaigns and meet you in this difficult to get credentials. It's 405 they're hoping to start the first game at 4:25 PM.
The Skies were Quite Overcast
Well I hung out for an hour charge up my phone at their expense and they don't potential bloggers. I'm not exactly surprised but took a picture
Japan & Korea Play
of me and then realized I hadn't filled out the form and I'm not with any media company. Next time
I'll plan ahead and make something up or get some local paper to credential me. Well the top of the first inning is ended and Japan is up. There's only a couple little raindrops right now. I'm gonna look

Las Vegas Threatens to Score

She Organizes it 
for my crew and if I can't find them in a find our parking spot. 
I found out that the organizer of the bus trip had my number and
Korea Scores to Win the 1st Game
she will account 4 everyone before leaving tonight. I think I need to regroup and eat. Official
The Place is PACKED
attendence for the 1st game was just over 18,000 in attendance. The estimates of how many people from Philly are here range from 30 to 40,000 strong
Warm Ups
Hi it's now 7:03 PM. The Japanese game versus Korea ended with Korea winning 4 to 2. Korea scored two runs in the top of the sixth
38,000 Fill the Seats and Grass
which is the last inning in Little League. This place is absolutely teaming with people right now it is unbelievable!
Add caption
! I'm taking pictures to document this. Oh it's 5:30 PM. it's the top of the third and Vegas is leading 3-0. They are hitting
MoNee Davis is Relieved
very very well. It's now 8:23 PM and I got hungry. I'm going to get myself a overpriced cheeseburger to get me through and go
The Score After the 4th
back to my little spot. Or use my raincoat as my towel because the ground still moist from the
Had a Decent Burger
rain earlier today. Taney got out of a bases-loaded no outs jam! The last out the catcher caught them on or off second after scooping up a pitch in
Runner Stranded at 3rd
the dirt. Nice play!! Taney one head after three full innings. It is 8:54 PM. In the next inning and he scored a run to make it 3 to 1. They still
Taney Has a Threat
have the bases-loaded and one out on one of their guys into a line drive double blank still 3-1 in the 5 inning.
How it Looked on TV
It's a close game. The Vegas had opportunities to blow it wide open.
Loan the bottom of the fifth inning for me to type this extending the wheels fell off and Vegas got five runs to make it 8 to 1. And that was pretty much
Mo'Nee Davis in the 6th
the ball game. We're now in the van and I'm going to nap in between messages. It was a very interesting
day Mont one that will not be forgotten. Yes and that van driver drove us home
 really fast we still didn't get home till two 2 o'clock and I
The Way Home on the Van
 had to fend
On the NE Extension of the Pa Tpk
for myself to get South Philly since nobody offered me a ride anywhere. But I made it safe back to South Philly where I fixed stuff and edited my blog. I also played  The Who and their Album "Who by Numbers" 3 times. Its really late and time to shower