Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday 9–18: One Step

Walnut and 19th
Good morning doc worms and Burnand's. This is stepping away from the past. This is the fall of 2014.
Less than one month till my cross country bus trip. Today we got up on time moves in my photos
A Nice Sky
to my computer and went to the sunrise with the topic was foundation. Got to have that before you
Outside Coffee Joe
can build your home of life. Anyhow I'm a coffee Joe's killing time but not too much time since I can't be late to work. It's a nice crisp cool day in the waning days of summer. Again I have training for the Gov. Corbett healthy P a plan. It'll be a momentary respite from running around like a chicken
with its head cut off serving up the welfare wackka. Well training ended at 12 o'clock today I found myself alternating between being very
hungry and very tired. I couldn't decide what I want to get so I got a can of chicken soup.
I'm hoping that'll fill me up without making meat, toast and pass out.
Well it's 2:38 PM I had soup
for lunch and 2 granola bars because I'm still hungry. I don't
want to eat something to fill me up too much. I don't want to fall sleep in group. I haven't done that
in a long time. It's very cloudy out here & looks like it may storm but they're very dramatic cloudsfound 
Well as I left work I felt awful tired and actually left 15 minutes early from work. I was fortunate to catch a cab so I could get home at 5
o'clock and try to do a super power nap. I ended up sleeping for 40 minutes. I was late for group
but it had to be done. When I got the group I myself in a really irritable pissy mood.
I'm glad I talked it out
. When I left there were some very irritating stupid shit that I had to witness. First off a bunch
of idiots waiting in line for the iPhone and even much worse a bunch of spoiled brat working students going to a party all dressed in white flaunting
their shit down Walnut Street. God had such a sense of privilege I just want to smack them
I can't wait so I can go home grab a slab to eat and chill out and go to bed

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17: Training 4 for the Future

Got up to a cool mostly sunny day in Philadelphia. I got out but I'm running late to said sunshine. I have training this
Another View of Sunrise on Back Deck
morning on Gov. Corbett's new health plan which has a private industry part to it. Going to be all day.
Dog at Meeting
I hope the training doesn't start at 9. It's now 9:11 AM and I just got off the EL @ 56 street. Well I am at training now
Training Today
This Healthy Pa is quite complex indeed.
Actually training went by pretty smoothly I must admit.
Heading to Work
I just goofed around on my phone a little bit while training was going on. Reception is god awful inside
Up to the 56th Street El Stop
the building. Well I ended with a confusing case. It was nice not to see 1 million people
A Proformer in Old City
all at once. I'm going to go over to Larry's to help him with the phone and have a pizza or so and then go to Pats.
Customs Coffee House
 I'm now at customs coffeehouse in your second Chestnut. I just need some coffee time before I
On My Acer Chromebook
go to Larry's. They are playing some awful song right now but that's okay I'm not quite late yet
Bad New for the President
. Well I'm actually it's 603 but the clock here says . I expect to Larry to be calling me any minute. Well I went over to Larry's and was treated to two slices
Add caption
of pizza and we watch the national news. Everything from ices to wifebeating NFL players. Also the felony
I will have to Miss this due to Road Trip
child abuse football player was the main one. Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Anyhow, I then
Pat Jamming
helped Larry transfer files from his phone to the computer and then I helped Veronica post some information on Facebook.
Next I took the train back to 46 street and went home and checked my mail. Nothing much came
Cleaning up for Sharon

in at all. I then went back to Pats and we did a little recording and my roommate might be coming over. She has confirmed but she
was enticed by Pat's menu selection. Well, she opted out so I am eating solo but that is
cool. Well I watch John Stewart blasting and I felt for being spastic. Here's one more jam from Pat it's a practice night for us

Well Jon Stewart gave the NFL a nice slap in the face along with professional asshole Sean Hannity at the end. The NFL is just
acting loopy and Hannity just made fun of gays while defending hitting kids. What a cock
. Well  I should be going home now. Its pretty late. Well I took a cab home because it was the quickest way to get the 24th in Fairmount good night

9-15-14: It is Monday,. What can I say ?!?

Well it definitely feels like a Monday this morning. It was a very cool sunny morning. I did
Add caption
my new tradition of skipping the sunrise and getting my 2 1/2 hours sleep I needed. It really help because
24th Street at Fairmount
I was tired even getting up after 8:00 AM. Well I got to work a little bit late and well it was busy as hell this morning till about 1:30 PM. Makes work
so I'll at least 10 people in a little over half a day.  By the end of the workday I was feeling relieved that it was done. So after work I carried my tux
Umm...a Bit Close to Home
to the Joseph a bank after toting around to work today. They almost hinted at finding me because I didn't return it by five but fortunately
The New LaColumbe to Open Soon
that didn't happen. I then walked to Saxbys got my usual ice coffee and went to Saxbys to get it. Hey
17th @ Jos. A Bank 
good afternoon. The day is winding down I'm about to hit the Monday night beginners. It's a really nice
At Saxby's before Mon Nite Beginners
evening out perfect weather. I did officially pay for my creative writing class the temples Center City
One Building
campus at 15th and Chestnut I think it's located. Well there

Butters in Bed
Monday night beginners was pretty good really. Got to listen to a lot of interesting things and I gave an acceptance wallet and out to somebody
20th Near Arch
and quickly went about my business. You know what I mean women men AAA that stuff. She seemed to appreciate that's cool kind a rebuild my reputation. Well I'm really thirsty I don't know why am standing at 20th St. all I got to do is walk to 22nd and wait a few minutes for 7 bus to show up. Well
This Inspired me
I decided to walk and eventually of the seven and 48 meet up about four blocks north of where I'm so that's the plan now I'm finally home to chill and have dog lick my face

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Sept 16th: One Step Closer.....

The Twilight Zone......
Greetings. This morning started off a rainy mess but now it's clearing up very nicely looks like it's going to be a nice day. Got up after letting
The Day Started Rainy
the alarm go off for half hour. Quickly got dressed and made it to the sunrise on time. I met with
my sponsor and sat outside in the nice clearing skies at Saxbys. Was a good positive way to start the morning. And then went to
Add caption
work it wasn't quite as pain in the ass busy but it was fairly busy. Work ended with a flyer I may call
Walnut Street Early AM
run eligibility run based on something I came up with yesterday and a photo of the tree running on
The New Look @ La Columbe
the Internet. Couple folks got a good laugh out of that stunt. I left for home really tired and came
Add caption
straight back to West Philly and look for a friend so security check which was not there. I took a nap
Made These @ Work
and then went back to Fairmount  and brought some Indian food. Both of us enjoyed it very much. Sharon and I both realize that
Heading to West Philly on 21
it's less than a month till I have to get my stuff out of the department
21 Bus Going to Downton
because that's when I had on my road trip I am a stay with the photo of Pat's squirrel. Speaking
Pat's Squirrel
of squirrel John Stewart did a skit where Bernie Sanders well-being interview with photo bombed by a squirrel. I stayed up late tonite and I have a month to move all my stuff out of West Philly. I did meet up with my sponsor and that was cool. Time to go to bed