Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friday, November 21: More Will Be Revealed!!!!!

Cold Sunrise
Good morning all you winter warriors. I just saw a friend from the for a bus that she was going to work.
My Room
That was fun. She sends her condolences for my brother. I am going to probably sit at the
The Cold Remains the Same
meeting before getting coffee because I'm running 15 minutes late. Man it's still cold out here! I can really
feel the chill in the air! Glad I am not in Buffalo! Some areas in Buffalo got up to 5 to 6 feet of snow.
La Columbe
In fact some places got a seasons worth the snow in three days. Well it's still very cold at 9:06 AM work
Going to be Plenty of this Coming
and I'll bring get some stuff done before next week which is carfare week since you're shutting down
Work is Work
the computer possibly for the whole week next week I mean the first week in December. It's 7:25 PM. I worked very hard today at work. I had least felt like I was gaining on it a little bit on my caseload. I feel like my throat scratchy like I'm trying to cut catching something.

Some Bulls**t @ Work Today
17th and Arch
I intended to go straight home from work around 530. I ended up hanging out with 
a coworker for a while on discussing the state of employment at my agency.
Getting Home
Needless to say They are going to be some changes. When I was catching the EL, I had to P so bad it was painful. I foresee had an empty ice tea
Chili Nachos
took care some business found a drain and threw it out.
Bartender at the Bishops
I'm going straight home I need to rest and that's about it. I am so tired that I feel that

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday, November 20: Cold & Slow Change

Good morning. I don't have trouble sleeping last night for a trouble getting up this morning but I made little
more than half the meeting. This morning I do notice that they love the fake drums and auto tune that's the
thing nowadays. It's me Mark back again it is 3:59 PM I just took a photo outside the office it's a nice sunset
19rh Street Trolley
a coming tonight I'm pretty darn tired I got some stuff done My supervisor snapped on me when I made a
Rachael Maddow Lampooning the Lame Democrats
comment. I think it's cool anyhow. Well it apparently I'm not going to be seeing Amy at all this weekend
Sansom Street Toward 58th
. Maybe I'll get to see Pat or somebody else hang out with Sharon clean the place up. Her ex is coming
Still Cold
up to visit today. Very couldn't blame the same time a Rambo laid it down. I got really thirsty but didn't have any
I Join ello
cash so I went to right aid and decided to go to the right aid where I got myself some Gatorade and a $20
Walking Back to work
bill back from the ATM. I then went back to work and wanted to sleep. I did get some stuff done and we
Clerk at Rite Aide with tat
were allowed to work till 530 since one of the ADA's was not in. It is now 6:00 PM going to 15th
Add caption
and Walnut but hopefully I will get a coffee first. Believe it or not I was invited to that hipster site that that fabulous photographer is a member
Exiting Work
of called ello. So I had to make up a funky password and name. So I'm been invited somewhere not sure what that means to you and all your babies that you 
City Hall and Dilworth Plaza
freaking make, but it's something. Well I  did manage to get my coffee at Starbucks. I
Getting my Starbucks
got the nice young woman to dump some of it out for me. That was very cool. 
I am walking up to 15th towards Arch to catch the 48 bus. Group was interesting but I found myself very tired where I was literally having instant daydreams. I really have to go to bed and get sleep tonight. I did bring up a topic I brought up 6 months ago. It's the lack of sensuality. That's all I'm going to say about it in this public forum. Anyhow it is now 8:34 PM and I hope to catch the bus quickly and just get home. Well, I got home and had some left over pasta. I met Sharon at the Bishop's coller. Sharon brok

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wed., November 19: Racing and 4 What

A Cold Walk to the Bus Strop
It's 8:36 AM I've been at the bus stop for about six minutes now. I slept in from the sunrise today and got out of bed.
Strolling in Fairmount
I stopped at the riper and got some coffee. I brought lunch provisions yogurt and clementines that I bought from Trader Joe's. Work was
I Feel Change
actually halfway productive today. This is because of two major factors. One it was only 3 on call folks and and 4 of my people that were scheduled did not show
Cold and Packed
up for their appointments today. Now that means
Cool & Crispy in the City
I have to work on them and do some follow up. I am on the train now and will be going to CVS at 19th and
Working to the Means

Chestnut to pick up my last my three scraps. Then I'll see how I feel. Is now 5:28 PM.
Trolley to 19th Street CVS
Thanks, I feel change is approaching...,, well you're ago I lose a hat in the cold weather on the train. Time to buy another hat. I really like that hat too. I actually caught the 33 in
New Hat and Iced Teal
quick order and then I allowed myself to go past Fairmount Avenue on 20th so I had to walk back 2
Copy Store
blocks. I then stop by the Fairmount bicycles where the average bike is about $1000. But there's some
/The 33 Bus was Packed!!
cheap ones are $350 and there are used ones for as low as $210. It was just interesting to see of course
Fairmount Bike Store
I decide to go to the OC have coffee house and get some warm coffee cause it's cold as crap going to  2044
OCF Coffee House
Well as it was starting, I realize that I had left my bag of scrips and                                                   my eggs tea at the coffee shop. So I went back and it was there thankfully!!
Add caption
I have notice that in this neighborhood is there are lots of young yuppie parents who use those sporty strollers. Not to be a hater but the vibe is that the child is an accessory. these really fancy baby carriages and running at
Add caption
the same time it's just a phenomenon up here. . Okay
The 2nd Floor
it's 30° and this woman is jogging with her friend with the baby in the mspeedy baby carriage with the
Sharon and Friend
really nice bicycle tires. Well I went into the Bishops collar to see if Sharon was there.Alas she wasn't there. It was mostly young folks. While I was there, there were babies and their strollers in the place. Thank goodness there is NO smoking in restaurants nowadays.
Add caption
 I don't think there is anybody over 40 in this joint tonight. I think cooked up some pasta few things upstairs. Right now my hearts racing so I'm hoping I can mellow out and keep writing my thoughts since I am am up here on my own listening to Steely Dan's 1974 Album "Pretzel Logic". I like listening to this album while thinking about my station in life.Of course I had to listen to Neal Young.
 "I have been a miner for a heart of gold and I am getting old......"

Well, I am feeling mellow with a little help from my friends.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, November 18: COLD!! This is NOT an Illusion!

A Cold Walk to the Bus Stop
Good morning. I got five layers on top two layers on my legs that includes the thermals that I put on
Tempeture at 7am
for this morning.The 48 never showed up so I caught the 7 bus at 7:10 AM. Even the driver of the 7 knows
Waiting for the 48 or 7
that the 48 supposed to show up before he does. Going to my phone it is 28° outside to start our
On the 7 Bus
November morning. TodaI went to the sunrise and then I decided to go to Macy's since they had a 2 day sale
La Columbe
and get something it was really discounted. I played for a credit card again at the place they
Pope Francis Coming to Philly
turned me down again! I have a secured card and the credit card with $3000 limit yeah I can't get a freaking Macy's  credit card!��.
Rough Day for SEPTA
Well I'm going to be a little late since the EL was delayed a little bit. That's true since it's 9 o'clock and it was
I Got a Great Deal at Macys
Extremely packed! I am going to work and then I have to go to training all day for the Gov. Corbett medical
Arriving this Morning

assistance program. Did I mention it's cold outside? Well I went to work and I had a training for the new Gov. Corbett medical assistance plan
called "healthy Pennsylvania." In the beginning part I was able to start chipping away at my alerts.
On the Lookout
I basely dispose all 88 of them and start working on them. I printed a copy all of them and then I'll just go
2:45pm at 57th and Sansom
down the listing try to do as many as I can. The training went till 3pm and I stayed till 245.
Getting Ready to WAIT for 20 ming
 I'm hoping I will not be too late for Dr. Camille. I'm hoping he won't keep me too late that is. I got a doctor or a dentist appointment at four
3pm Temp.
that's about a block and a half away. Well the trains got held up for 20 minutes. They sat still and then they in their infinite wisdom switch tracks.
Trains at a Standstill
It's 32° and already having truck trouble what's going happen with goes to 20°?
I'm hoping the doctor will
Out in the Cold
be seeing me just a scratch on the script so I can get the hell out and see my dentist at  4 PM. Well talked  to Dr. CAMIL I saw  him&
I HAD to Get a Chord
I was out of there in 10 minutes. It was 3:55 PM when I got out. I then walked a block and a half to the
Add caption
Medical Arts Building @ 16th between Walnut and Chestnut. I got my build up done. This is to hold it together until I have
My Stop at TD Bank
insurance to pay for the crown. Let's see friends are busy and I am going to get the script and take the bus up to my
Yes!! It's Cold
homeland in Fairmount. I sort of got my second wind after almost falling asleep during training at some
Rittenhouse SQ in Winter
juncture. I am waiting for my Scripps. The CVS at 19th and Chestnut does not have the 100 mg dose of Strattera
Handing It Over
on the ready. They settle be delivered probably by tomorrow or Thursday. I'm okay with that because I have a supply. I will then go towards
Add caption
Fairmount get a coffee and go to the nuts NUTS. I should be home at a decent hour. Well it's 5:48 PM I'm at
Market Street
19th and JFK awaiting the 33 bus which seems to be also running late.
Where is the 33???
 It's downright frigid but thewind is calm down a little bit. just waited out in the freezing cold for 20 minutes because this bus was supposed to run
Nice Visit
every six minutes finally showed up
I got a good hot cup of coffee & NUTS
Impressionist 33
were very good and I then met up with Sharon at the bishops and we hung out for a while and soul old TV commercials from back in the day
Fairmount Ave 6:10pm
on the Oscar Meyer Wiener to getting more gusto Schlitz beer. I've ended my night with the stranglers
I am Invited!!
and your song called golden brown and I'm gonna go to bed it's been and interesting day in the
The Bishops Collar
freezing cold tundra of Philadelphia. Question is will I be able to close the deal or at least take steps towards the door so that one day
A Willful Illusion
I may be able to close the door. Maybe just opening the door. But as Iggy Pop sings  I'm a passenger. Is seeking the affections of a woman just "taking my will back?" It seems to be my experience. What I mean is that if I "push" too hard then I will get more then I bargained for.
Well while I sleep on that thought,
A Willful Illusion
Here is a flashback to 1985 nearing graduation from IUP. While on the way back world. Here are lyrics from one of my favorite songs from Flock of Seagulls. "I Ran."
I walked along the avenue.
I never thought I'd meet a girl like you;
Meet a girl like you.
With auburn hair and tawny eyes;
The kind of eyes that hypnotize me through;
Hypnotize me through.
 I am getting a little sentimental to the Flock of Seagulls song "Space Age Love Song." Well, I really hope and I need to pray on this that I am not walking in a "willful illusion". I thought this song by one of my favorite performers Tracy Ullman