Monday, February 19, 2018

Saturday, February 17: Advice and Black Panther

Well after being exhausted all day yesterday, eventually got up cleaned up my place 
  little bit and contemplated my navel. Since there’s nothing happening 
 n the dating front I was completely unmotivated but I did say I would hang
 out my friend Jon in Langhorne so that got me out of the house. I cut the 1 o’clock train got there i in Langhorne. On the way on the tram at and very interesting woman who is married with good old hubby is an engineer. She had 
really cool glasses. I’m thinking I would like glasses it looks similar that are kind of small. But 
 oung woman
 sitting nearest said that bigger classes are trendy these days so it may be hard to find small glasses at half reasonable price. We also had good conversation. Yes it’s a lot easier 
 hen you’re not making an effort to get 
 hem to like you. Anyhow I got off the train and it wasn’t that cold and Jon showed up pretty quickly. We went to Kohl’s and I got some Tupperware. It was a little bit overpriced but I was able to store up from 
 ohn’s chicken curry special. It was pretty 
 ot but I liked it. We talked about a bunch of stuff and 
 e’re looking at possibly joining eHarmony but we decided that the price was a little bit steep. They wanted you to either pay the $260 fee for 
one year
 or pay two payments of 83 payments of $87.50. So I could do you on the road to
 frustration. I sing songs of the body electric and it moves me. So we bought some Black Panther up in Langhorne it was pretty good actually was very good. When we left the movie theater it was snowing like crazy. It was a big fluffy white snow which was very pretty! John managed to drive the snow getting to the train on time. Actually 
I was late but the train was held up due to the shuttle bus that’s running between Langhorne and Trent.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Thursday, February 8: Eagles Parade Day

Well, I’m just staying up later than I should I had a difficult time getting   
 up at 9:30. Larry buys me a couple times and then he ended up walking up to my place and pick me up. Even at the hour I left there’s a ton of people in for my building on Locust Street between 
 roadway and 13th. Most were heading towards Broad Street. We then walked towards brought in Washington

 Avenue chords 11th St. or friend lives. I went and got some coffee
 for us at a
coffee shop nearby. It ended up Murray was a 
 ittle bit hung over so we watched the the
 proceedings on TV until we saw that the parade was getting close enough
 for us to see it in person along Broad Street next to  Washington Avenue. I got a 
little antsy and went by myself down to prod and watched him so I would miss the parade. I wanted to get a bunch of pictures taken. It was
 eally nice day out. It was a bit cold but it was nice & sunny. I was by myself with these dudes who
 were chanting the song that Jason Kiersten made famous during his epic 
 peech on the art museum. I thought live back at my friends place on Washington 
 venue it totally
 dominated the news coverage of the parade. I then went back home to catch
 a nap and then Larry came over we both chilled out afterwards. It was quite a 
 ess along Broad Street and they had a lot of work of cleaning to do that’s for sure. We went
 to Macy’s and went to the Starbucks there at Macy’s. And they had really loud rambunctious meeting instead of the nice cafĂ© sounding
 music that XPN will play to satisfy the singer songwriter in all of us. It was 
 retty relaxing. After we did that Larry headed towards Seattle and I started walking home and there was a lot of people still wandering the streets after the parade

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday, February 16: On Time

Well stayed up too late but eyebrows myself to get up early so 
  wouldn’t run late. Basically I have to set the alarm at
 least 15 minutes earlier than what I have been. The only way I don’t do that is just get up and don’t 
 at breakfast. Which is not a good idea for me.  Anyhow, the meeting went 
 retty well I let it and it went pretty smoothly. Good thing is that the rain stopped. I decided to stop by CVS 
 nd look for headphones but they’re not selling the the small one to just 
 over the ear. So I gave up on buying headphones and bought a few vittles to eat such as yogurt and some frozen food just in case. I sometimes don’t
 bring something it’s nice to have a supply of food on the ready when I don’t feel like ordering out or what have you. So with the noodle bowl with lack of sleep I had 2 cups of coffee and just put on my blinders and worked 
 n my sanction list. I concentrated on sending appointments to the people that were overdue due to the new 30 day limit that was imposed last week. 
 hile a lot of people are bullshit and around often on because it’s a Friday payday I just nerd it out and actually accomplished 
 30 appointments today. I feel good that 
 n that way. After work I knew I just wanted to go right to sleep. I was feeling a little shitty just lack of sleep 
 n and my stomach was feeling a little funny. I know I have nothing going on so I l
eft bed unmade so I could just jump right in. That’s exactly what I did. At first however got a haircut that was way overdue at “cut.“ If you’re good to get all that hair off. I didn’t talk to couple people and just felt not in the mood. I didn’t want to call some people