Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday October 26: Work, Parc, Apple Store, iPhone 6, 2016 election, RyBread,

 Hello I let myself sleep in since I knew I was going to   ave a bit of a busy day today plus I have some extra curricular activity   at 6 PM after work. I got up went and got some coffee at the Ryebread  which was very tasty. I was told by the woman at the bus stop that I missed 348 going by  in a row. 20 minutes later a 4th 48 bus came by trailing with the 7 bus right behind it. I got to work a little bit late but I didn't get docked for it.  I then went ahead and worked on some paperwork and had a couple  cases that were somewhat of an effort. It wasn't a bad day at work except I got  called out for sending emails to our contracted provider and I'm NOT allowed  to do that anymore because they have a procedure. Oh boy. I was in a somewhat  energetic decent mood for a little edginess 
  hrown in. I touch base with my friend in Maryland and  I just got a text from the Hillary Clinton campaign that I am volunteering on Sunday   o be trained for canvassing.  So I went to coffee Joe and had a mellow cup of coffee.  I  then met up with someone at Parx which is @ Rittenhouse Square. It was a little too   chilly to sit out on the outside seating so we went inside.  It is a beautiful place inside. Mental note to self,  if I meet someone I'm 
 iggin I'm taking them here. Never been inside the place & I have walked by it 1 million times!

Tuesday, October 25: I am a Treasurer

 Greetings on a seasonable October day here in   Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Well I slept in since    knew I had a really busy day after work. I have my weekly appointment and my monthly GSR   eeting. After discussion we found out that the HMO plan Will not be taking any new providers. So, just going to sign up for the $300 deductible PPO plan.   The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. I took care of the alerts that  I know of and 4 that is not been released from my supervisor. Two of them planes that they were there in the program  

but I know that's not true.
Well the day went pretty fast and I then caught the EL down 15th St. went to my session. I admitted a  

couple things that I wasn't proud of that done or do. It got me kind a down but I'm glad I came  

out and said it. Oh now it's 6:57 PM I made a stop  

to Starbucks got a coffee and mellowed out. I then went to a meeting at 444 N. 3rd St. After the  

meeting on time thankfully. I took a cab which made all the difference in the world. At the meeting I  
was pretty tight with myself. There were elections and I just had to run position because I thought it would be good  

for me. I ended up becoming true treasure starting in January 2017. there were 2 votes in my  

favor. They were both 6-5 votes in my favor! I even voted against myself on the 2nd vote so it was  

gratifying. . Well with two weeks left of the election Clinton is winning by around six or 6 to 12%.  

But nothing is safe until November 9. Hopefully the Senate will turn Democrat.This is the best chance the Democrats will have an a long time to take the


  After meeting I hung out with the dude that was off at the meeting and we went to a pizza place called Big Ass Slices. We're going to take the bus in together next Friday  

to Gettysburg. I've already rented a hotel for $117 for tonight. I don't think that's too bad I was definitely in a better mood when I came home I said hi to Sharon &  
talked to Amy and went to bed. It was an interesting day.  I pushed myself a little bit. That's what I have to do nowadays.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday, October 24: The Last Week of October Begins

 Well, I managed to get up and out early enough to make it to the   unrise this morning. I have noticed that the meeting is sufficiently as crowded than it used to be when I was regularly going. I think it's the proliferation of new meeting set up cracking up over the last 6 months. Maybe it was because   it was Monday morning. Anyhow I ran into my friend Natelie & it was good. I did get to work on time. Going to sunrise ensures that I'm probably going to be at work on time for a change. Well I cleaned up my alerts and did some stuff but I didn't know sanctions today. I think I forgot  my meds are at least that's how my head feels to look up this headache  . So I struggled to come straight and get work done. I got Thelma  very minimum done but that's about it. It was a beautiful day out I need to eat it   hen I went outside. Will head straight home and waiting   for the 7 bus.  The 7 and the 48 came at the same time @ 22nd and Arch Street. I got home and Sharon   as finishing up a  customer. We talked about food and decided we would do Chinese takeout. It was extremely delicious. We hung out and  enjoyed the food. I didn't realize why I had my headache. I forgot my meds. I took them when I got home and the headache   ent away very quickly. Well I talked to my friend   rom Maryland through messenger. You can look at each other while  you're talking it's pretty fun. It's really cute when she shows me her little  comfy cats. Well time to sleep good night