Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday, August 18: Off to Vermont

Hi there. Well after a quick pack up and get ready to go and 3 hours 

 f sleep I got myself up and was deciding what to bring to the trip.

I then walked to Suburban Station. I went to a Starbucks at 16th and Market.

 I was charged 65 cents for using more than 4 ounces of soy milk. The 

 an claimed that it was Starbucks policy. I’ve been Starbucks 309

 times and NEVER been charged for extra soy!!! I left there and caught the airport line. Most of the  ride was with a bus but it worked out fine. So I got the airport in plenty 

 f time and waited for a while well my friend it show up and we got good service good use the wheelchair. We got through security
Really quickly if her use of a wheelchair we then waited at the waiting area and it was very cold  but comfortable. Even had an area to charge the phone. There’s also iPad mini 
 itting there use if you wanted to pay for him. Flight went smoothly. Came to Vermont and it’s cloudy here too. Humidity doesn’t feel nearly as bad. Next we went to Starr Farm Beach Road and hung out and Steve  had pizza delivered to  ur to the place and it was dominoes but it was very good.
 I ate about five places I was pretty hungry. I then took a power nap 

 ince I went to bed with about about 2 1/2 to 3 hours of sleep. We hung out and talked some more and I took pictures of like Champlain which is right next to  the house. It was a cool day with a high of 71 which is the temperature 

 ow. I have to get some more clothes cause I left a lot of my  clothes home at the laundromat but that’s another story. Steven Kevin 

went shopping along with a few other people. While shopping, they ran into Bernie Sanders at the local supermarket. Didn’t get to talk to him 

 ut they did get a photo of him. After they came back, we relaxed a bit and then had scrumptious dinner of roast beef and some  delicious salsa that was practically a 

 eal by itself. It was completely made by scratch. It was quite the cornucopia of food that’s for sure. Her brother shop byand then Stuart & Helen arrived.
 just before dinner. It was a temps to finish up a huge puzzle that started on the table on the back porch. It’s an advanced puzzle that’s for sure because it 
must have at least 1000 pieces in it. I’m guessing it might be halfway done by the time we depart. That is unless someone does it for half a day or so. It was cloudy here but it’s definitely showing improvement hour by hour. It was nice to come in on a cool cloudy day. It was 66° only arrive to which was almost 20° cooler than Philadelphia watch at 85°. It’s quite nice to feel the relief from the humidity that I that has engulfed Philadelphia and other places nearby. 

Friday, August 17: Working Frantic then Easing and going to Bridgeton

Well I got up a little bit later so I thought I would need the extra shut eye for when I’m working

 with but off work. I got to work arm  little bit late but my supervisor wasn’t until later on. I had scheduled  people since it was the last day is going to be at work for a week. I think got a 

 oute surprise and got 23 new  alert in one day. Yes this is happened before but it hasn’t happened in a while. It really got me frantically try to finish as many 

 s I could. I finished about a third of it. I then just deleted the whole collection so that be room for the ones that will come up next week. 

hate mass terminations.🤨. Anyhow I tentatively volunteered  or moving with Patrick and Jon. I’ll have a friend coming 

 ver to clean my place. She came over at 5:30 and it really makes a difference 

after she cleans the place. She gave a nice massage on my 

 ciatica nerve on my leg and ythat really helped but it was painful. I’ve been there

 it’s been a better friend New Jersey but I didn’t 

 ave time. I’ve 
 een just got really mellow. I then realized I did not pick  p my laundry. At Kim over around 9:45 PM to pick me up. He said he didn’t have time to pick up my lunch because we were running 

 ate  Crowe’s place. Well we got there and we of course unload stuff quickly but then we have the hoist stuff and then we took a long break and then Patruzzi extremely slow I had to take naps during the ride and I got home at 4 AM. Good night

Friday, August 17, 2018

Thursday, August 16: Doing it Right is Doing it Good

Well I managed arouse myself up so I can make it to the meeting . I’m going to be late because the bus has been nonexistent even though there’s at least four routesthat come up Walnut Street. every day . I just got an email blast with this article from the New

 York Times from John Brennan. He got a  security clearance revoked by Trump is Trump was mad at him. Trump is such a dick. I I love
the title 

of his opinion article. President Trump’s Claims of No Collusion Are Hogwash. John Brennan is no one fool 
 especially this foolish 

 resident!! Well I worked and talk to people and then I found out that the ☹️ “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin Dies at 76. This happened this  morning.  I went to the Bodega and hadmy small tuna hoagie and was treated  by Peter. It was very cool him to do that. It was pretty productive day actually. I wrote

  up 2 sanctions & saw 3 people. I am probably going to see  ore people tomorrow than today. This is because I needed to jam people in before my vacation. As you know I don't generally don't see people on Friday. I have
 my therapist appointment at 5:30 that's where I'm going now. I maybe helping pats friend John do some moving. But I don't know yet.  Well the appointment was pretty intense. I actually have a treatment plan which is  the first time I think I’ve seen something written out. I  
fully approve of that. Anyhow I was a little bit agitated when I had to walk through a bunch of people dessed up and white for some special dinner on Blanche dinner in white because 

it started in France to have to be cool. So After that I went to Jefferson Station to
catch the Norristown local line to Ivy Ridge which is right past Manayunk. John then pick me up from there and he drove me to his parents secluded hideaway in  

Rocksborough. The trees are huge and it’s not like I was out in the suburbs. The air with heavy with humidity. We carry stuff down the steps and Jerry rig 

things into  Pats big van and John’s car. It got kind of stressful a little bit only because we were all tired and it was getting late.