Friday, March 27, 2015

Thursday March 26: Life is Good

Good day. Even though I going to bed earlier I'm actually a little more tired today than I was yesterday. I was pretty late to the meeting.
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The topic was about relapse. Somewhat apropos I must say. No word yet from

my friend. It's cool yet not as cold as yesterday. It's also cloudy as of 9:13 AM this morning it's
supposed to go to 60° today. Well I slog through work very tired but I just kept snack and then we
The City. Alone and Stepping
can drive hydrated. I read did all my AMR forms for the mass call and that's tomorrow and next
Cheesecake Factory
Thursday, April 2. I thought I was going to go see a pension reform panel but it wasn't in Chester like to main campus at Widener, it's at the Widener law school in Harrisburg! Oh well
so I left work around 530 I'm going to my group and I have
Go!! Man!! GO!
to give the rejected pillbox to my friend later. Speaking of friends one friend who went out with his
Walnut Street
girlfriend going to New York to get a procedure done for her. I can put 2+2 together on that one.
Its All Random
So the word is that he'll be back in Philly on Saturday. Wonderful show its face and where? It's now 5:49 PM and it's a balmy
66° outside. It it just rained a little bit so it's still feels cool outside. I I bought a nice
tea since that little warmer and I was going to skip the coffee but I decided to get coffee anyway and
mix it with the ice tea in my mind. It's the warmest day we've had since last fall. My friend at work was talking about quitting but he'll be back. I am now going to group and stuff.Well group was good. Afterwards I had a cool conversation and they struggle with the same attention deficit and other personal life stuff. That is all I want to say. After she caught the bus,
I got caught in the rain walking towards Walnut street. I talked on the phone when I was under cover and enjoyed that. I managed to resist

Rain, I don't Mind

At Sunoco
 the Temptation to take a cab. Since it was 61° outside in life is feeling pretty good about now. My feet were slightly wet but I knew was going to get home. I got home went to the bishops hung out there for little bit and went to

Sunoco with Sharon. We then hung out and played some good funky tunes of the days of your on YouTube. It was a blast

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wednesday, March 25: A Cold Yet Decent Day

Well today started off very cold but at least it wasn't windy. I got up in time to go to sunrise 15 minutes late.
But I did get to talk to folks about my friend who's having a lot of trouble. I then went to my therapist
and that went very well. We're going to go to Mondays after skipping a week so my next appointment
isn't till Monday, April 6. Speaking of April 6 that is the day that we officially start sending people to the
On the 48
suburban station career link center. That's the actual name of the place. It's where the Career Team was located but on the 2nd floor
19th Street in the AM
 at 1617 JFK Boulevard. I got to work and just pushed ahead and completed

some stuff. We have a big mass-call in  day Friday at 10 o'clock. We have about 27 people coming in.
The Correct Kind!

And then got a call from my friends girlfriend and he's not doing so well. I hope we can get the help he needs. Stay tuned. 
OCF Coffee

I decided that since I have a bit of a free night, I'm going to go to meeting in Fairmount so when
it's over I can just get the hell home. Also Larry's going to offer me his tablet for $80 so I get to replace
Fairmount Ave
the chrome with something else pretty quickly. I'll pay him Saturday since is not available for my use
At Ultra Hair Salon
 till Saturday. Well I went to the meeting and then I came home and then went to the bishop for Sharon
At Bishops
and watch John Oliver last week tonight show. I really like that show it's really funny. Well onto
At Home for the Night
the end of the week and the end of March. I am ready for REAL Spring weather and to meet the Pillsbury Doughboy!

Tuesday, March 24: Lost Backpack and Calm

Well I stayed up too late the previous night and I paid for it by losing my backpack with my little
computer in it. I  was in shock but wasn't
Catching the 48
completely unexpected being who I am. Anyhow I made it to
58th and Market
work on time and plot flogged ahead with work. I was tired so I didn't feel like taking pictures that much today. My friends gave me good support and I appreciated that.
Leaving Work
I will keep calling SEPTA for the next 24 hours.
Physical Therapy
Unbelievable how cold it is almost in April. Well let's put it this way it's a week from April. Well I
38th and Market in Pano-Vision
went to physical therapy. The exercises were pretty tough I must say. But I think they did some good. I decided I just go straight home. When I got home,
On the Trolley
 Sharon was speaking about her landlord. She wants to move
The 7 Arrives Quickly
out of her spot. We ended up going to the Bishops Collar and I had a turkey chili and that was really
Near My House
good. Got word a friend of mine went out. Talk to his girlfriend. We'll have to see what happens from
A Happy Butters
there. I ended up taking A bunch of pictures for a galleria of Sharon making faces and stuff.
A Woman of Mystique
Sharon's dog Butters go his nails clipped and shoes quite the happy dog that's for sure.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday, March 23: A Late Start

9:20 Am Construction
Well, I start off my day with calling me at 7:05 AM checking out how to get into the garden court apartments.
Market Street
I went back to sleep and had a dream that I was at work seeing clients during overtime. I next awoke and it was 9:03 AM. I thought about
Center City
getting Sharon's car or taking a cab. When I approached 23rd and Fairmount the bus is coming right up so I said to myself "what the hell." And
Trolly to 30th Street
got on the 48 bus. I got to work and pressed on and got some things done. Hey my samosas for lunch. No, they're not plant food so
Funky Pill Box
my deftly didn't follow the juicing diet today that's for sure. I was told by Pat that he will get the check
Where I get Lunch Snack
on Friday instead of me. That's okay with me will settle up the money. Got the pillbox i from Amazon at work Wasn't the month when I was looking for.  My friend is going to order me
another on and we'll see what happens. Very nicely. I have five
56th Street at 5:15pm
appointments tomorrow. Maybe I can start a packet tomorrow. It feels good not having to worry about
Asking for $$ on the EL
that dog job hanging in my head all day long for 18 hours. Presently, I'm going to try to make a movie.
First one is in Fairmount and then the other one is at 19th and Walnut. We'll see what happens at this point. I got to the Fairmount one on time when I decided I would take a quick taxi ride from 22nd and market. That worked fine.
I get to see my friend speak and enjoyed it. Getting to the one downtown proved to be more difficult than
SEPTA Detour
expected. One bus was detoured and didn't show up and the two bus wasn't showing up on time so
Got a Snack
I had to take a cab and I made it just in time to get the commitments for April.. Well I did a lot of walking
1900 Walnut
up 22nd rate for the parkway and finally caught the bus. Amy was really helpful to take my mind off the cold.
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And boy was it cold. I got home finished talking to Amy and that was really fun. I think some leftovers and
Sharon & Mark's Dinner
Sharon cooked up chicken and made up her own gravy.