Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday, February 24: Not Payday but Sunny and Warm

 Well after a fairly good night of sleep I managed to get up around  eight after hitting the snooze button on my phone twice. I skip the shower since I had showered last night which was a wonderful   relief. I might try to do that thing. I then got   ressed and skipped breakfast realizing that I had breakfast food  such as yogurt at work. If I had eaten breakfast so I would've been late. I remember my meds and that was good. What wasn't good was   ealizing that today wasn't payday I blurted it out today   nd I was corrected very quickly at work. That was very depressing. I definitely paid too   uch money for these creditors. Speaking of creditors I have not heard from the TD Bank with her as a   roof for the loan to pay off the credit card yet. Maybe when I go down to the train later on today I'll I'll stop by the bank and find out. I'm not you sure it's really going to be good news. I  heard from Sharon   nd she is going to go to a sushi place. I'd love to join her but I just don't feel like spending that money. I'm not sure  if I want to deal with eating out. I just want to lay   round again. Maybe I'll work on the video and get that albatross off my back the next   lbatros will be that meeting next Tuesday. I'm in   lowing off my treasure treasure duties lately so I think tomorrow might be an hour and day even though Natalie  wants to meet hang out take a walk and stuff. I think it might  be good for me. Well I didn't go to the TD Bank since I decided to go straight  home   ather than go to 15th St. So I walked up the 22nd & Arch . I got on the second 48 they came by and I didn't feel like  standing the whole way.. I was going to get off so I could walk to OC F but I missed the   us stop when you miss the bus stop it take you to blocks further away so I decided  to forgo that just head straight home. When I got home last night I was at   tream Lee exhausted and didn't feel like going out for sushi with Sharon so I wiped out till   30 and from there I woke up and talk to couple people and went to bed.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, February 23: Mild February and Work

 Well I woke up a little early and had some breakfast. I got then very tired   nd went back to sleep. I just cited then to update yesterday's blog posting and that caused me to run late to work. I just got off the market  Frankford L and it's already 9:15 AM. That is the witching hour of when you can't   neak in on time. My only hope is that my supervisor was late but she's been running in early  or on time pretty much consistently.  I've got a bunch of clients coming in. It's a kind of day I wanted to be there a little early but couldn't quite do it. I signed in  15 minutes late.    then started to see some people and then a bunch of them came once and I was seeing them 2 at a time. That was helpful in getting    people out of the office that's for sure. The remaining 4 people came in a trickle.   ell I think I'm gonna go to group anyway. Might be better than going to a meeting.    think I got some stuff done today. I'm thinking at least 40% of the people I schedule didn't come in. I sent   arry's not going to quit because I haven't heard a peep out of him. It's 5:43 PM   nd we just left 30th St. station. Concerning close to one time. The company that owns R a W is keeping focus more accountable with 
 ore paperwork. Well life outside my insular bubble    just read in the Harrisburg paper today some depressing newsPresident Trump is fairly popular in Pennsylvania. I think he's   ust piggybacking off of the Obama economy  but he never admit that! Any news from the Washington Post, Steve Bannon says Trump is at war with the Administrative State." I went to Elixir  Café I did a little video tape and got some decaf Americano. It's now 6:08 PM I'm heading  towards 1420 Walnut. Well group was excellent today. I'll be the best session I had a long   ong time. I can relate to a lot of what other people were saying and they were getting what I said. It was about 8:15 PM and I was meeting someone and I didn't know was gonna run 
  ver so I left early. Met this friend at the Starbucks. After that I got some  change and went to McDonald's and got a soda and now I'm on the 32 bus heading home. It's  about 9:04 PM
It's 9:17 PM Sharon went out to get some sushi and she's home and I'm about to get home and try to decide what I want  eat. I had some sweets at Starbucks and kind of spoiled my appetite. Something I usually don't do

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday, February 22: Working Hard and Not Feeling Anything Else

 Well I got up in plenty of time to eat breakfast and then run off to catch the 48. I   alked by the Ryebread and kept it moving. It's one point maybe I'll get back to that routine but not now. The L took a little bit but I arrive don't work about   ive minutes late. I had  about four people come in when was the walk in. One came in a day early and then left before I could see her. Today I didn't have many clients but I did start my  A -45 list! I have two full pages. I finished about two thirds   f the first side of the first page and I basely schedule everybody that was about   2 people. My coworkers keeps  handing me people that are discontinued. That's OK except I got 63 alerts and I jus t finished my previous 25 list from the alerts. It's absurd!   ne person can't do all this and sanction it just ain't happening.  I would literally have to schedule 25 people   ike back in the Chuck days Holloman to a room have all the AA marsh pre-written up and just haven't filled out and have   veryone go. I'm with that is that the people that get attended to last will be very upset and I don't think  management would really approve. Well I felt really out of sorts after I left work. I decided I'd had down to South Philly anyhow   ven though   was in to see Larrytill about 7:00 PM. I got a coffee at Starbucks and then walked down towards the gallery. I saw the flooring woman I see it openings and   arry and Veronica  are well. When I got home I had leftovers Sharon's delicious chili . I forgot to mention that I got charged $35 for an overdraft.   ven though I paid enough to cover the amounts but please back me off pretty quickly I was a little pissed . And that it wasn't a bad day.
 I still feel very underwhelmed when I leave work. I just can't focus on my treasury commitment AA or much else.