Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 22: Last Full Day at LBI

The Dock at Dave's
Well this is my second write up of this blog post. Just trying to save the previous
Doreen and Mike
one as a draft and it just got swallowed up and disappeared. Now but that's disclaimers out-
Lifting a Mirror Near Dave's Place
of-the-way, I can now start recording. Today was a sunny day and it's very nice outside. Had a
Mike and Mary Taking a Ride
mellow breakfast. Mike and Mary were big busily  gathering their goods and getting ready
Mary and Anna
to leave for Towson Maryland. They both have to work tomorrow. After breakfast, I chilled out and then went to Dave and Debbie's place and said hi and see what was up.
Mary and Debbie
Then, I decided to meet up with Dave, Mike, Hannah, Lydia, for while they were playing
miniature golf.
Starting Miniatures Golf
After that I went to coffee shop called How You Brewin? It's in Surf City I ordered a nice coffee and
The Family Golfers at Heartland Amusements
use the free Wi-Fi to edit yesterday's blog and putting the start of today's blog. John is at 33rd St. beach
At How You Brewin. I have Iced Coffee
with Alex and Alex is having a surfing class. So hopefully I can put in the pictures and get going to 33rd St. and get pictures of Alex
Alex Surfing
learning how to surf. Like to meet John and Alex and they remixed of the surfing lesson. I got a couple good shots of Alex surfing which is
Doreen and John at 33rd Street Beach
cool. Got my wallet soaked and had to dry all of the stuff inside on the back porch. I then took a shower and had some lasagna for lunch. I then took a nap for
John and Friend
one hour and 25 minutes and I was really needed now I'm going to meet John doing? Coming there still there. I'm going to check the
Still Here After all These Years
house to walk us out. Here's the link to Alex 
It's a sunny with quite a stiff breeze outside. I then
decided to go to the custard and then get to see John during their butt about myself a small cone. I then went to surf city to this earth
My Purchase
city five and 10 and got a mug as a gift. I am now back at the coffee shop called how are you brewing
A Professeer
. It is now 6 o'clock. It appears that all flights to Israel are cancelled from the US. This is due  fighting at the Gaza Strip with Hamas. In other reality, 2 Appeals Courts made differing decisions on Obamacare subsidies.  It looks like a Supreme Court Case will decide this in 2015. If this decision goes against the Affordable Care Act, then millions may lose coverage. The conservatives has ANOTHER chance to kill the law. Geez! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday, July 21: 3rd day @ Long Beach Island

Well I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning as Compaired to yesterday. Had a normal breakfast
Mary and Doreen
and then hit the beach very early for me at 11:30 AM. After that when I came home for lunch my mother had 2 guests over. I had a
Kate's guests
ham and cheese sandwich. I then just chilled out and hung out talk to my brothers and Doreen. I took a shower got my phone charged
Add caption
up and I decided I would diverge from the gang and go somewhere. I was going to get my haircut but every place is closed on Mondays so next alternative was an Internet
Anna and John
café and grab a computer on the sly. Yesterday Steve sent me the plane itinerary to arrive in Burlington Vermont on August 2 around 11:30 AM. How to be in Burlington by one. Me and Trina will be going off. I'm
The Rental
kind of surprised that Stewart's not going to be around so that it should be fun. I'm the place called how you've ruined it has computers that
At the Cafe
I can sit in front of six bucks for the half hour. Then were going to have lasagna brought over by Judy Shea. There was a choice about where dinner should be served. At this time,  I decided I use my rental car and gas and go somewhere
Long Beach Blvd

Krulls and Friends
My attempts to find a place to get my haircut failed so I decided to look up coffee shops.
Alex and Anna
And that's how I got here. So I plan to edit yesterday's blog and today's blog and
Teens at Play
try to make it a commitment to proofreading my stuff so I'm not mocked next year for my bad Siri writing I guess I should put a disclaimer like it was suggested by
Judy and Mike
a friend of
Mary and John
mine on Facebook. Okay it's about 5pm, so I'm think I'm going to go in the computer. The coffee shop has computer you can use
Mary and Debbie
in 15 minute time slots.
I've had a deep talk to Millville. It was overall positive and free-flowing but I have difficulty
Nice Sunset at Dave's Place
being direct. I'm an ado this Internet thing and fix up my blog and go eat it's now 6:00 PM.
Kate Doreen and Dave
Next we had dinner and it was really delicious. The  lasagna cooked up by one of Kate's guess Judy. After that we all chilled looking
A View of the Dock @ Dave's
at the sunset. Later at Dave's we watched a silly crime mystry show on the "ID Channel. We had fun with the drama they tried to portray.  I went back to our place and talked with Amy. I then  went to bed. It was a nice
The Dock
sunny day. It was a vacation day as it should be. I do have some reality blooming
View from Top of Dave's Rental
down the corner towards August in the fall. So far, its been an enjoyable vacation for all involved including this blogger. Well, tomorrow is another day. Toodles for now.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday, July 20: LBI, The Rainy Sliver the Krull's Arrive

View from the Front Door
I woke up with the family with a torrential downpour. We are sitting around drinking coffee and watching the morning news programs, they
Yup We are under the YELLOW!!
said that 90% of the Delaware Valley has cleared up. Long Beach I  was part of the sliver of rain showers that stretch from Cape May all the way up to Seaside Heights. There is
Mary + Mike
a hint of clearing as 11 AM this morning. It's  now 12:20 PM. Wes is heading down very soon. He came with daughter Samantha & as
The Clouds Part
of 11:49 AM they were outside Mayos Halfway House. At 12:23 he was on the island asking where the house is located. I was to hit a
Wes and Daughter
meeting at 11 but the traffic going off the island was backed up all the way to 27th street.
Kate and Wes
The bridge is located at about 9th Street so I aborted the mission. Well we went out to Dom's on 32nd and the Blvd
The Krull Boys
and got a cheesesteak and other foods. And we came back chilled out in the rain stopped. We then took the trek to the beach the water
At the Beach
was not too bad. We stayed there till about 4:30 PM and then we came back to the house.  We took showers to rinse off the sand and went to go to Dave's for dinner.
Heading to the Beach
Dinner is going to be hamburgers hotdogs, chicken sausages, veggie burgers  as
Rough Seas
well. It's now 5:51 PM. It's 65° cool enough to wear long shirt and pants. The clouds have  taken over again
& there's a 15
Doreen and John
mile an hour breeze at times.  Dinner was delicious with the pasta salad and turkey burgers. We all out on the dock and some people went
kayaking around the dock. The sunset was very nice we had a lot of fun posing with it and take pictures of it as well. I got some cool photos. The best one is not on this blog but its on Facebook and Instagram. I did send it to some of my friends. I hope this blog posting makes sense since I believe that more Krull eyeballs will be reading this

Saturday, July 19: First Day Driving to LBI

Driving down Market Street
Good day summertime folks. Got up early went to a different meeting with Joe at fourth and arch. Then picked up the car at the Hertz
place at 17th and the parkway. Since they didn't have any small cars they gave me a Dodge avenger. I bought the 299 a gallon gas in this
At Church
tank. This car has a 16 gallon tank so it was 55 bucks for the tank of gas. Well at least it's prepaid for and should cover me for the trip. Those also a $200 deposit so was kind of a rip
The Rental
off. It's overcast yet comfortable. I attempted to clean up the apartment. I am going to be gone from the apartment for five days and I'm worried about the ads just going crazy
44th and Chestnut Near My Apt
. I emailed my landlord to stop by and get ant traps. I wanted to see for himself how the apartment looks and the ants how they look.  By the
A Tradition
pretty smooth drive coming down and then I stopped at Mayo's halfway house. It's your tradition since I was a kid to get stopped at this
Snacks Galore
place. But I arrived with my $70 snake cage went over well. I hung out and then took a nap. Later
Alex and John
on we had dinner of chicken on the grill, shrimp & orzo salad. David could procure girlfriends over
and he's staying at another place nearby. It was mostly cloudy but the rain really didn't fall at all.
Anna and Mary
Since we can't get the Wi-Fi to work or find the password, it was just as well that I bring my computer
In the Kitchen
with me. Draw a very good first day good night. Hope you all enjoy the photographs taken.
Clouds a Loomin