Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Monday, October 15: A Gasy Day

Well I woke up very stiff and little funky in the stomach but I ate a lot of cereal I was very hungry. I then 

 ent to the sunrise completely wiped out. There’s a big meeting I just couldn’t pay attention to well. Once I got the coffee I felt like A human being for the first

 time. I got moving and went to work. Well just before I got to work I got 

  message from somebody in OkCupid. First of all woman initiated the contact 

 hich I hardly ever happens to me. She looked pretty real there was one  phrase  or word that was funny. I decided to ask what section 

 f Philadelphia she lives in. And guess how she responded she said “Pittsburgh.“ well you know
I went off on that. I don’t think I’ll be doing

 anything with her. She’s just so bogus! Well, I wrote about 2 or 3 paragraphs and then the computer just froze while I was talking 

 o Siri. This web program does not like serious whatsoever. Well, I made progress  towards the end of the day on the alerts and then my assistant district minute straighter leaned over me while I was shutting down my 14 tabs on my windows. It was 5:05 PM and they want you out by five. Well I got out and it was raining 
and very little but hardly enough to get you wet. I think caught the train to the trolley to 19th St. I was thinking of going to La Colombe because I thought the crowd 

 as younger or older but that really wasn’t the case and it has too strong coffee and milk. I didn’t want to get gaseous again. I decided to go to Saxbys. I just

 thought of something. This is really nothing new as usual but I really  am kind of a shy person believe it or not!  I buried it under a whole bunch 

 f other stuff but you know there's people from the program here

 at the Saxbys at 5:50 PM.  I do say hi and then retreat to my window to take

 pictures. I'm not saying good or bad but it is something. I still feel kind of funny plunging myself in groups of people. I will share this with my therapist of course nat, is the best my stomach and had half felt all day. Mostly today it was just a lot of little minor upset nothing major at all. I hope you had a fine day the clouds are breaking up but there a cool looking low lying crowds were really nice.

Sunday, October 14: An Odd Day

Hello there. I started my day today by heading on out toProspect  Park 

 ennsylvania. I got there by taking the four bus and then catching their Marcus Hook line to her place. Was very close to the train station. 

 e talked and I had a bowl of Cheerios and hung out for about 45 minutes and then I left and caught the next available train back to Center City. It 

 as a bit awkward mainly because of the age difference. That and she had a walker Anyhow I came home chopped out some lunch and took a nap. I then decided I 

 ould finally do my own laundry at the laundry station  ownstairs. At first I had trouble getting the card to work but some nice dude  

told me you have to push number one to get the car your number two to put more money  in it. After that it 

 as very routine and the dryers lasted 60 minutes for $1.75 which is not  ad at all. So I got my laundry

 done which was wonderful it took 3 hours but it’s all done.

 I then went to Saxbys and met up with Larry and Veronica 

 ho were already there. Frontica reminded me of the Horrible Halloween 

 vent at the bookstore 
near their condo. I told him that I had a commitment to go to my brothers Friday night. It’s a bit of a conflict but I’m not gonna make it worse for myself by showing

 up at seven for the thing then leaving Philly at eight not getting to Baltimore till 10 PM that’s not

 good! So I went to the meeting and who the speaker meeting but my cold was kind of kicking in like chicken. For Chad and have to do an errand for Larry I was not up for it. I came home talked on the phone and watch my favorite YouTube videos and then crash the Mighty crash on a very strange day.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Saturday, October 13: Cool Day. Fairmount South Philly and Center City

Well I woke up after a fitful sleep. I thought I had something

 to do this morning at eight that I’d have to blow off but fortunately found out it was tomorrow morning so I was cool and

 I could meet Wes at the coffee place. I under dressed and  didn’t put on a coat and it’s pretty chilly wet and just nasty outside. I got to the coffee house 

 aiting in line. The line went pretty quickly. Not sure what I’m 

 oing  he rest of the day. Well afterwards we walk to the local

 gym in Fairmount and Wes joined. I then walked Wes home

 and we talked for a little while. Then I saw a 7 bus and I’m heading

 down to South Philadelphia to meet someone. First thought it was the

 person I was going to meet for a casual day but it actually 

 as an artist friend. I was totally like blown away by my own 

 lakiness.Anyhow,   we agreed that we needed the Philadelphia open studio tour tomorrow. So I then walked and South Philly and ran into another block party at 15th and South and went to one of these before 

 nd this time it wasn’t blues so they were mostly millennials couple drop light 

 nd I was arc wanting to have babies like their friends to do that’s the impression I got! Well I decided to reward myself by having a little slider sandwiches for five bucks and getting a really deep tissue massage. It was worth it because she hit all the spots that are with Stefan multiple times I probably could’ve been there two hours to get all the stuff just had on my shoulder and neck. It was a start though. I then came home talk to my friend Donna and charged up my phone. It’s 450 I just caught the 32 Bus from broad and Locust. I made a pie 15 seconds. I got to 24th St. and I walked up to Luigi’s Pizza Fresca. To get a slice. I was really hungry and I didn’t