Sunday, February 01, 2015

Saturday, January 31: Now This IS Cold!

Video shot by German Solders
Well after a long cold walk last night I decided to sleep in and not good the men's and 8:00 AM. I
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think that was a good move Well I did get some food & coffee at the Rybread.
 I just very tired. After
At 23rd Street Stop
getting my coffee and food, I ran into somebody I used to work with at the welfare office. I then
Os  the 48 Bus and its Cold
approached the bus stop and saw one the most beautiful redheads I ever saw. Her name is Shannon.
Oldest Synagogue
 I was flirting with her on the bus and got off the bus @ 16th thinking I was going to 19th and Walnut. Didn't
The Statue
get her number. She was beautiful and she's moving out of the neighborhood and works as an interior designer
in Center City someplace. My bag of food was falling apart so I was kind of looking silly as I left the 48 bus.
After the 10@ 10:30
I think caught the 44 bus to fifth and market or I will stroll down to the oldest living congregation synagogue.
Still Cold
It is 21 but it feels like it must be zero it's freezing. It is 9:58 AM I'll be meeting Larry into blocks at
Love This
the 3rd and arch Starbucks. Meeting was good friend of ours came back good to see her. Larry is off to a after meeting my sponsor if he still available, I'm not sure what else I'll be doing I'm not going out

Stairwell at Christ Church
the Valley Forge.double date with another couple. I'm going to text response her. It is beautiful and sunny yet very cold. As of 11:56 AM it is 25° here in
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Philadelphia after meeting my sponsor I'm not sure what else I'll be doing today. I know for sure I'm not going to Valley Forge. I did some research. I'm canceling the appointment. I can't afford the price that was mentioned
Christ Church

on the news report from 2013. I'm not going to spend $1000. I can get an escort for that if I'm really desperate.I think after I see my sponsor think I'll go home and look 
at purchasing a plane ticket to the West Coast to see my niece graduate
8th and Market
and file my taxes. I've had no other mail sent to me I checked  that out last night.
Meeting Frankie
I managed to squeeze myself 4 a  beard and hair cut. At 6th and South. That's where I will be around 3 o'clock. I'm then going to meet my sponsor at 3:30. Well on the way
At Subway
to chop shop friend of mine from the 4408 bus Frankie called me and we met for
Catching a Cab
lunch at the Subway at seventh and market. We did a little bit of catching up and the hoagie was delicious.
Chop Shop
I had an Italian sub. It's now two at 1 PM. The chop shop here in south street is packed and playing that funky music. I think I'll edit my blog while waiting. I just have to be somewhere
A Non-Storm
at 3:30. Well I got my haircut. She was nice enough to squeeze me in knowing I had to look decent tomorrow. Now I'm at the TD Bank
Chop Shop

Getting a Ticket

Love It
squeezing out a little money from my other account so I can leave a tip and stuff. Then I have to find out where I'm going to meet
TD Bank
at 3:30 PM today.I just hope I'm not over thinking the situation. At least Sharon reminded me of that. I'm no the Milk and Honey
and having another coffee and waiting for my friend
Milk and Honey

to show up. It was really packed when I first got here now it's really empty. Unfortunately able to get
Milk and Honey
my phone charged by plugging in in a socket. While reading and waiting for my friend to come, I met
up with someone I have not seen since 1992 I think. Their name is Christine and she worked at a Spencer gifts shop in University City on
Eagles in Superbowl 10 Yrs Ago
Walnut Street around 34th St. She's on the way to a birthday party so we didn't talk long but we got a bit reacquainted. That was really cool. Well my friend showed up we hung out we went over things and I

Center City
have a better idea of what I need to do for the next meeting. After that we went to a place
Cookie Confidential
called "cookie confidential" and pasted a couple of the cookies. I got myself a chamomile cookie. Boy
Cookie Confessional
 was THAT good. Well I was dropped off at the corner of 22nd and Lombard the seven bus will pick
Going Home
me up at 5:45 PM. I got a milk and a nice tea and a bag of chips just to kill time waiting for the bus.
Well the seventh that show exactly on time at 5:45 looking forward to getting home and seeing where
The 7 Bus
Sharon and Rich are going to eat I may join them if they want me around I got home and Sharon came home soon after. I ended up going out and having a pizza at the local pizza place nearby. After the eating of the pizza I was pretty darn exhausted. I and up falling asleep while watching fringe TV on the smart TV
 Made up and going up straight to bed. I was very very
tired. It was a pretty good day and tomorrow will be a full day but I'm gonna get my rest.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday, January 30: A Good Day of Working It

Near Bust Stop at 24th
Good day my winter or your friends. I got up went back to sleep and it was 6:50 AM and I cited I
19th and Walnut
didn't get the sunrise. I wanted to get the even if I was going to be running late. I got there and it was the
Funny Idea
first tradition. Mason basic the way I like it. I got to work a tiny bit late. Once there at work, right now many
interviews and that was good. Actually a very good workday. The managers allowed me to stay an
The Fax at Work
extra 45 minutes and I got a whole shitload of carfare done. It's  not all of it, but I go about two
56th Station
thirds of it,��
I'm in much better shape for Monday. Just before I left work I was called by someone with a relationship
specialist. I scheduled myself for an interview with Philadelphia singles
 out in Valley Forge @ 4pm. It should be an
Pat's Radio Transmitter
experience even if they don't accept  me.
The background, I was at my computer and this thing called
mature dating came up and I I thought it was pretty interesting but I bet the fee is really high!
it watched a YouTube video about postwar Germany in the mid 40s after the Nazis fell on upstairs
Puddles the Clown. Last Winter Fave
extensively to sleep it's 11 o'clock time to go out in the brave tundra
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get the hell home. I need to get my beard shaved hopefully my favorite hairstylist will have room if not
Phone call
homebody's going to cut my face facial hair
I'm at Pat's. I'm on the first floor and he's upstairs  asleep. I'm gonna catch the The 11:34 PM  bus and then
catch the 7 bus home . I won't be home till later my landlord informed me that some of my mail
1990 Again?
and the former roommates mail was tied up on the screen door so I just walked back to my old place.
View from 4405
I did get the mail exactly where you said it was. interesting thoughts in my mind now. Is it like 1992 again?
Lost Mail
When  I'm enjoying my life then I just jumped out of it into something else. I hope I listen to friends this time around. I decided to walk and hopefully make it 22nd St. Fortunately the 42 bus came just in time I would've missed the 12:41 AM route 7

Walking by Drexel

bus. It came about a minute early and that would've been sad and cold. So I'll get home about 50
minutes later but I did at least get the last of the junk mail from 4405 Sansom.well I came home and watch the little Bellmore and turn on my electric blanket to keep warm. Well I did a little searching on the Valley Forge Pl. and it sounds like a big old scam so I'm gonna blow those people off you can read that here. 

Route 42
It is really cold and it's supposed to remain cold and we might have a nice snowfall Sunday.