Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday, February 8: Buzy Start in February

Good morning kids. I decided to get up earlier to see if I could go to the dog walking job then return
back in time for the meeting at 7:15. Well of course it took me longer to get out of the house than I thought. I checked the Google maps and I'm
going to leave the meeting promptly at 8:15 and attempt the morning
Arrived on Time!!
walk at that point. I'll be closer to work a little bit. The nice thing is I'm going to be on time for the sunrise
which I don't remember the last time I was on time for sunrise. Will sunrise was fine. Afterwards I darted
out around 820 to catch the 34 trolley on Baltimore Avenue. That went pretty smooth but when I walk
Trolley Going to Balitmore Ave
to the house I couldn't unlock the top lock. I tried every which way with the key and then finally started
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pounding the door hoping the upstairs neighbor would hear it. Eureka he did show up and taught
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me how to undo the top door. I got to work 16 minutes late but my supervisor wasn't in yet! I
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attempted to allow login on the computer and couldn't after two tries of trying to do it so I decided to go
Food for the Week
to the fresh grocer stock up for the week of food. Well, I just started my day when I got back from the store. My supervisor eventually came in. I pretty much slot to the day since I woke up so late. The days
Inside Work

Work Parking Lot
seem to go quick and then slow down around 330. I guess that was because I started getting very tired.
56th Street
Overall at work it was not very eventful. That's a good thing I believe I just saw it supposed to start
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snowing around midnight. Well I wobbled out of work and headed downtown to 15th St. I ended up coffee Joe where I'm just chilling out and texting until 6:45 PM meeting after that meeting I'm going to go out and take care the dogs.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Saturday, February 6: A Visit to the Barnes and Evening Activities

Greetings world travelers. I awoke after tickly rough night of attempting to sleep I got up at 7:30 and decided well got shower and shave. I did all that and
decided to go to the men's meeting late. After my weird
Old City Coffee
dreams of bad date drunk dream etc. it was worthwhile. I never met Larry at the old city coffee.  I took
10th Step
a cab so I wouldn't be really really late. The old city coffee is like a librarian everybody's in hushed
Parking Lot
tones or not saying anything. It's pretty brisk out here today. It was 32° when I met Larry at the old city coffee.
Larry Driving
We chatted for a while and then we hit the 10 and 10:30 AM. After that I went to Larry's house for minute
and then he drove to his dry cleaners. If you want to it's dry cleaners he drop me off at Sabrinas 20
At the Barnes
minutes before 1 PM. I'm glad you got there there early because there's a line to get in there and a 45
At the Barnes
minute wait. It actually turned out OK cause we didn't have to wait all that long for the meal. The meal
Near the Barnes
was very tasty and the service was very good. It's supposed to be one of the best places around.
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We next went to the Barnes foundation. She has never been there before. A little less than two hours
The Bishops
in there and then entertaining especially since she's an art teacher. After that we talked a bit and then I
The Bishops Collar
walked home and then rented a car and went out to walk a dog and and run an errand. I then came
Saturday Night Live
home and watch Saturday night live with Sharon. Most of us gets her pretty funny. Bernie Sanders and that guy from

Sunday February 7: Meeting, Dog Walking, Reading Terminal and Super Bowl

Good day everyone. I got up a little earlier than the alarm since my nose was stuffed and I was little bit hungry. I clean the dishes and then ate
Eastern State Penetentry 
breakfast. After I ate breakfast I walked on down to the clubhouse on Fairmout Avenue
OCF Coffeehouse
 During that time I made arrangements to pick up my convention poster from Chris Wednesday at 6 o'clock. I then went home for a moment picked up my backpack and one
Morning Coffee

Funky Sneakers
remaining charging cord for the rest of the day. After the meeting, I headed back to 718 to pick up my
Big Crowd
charging cord and get something to drink. I've been caught the 48 bus actually the seven
At Reading Terminal Market

bus and then walk all the way up to Reading terminal market. I was going to meet at 1420 Walnut but
Center City at 15th and Market
I was running late so they went to the Reading terminal market without me. I then met them at the
15th Street
market at 12th and arch. By the time I got there I really had to P and I was pretty darn hungry
52nd Street
and thirsty. I found a place that sold Indian food. While I ordered that they ordered hamburger
52nd Street
and something like that. We hung out for a bit and about 140 we decided we need to leave. Keith went
52 Bus
home towards Larry's and I the walk to 15th and market to catch the EL. I just thought of the cats
Feeding the Dogs
the elk to 52nd St. thinking it would be a little bit of a shorter walk since the place I'm going to is close
64 Bus at 48th Street
to 50th and Hazel. Well I basically walked all the way up to spruce before the 52 bus came. I observed
52nd Street
52nd St. took some pictures while I was doing that. Next, I want the little puppies and texted a few
The EL at 52nd
people along the way. I was fortunate to be able to charge the phone since the battery died just as
2nd Street
I was arriving at my pet sitting job. After the pet sitting job which is about 330 I walked up to Fortier
At Larry's
from Baltimore to catch either the 64 bus or the trolley. Being Sunday I've been waiting a while. I've
At Larry's
been waiting at least 15 to minutes. Google maps said the  64 would arrive at 3:33 but it showed
Lady Gaga
up 10 minutes later @ 3:44 PM. I then arrived at Larry's house and watch the Super Bowl. Then I
Hi Erika
crashed on the couch & that was really nice. It's now half time and Denver is leading Carolina 13 to 7.
Defense Scores a Touchdown
It was a defensive struggle on the most part with both teams having turnovers. It's time for the overwrite
Halftime Show
halftime show time for me to catch up on some blogging. Well, while watching action news with Larry and Veronica I did catch up and edited the blog post for the last week. I'm standing out here at front market waiting for the 48 and it's 1157 so it's a running approximately 10 minutes late. it was a busy event full day and the rest of the week is going to be like that as well starting with an earlier rising for the dog walk and then seeing the bit dentist for an emergency dental appointment to fill in my temporary crown again. I currently got home and got in touch with Sharon and we decided that we're going to go shopping next Tuesday at 7:30. But now it's time to go to bed and get up early tomorrow. Another week to get to know her good night. Oh by the way the Super Bowl end it with Demper smothering Carolina 24 to 10. Carolina fumbled the ball
when quarterback 
got stripped and Manning got a second Super Bowl title. Thank you Larry Veronica for having
Keith and I over at the house it was  nice.. It's a fun reason to see the Super Bowl along with the halftime show that wasn't half bad.