Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tuesday, September 2: Hot Week Begins

Sunrise This Morning
Good day in the summer heroes and friends. We had a very nice mild summer. Well we're now entering
A Panoramic View
July like Weather for September. It's going to be 90° for the high the entire week with its filled out your style humidity. I talked to my sponsor
Bus Route to Meeting
about Saturday. I think it went very well and we had the conversation. Now I'm waiting for another
View of Art Museum
fellow who wants to look at my apartment in West Philly see if you wants to move there. I'm
Fairmount Avenue
waiting for him at the coffee Joe for him to pick me up. Well he did pick me up and took a look at the place
La Colombe Closed to Mid Sept
. I told the landlord and he said he preferred to rent University affiliated people. He is going
Walnut Street
to charge $700 for the apartment for the new person.
That's compared to my 550 I pay now. Work was pretty busy but I just want to heading issued
Why Rent Will go UP
all the car fares that were absolutely needed. I had
Proposed Route Back
to take a nap at three 3 o'clock because it was so tired ! After work I went back to West Philly and packed up another
small suitcase of items to bring to Fairmount. I didn't form the landlord that I could move out at the end of September if that would make it easier
42nd and Walnut
for him to find somebody. Doesn't matter much to me since I'm out half The month of October for my road trip.
I decided to take the cab again because there's a looming thunderstorm
a pro and as of 7:53 PM. I went to Kabobbeesh  and ordered a vegetarian platter cause  I'm so hungry and I going to have Sharon try it. Well I got in just in time for the rain. The rain wasn't as horrible as I figured it would be with all the thunder and lightning. Nelly 30 time to sit and Chal down and stuff my face with this wonderful food!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day September 1: A New Month

Good day all you creatures have it. Yes it's Labor Day Monday, September 1, 2014. I decided to sleep in today till after nine. I most definitely  did
From Fairmount to Old City
need it. The rain stopped and the sun is now coming out and humidity has returned. I'm going to
Add caption
leave Larry's after I take care of the Cleo business.  I'm gonna go back to Sharon's  I said it would take
Add caption
me an hour and a half because the detours are still in place from the made America concert the past
Add caption
2 days. I forgot to buy traps pass so I had to pay cash fare to get here
to 15th and market. I got my trance pass and now it is 10:43 AM waiting for the eastbound EL.
Add caption
After I took the EL, I did my business at Larry's and then fortunately was able to catch a bus pretty
Add caption
quickly back to Sharon's place. Then helped her out with some arranging and cleaning I did the
Add caption
vacuuming of the floor and she did the other stuff. We then went to the supermarket called
My New Window
the bottom dollar. Just really low cost no-frills shopping. We split the cost of the food which was cool
The Bedroom for Now
because I'm cash poor. At least now I have a card to use until I stretch out till Friday. I got lunch
meat so I got orange juice cereal milk pot pie you know stuff for lunch. After all that, it was really time to take a 
Bathroom Kitty
shower and just lie down in the room with its big giant Normas air-conditioner.  that felt nice because
Outside the Door
it is hot as hell. The whole week supposed to be nearing 90. So he appears that this
Rambrant's Where it Started
summer will end with its first heat wave. I decided first to take a nap then I took a shower and hung
Old Roomate;s Clothes
out with Sharon for a moment. I then went to the Monday night beginners.  During that time, I found out that my friend's mother
Stairs to My Place
said that somebody wanted an apartment so I'm gonna show this dude my apartment tomorrow
Good Idea
morning. Also the landlords coming tomorrow to take photos of the place for people to see when he looks for a new renter for 4405. 
   Pat Crashed

I will be glad when the detours end with SEPTA this weekend!!   
They have been quite the mess! I did some minor cleanup
throughout my old roommates clothes with permission. Backed up my hard drive and swept up now but pats house going to eat something
and then take a cab back to Fairmount Chris the bus routes are all messed up until tomorrow morning. I was very fortunate to catch a cab right away late tonight

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last day of August: And So It Goes

My Wall This morning
Good morning survivors patriots and fun-loving folk of all sizes shapes
Fairmont Ave
. Today is August 31 and August is leaving us with
Ridge Avenue
a really hot humid day. Well I got up in Fairmount and pack some things to go
On Ridge Ave
and walk down from an avenue. Due to the Budweiser welcome America concert, I had to
Davine Lorraine
walk all the way down to the end of Fairmount to broad Street and Ridge Avenue. There I caught
the 16 bus down Ridge Avenue tonight and then I walk down to Larry's place. Julio within a very fabulous
That's Me
mood. We played a little bit and I had a banana or two from Larry's. I then walked down to
2nd and South
pens landing around the corner and caught
Cool Bike
the 42 bus to second and Spruce. I got a box of tissues there by chance my nose is running like crazy from
We Should be SO Lucky
the stress of yesterday. After buying bar none hung out with the dude and we walked up to seventh
Artichoke Wrap @ Last Drop
Street where he is visiting family. I then walked further 13 from Pine and went to the last drop café
Going to Airport by 4:30
. There I had a artichoke wrapwhich was excellent though it had a sponsor. I met a friend at 13th and Spruce we went to a meeting and then hard hung out at Starbucks for about a half hour. Joe's roommate came by to drop off the car since he has to work. I now have his car and I'm supposed to pick him up at the airport by 430. It is now 30 wait I have about 45 minutes to chill. Well chillin is done time to go to the Airport
to pick up Joe. I just heard some sprinkles outside just now. 
I'm picking up Joe who is  flying in from Denver. 
I'm sitting here at the cell phone lot just waiting. The clouds have moved out on the most part and I 
am sitting here at 4:41 PM the original arrival time was 425 Southwest Airlines. After I got to the airport to
pick Joe up and gave me an Oregon hat May dropped me  off at 12th and Market.  I then met Drew at
12th & Locust for a meeting . Drew and I then went to Cosi and  had one of their flatbread pizzas. It was quite good . Sadly at one point
our order was never completed This event took an extra 25 minutes to get dinner. We hung out and talked for a while until the rain subsides and Drew had to ride his
bike common I decide to take a cab back to Fairmount. Hung out for a short while and then I went
upstairs and crashed to 1:30 AM