Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saturday, May 28: Fellowship A Nice Day at the Water Works and Boathouse Row

View When I Woke Up
Good morning. After crashing really early last night I got up pretty early. It was nice and cool when I got up. The first thing I saw on the Internet was
Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump
#chickenTrump on the Internet. Donald trump declined  to
Going  to Nashville
debate Bernie Sanders and whole Lotta people poke fun at him for that. One of my favorite is Bernie
Going to Bus Stop
being Colonel Sanders of KFC. I couldn't get the GIF's to be saved so I just took some still shots of them.
Going to Sunrise
I caught the 48 to get the men's. It was pretty interesting this morning. Lotta food for thought. Afterword
Getting Coffee
I decided to go hang out at Rachel's with a bunch of people invited to go to 1421. In the meantime
I read an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about how to avoid cancer while barbecuing. 
I feel like posting this
on Facebook. I don't barbecue much.  The article states  that person manning the barbecue grill get
Flower Show
it because the meat do you want green hit the charcoal of the barbecue   That's where you get the
Hanging Out
nasty cancerous fumes. I was going to 1420. Going back to the beginning. Keep it green. I was invited
to meet folks @ 6pm  at a restaurant called Birra which is the Italian word for beer. The 48 back
Construction at Vine Street
home and going to get a bite to eat. It's a beautiful day out and it's not as hot as yesterday.  
When I got home Sharon was finishing up with one of our customers and I thought it I need to charge my phone and Chromebook.
At Work
I just relaxed at the house since I was feeling mellow. We talked after the client left, We hung out and shot the shit. I was just in the mood to sit and hang and
The News of Today
not play much because I was so mellow from getting a good nights sleep. Uncle Al's able to fellowship
Near Art Museum
with others. To the guys a really nice laid-back. We talked about going out to West Chester to meet
up with them other fellow in his group out there. Not sure when that's going to be. We also talked about
Yuppie Training
meeting up for dinner at Passeyunk Avenue  at a restaurant. One of the fellows talked about
Now for the Next Step
meeting at his restaurant at 6 PM. It's already 6:05 PM and I'm still hot and sweaty.  I don't feel
At the Water Works
like rushing around. I probably won't go. I do plan to try out the Bar None again and meet up with them
Dog Water Fountain
tomorrow morning around 10 AM. Well Sharon and I went to the waterworks on the art museum.
Posing for a Photo
We are feet and legs in the two fountain there near the woodwork and we walked along boathouse Row.
Near Water Works
We also went to the cafĂ© there which was really chill. The coffee with the almond milk wasn't
Enjoying the Sun
great but everything else was really nice. We tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible and it was
A Great Man
really hot and both of would burn easily in the scorching sun. I have to buy a hat check my bald head against the rays. Today is definitely going to be the sunniest  day of the weekend from what I hear. 

At Cafe
It was really nice. I took a lot of pictures and I'm home to sift out the 160 or so pictures that I took.
A Nice Day
Too bad I don't do that kind of activity more often. Right in walking distance is a really chill place to
Big Brother is Watching
hang out in nice weather beautiful views and 
landscaping that was Victorian influenced. Now 7:30 PM show out and then we're gonna go out to eat around 830. Meanwhile I'm going to sit through the pictures and
We Have Been Warned
The Dude from "Will & Grace
up the Internet maybe take a shower. I confirm tomorrow night planned to go to Devon horse show.

Going to meet my friend at the Panera Bread at the Wynnewood shopping center. Not the one
Meeting a Friend
on Wynnewood Road but the one on Lancaster Avenue between Ardmore &Wynnewood 
We did decide to go out to dinner. We ended up going
to Rembrandt which is up the block. We are chicken wings and the sourdough pizza. It tasted pretty good but had a funny aftertaste after he ate. We
had a good time at dinner yuck it up etc. We then
A Fresh Haircut
drop by the Bishop's. I went off and head home and she stayed afterwords hang out with people I
I Think Sharon Hung Out w/Her
  suppose. She did have a guest over and they walked by me while going to the back porch. I forgot 1 thing. I got a nice face trim and haircut by Sharon. It's a lot better

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27: Work then Memorial Day Weekend

I woke up to a nice mild morning. I was very glad I took a shower last night going to be a hot one again today. I thought I  better take a taxi to go I just
View From Cab
missed the 48 bus as it rambling by 23rd St. I went to pack for you grabbed a couple coffee. This coffee taste a
19th Near Walnut
lot better than yesterday's 4 sure. For friend of mine came back to a meeting for the first time
Rush Hour From Saxby's
I've been going. It was pretty cool. Today I hope to do some catch-up from all the alerts that I have.
Message from a Friend
Well 3:35 AM time to either pick the 21 from 20th and Walnut or walk down the 19th and market. Stay cool. Well, I did one page of the alert or at least finished with one page write started and talk to people so hard today. It is really warm
20th & Walnut to Work
out here as of 3:02 PM. My office mate gave me two spicy chicken wings and now I'm getting fruit
Hot All Over
at the fresh grocer. Friend of mine X put themselves on the account without telling the person. That's
Getting Off the 21 in W. Philly
pretty creepy. I got a little less than two hours to work and then I may go to pack or go straight home.
I Enter the Building
First thing I want to do is switch into some shorts. I should get a pair shorts and keep them at
Mark is Leaving the Building
work to change into. It is supposed to be hot the whole weekend. Found out that I'm going to the Devon horse show Sunday night. I have not gone there since I was a kid!!

A Still from Video
Should be something different that's for sure.
Fresh Grocer
OK going to wind up the rest of the day. Well for the last two hours of work, I went through 
5:08 Pm Leaving Work
my list  about one third of the way. Half of folks got did get a hold of & The others I did not. I wasn't
Add caption
sure whether going to go downtown but I started feeling tired so I decided I'd go home. I did stop
48 Home Before Dark!
at the TD bank to get a money order to pay the rent for the month of June. I know somebody who has a
View from OCF
husband named June. Well on the outside world be on the smart phone, Donald Trump
Still Life Decaf
backed out of his proposal to debate  Bernie Sanders. I'm guessing it was a publicity stunt. Trump is real good at those. Got a big story for the East Coast. It looks like Verizon and the Unions Reached Accord to End Strike. Its was a bitter strike that's for sure. 
A friend of mine who I write to on Facebook messenger. Is riding 
South Dakota
from Minnesota to Montana. She is currently riding on a bus for another 8 hours. That's a long ass trip!. She did share a couple photos
Add caption
of the South Dakota landscape. She described it as flat and green. After I left the OCF coffeehouse, I came home and just lie down on my bed. It was
Add caption
hot I was sweating but it didn't matter
Add caption
I was tired. Sharon put on a fan for me and I was out for the night at 7 o'clock. I was just plain worn out. Lotta driving lots of working.