Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday, June 25: Meeting. A Trip to W. Philly, Center City. Projects Too! (5PM Editon)

Well I got caught up early and then later around a bit. I showered had breakfast and finished off yesterday's
Near My Bed at Home
blog. I'm gonna be meeting Larry at the old city coffee. Marissa can't make it and Alison found true love
View from Bathroom
in the suburbs. She's at that age for that stuff happens. Assume I stay in the program that long that will happen through about half the young women there. If the power of the universal boyfriend. Well if you want to do coffee and it's certainly going to be a hot one today. 9:48 AM I got a yogurt and

24th  Street Near My House

So Universal
a decaf coffee. Larry was talking to an old friend. While he was on the phone, I was talking to some person who connected to me from
Old City Coffee
Facebook messenger. She's a model now in West Africa for 3 months. Yes I know it's going on. I believe they call it cat fishing. Larry and I were talking about the British leaving the EU and it's stock portfolio. He's giving me tips that the stock market may go down to 14,000 from the
Current Levels of Stocks
current level of 17,400. So I'll put the phone in the blog and look it up later gator. Well meeting pretty good. Good little and find out what
Talking to a Friend
Christ Church
my plans might be today. The meeting ended and my phone charged up. My friend did not feel well enough to go out in the heat. I can understand
that for sure. So I decided to head out to West Philly. I came up with a different plan for the afternoon.
In Old City
 I'm even thinking of doing laundry. I plan to go to the You Do We Do laundromat. I got a whole mess
of laundry I should be doing.  It's now 2:27 PM I went up to see my friend at 52nd St. and defrauded since I was in West Philly that I needed to double check that I had the keys to the place. I managed to find
52nd Street Vendors
AT 52nd Street!!!
The house very quickly it's on 4900 block of Larchwood. I went to the door and the key worked. Now I'm good starting tomorrow with the 
49th and Locust
walking the twin mini pincher's starting tomorrow Sunday. Right now I think I'm going to go towards
Renovated Croyden Hall
Baltimore Avenue and catch the trolley down to 22nd St. Maybe  I'll get lucky and have good timing on
Dog Walking Here Tomorrow
the bus. I got a nice back rub from my friend on 52nd St. I needed it bad. I took a tour of  49th St. from
I Registered My Key Card Today :) 
Chestnut St. to Hazel Avenue. However I took care of that important business. I ended up walking
Baltimore Ave
down to 46th Street and  caught the trolley at the AM. PM. mini mart. I got off at 22nd St. There, I
Add caption
went to the Photo Lounge and pick up my latest order of photos. I've then walked to 19th & JFK
On the Trolley
 caught the 33 bus to 20th and Fairmount Ave. Mother nature was calling me very loudly and I
Going to the Photo Lounge
stopped in at the OCF a coffeehouse to get an iced coffee. I next need to work on my art project
The 33 Bus to Fairmount
 until such time until my shows up. She may not show up because she's taking a map right now. It's pretty warm
Fairmount Ave Near 20th
but not ridiculously so. I  registered my 
SEPTA KEY card today. I earlier had sent a tweet to SEPTA
The Pit Stop OCF
asking them how to get protection 4 the card.  I just figured it out and tweeted & confirmed that I was
My Vantage Point 
correct. I thought of accomplishment right there

Friday, June 24: Payday and Brexit

Well after a decent night of sleep last night I got up in plenty of time to shower get dressed and head to the clubhouse for the 7:15 AM we are not saints. Actually it was
My View at Breakfast

24th Street
the business meeting and it went pretty well. After work, I caught the 33 bus directly to downtown
News and Opinion
and then cut the EL to work. My supervisor was again out. I cleared up the remaining alerts
23rd Street
and got 2 thanks and pack up completed. I probably should've had 3 of them completed but
Fairmount Ave
I was distracted by last minute stuff. One case I lost an important form. I had both of it in the scanned circular
View from Bus
file but it wasn't scanned to the computer system. I did manage to find it in the pile and always complete
15th Street
including carfare. I'd another case where a person moved to Johnstown. January. Your reason I
Fantastic Planet (1973)
found out if I got a call from the Johnstown Housing Authority. By marked off and cut the L down to
Internet Explorer Freezing up
15th St. After I got to 15th St. about to head home I realized that I need to go back on the out
Good Bye
to 2nd Street. I'm supposed to meet Larry around 6. His wife should be home so I don't have much
Leaving Work

time for blogging. I'm going to have chicken wings and fries. That will be my reward for helping them move up in their attic. Well out in the real world there's strong reaction to the Brexit. Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. Doesn't bode well I think. Also there was a post about weird book with weird.
56th Street

Old City
It reminded me of the 1973 movie called "fantastic planet." That was one of the most us are animation movies
The Weekend
I've ever seen in my tire life. I watched it when I get it I don't know where I was but I remember just
Charter House Coffee
being wide-eyed watching weird looking creatures & humans in the weird planet. Well I got to Larry around 6:30 PM. He had some really delicious wings that were
Free Sample
quite tasty. I tell down pretty good on them. And then assisted him in putting stuff in the attic.
2nd Street
Including a big treasure chest full of golf. I was little confused by all that but it went well I then watched a
Quite Tasty
movie called Southpaw. It was pretty good. It definitely had a formula or the guy peaked out and
The Condo
then hit rock bottom and then came back from his depressing Lowe's after his wife got accidentally shot due to him
My Way Home

getting into a brawl with some dude he wanted to fight him. After that I headed back home on the 48. I forgot we caught the bus right away I didn't get back home and  caught up with Sharon and then
went to bed. It wasn't
a bad day overall.