Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tuesday August 23: Decent w/ 3 Appointments After Work. A Long Day

View from Backyard
Happy Tuesday all who read this. I stayed over at Pat's and enjoyed myself. I got up at 7 o'clock hung out at his place. I was able to finish yesterday's blog
Pat Transcribing a Song
posting. That was cool. I had to get happy Wi-Fi code for
I Went Over?!!
my phone because for some reason my phone forgot it. It's a really long code. I'm glad my Chromebook
Here Comes the 21 Bus
didn't forget it. Anyhow I got up had a packed house and went to walk the dog. Yes there are actually 2
Barkan Park
dogs in this situation. I fortunately call caught a 21 bus at 44th and the dogs didn't make nearly as much of a mess as they did last night. I walked him and then headed to coffee market. The paperweight formally known as spam. I
Best Time for Flowers
got to work about five minutes late. I was hoping to get more done then I ended up getting done. I had
The Old "Sam's"
a tuna hoagie because I didn't want to be super starving like I was last night. I had about five interviews
New West Philly
today when I really wanted to have none. I did mention on yesterday's blog post that we are being
Getting Lunch
relocated for today at the liberty district up in North Philly. It's at 2:19 East Lehigh. I take the EL
Leaving Early From Work
up towards North Philly. Too bad it's not closer to the hipster section of Kensington.
At the Dentest
That would've been fun. Today we had another beautiful summer day. We have low humidity, sunshine
A Cool T-Shirt
and a little
breeze. Well I split from work at 3:45 PM at the 16th St. to the dentist. I was three months late on my
Outside Apple Store
cleaning so it had been 6 months since my last cleaning. Considering how long it was it wasn't bad at all.
Elxir Cafe
Nice Temps  
I went to Starbucks but that was packed so I went to the elixir café and the women there were very
Apple Store
pleasant and I had fun thing I wanted my decaf  Americano with a cherry on top. I left there and went
Old City
to my session at 1420. That was very good and I got and 15 minutes text her on top. Following that,
Big Ass Slice
I went to the GSR meeting. It was very long because the delegate gave her report. I admitted that
Cab to 444 N 3rd
I had not been going to need the grapevine meetings over the past four months. They were very
Add caption
good about it. After that I became really exhausted. And I couldn't do anymore for the rest of the day.
At Meeting
I do everything to do it and I just couldn't doing. My friend is assured me that it was OK. I got reacquainted
Finally Going Home
with Sharon and went straight to bed.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday, August 22: Great Weather Mellow at Work and Dog Walking

Cool Morning on 24th Street
Well I got up around 7:05 AM this morning. That seems to be a good time to get up and take care the dogs and then be able to get to work on time.
West Philly in the AM
Doing sunrise semester and the pets in the morning
Add caption
it's going to be too much. It's a really nice pleasant summer day. The humidity is the lowest it's been all month! I I walk the puppies and then on the way to the bus I went to coffee market formally Sam's
Funky Ole West Philly
Another Dog Walker
place and I saw Jeff Strong from the days of yore. Yes down "Gregory" was doing and that was that. I continued
The Mini Pins
on to work and made it with about six minutes of spare. Next I I made it to work and started doing 
some cleanup today.. That he needed to be done after all the people I saw very tempted to see last Thursday. So I'm working a little slow but I don't feel completely exhausted so
Yesterday's Rain

that's a good thing.
Add caption
It's warm but it has a breeze and it's not that humid. Well the rest of the day I had to yogurt,
On the 21 Bus
 bananas and some talk drink to get through the day. I went through my sanction with an organized
Work Break
it so hopefully Wednesday when the class office is closed I can do work in the other district. We are
Fresh Grocer
going to Liberty District on Wednesday cause they're shutting the office down to the PECO problems like they did last month doing the Democratic convention. Well I left work and headed straight down to Center City. I first went to coffee Joe and decided that I would take big steps and catching 
up with my blog posts. I went to the Monday night beginners meeting about 15 minutes late. It was a
57th and Market
City Street
good meeting even though I missed part of it. I  hung out a little bit afterwords and took the 21 bus to
Blogging at Coffee Joe
49th and Chestnut. I want ahead and walk the dogs. They left our own huge mess in the back.
Entering Coffee Joe
I had to spend about 20 minutes to pick up poop and drying piss that was in there. Fortunately she
Funky T-Shirt
has a lot of deodorizing cleaner. I also had the windows open so it wasn't really that bad smelling. I
Outside Coffee Joe
talked on the phone for a while with mag and headed on down to catch the 21 bus if I could down
Meeting Break at 19th and Walnut
to 42nd St. to get something to eat and visit Pat. Find it up walking the entire way because the bus didn't
233 S 49th
show up. I got myself a Samosa and then I got myself a treat at three, beach. I was really hungry. I ended
The Croyden Apts
up eating and  going to sleep and Pat made a sketch of me sleeping. He put it up on Facebook. At least
Dana Mandi Store
I wasn't mouth breathing during my sleep that would've been bad. I ended up sleeping overnight I
Pat's Sketch of Me 
was very tired. It was a nice Monday

Sunday, August 21: A Bonus Day for this Blogger/Pet Sitter

Good Sunday everyone. I got up at 7 AM to get ready to walk the dog. I had breakfast and time caught up with me so I had the hustle to the dog walk. I
The 48
decided to go with the flow and I took Uber.
That give me enough time to walk the dogs and get picked up on time. then get ready to get picked
Pet Sitting Locale
up and go to Rosemont. We went to a place called the Griffin Café. In Rosemont. Had
The Cafe in Rosemont
a had an egg and cheese bagel sandwich. We then  went to the ACA meeting. It was pretty
Enjoying Breakfast
interesting pretty interesting. There are similarities but differences is well. Plus books
Add caption
called the "Red Book." The people were nice and the nice thing it wasn't was upstairs from the
Ardmore Pa
coffee shop with me it's very convenient. It's also right next to the Rosemont train  station. After work
Watching the Rain
we stayed and wrap the morning eat. We didn't decide we take a walk along the Rosemont trail it used
Quite the Storm
to be part of the BMW train line for discontinued in the late 50s. The weather got cloudy very
Flooding in Ardmore
quickly and then we got caught in a bit of a shower but it wasn't too bad. We then got back to her
Heading to Center City
place and talked a little bit and hung out. It was very pleasant and we got to know each other a little bit
Summer Trolley Repair
better. It was heading towards 5 o'clock and it was time to get myself back to Center City to make
Target Store at 20th & Chestnut
the coffee for the 8 o'clock meeting. I needed to be there by 7 PM. At this time a HUGE
Center City
cloudburst storm came rushing through and read flooding really really fast. The rain mostly ended by
Mopping the Flood
the time I got the Center City. I was greatly relieved I didn't have an umbrella. I came to the Trinity
Read to Feed Dogs
Church and there was slight flooding near where the steps were. I had to do some mopping and then someone else came and helped me. Coffee went fine and then I went out and took care of the dogs. After I took care of the dogs I took a four dollar Huber ride and came home in a half decent time. It was a good day