Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday, November 25: Creative Day

Today I got up on time but I ran around and did stuff and did not get out the door till 7:12 AM. It was
19th Street Trolley
still mild from this warm spell that we've had for the last 2 days. The plan for tomorrow will be to do car
Listening to my Headphones
fair all day. I finished up one report and saw a bunch of people and finish two thirds of my 2nd report.
Due Dec 5th
Well Peter and I love the bandage are you headed out to Gorby when I'm heading down towards
A Mild November Day
South Street so I may relax before going to get my haircut done. I'm going to go down to second Street and then catch the 57 bus. I'm a bit tired because I stayed up past my bedtime. Are the 57 was really
Milk and Honey November 26th
crowded so I just walked to the milk and honey. And one woman talking to the employees. They were
Done by One of the Employees
talking about creepy men who come into this coffee shop. Nice night
Cool Band
outside and I got myself a coffee or yogurt and a banana. I while walking took a look at the photos
Hair Stylist
I took and edited them and took photos of artistic subjects. I really wanted to do that at this moment. Well I went to the truck shop and was last
At Chop Shop
customer and I am waiting for Drew to appear at this time. ran into Drew and we talked a bit and then
Man was at South Street
decided to go to South Street Souvlaki  to eat. We started off with a plate full of muscles which it was so good. We also had piece. And it was so filling  I could not  finish it all. We then talked and

The Muscles

My Roomate's Hands
walked north on eight street to our tour I proceeded to catch the 48. When I got home, I decided to call her to
Rambo and I
see if Sharon was still there. She actually was on the way back there from the salon. We hung out

Sharon had a few drinks before I showed up. Mr. Ramboz visiting. I am right now sitting at the bishops collar
Bottoms Up
amongst all the pre-Thanksgiving noise and using Sharon's Apple computer. It feels like a really nice machine on my hands. I am hanging
At the Bishop's
in a bar near our house by myself and some very animated young people right nearby. Sharon's busy inside. blog at the bar for a little while. Its been a funny kind of dayhere in the City of Brotherly Love on this mild end of November day. Work overall was very productive and I was pleased. I heard from a few folksI have not heard

I'm going to 
Refreshment in the Sound
from in awhile.  I got to see Drew and hang for a bit. I have not been able to hang with him in awhile. He bought a house in Essington near the Airport. He is pleased with it.
I am just thinking how triply life can be
At the Bishop's
Its now 11:38pm. I am listening to the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. (B.R.M.C) amongst the din of the   rest of the world that circles me. I am being left alone occupying a seat. A call was not received but not a surprise to me. All that ANYONE wants to talk about is the impending snowfall that is to start tomorrow.

Well, of course we have the ongoing saga of Bill Cosby to wile away the snow and the Thanksgiving Holiday. What a mess Cosby got himself into!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mon., November 24: A Rare Warm Day in November

Sunrise on the Porch
Good day everybody. Here starts the short week before Thanksgiving holiday. I woke up from a really weird dream where I was getting sued
Bathroom Floor
because I ate food that was bad and wanted a refund. Anyhow, I got up like I was going to the Sunrise but  instead, I decided that I would go to work a little early. I wanted to get
the ball rolling since it's going to be busy.
Also the computers may be down most of next week which would mean nothing
24th and Poplar
can be done. Missing include the all-important car fare!!! At 2 PM it is 70° outside, a very nice cool
22nd Street Trolley Stop Westbound
70°. Well I powered through work and got my one big report done with the 68 names. The phone didn't
Lunch Time
ring terribly and the carfare calls just started at the end of the day. I got my commitment sheets done on the most part. I at least got the Monday
It Reached 72 Degrees
night beginner she completely done which is a relief considering December's next week. I walked with
Co-Workers Leaving Work
Peter and  then we walked to S
axby's.  I'm watching the Barbie and Ken show. CBS 3's

Riding Home
Chris Mann & Jessica Dean. And I'm having a coffee and OJ courtesy of Peter. The Ferguson Missouri grand jury to be made mouth already

been made but they are withholding the announcement. They want to get the police ready for the demonstrations. At this point

at 6:23 PM they have not announced what decision was made. I'm gonna work on my vista print photography cards for a minute.
Add caption
Well I did make an order of 100 cards with a white background and blue lettering with my name
The Long Tunnel
 and phone number. I took the slow route so they'll arrive him December 8. The Monday night
22nd Street
beginners was very good and packed! Now I'm walking up 22nd till a boss walks by. I got back home pretty quick.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, November 23: Exploring & Reaching

Up at 7am
Well I started the morning getting up at 7 AM because I was hungry and I couldn't sleep. So I ended up staying
N. 24th Street
up & i'm preparing myself a bowl cereal. I didn't fixed up yesterday's blog and read stuff about Eagle fans and other
Taking Taxi to Broad and Fairmount
nonsense. I'm meeting a friend at her place at 15th and Spruce but first I had to take a cab to the Broad
Street line because there is no real set the service
 because of the old Philadelphia marathon..
Underground @ 15th Street
They have an announcer just won't shut the fuck up,
Well, I meant up in time with my friend went to Starbucks near
Add caption
her place on 15th St. We  look nice leisurely walk down south street to the bar none. And we both
2nd and South
managed to get seats. Afterwords, we walked to walk to Broad Street and we saw a Toynbee Tile which is explained here.   They are weird statements embedded in street and sidewalks left on the streets in various large cities in the US and beyond. She went on her merry way to the liberty place to get
Add caption
some gifts for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile I strolled up Walnut Street and looked at some cool techie items
Here is a Toynbee Tile
at the Apple store. They are really cool and overpriced. One I was thinking of PATRICK in playing his
Its Cool. It's $200.00
guitar and the other was a surveillance camera that can be controlled by the iPhone. I've been seeing
Construction at 15th and Walnut
them advertise on bus shelters for the last 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Hello I'm decided I would eat a chicken
Ain't It the TRUTH
cheese steak at 20th and Walnut nearest Saxbys and across street from the Chatham. Unfortunately
Apple Store Display
I got stuck eating with a guy and his 2 kids and now they have a really loud kiddie show on the TV blaring throughout the whole pizza shop.
 I'm hungry enough that I'll be able to stand it. I am going to now go to Vista Print and get some business cards to promote my photography. I mean if others can show off their fabulous selves, then why can't I? Instead of being a hater of the inflated Ego's of folks on
Eagles Field Goal. Now 17-0
Facebook, I can do my thing and tell others about it. Well I ate my steak and then I got really tired I literally use my jacket and took a nap after
Blogging with Lunch
updating my blog. I friends picking up yours truly at 20th and Walnut so I've got a leave the pizza place and get a plastic spoon. We're going to the free library for a tour it's now 17 nothing Eaglesat the
I WAS Hungry
end of the first quarter. I was then picked up across the street from the pizza place. My goal is to go to theFree library of Philadelphia,
20th Near Walnut
 but they have the Parkway closed so we got to take a scenic route there. Got the library and it was really cool. I
don't go to the library that often in the building is beautiful I took some nice pictures. There was some author
speaking on the big screen when we got in. After he picked up a couple plays. We drove through the traffic.
Speaker at the Free Library
It was REALLY jammed! The traffic was from the Philly marathon and it was just really horrible at 19th and Arch
CD at Free Library
streets. Okay we are here okay so what's the 19th @!Vine Streets. Plow through the traffic and I got a ride
Be a Pepper
back to my place and had a snack. I'm on the back porch the sunset was beautiful. It was
absolutely beautiful! I took a ton of sunset pictures and then I decided I needed to crash hard. I did crash from
Add caption
approximately 5 tto 6:45 PM. I need every bit of that nap. It's quite a relief that it was mild today. I
just took a cab to Saxbys where I'm going to meet Larry and his bride Veronica. I have a Coca-Cola
Denver Scores
but I'm gonna get myself coffee because I need it. The 60 minutes was very good good speaker I feel comfortable sharing. Anyhow it's
At Saxby's
a nice mild night here in Philadelphia. I'm going to call some friends and walk towards the seven or the
For Pat
48 bus. I'll take the one that picks me up first. It is now 9:12 PM kindfinish off my weekend and get prepared for a very busy early to mid week