Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday, April 26: Let Us See What Happens Today

Outside My Front Door
I woke up in time at least I thought you catch the bus to bar none but apparently because mugshots coffee took forever  serve a group of
Fairmount Ave
some young dudes and their girlfriends.
Rocky Pat's Pet Squirrel
It wasn't a total loss around to Mike's wife Susan. It was tuition for today. That was the second one this week. There was a good meeting nearby. I'm glad I didn't take the bus to south street.
Mugshots on Fairmount @ 19th
Afterwords a cool dude give me a ride all the way up to old city so I
It's Spring on Fairmount Ave
basically had 45 minutes to kill with Wi-Fi at the Starbucks near 3rd and Arch.
It's Sunday Morning
I got to get in contact with my Mom and figure out when the date is for today and then I'll go to my moms
Getting a Ride to Larry's
afterwords. She thought it was gonna rain this weekend and we are going to postpone. It's really nice
City Hall
out today actually. Well I'm chilling here to Starbucks or third and arch Street I'm downloading YouTube
videos while I have Wi-Fi here at the Starbucks. I did come in and buy things so I paid for this Wi-Fi Mr. Chairman. I'm about to step out and go to Larry's and
helping move furniture and then I need to call my mom and let her know what's going on. It's now 12:07 PM at Larry's. Going to help and then see if I'm

Walking on Arch St. Old City
Cleaning for Guests
going on a date or not.  Here is the news that is not in my head for a Sunday Afternoon. Well, I for
The President at the WH Correspondents Dinner Last Week
one am pleased that the Comcast merger went down in FLAMES.  Folks opposed to the merger screamed loud enough to be HEARD by the decision-makers. The merger was to combine the #1 cable Internet provider
Storage for Later
(Comcast) with the #2 cable Internet provider (Time-Warner). Gee that would have a been God-awful if
The Symbolic Wall
it had pass government scrutiny!! The President was funny during the WH Correspondents dinner. He had
Add caption
his "anger translator" to  tell what he is REALLY is thinking as he remains calm. Now that was funny!! I
need to shower and get ready and catch the train ON-TIME today!
Well I came back 270 and denied myself and that since it was
At Bishops Collar
gonna probably causing me some anxiety like yesterday. I thought it possible to come
in till a Route 7 bus snuck up behind and I fortunately saw it just in time. Well I made it to the Suburban
Add caption
station with time to spare. It is now 4:10 PM my train leaves at 4:45. So I made it with a half hour to spare.
Suburban Station @ 4:10pm
So I'll whip out the crimp look and let my mother know what time I'll be over. I'm guessing that the date
Train Leaves at 4:45Pm
will be about an hour so we will call it 6:30 PM I'll be launching from Ardmore to Media. I am curious how Google Maps gets me from point A to point B. Well I'm hoping to
At Suburban Station
take quickie nap it's 4:39 PM. Well the strange showed up on time and I had to quickly run from my chair
Add caption
to get here. I'm a little bit tired but I think I can hold off for now for snoozing. Looking forward to this one. Only caught the train in plenty of time and arrived in Ardmore and walk to the Starbucks. Date was okay it was just a little off in some sort of way but we got along great to see each other again and that
Overbrook Train Station
the jury is still out. I then took Cooper to media to meet my mother. I can get there by seven otherwise open
The Date Location in Ardmore
the media until least 8:30 PM. Do you drive from Uber car was pretty cool. We did have a nice dinner
Cool Uberf Dude!!
and she retired bed and I talked on the phone. Just parked where we are in our lives and that it's difficult
to get into relationship and forgot where where we are. It is hard to understand sometimes but it's good
Arriving At Kate;s
having friends that you can talk to about to try to work them out. The dinner was delicious. Yes in April marches on for one more week. Then we come to the month of May the merry merry month of May

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday, April 25: Training Meeting Late 4 Date and The Feelies (Video Included

Walking Down 24th
Good day. I woke up about 7:25 AM Potter to bed and shaved. I then I'm showing up late to the
Catching the 7 Bus Downtown at 8AM
men's meeting and then I'm going to go to Stewart's training at some point on Spring Garden Street.
Got Breakfast Here
I suppose I'll show up at nine since I never got the exact time. Well, the men's meeting was very good
Cute Pup
it was fun as well. I am now walking up 20th St. towards the union hall for the training. Yes, I'm going
Men's to Training
to be late but the meeting was a great way to start the morning. I've already got my itinerary to get the
Rocky the Squirrel
Ardmore and that's about it. It is still very cool outside. It is 46° as of 9:38 AM. I am walking since the bus
Cherry St. & Cherry Blossom
hasn't shown up yet. I'm just gonna keep walking up 20th St. till the bus shows up early go to the
Still Pretty Cool
union hall whatever comes first. If I showed up one that away from Spring Garden. I got to
Art Museum
the training a little bit late but not too late. Grab a couple snacks are still available from the breakfast and
SEIU Local 668 Union Hall
we learned about grievances which is the nuts and bolts of being a steward. There's a lot to learn.
Stewards Training
It's now 12:18 PM we are on our lunch break I'm standing outside at Spring Garden Street I'm
Cool Mural
pretty close to my house which is pretty cool. Well the date tonight is still on schedule at this time. I see the skies remaining partly cloudy no rain yet still pretty cool outside
Group Photo

Feelies Tickets 4 Tonite
Well it's 4:11 PM right now I left the training at 3:30 and walk most of the way home. I did get home and
New Place Near Pat's  Photo by Pat
I saw Sharon moving out of the building that she is not running a shop in. Getting help from Roman. I then
Walking Back Home around 3:45pm
loved a little butter dog and now I'm going to put find a decent sweater and a jacket for tonight since it is going to be chilly.
Nice Walk Today
Think this is I was flipping through Facebook during my break of training I saw that the feelings
Roman Moving Out Stuff 4PM
were playing at world Café live tonight. I was astounded by quickly bought two tickets and Pat will be
The Love of Butters
meeting me there at 7:30 my date should go till about six so I will go straight there to 30th St. and try to
get a good area to stand and I guess. Well, as I was crossing 18th St. loud sonic boom that hurt my ears. I think it was the backfire
I was Not Very Happy
from the bus that just drove by. Damn that hurt my ears especially my right ear. Well I had to postpone
More Then Just Ice Cream
the date because I miss the 445 train that would get me there by 503. I was extremely frustrated
A Good Cup of Coffee
but she had the meter kid at six anyway so we're gonna try again for tomorrow 
afternoon. Well my
Drew and Girlfriend
happenstance Drew wrote to me and he was in the area. We agreed to meet at more than just ice cream and
Add caption
12th and Locust. I was walking towards 12 Locust to early night out but decided to hang with Drew and eat.
Cool Artwork on Building
I really need some coffee and I needed to eat  something. Well I left and cut the nine bus to the world
Where I saw the Feelies
Café live when I got there at 7 o'clock. I bought a couple to three souvenirs and pop a squat next to the stage. Period I ran into some cool guys
Waiting for the Show to Start
that were brothers. They were sober for over 20 years. They were
The Stage
pretty cool never find their way into the Feelies. Meanwhile the concert really rocked. It was a wall of sound. The cool thing is that it wasn't too loud that my ears are ringing and the
Good Show
crowd was respectful of the music
Pat and I at World Cafe Live
and let them play. At shut up about 7:45 and he eventually came down to the front and joined me in the
Add caption
brothers and rocking out and taking pictures and videos. They really gave us our money's worth.
Again 20 bucks that's really cheap for a top-flight concert this day and age. Hey really mixed it up musically
Folks at Stage
tonight they played a set of three from the good Earth young they had to know actually three encores
Bill and Brenda
and they played quite a few from crazy rhythms. An old favorite paint it black with played as well.
Great to have a camera with a lot of space and also a battery pack to keep the phone charged.
Stan on the Drums
Well, the bus never showed up so I'm walking home along the parkway I next walked up to the a.m./p.m. mini mart and got a couple food provisions
Finishing 1st Encore
cause I'm a bit hungry. I got honey not Cheerios. This was the only cereal look edible in their choice. I got a banana two yogurts and some kettle chips. Also an ice tea was available. It's now

Emptying Out the Building
12:48 AM I'm just walking by the ultra or Sharon and Roman moved out a lot of stuff from the basement. I moved a couple more things and then caught up
Change of Venue Soon
with each other and now it's 2 AM and the day will now end. I must say it was a good day.