Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, April 27: A Late Start Backing up my Computer

 Well I got up early and proceeded to start backing up my to Shiba windows   omputer. I then fell back to sleep woke up at 8:20 and proceeded to save the rest of the photos that were copied on the first round. Well the bus   ook a little while to show up and then I took the trolley and waited for the L for about 10   inutes. The first train came by and it was packed. It was going express straight   o 69th St. so it's now 9:25 PM and I just caught the hill at 30th St. station. 
What happened with the train today? Well at least this train is is not packed at all. I got off at 56th Street and it's now 9:34 AM. I know when  I walk in and was going to give me  some dirty look and I'll just say OK😲 well the  clouds are still overhead. Whatever the system that's been floating around shirts   anging around. It's not as chilly and there is no precipitation. Doesn't really matter   ince I'm not going to the draft today and I'll be indoors most of the time working like a rented mule. 
Well out of 22 people that were scheduled by my coworker only 6 came in so that made the day a lot less frantic in that way generally. It's now 5:08 PM I'm going to my group therapy I'm going to discuss my thoughts about my ADD and medication. We've already discussed that topic at life but this therapist knows a little bit of pharmacology. He's not a doctor but is the most experienced counselor in place. It's at 1420 Walnut St.I just stepped out and I can feel the humidity!! Fortunately there is cool air so it's not too bad.  It's definitely much different than it was this morning. I might hang out with Pat . I'm all anxious because I left my computer on so I could download the files.  I really feel like going home and turning off the computer but that's a major hassle since the NFL's in between Center City and where I live. I think the  computer should be all right I hardly ever leave it on so should be OK. I just haven't had time to sit and geek out on the computer cause I don't get home till late. My next steps are to uninstall some programs. And then delete all my files once I know they're saved.The only conundrum left is iCloud saving my photos from my windows computer.  I think I can do that I just can't do the other files.They all say that JPEG's are cross platform compatible so I'll look it up as usual and figure it out. I hope to have the computer ready by the time Pat is ready to pay for it. I'm guessing hopefully by the first week of May.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday, April 26: Pulling Teeth

; Good morning ladies and gentlemen this is Mark speaking giving it up   or history. Today looks like a carbon copy of the last two days since that beautiful Sunday that we had this past weekend. My friend  from Baltimore says the same thing that it's misty outside. I noticed at the bus stop they have an  official looking sign No  Through Traffic.   t has a look of a permanent sign The seven bus finally showed up after a 20 minute wait and it did the tour thing.  You know left on Spring Garden down 17th and then zigzagging JFK Boulevard  and then taking a right on Market Street. Well glad when left alone this morning a nd I'm trying to  do it ministration of work today where I just had a 45 to a bunch of cases. They said today was my paperwork day so that's what I'm  gonna do. I'm not gonna   e much into doing much else after I get my tooth pulled. When I got here a little   ate but it didn't matter cause place is packed today. 
Well I got the tooth pulled and it didn't really hurt he put a lot of Novocain in and he showed me the tooth and is pretty nasty looking. So I got another 600 mg of Motrin most of that I won't take.  So it will be there for pain emergencies. It's not a narcotic so I'm all good. Now it's time to see what our public servants in the Pennsylvania legislature is up to.. The Pennsylvania House just passed a bill that would ban municipalities and counties from banning plastic bags or taxing plastic bags. Can you believe that shit?  Hey kids!!! The tooth came out without incident. It doesn't hurt right now so I'm good. They did take my blood pressure. The reading was 160/96. So apparently the stress at work is really having an effect so I'm going to talk to my therapist about that as well as the quandary of possibly changing meds. I think my therapy today should be really fast because I have a lot on my mind.  I went to the Apple Store after I got my tooth pulled and I'm going to buy 2 TB portable hard drive for $149 and put it on my Barclays card. They don't do the partitioning at the store I would be calling Apple Support on the Apple Support app. They were them hold my hand and I do it at home. Why can't the train coming back. The rain stopped and the weather forecast says the skies are going to clear up. Still calling for 82° Saturday and Sunday. It should be clear tomorrow. Well I got back with no incident. My supervisor do that so I came back and well I can just get rid of just push the little paperwork. And it hurts too much I'm going to leave. W had a staff  meeting with Mr. Keller today he was the bearer of good  

news of how well Philadelphia County and Elmwood in particular was doing in certain areas of our job. Our unit/my job position was not mentioned in anyway. I raise my hand at the meeting after he left and in general have been very agitated. well I took the EL and it decided to stop and sit for 10 minutes. Fortunately my appointment on Wednesday is at 6. I am cross between uncomfortable due to my teeth tired because I'm tired and hungry oh boy. Well I had my last appointment with Samantha. I just basically just let out my frustration with work and with my mental health treatment. She's leaving and I have a new person named Rose starting next week. All appointments will be Tuesdays  @ 6:30 PM then every other week it'll be 530 P.M. Well I went to the Apple Store and after waiting a bit it was decided that I will try to separate hard drive instead of one big drive. I did buy into it because it's about the same money and it's less complex I don't have to call Apple on the phone this way. No! I can't save window stuff on iCloud. I have to stick to the cloud service that I already have.. bit confusing my most tempted to call my brother John who would probably give me a complete different version don't know I'm just not sure mentally I'm in shape to deal with that. It's funny when you buy this hard drive it doesn't mention anything on the instructions that you first have to format it. The only instructions or a drawing of plugging it into the computer and plug in the USB into the hard drive which a monkey could figure out.  

I had to go online to get these instructions which were very well written I must say