Thursday, October 08, 2015

Wednesday, October 7: A Decent Mild Day an Brene Brown

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Today I woke up to a partly cloudy. The sunrise was quite striking. I took a lot of pictures of it. They some of them came out really neat. I then went to
Looking Out My Window
sunrise about 15 minutes late and then afterwords hung
OH Boy! Another ONE!
out with two guys I haven't hung out with him in a while. We looked at the demolition on 19th St.
Boarding the 48 @ Detour
near Chestnut. I was told one of the buildings was the home of the first black law firm in Philadelphia. It's where there Córdoba restaurant used to be. Our district was tied for 2nd in active sanctions.
Sharon's Cake! Yum

Demolition on 19th Street
for second place in the number of sanctions implemented. It's nice to see the hard work that my
Cool Old Building
coworker and I did it's actually recognized. Numbers count with management and the rest of it's just rhetoric. Well, I did plug for
56th Street This AM
the rest of the day. Eliminated 12 alerts that I received late
Training Today
yesterday. Had only one interview the whole day and that's always a relief. Training wasn't too
My Wonderful Desk
bad this time. But if they implement these SNAP changes and don't make us a waiver area it would be  draconian to people receiving snap benefits.
The Back End of the Office
It would harshly affect those who don't have a verified disability and aren't working 20 hours.
Walking From Work
Bill would be only able to get three movements of food stamps every three years. A major
accomplishment today was getting an appointment with my doctor next Wednesday at 4 PM.
Another Whacko with a Gun!
struggle. Last week I couldn't get through it all and then
My Coffee Destination
I just forgot. Well it's a beautiful day to walk to a coffee shop. I'm in a elixir coffees and it's not as
Elixir Coffee
packed as it usually is. I'll consider this place like a place in Fishtown. It's more hip we're playing some funky music and yeah tire some folks are wearing suggest that. Well here's a short little video of my view at the coffee place.
Time to do some blog editing at this point it is now 5:57 PM. Well
One of her slides
I stayed at the coffee shop till six 7:25 PM and then I went to my appointment and it was pretty intense.
Brene Bown on TED
Overall a net positive for sure. Due to the new Comcast building arch streets all detoured from 17th to 19th for the next week. While at the CVS in Fairmount I met somebody who I hadn't dated since 1991. Or is that exciting it was really
22nd and Arch

TED Talk
cool that she recognized me!!I finally listen to the Brien Brown video in TED talks. From this woman. I thought they were very insightful. I
More of These
also texted with my sister and it was one of the best text exchanges with a family member was really good. I'm going to bed late bye

Tuesday, October 6: A Date and Fine Fall Day

Good day everyone. After a really good night sleep I got up and and decide to go to the sunrise. I was
Buses Everywhere
20 minutes late because the bus was on one of its many detours. I had to walk through 23rd and Pennsylvania
Avenue. This detour will be in effect till early November from what the sign told me. The crowd of people
waiting for the bus just pretty big and then all these buses came one time. 2 of them went
by to
Looking Up at Rittenhouse Sq
meet people and I would say there was five buses call congregating at the exact same time. I got to the
Holy Trinity
sunrise and it was pretty good.. Afterwords I left my bag and I fortunately got a key from someone
and they told me to return the key back to the lot Columbia. I got to work in and a bunch of little jobs to
On the EL
do and interviewed about 70 clients today in total. Only two people did not show as expected.
Ludlow Street
That is really good!!�� What by mistake we find out the new AMR forms were just created today. They are 4 pages instead of 
56th Street

two caseworkers name on it. I plan to start that process
News of the Day
tomorrow when I get into work. I then left work and got to live pain Quotidian 20 minutes early so
15th Street
I can just chill with my ice tea before my friend shows up. It is now 5:55 PM. Yup, we'll see how this goes I try not to get my expectations too horribly high.. I'm hoping my friend pays me the money
Date Night
she has me sooner than later since I'm kind of
 on cash. It's one beautiful day outside I hope to make the 8 o'clock men's meeting and I will sign off for now. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Monday, October 5: Landlord Wants My AC

Well, good morning everybody woke up on time. I awoke to an email that my landlord is threatening take me to small claims court for the microwave
Another Shooting?!?
and especially the air-conditioner. I was giving
Center City Early AM
good advice to contact Amazon and going my account and get the receipt. He's been on my case about this for a year now. In brighter news, at sunrise I don't ignore from Seattle visited
and she is a cool app that's going to come out for months. It's extremely
My Office is on the Right
exciting and I got
Work and Stuff
myself on the mailing list. Well I've gotten all kinds of advice about the landlord who wants an air conditioner
Love Fall
for $200 if he takes it looks small claims court. 
"There are several items of mail addressed to you at 4405. I don't know if any are important, but will be there next on Tuesday
if you want to stop by. I also have replaced the missing Air Conditioner ($175) and microwave ($25) for the new tenant. Do I need to look into small claims court? I hope  not."
 It's a beautiful day
Love My Angles
here I'm sitting at the Saxbys awaiting a friend to pick me up and take me up to the Susquehanna house.
Happy Sloth at Saxby's
I'm listening to the Brian massacre. I got some stuff done at work and I was pretty tired for sure. I had 4 cases that I needed to troubleshoot. Took up a lot of my time. I still got through only alerts except for
Cool Old Building
one. I then motored off downtown to Saxbys. Got a couple coffee and then realized I had to take some care of some banking issue.
An Office
I took care that and then got picked up. We went
Butters Love!!
to the Susquehanna house. That went well I got a ride home and then I hung out with Sharon for a while. I didn't talk to Amy because when I
Animals Loving Me
went upstairs I just lie down and I was out. I mean I was out like a light!

Sunday, October 4: Coffee, Nap, Art, Pizza and George Harrison

Pat's Plane
Well after getting a very fitful sleep at Pats and getting up early I walked with Pat to his laundromat value do we do. I then went to meet
Laundry Time
a friend at the coffee market which used to be Sam's and Earth Cup
You Do We Do  Laundry 
. And I decided to turn back and meet up with Pat. I was hoping to see him at the green line instead I
The Old Sams and Earth Cup
decided to check out a friend and see if she was going to be in the area. She was and we sat and hung out for an hour and a half or so.We spent the time
Here I drank Coffee
making each other laugh about Facebook stuff and
Green Line 2 at 45th & Sansom
whatnot. I was pretty punchy and caffeinated and I was cracking myself up. It's another windy cool
day here in Philadelphia. At least it's not raining which I'm very thankful��Well I just left the coffee
Having Fun!!
place and I'm going to catch a bus and meet a friend at 11:30 PM think I'm going to hold off on
Good Ole West Philly
the coffee since I'm pretty coffeed out right this moment. I went to the 1230 at the ethical society.
Wasn't a bad meeting I just got mental in my head about one particular dude. I was going to share about the service and now I can't seem to
Ethical Society
ask anybody to come with me to this convention in November.
Well I hang out with Murray and Sarina and now I'm going to go to an art opening at the plastic
Place I Napped! 
 club near 13th and Chestnut. it's now up to P it's dropped 2:00 PM now. Check this out I'm walking down Spruce Street toward 13th. They had this trailer with mattresses in it. It's a company called Casper.
Plastic Club Opening
The Opening at Plastic Club
I was able to crawl in and take a nap for a half hour outside in the parking lot it was great. It enabled me to continue on with my day without having to go
Cool Light!
all the way back home just take a nap so I can
The 17 Bus
go back to downtown.. It was truly one of my cooler experiences that have experience living here in Philadelphia. After my nice nap I went to the plastic club and went to an opening called our sand. Not fair for a little bit and then I took myself up to Saxby's  and had some coffee there. I find the
Arch Street
atmosphere there is a little more relaxed than the lock alone. Everyplace has a different feel to it that's why
like to go to different ones. By then headed home. And suddenly Bob called. So I had a change of plans were I decided to walk up 22nd St. I just
Looking From My Front Door
missed the 7 bus. Bob picked me up at 22nd Arch
At Pete's
and drove me back home and he picked up something he had left @ Sharon's. Have to hang around
with Sharon and Bob and I went out and split a pizza at Pete's pizza. It was quite scrumptious that's for sure.
Freaks on the Web
Next then went back home after Bob left. I had heard about this thread on the website of a shoot shooting
What is Life- George Harrison
in one of the campuses. I took a screenshot of the weird freaky website that posted a threat of of mass shooting at one of this city's colleges/universities. What a funky world we live in. Well I listened to George Harrison and that made me feel better. Good night.