Friday, November 27, 2015

Thursday, November 26: Thanksgiving Day

Good day are you parade lovers and turkey eaten peoples out there. It's Thanksgiving 2015. It is a beautiful mile day out here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania we just some wisp
The Back porch
clouds out no breeze.
It is very nice out. I go up at 11 o'clock this morning and had a coffee and cereal. Hung out with Sharon for
a bit. I am going to my family's place in Media PA. I'm now waiting for the bus. The bus took to long to show up.  I'm taking a cab to 15th St. and
The Family Trucker
then I'm going to take the EL in the media trolley. I was told
The Old Salon
not to be late for the 1:30 PM show up time. I'm gonna be pretty close. The train according to Google maps,
it was supposed to be here at 12:36 it is now 12:40 PM. The EL just showed up at 12:40 and I'm heading to 69th St. I arrived without five minutes to spare for
24th St
the 1:00 PM media drawing. The media trolley left
Riding Down Broad Street
45 minutes late seemingly because the driver had a conversation with another driver. I can't believe the
trolley driver had a conversation 4 minutes after the scheduled leave time with all these people waiting����. It's a very scenic drive on the trolley that's for
See City Hall
sure! It is 1:37 PM I am on Providence Road near
My Trip to Media
my moms condo going to go eat at a golf club. I am very thirsty right now. Well it's 2:19 PM we're having our hors
Train Leaving 4 Media
d'oeuvres to start or buffet dinner and they got Wi-Fi in this clubhouse.. To beautiful day outside and I'm looking forward 2 chowing down. I just got a text from Sharon she
On the 101 Trolley
will not be home when I get back
I Arrive
she has a date. That's good for her she won't be by yourself. Not sure what I'm gonna do afterwards
On Providence Road
maybe hit a meeting with Drew at 5:30 or just go home and chill lax for a bit. Right now just club in the bathroom they're playing Frank Sinatra. It is a golf
Walking Providence Road
club after all. This cold keeps marching on.
Deb and Kids
I keep having to blow my nose over and over again. But overall I feel OK. Well, my phone died right I was eating dinner even though I turned it off at 5%. My brother told me that turn
Add caption
off the GPS. I finally was told that you have to turn off the Google maps that's the  GPS and that takes all the power. Well it's 5 PM
Dave at Parking Lot

and I'm going to catch the for the 508 media trolley back to Philadelphia. Sharon is home since
Carolina Beats Dallas
she blew off the date idea. Well the Eagles truly suck! They lost to the lowly Detroit Lions 45 to 14. I suppose this is goodbye to Chip Kelly.
Well, the trip back to Philadelphia went very smoothly. And my phone
The Train Tracks
ran out of batteries again. I came straight home and Jen and I talked and decided to do some cooking.
Waiting For Trolley Home
We first try to see what might be open to get A bite to eat the bishops didn't have any food but was just
Butters Being Cute
open for drinks and the London was closing early. And we weren't in the mood for little Pete's.
I Live on the 3rd Floor
So we decide to go there and p.m. I got two bananas Sharon got a big tasty and we decided to cook
up some food. Sharon made a pineapple blueberry cobbler pie and a mushroom casserole. Sharon and I shared some ye olde memories. Sharon shared from
A Nice Fridge
her from her club years and me back to
Making the Fruit Cobbler
my old blog posts in Millville New 
Jersey. Meanwhile the cobbler was cooking and getting
ready to be taste tested. In the meantime I just blew off doing anything or going anywhere tonight. I did hear via text a few people. Let me know other
Sharon Made These
real plans for tomorrow. I am thinking of going to
Her Creation
the photography joint on Chestnut Street and getting some photographs printed to frame for gifts and what not. I don't think I'm going to early morning meeting I need to get my sleep on try to
get rid of this cold. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday, November 25: Working and Relaxing with a Cold

Good morning I managed to wobble out of bed around 6:20 AM. Made some breakfast took out the trash and set up a little late for sunrise. Saw
someone I haven't seen in a while show up to the meeting that
19th and Chestnut
was cool. I then decided to split right away so I could get some provisions for lunch today. Hopefully
New ID
we will be let out a little early. As it is I have a 4 o'clock appointment. I hope to catch up on putting on cases on  that I couldn't put on because the computer refused to "run eligibility." The computer system is flaky.
19th Street Trolley Station

The EL in the AM
They always have to update it for something and me while it slows down our work. Oh my supervisors
56th Street.
noticing that I'm coming in late and writing it up accordingly. I hope I can he's out of here in this
Colds Do Suck
cold weather. I am still fighting off this cold. Well it's 11:00 AM I forgot my backpack at the store so I got that and I'm
Shopping at Fresh Grocer
using the stores Wi-Fi. None of my 3 clients that I scheduled to be on time since I
Baggage Claim at Fresh Grocer
didn't know when we are leaving have not shown up.
Here's the latest article on the PA budget as of 11:00 AM. It talks
Add caption
about five tweets  that tell us about the budget process. As my friend Clarke would always say "fascinating." Well I got a lot done at work I cleared my calendar and cut my alerts from 9 to 7. I could've gotten
11:20 At the OFFICE
a lot done but I did have to keep my appointment. 1420 Walnut. After that, around 5:10 PM I decided
to go to coffee Joan just sit here and look at newspapers and just space out for a bit. I talked to Larry for
Walking Toward Chestnut@ 15th
a bit. He's planning to go food shopping with his wife. Drew is busy with an estimate but he's going
to come by coffee Joe here on 18th and woman pick me up and he wants to eat because he's "starving". I'm just kind of in a mellow mild mood today I'm feeling
just kind of tired but not bad. The dating  is kind
Wish I Could be in the House of.....
of cooling to halt. I think the universe feel how tired I am. So I've been in this coffee Joe for now or in 15 minutes
A Plan
approximately. It's starting to get cold again. Well my cold hitting a new face or now I'm feeling a little scratchy
At Coffee Joe
throat and a dry cough is starting up. Drew is going to pick me up and we're going to go to a meeting
The Wall Street Journal
in Frankford. I will probably have him probably drop me off at home. I think both of us need to go to
for meeting and we don't get to see each other too often. I've used 3.7% of my data usage for the
month as of 
6:55 PM. I ran to Drew
and we ended up having some really good Mexican food at 10th and Washington
In University City
Street. That was a real Mexican 
place. And he went to a speaker meeting in University City.
Chillin at Home
They had one speaker. I found myself getting really tired.