Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday, January 20: going to Fairmount and Temperatures Diving Down

Well after getting up and down like a toilet sheet last night having to go to the 

 athroom I woke up around 8:15 AM this morning. I did throw on some 

 lothes eat some cereal and head on down to the market Frankford line. Yell came fairly quickly. I got down to 15th and JFK 

 nd decided again to take Uber. I’m currently getting a 40% discount so I’m taking advantage of it. I arrive too late to get a table and my friend didn’t show up because he wanted to sleep. anyway speaking of blow off’s it’s that again yes indeed

for the 2nd day but I got stuff to do anyway so I’m just observing

 all the future generations developing
 strategies for the life over coffee and figuring out whether I want to reproduce or not. I fit finished yesterday’s blog finally. I got Wei involved with it so it took

 a while to edit. It is now 12:45 PM and I think I should leave in about 15 minutes before the day starts wasting away in the

 weather starts getting really cold. Around 2 o’clock it’s going to starts 

 etting frigid. You know frigid like my heart…… all right I’m ready to 

 o now I’ve caught up to my blogging 
 hus far. I’m going to leave the world of Young people and coffee and head back to the 

 omeland and start with coffee. Well I stepped outside and it’s very harsh the temperatures are dropping Even now at 1:45 PM. I arrived at City Hall in the Broad Street
and wait for the market Frankford line. Lo and behold I did take the price  heet line. I didn’t have to wait very long. To catch  the Market Frankford line 
 nd headed straight home. I got home and the plans fell through again and I just proceeded to do stuff but I need to get done today. That  could be 
getting some more food  aybe cooking is good food and I am starting some kind of laundry. I thought about taking the laundry after you do we do but I suggested that I have a washer and dryer in the  house I use them. So I
    will use them but I think I’ll take One large load down to the U Do We Do so the 

 laundry done in half the time. I went to the Indian place nearby in Upper Darby and 

 ought a few things and I cooked up my rice surprise which 

 hould last me about 5  meals. It’s now 613 the Rams are playing the Saints right now and I’m guessing 

 ew England game start at 8 o’clock. I think the Saints are a better team 

but somebody’s got to beat New England and Kansas City chokes 

 n the job. I’m in Kansas City to win and take care New England

 dammit. It’s 622 my food probably are cold enough for 

 e to eat and then set the alarm for an hour to see if the clothes are dry. I set it for 90 minutes 
 hich is 10 minutes short of the max on the dryer. I’m hoping to eat and be able to take a quick nap before I go to the meeting. That 

 s my goal also I have to make sure I dressed warm enough since as of 6:30 PM the temperature
is 24°. OK it’s 630 to time for me to take a nap as sore as it is I can feel the cold sneaking in and out and give me a little extra left after chowing down. Wellhi

 I got up from a nap but I wasn’t really asleep. Unlike at work 18  inutes is not 

 nough to just pass out the unconsciousyes

 completely. I went outsideand picked up the drink just as it was showing up. That was really clutch that’s for damn sure. I still have to fold my one load of laundry
that I did station. I could do that when I get home I got a pair of really nice clean dry socks in the laundry and put them on so it’s 7:15 PM I arrived at 60th St. heading to 15th St., but the Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl.

 They beat the Saints in overtime on a 57 yard field goal.. The Saint Jude kicked 48 yarder at the end of regulation with 15 seconds left. So it’s a ramp so far and now New England is playing Kansas City.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday, January 19: A Change of Plans Day

Well on a cloudy cool day in Philadelphia or Melbourne either or, I  woke up. I felt too tired to go to the men’s meeting. I was afraid if I didn’t get enough sleep I would catch the cold

 that’s going around and I’m not in the mood for 
 hat. I was planning to go to Fairmount unless I got a call or text

 from  friend that I hung out with last night. I will continue to do my usual Saturday morning thing and head out coffeehouse and then the meeting. The plan was to meet ahead of time before going to the women’s march which would meet at love Park. I actually took the EL walked up to 15th and JFK to catch the bus but the bus wasn’t going to show up for a while so I contacted Uber and saw the women’s march. 
took a video of it and rode with Fairmount to DOCF an Uber guy who lives in Columbia has a 33 old girlfriend 

 nd visits the USA to see her daughters. One of her
 daughters is also 33. He told me that it’s much more acceptable to be dating women half your age. Because he’s 55 years old.  I know
 I couldn’t get away with that. It’s just like me trying to get away with meeting somebody in the program. NOT happening bro. yes we Anyhow I went to the meeting it was the same topic when I let the meeting “willingness.” Anyhow, Wes and I hung out at the coffee shop until his girlfriend pick them up to do stuff. I then decided I charge my phone here at 
 the OCF and watch all the young hipsters hang out. It is now starting to empty out as of 12:28 PM. OK it’s 1:41 PM. Nothings changed at all. It’s still gray out near the Eastern State  Penitentiary, the

 cute boyfriend and girlfriend are to my left, a guy is across from chowing down and no contact from 

 my friend at all. This is even after I made contacts through three major social media. 

 hey are texting, messenger, and the good old fashion telephone. I may 

 ang out here a little bit longer and then I think I’ll chowed down on a big old chicken cheesesteak to 

 eward me self and get a massage. Then I need to do some massive ass shopping because I’m out of everything again. That’s about as far as I get right now. Well I decided to go to 
 uigis Pizza Fresca for a chicken cheesesteak. It was fine except I still have to have my soda moving the table. And I hi 👋 chowed down & read an article from George Will. 
 It’s from the Washington post but I got it through another newsgathering because the Washington Post doesn’t let you read stuff unless you pay them a monthly fee. Anyhow there’s some 

 oung people really young people next to me and they’re cheesy radio station
that plays loud commercials and bad pop music for white people. 
Well afterI ate I just had it out just walk down Fairmount Ave., Road straight line. I decided instead to walk down Ridge Avenue towards 13th to Chinatown for massage. I went for the inexpensive kind below hundred bucks. I took some
yes indeed

 funky pictures and then I went to the CVS in 11th and market Street to get a couple drinks and some

 cereal on sale. I am most forgot I hate to mention this I went inside theDivine Lorraine Hotel for the first time since I’ve been renovated the guy told me one-bedrooms are $1300 and they have two bedrooms but no studios. Sounds like a neat place to live in
 but the neighborhood hi

 round it could be questionable. I don’t plan on moving again for a while but then again who the hell knows anymore.  Everybody’s busy l

 at all. It’s now it’s now 6:25 PM. It’s the first time been 

 ome since I left the house this morning. The next I went to the fresh grocer and bought some basic provisions such as juice,  cereal,  bananas, and some diet Pepsi.
 I’m hoping I can make a habit of bringing in the stuff rather than buying it at the Bodega. After shopping, I chilled out and I talked to someone from the men’s group that I had just met. He was pretty cool and then we had hi a conversation beyond that meeting etc. and the accountability staff. I ate some grapes and tookcare of some personal needs which were very helpful. I then went down to the El and Took the EL to 40th Street to get some of my Indian buckets. They’re about eight bucks each but it’s a nice

 dinner and fairly healthy. I then went home and chow down and talk to Amy for a while. I enjoyed 

 hat. I blew her birthday off which was not cool and I apologized 4 for that 

 nconsiderate action. I then watch 
 ome YouTube videos and I think that’s all I need to report today. If I right anymore on this blog it will probably be  about Trump and his stupid offer about the border

 wall he made today. Speaking of which, he did make a speech about the border wall and the Democrats dismissed it out of hand. This means this government

 shut down we’re going to something she really shitty happens. Not
 being barren and not being able to get pregnant but people really being hurt and no food stamps for 

 eople in March and if it gets real bad they might start instituting layoffs  because we get most of her money from the feds. We will have to remember that Trump doesn’t give a flying fuck about anybody 

 xcept is 35% base that likes anything that really likes that wall idea from the very start.