Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday, May 27: Sunny, Lazy Saturday

 After a generally frustrating sleep I got up around 930 and decided I just hit the meeting in Fairmount   ven though I'm gonna be running late. I stopped at the Rybread which is going to be closing May  30 to move all the way over to 17th and Paramount. I will be going there much because I only go out that   ay when I'm coming back from taking the 33 bus.  Well I came back home and didn't do much else the rest of the day. I did toward   im with my new Mac. I decided to get an antivirus program just in case we need them futur security threats that are for  sure to come up on the horizon. It's on myself feeling really tired but unable to really rest. I didn't   now either talk on the phone with tooth couple folks and from generally just relax. Plan on   his weekend was to do low impact activities so I can feel rested by Tuesday.  Around 3 o'clock   haron made us a nice lunch of chicken with vegetables. The cat interrupted our lunch but jumping on the  table. After that went back upstairs I probably took a nap and messed around with my computer. Back in 2015 the month of December, I discovered  that they made a live album out of the last concert ever at JFK Stadium. Just today  a dude shared my post on Facebook. I found that iTunes had a copy of it so I want to head and bought it for $16 instead of $33. The only thing I'm missing is the video. I was at that concert July 7, 1989. That's a heyday of my youth I suppose. I talked to Wes and I met one of his old friends on OkCupid. Who's pretty funny.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday, May 26: I Make it to the Holiday Weekend

 Well after a pretty good night sleep I woke up pretty drowsy from the cold and the over-the-counter   edicine I took. I made good time because I got up earlier than I thought. I didn't   ave time to take a shower because I didn't want to be late again.  Well the day went pretty smoothly I worked on a report and finished a couple odds and ends. I hi   ell to walk-ins and enhance finished last weeks rejections. My buddy   at work is helping me out a lot. If he didn't schedule the people I would be   rowning literally in overdue appointments. The expectation is from the date the alert   omes out do you have 10 days to bring the customer in. I went to the Bodega today and got myself  a nice tuna hoagie. That was very delightful. I paid some of the bills but I didn't get the rent check   et. I'll probably get that tomorrow. I decided after work as I was on the altitude take the train   o 40th St. and work with Pat on the computer it's the one tha pat bought   for 150 bucks. I'm taking a break at the green line cafĂ© on the corner of 40th and Ludlow. I went to pats  and he was really tired and exhausted. He took a nap and I figured out how to move   he passport request from the old toToshiba Satellite   computer that he bought for me. We're ordering   inner from, beach but their album of the chickpeas and that's gonna be part of my vegetarian combo.  They're doing work on the finetooth expressway till 2019. All the overpasses over Vine Street are being  repaired. They're now going to demolish the 18th St. overpass. Anyhow, it's 830 and I have to make a decision  soon on dinner.
hungry for some Indian but they are out of one of my favorite delights. We are I'm waiting patiently. Well it's 8:51 PM I'm finished. I got the food and I already got the drinks Pat hopefully will find something for us to watch. Well we watched a wonderful movie about Hannibal. Previous to this movie Eileen no Hannibal through elephants. He cleaned the Romans at least three times but ended up at the end drinking some Hemlock before the Romans could capture them and parade him through Rome. It was well done. Pat drove me home and paid me five dollars via Venmo and I was on my way home. I ended my night talking to Sharon for a bit then went to bed.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday, May 25: Managing Work with a Cold

 This morning I got up and I was not feeling so great I take in these cold and sinus nighttime   edicines little late last night. They really helped but I was really groggy in the morning. Well I must have HIT the snooze button on my phone 3 times. I knew I as going to be late  and I just really didn't care. Because I was bone tired and exhausted. I fortunately found an umbrella and headed out. Rain wasn't too hard until I was about two minutes from the door at work.   hen manage to get to work half hour late and forgot to put in my time on  the machine. I should've done it when I was thinking about it. I muddled through  and and and ended up seeing seven people. One person couldn't wait had to pick up her kid. I   ad soup for late lunch and started to feel a little bit better. I left work thinking about going to group I was   eading that way and then the rain started pouring and I said forget it. I need to be home early  hour. I'll have to do it tomorrow for Pats computer because it's Friday and I don't need to get up for work. I  then saw TD Bank right across from City Hall and decided "Oh that's right, I need to replace   y ATM card." So it's 5:49 PM he got my ID has copy my old card which I wrinkled up and he's going   n the back. Maybe I'll go to the Bishops collar and sit and have chili because I may be just too damn  tired to cook anything up. Well I ended up going to the Bishops Collar  and I met Sharon and Tom there. It was mellow. The chili was good but they don't seem to   ill up the bowl as high as they used to. I think came home talked on the   hone and shaved my beard down to a normal size. It's wrench to rain again after I got home . It was pretty heavy duty rain that's for sure.