Sunday, July 23, 2017

Not Nice

Sunday, July 23: An Interesting day

Well, I set my alarm to get up a little bit early maybe go to the meeting 

 nd then meet the person at 11 o'clock. I was just too darn tired to do that so I got myself out of bed showered. I didn't 
 have however but it was important that I at least showered. I took Uber to square one coffee and I made it 10 minutes early but she was
 15 minutes early. Got myself an iced coffee. We seem to have
 a decent conversation. But when she had the "process" I knew nothing good can come out of that. I was right of course due to my experience. I did have to ask and she was 
 retty harsh for you knowing me for for only an hour and a half or two hours. Then again she IS a lawyer and 
 he does need therapy because five years of therapy made her fixed up. 
 nyhow he then walked around Center City and caught the bus came home call bath and mellowed out. Some peoples processes are quicker than other 
 eoples processes. Got that's a word I'm got going
 to like anybody tells me that on the dates gonna I'm gonna have to tell them to go fuck themselves. Of course I want but I certainly would feel like it.So I got some kitty litter for Sharon hung out and 
 ecided I needed to the meeting early so I don't get stuck in the rain that's going to come down. Well I got to the room and basically rearranged the entire
 room and made
 the coffee. I miss the rain on the most part which is cool. Meeting with all right not bad at all. I've been caught the seven bus in the rain
 and ended an interesting day.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday, July 22: Meeting and Urgent Care

Well I got up promptly at 9:30 through in my shorts and T-shirt and headed 
 own to OC have coffee house to get some iced coffee. And then went to the meeting. Not too 
 ad couple guys talked a little long but that's OK. I'm gonna be seeing a friend at 6 o'clock that 
haven't seen in a while. I then decided I needed to go to one of those urgent care places 
 nd get my infection 
 n my hangnail on my thumb completed. I decided to stop by one of those emergency 
 are place it in the back of the pharmacy. I  
went to a place called Redi Care! it's @ 20th and 
 amilton.  My co-pay was only 20 bucks which is so much better than the 
 mergency room. If I knew about this place I would've spent those days 
in theemergency   room at Penn. I found it using Siri. My left thumb
 really bad need massive drainage due to really bad infection from a hangnail 😝😝 well I
 found out that since ready care it's none in urgent care place 
 hat I need to go to an urgent care place. Fortunately there's one on 20th and Chestnut. I luckily got the 48 bus
 as I was walking along 21st @ Hamilton. That saved 
 e quite a bit of walking. This Redi Care is only good for certain things that don't do that require an actual procedure like cutting 
in my thumb. With the Jefferson urgent care people are very nice and I was in and
 out in a half hour. He pop to the throbbing blister and got all the puss out. He told me I have to keep soaking
 it 4 to 6 times a day and very warm water. He also gave me a prescription for some 
 ntibiotics. After that I chilled out with Sharon before her customer came
 and ate some leftovers and mellowed out in my air-conditioned 
 onder if my room. I think up the 48 bus Suburban station and wait here for the 605 Warminster
 train that'll take me to Melrose Park. I got to Melrose Park at 6:30. I then had dinner with my friend and we
 watch so he'll Street blues and a show called Hunter the features for a dryer needs to be a football player. It was really mellow and that I was leaving to the train and headed back home.

Friday, January 21: Hot! Work and the Dog days of summer

Well I got up after half decent night of sleep. I rambled and 
 aught the 48 bus. I think caught the trolley as usual towards work. The first bus
 which was a 7 bus, blew right past me. Thank goodness
 another bus came fairly quickly. Once I got it to work by quickly. I quickly put on my pants but kept myself and the 2 

 ure why I called off. I did my usual go to the men's room and call myself 
 ff and put on my regular work shirt. This is my routine myself dog days of summer. It 
was freaking hot getting home. I had to wait for a little while and
 walk down 22nd St. before I got the 48. I came home and just mellowed out at home.
 Well Sharon texted me from her room and thought it be good idea
 to go to Pete's famous Pizza. That's right near the CVS. We went in
 there and it was a chowder Festival. It was really tasty any vegetarian chicken cheesesteak was good and the air conditioning was stopped. Very good idea