Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weds. March 23: It's Okay on the Outside .

Good morning it's a cool sunny day here in west Philadelphia. I want to my meeting and I just started getting really fidgety and anxious. And no outside reason I just felt
really anxious inside nervous !!After the meeting I want to update my blog and found that this posting which I saved as a draft and yesterday's posting were  "not on the server." That was a bit strange I'd say.
It is truly a blessing that I didn't bore any children. Think I might've gone insane by done something like that but I'm not equipped to handle. Just had to put it out there. Where the wind
picked up in the clouds have covered up the previously cloudless sky. I then expect to see you guess more rain.
Well I'm on the board today. This means I will be seeing people by the score today I I ended up seeing quite a few people in the morning but
not that many in the afternoon. I shook off my blues of this morning and I'm going to meet at dinner. The big news is my roommate is in Pennsylvania hospital for a couple days because of breathing problems and water waking on his legs because of bad circulation.
Went to pats after work eight took a nap and then came back home good night everybody

April 22: It's Earth Day

36th and Chestnut
Its Tuesday. Time for the news. First thing is the fact that Philly Police want speeding cameras installed on Roosevelt Blvd but they need a law to do it. Some of the commenter's
Trolley to 19th Street
made a good point about folks who jaywalk across a 12 lane road. Today is Earth Day and here are 6 ways to be eco-friendly. I like my Starbucks cup. I can use it over and over. I decided to try different way of getting
Coffee w/ Baby
to 19th St. I got off the 36th Street near the ICA and then took the trolley into the 19th and market. I don't think it was worth the switching. It's sunny but it's been
Backed Up Trolleys
overcast today. Feels like it's going to be a little bit warmer out today. I left the meeting quickly so I could cash check and get my coffee. We had a
Free Matzo's at Work
trolley delay due to "bad overhead" so we had to crawl along it like 3 miles an hour. I saw two else goes speeding by and now were
At Work
waiting for another one.
Work wasn't too bad in their main reason was that most of my clients rescheduled. The next two days are going to be very busy interviewing people. 
My Desk
I did some research on a possible road trip in early to mid October 2014. I looked at Southwest airlines at greyhound. One plan is to go to Apache Junction Arizona via Mesa then off to Oakland and
then fly back.Back to today's world, I am taking the bus directly to pats house and I should be there no later than 5:30 PM. I was told that it's supposed
Greyhound Website
to rain pretty hard later on this evening and I can see the clouds building as of now 5:17 PM. Kind
of wish I had an umbrella with me right about now! I put a link to this page at the University listserv. Needless to say I got this at reaction that I thought I'd get. Such a serious lot. 
A Great
Pat treat me to dinner and then we hung out I floated on the computer while Pat did a beautiful sketch of the mutual friend of ours. A thunderstorm came and went and then I went
42nd Street
home and I talked.
Dean is not home and it's very unusual for him not to be home late at night. It is 1:30 AM
is not home. 
space. There is a time for space the time for feeling in place and the time to feel

like I belong somewhere someone somehow. 
Alley Before Storm

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday a sunny Monday the 21st

Good day captains of the atmosphere. It's a Monday and I woke up very tired. I slept in past the meeting and talk groggy mentally the
whole day. Work went about okay week and we just found out that one of her coworkers is being transferred up to the intake department
A Summery of Past Winter
next Monday. So while I'm going on vacation in May we will be very short. I hear we're going to get replaced by a man about all I know.
A Break
After work, I came home and took a nice half hour power nap. I then went to a very packed and intense meeting. More will be revealed
Cooking Oil
in due time. Hi then had a good couple good talks and then I am sitting here on my porch listening to Steely Dan with my earphones after a long hiatus. Drinking my guava juice while the juice and just being still.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

Milk and Honey Cafe
After not getting much sleep I got up okay. Had breakfast and took the bus and taxi to the bar none then there are quite a few people there
Hanging Out on South Street
for Easter. After the meeting Drew  Joe and I walked around South Street  had a coffee. We went to a house sale and it was very good. I got a nice painting of boats in Maine. The guy was moving
Going to Melrose Park
out from his rental in a beautiful house. We next drove in Joe's car. Joe gave us a ride to go to the Best Buy where
Signs of Spring
he was returning something. Believe it or not it was closed today which was unbelievable considering now most stores open on Thanksgiving They now EVEN sometimes stay open on Christmas.
Tookany Creek Park
I got dropped off at Larry's place and chilled out said hi to the cat and washed my clothes. I just washed one pair of clothes that is. I then took took the EL from 2nd Street to 11th Street.
where I caught the West Trenton local to Melrose Park. It's cool yet very sunny out right now at 3:03 PM  Well we had dinner after watching Cannon starring Robert Conrad. I
also take a short nap while dinner was being made. We took the dog for a nice walk through Tookany Creek Park. It was very pretty and it was relaxing. I don't think I have been to this park.  I remember my brother talking about it when he was in high school and living in Horsham. I think the name Tookany is kind of goofy. Maybe it was the name of the man who founded the park.
Heading Home at 8pm

4-19–14: A sunny Spring Saturday

The Church
Good Easter weekend to one and all. I got up and made it to the men's meeting. I had not been there in about a month and a half due to fight off a cold
The Chairs
and needing sleep. After the men's I then met a friend and we took a walk down this Schuylkill River Trail. That was really fun and it was a perfect
The Riverwalk
morning to do it. I saw the weather forecast it's supposed to average 65° to 70° on most days in the next week. I think winter
has finally left us.
I went over to Larry's and hung out with Cleo the cat. I then saw my phone just died so I decided to take a nap while the phone was
A Store
charging. I think both of us needed recharging. I don't want to the TD bank and took care of my business of rent and paying the
credit card. I am now walking down the street to get my hair and face cut and take it from there.
Well got my face cut and had a very pleasant surprise. Let's put it this way. It was a. "it's a small world after all"category.
Bye Plastic Bags
Well on my wish list Aaron tour I got a new case for my phone got cleaning wipes for the phone and glasses.
It's a nice day out. it's too nice to take the subway. To
Market Street
walk down Walnut look at the sights while waiting for the bus
Yes, I do believe I have something to do tomorrow Easter Sunday.
Saturday Nigt
Well I am that I'm strolling through Center City and hung out with Dean and watch two episodes of Law and order. I then got rid of all my plastic bags and got them recycled. I had going to Saxbys before the meeting I went to an eight and they took the bags
for me.
Went to the meeting and then hung out with Drew for the rest the evening strolling Center City and eating it out Mezcal say which is near Saxbys for some Ethiopian. It was very good then ended up at Pats charge my phone up twice and scrolled on the Internet. It was a pretty good Saturday. I made a reservatio to go to Buffalo for the evening of May 14th. I am looking forward to this trip

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 2: It's Friday and stuff

I woke up this morning it's an overcast Friday morning and I'm going to start my day I read in the paper that Obamacare Enrollments have topped 8 million people. Take that you idiot Republicans.
19th Street
I put on my Roundup sweatshirt on today to keep me warm. I had an added bonus. I got a ride
Rob's Room

back and I was 15 minutes early to work. That was very nice of them to give me a ride! Meanwhile at work they finally turned the heat down in this building. It might be now the air is actually circulating. In other words the fans are now working. I can hear them.  I don't sweat all day like I had for the last two months. Mike and I are meeting Saxbys Around 5:20 PM We then were going to meet Rob the other previous roommate
Working It!
at the Graduate hospital
Bike Accident
He's in rehab after getting is like partially amputated as you know. Then I'm going  to the meditation meeting at 4th and Pine. 
It's definitely still cool out and I was just told it's only going to be a higher 55° tomorrow with clouds.