Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday, June 23: Payday and other stuff

 Well after a decent nights sleep, I proceeded to go right back to   leep and I didn't get out of bed until 8:10 AM. I quickly showered got dressed and walked over with my umbrella in the rain. I got the 48 just as it was arriving   thank   oodness. I would've been late otherwise because as it was I got it at around 9:08am. First thing I did was to   rite out my trans-pass information so they   an pick up the trans-pass 11 o'clock and as that was happening somebody   alked in for an appointment. It's the same person who   omebody stuck there   edical form in front of my computer. She's able to work with big limitations. So I have to send her somewhere. Well I had four people come in back to back. Cleared them out and then worked on following up the list that my friend sent out. I eliminated one page of 24 names. That felt good most of them   ere taken care of or I took care of them. That felt good. I wasn't harassed today   bout anything. In fact this week was very low harassment mode.   ow that may change over the next two weeks since tomorrow is the end of the month and reports to do and then the next week   s when the new reports come out to see how good or bad that I did. I did get a tuna hoagie at the  Bodega and I took no time at all since I was the only order. The women were talking  as usual but things are   oing well with me so it didn't bother me. I did time them though   t's amazing how many minutes are eating up. I love the fact   hat one of them leaves 10 to 15 minutes early from her shift after talking for the last half-hour.  God!! It's wonderful!!  Well I pushed ahead and I was able to sanction     omebody before the deadline. I'm kind of doing them one at a time depending on the   eadline date. This gives more time for them to possibly appear and it's less overwhelming. I then decided I would go riding with Pat since I didn't go last night. He works  for GrubHub . He seems to like it a lot. He told me he got a $19 Tip last night. We're gonna do the Copperbeech Indian   akistani food as usual maybe watch a movie then go cruising  around looking for people who want to eat and not go outside. I got myself an iced  coffee tocool myself      off before I go buying the food at Kabobeesh . It is now 5:44 PM. Pat and I then ordered out and then we ate and watched ta little    it of a show about the Civil War and Sherman's march through Atlanta. That was very interesting. We then hung out and then it was time to go GrubHub driving   ith Pat. It went pretty smoothly. Most of the jobs are in West Philly. There's one job at 30th and master and that gave me the indication to have her cut me off at the house. I caught up with Sharon and my friend Chris called with an interesting proposition. I'm gonna check it out Monday at 4612 Kingsessing on Monday @ 6pm.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22: Working Dentest, and Gtoup

 I managed to wake up timely. The good thing because  I was pretty tired it was hard for me to move around within a year kind of efficiency. I left the back door close cousin but leave  he door closed,   I can't forget to close it ha ha. I was reminded I have a dentist appointment at 4 PM today. I believe it's a cleaning   ppointment if I'm not mistaken. Well I got to work on time before my supervisor. got a couple things done and then people started coming out one by one. I work nonstop to about 230
   when I got lunch at the Bodega. A charge on the credit card and kept some of the change and I have a little bit of cash 4 tonight. after the dust settled I saw 10   eople. Most of them or people had called on the 20th and told him to come in. They provided everything  I needed and I either gave me a good cause or I exempted them for   an illness or to take care of an ill child.  So I went to my cleaning I was only    bout 10 minutes late because I caught the EL pretty quickly after I got the 56 and market. They didn't find any  cavities which was cool. I think I'm going to take the plunge and get on the new partial done for my upper part of my mouth. Well I put out there for anybody to meet me for coffee but I believe I'll have no   akers. I'm people watching out the window and listening to some REM. The crew was a fairly small amount  of people. The text messaging caper was brought up.    was getting really really tired I was falling asleep like I did back in the day.    went back home said hello to Sharon and pretty much immediately crashed. I got up again around 1130. The crash is a good trash.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday, June 21: 1st Full Day Now Looking

 Hello there! It was good to get a full nights sleep after the jet lag experience yesterday.  I set my alarm for 7:30 PM instead of 7:30 AM. Fortunately I didn't manage to get myself   p. I found time to get some breakfast and then run off to catch the 48 bus. Fortunately there   asn't a huge traffic jam in the market Frankford line showed up on time. This means I'm going to be officially on time for work. I'm hoping that it's not too much conflict today   ith the supervisor about "failing. Well, I   as on time for work today. My supervisor had a meeting so there was no special tension   eing paid to me. She also ended up going to somebody's retirement party so I was left alone all day exit got rid of  10 alerts but just talk to the people over the phone which was pretty much a   iracle. I only have to send one out I think for the rest of the   onth I have to nor the alerts that letter rip. Anyhow, the  ay went pretty well I'd like to  walk-ins I had to take care of. After work I went over to pats house. We ordered  some Indian/Pakistani and hung out for a little while I then took a nice nap because I was really exhausted  and then Pat and I went off to do h is GrubHub for us for the first time. Overall it went very well we did have have some screaming homeless dude nearby on 628 N. broad weather is it a Chinese   restaurant takeout place where he delivered from twice and then we had a   oint where we are supposed to go to the chicken and waffle place but the GPS wanted us to go to Camden . At  the Ben Franklin Bridge when there   as a little detour we were able to cut back to Philadelphia the policeman sitting there let us go and we were   nly about 5 1/2 to 7 minutes late. The guy was closing and who's a little upset but   e delivered it and the woman was OK with it. I got home around 1:05 AM