Friday, December 19, 2014

Thursday, December 18: Cold and Not Getting Warmer

View from My Front Window
Good morning on a cold Thursday morning in December 2014. It is a week before Christmas.
48 Bus

Still haven't finished my shopping and today I have group in the evening. I must've just missed
Building to be Demolished
the bus because I waited 10 minutes so I'm going to be 10 minutes late for the sunrise. The sun rise
Cool View
this morning made the Skylook fiery red. I was a bit bummed I couldn't quite get the photo I wanted this
Closest Coffee Place to My House
morning a bit. I did make do though I signed up to group for Christmas Eve commitments.
Work with was okay. I was busy and focused today which was good. I did get some disappointing
La Colombe

news but I guess it's going to happen. Going to happen when I'm in my status that I am in. Well
To 30th Street

I went to Starbucks meet Larry and it was packed and where the line was out to you nowhere with lots
Close to Work

of young girls very small and young but picking up the line. So it's 551 I guess I'm just going to eat and run.
I guess it's a week to reflect.   I suppose I still have a long way to go.
 It's just too bad finding a person in your life is going to take a lot of building and working. I guess that's the way it's supposed to be but I'm fiftysomething not thirty

something. And I'm not patient but I'm gonna learn patience
Just Staring

I suppose. But I'll just continue to do my thing. It's just tiring that's all.
I think I need to get a good nights  sleep. Listening to REM and the song
Not Pleased
" It's  the End of the World as we Know
it and I Feel Fine". The next song on this album document is the one I love. It has the chorus of "fire" song
These songs fit very well on this cold December day or week before Christmas and all through the night.When
Towing Over Me
Group was very long today it lasted till about 8:40 PM. I fortunately got the bus pretty quickly and it's 9:22 PM and about to step in the house
Holiday Lighting Near City Hall
When I get home I shall get something 2 drink&  maybe a bite and lie down and just let it all sink in! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17: A Decent Day for a Decent Blogger

Building 2 B Ddemolished
Well, I considered going to sunrise. When I woke up though, I felt a strong sense of sore throat coming so I knew
Add caption
that was assigned to go back to bed. I got another call from that wake up app. This man was from England.
The 48
Actually it was a woman who called. The first call was a voicemail wake up. Well I'm about to go to work.
Seeing a Friend
It's a nice mild sunny day. It's the nicest day we've had in quite some time. It's now 12:52 PM. The beautiful blue skies and mild temperatures
Outside at Work
of giving away to cool breeze and clouds.
It is now 5:17 PM meeting a couple friends 4 coffee this evening
Clouds Move In
one at 5:30 PM @ La Colombe and one at 7:00 PM.  I meet 7 o'clock person at Saxbys since La Colombe  closes around 7:00 PM.
Work ended up okay excellent desk organized piles to start for tomorrow. The women got a good
laugh off of my previous dating experiences of the last 3 years. Well it's 5:31 PM I'm a couple hundred yards from the coffee place.  
La Colombe
We will see where the evening takes me. Well, I had a nice talk and hung out at the La Colombe till around 5:40 PM raise and I met up with Mike
Leaving La Colombe 
at Saxbys to go over some legal stuff about if I become a vegetable. It is definitely gotten colder outside
With Mike at Saxby's
and I'm hoping to catch the 7 bus  or just keep walking down  22nd till I catch the 48 bus. I got really lucky
Outside of Saxby's
the seven but showed up fairly quickly and I didn't wait forever in the cold. I got a slice of pizza @ Luigi's pizza to go heading home to finish my shopping hopefully. Got home and hung with Sharon and butters and we enjoyed ourselves immensely
7 Shows Up!

Getting Pizza
talking Christmas and other stuff. Tomorrow will be a
CVS Gift
week before Christmas my friends. It's 9:46 PM the winds picking up and it's a lot colder. I just went and got a chocolate milkshake for my roommate and she treated me to A Snapple iced tea. I'm getting pretty tired but I do need to eat my pizza so that's what I'm going to do. See if I can get inspired the shop or just crash. Spoke to Amy and then crashed. Good night one and all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday, December 16:

My Large Room on 3rd Floor
Well I managed to get up on time for the meeting. Even though I deleted the app I got a phone call from
some other country to wake me up. I might be like that and see if it works better. I did the dishes
Walnut Street
this morning and set up the meeting only couple minutes late. And I bought coffee from La Colombe after
La Columbe
the meeting because it's getting down to the wire for the Christmas season.
Now it's off to work via the trolley and  out 2 work.
Intro to Daily Show

Work was a little slower than yesterday that's for sure. It's 152 now 1:52 PM now and we're standing
Exit for Fire Drill
outside because they decided to call a random fire drill. It is now drizzling rain outside as as I stand here
Waiting in Rain
at 58th and market Street next to the Philadelphia laundry.
A lot of my clients didn't show up today so I will try to get this
22nd and Arch
report done. I might visit at it if it's nasty and rainy I'm going to Bagget and go home. To head to meeting
Eastern State Penetrate
maybe I'll join me the Wi-Fi here. I didn't get a whole lot but my transmissions are all done for this week and next week. Going to be one less piece
of drama to deal with. I just have to remember, but I'm not always going to fit in with every group every time. Does not mean they don't like me. I have to consciously remember that. I posted my feel the response I'm going with her
and most appreciated. Now I'm going to go on Amazon and fetch up the addresses of
Not Fitting In
my kinfolk and use one of my options in the picture too. I'd say I've been run. The Christmas shopping
Eastern State at Night
that is. I still have Allice the kids Dave and Debbie and the kids to complete.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, December 15: A Sunny Day 4 a Crabby Fellow

Good afternoon it is now 2:01 PM. I'm taking my first break of the day. I really needed it to my customers can be so freaking frustrating
Driving on Walnut Street in West Philly
silly especially on a Monday. When the demand for services has peaked during the weekend. I finished my 

48th and Walnut
back up on my portable hard drive this morning and skipped The sunrise since I'm going to the Monday night beginners tonight. I stepped outside t's chilly but yet kind of mild and the
Cab TV: Running the Same Stuff
sun is out! I haven't seen this much SUN in two weeks. It is now 5:19 PM.
About to Enter Work
I'm not feeling nearly as grumpy and old right now. Once the talking women went home early, it was quiet & I was able to breathe. Ooh, I
This is Funny
got some work done!
First thing I heard them talk about this morning about was bra cup size and the type of bra strap
women wear. Then I had walk-ins and I was on the board for more walk-ins. Well I have to also  acknowledge that it's Monday��
Arriving @ 30th Street

How are you all feeling today? It was a pretty nice day. One of the nicer ones we've had for sure.
Last Stop, 19th Street
I managed to print out the commitments for January 2015. I'm like December I didn't wait two weeks to get them out. I almost got the date
Up From the Underground
wrong for one of the commitments for sunrise caught up just as I left work. I'm actually able to go outside without my hat on. I probably will
need to as the evening progresses. I have a Monday night beginners meeting tonight at 6:45. I'm heading
I Paid with THIS
towards that direction now. Well I arrived at Saxby's to get OJ and coffee. I saw the weather which is
This Week's Weather
most important for local news!! I saw the story about killing spree in Montgomery county by this one
Man Kills 6 People in His Family
man when he killed his ex-wife and her family in two different places. They got 4 reporters on it now!!!!!!!
Add caption
  because it's murder amongst white suburbanites. The bias is so blantent. Speaking of blatent, THAT former sportcaster Don Tollefson withdrew his guilty plea  and is now going to trial. He claims he has "new evedence"  According to the article in the Philadelphia Inquirer:
 Claiming that an epiphany during prayer convinced him of his innocence, former sportscaster Don Tollefson on Monday unexpectedly withdrew his guilty plea to charges of defrauding sports fans out of phony travel packages
He is just deluded.
Center City
His lawyer quit and Mr. Tollefson is going to represent himself. He is such a scammer he can't help himself. He is not sorry he frauded those
Storage and Bathroom
200 folks, ONLY that he got    caught. What topics tonight excepting and action. They're very good
This Dude Killed 6 People!
topics in my world. It is now 8:35 PM it's 42° according to the big PECO clock lighting up and nighttime sky. I just put on Facebook the song about the banana phone it's great������
Bannana Phone 
Video from "Bananna Phone
I'm now on 22nd walking towards arch hoping to catch the seven or 48 as quickly as possible. If I feel
adventurous I might drop in the old Trader Joe's and get something to eat. It all depends on how the
buses running. Actually I did go to Trader Joe's not because of the buses, but because I was hungry. I
Looks so Delicious!!
bought $30 worth of groceries and fit them in one bag. Drew texted me and he met me in front of the store and we talked a little bit. He's going
My Shopping Cart
to go and shop. I was three quarters of a block away when I just missed a 48 bus. So it looks like I got
Drew @ Trader Joes
to stand out here for another 10 minutes at least until somebody shows up.did you know on Facebook
any picture on there you can save on your phone is easy as pie. Here's an example carry Sharon's friend Rocco.oh yes and while I'm freezing
Larry's Married Friend
out here at 9:19 PM waiting for you that the seven of the 48 to shop here's one of Larry's cute married friends who wants to get votes on this website
The 7 Arrives!!
called Indy. I think it's for artists or poets or literary folk I'm not clear so I put in a vote for the young lady.
Umm. Pasta
It is 9:26 PM I should be home close to 9:30 PM. Well I got home got the mail took off my backpack and jacket and had butters lick my face.
Sharon is Home
I'm really hungry now so I'm cooking up some pasta right now XL cooking up the water for the pasta. Sharon was at the bishop she just got
This Stuff Be Good!
home at 10:00 PM. Now it's time to pay attention