Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday, August 20: A Quick Trip to LBI

Well I got up early enough to make the 930 club house and that went pretty well.
 I was a little bit distracted my mind was racing a little bit but it was all right. I said hi to Mike and went on my merry way home. On the way home, I made 2  trips to
 CVS to buy 
 ome stuff that was on sale and then buy Sharon a couple things. 
 he's able to pay me back when you didn't come in handy later on in the day. 
  decided finally to commit to taking a road trip to Long Beach Island. I set my trip to start 1:00 PM  and then be back by 6 PM. The GPS took me do I 95 north to the top Coney 
 almyra Bridge and Route 73. From 73 I  went on route 70 and then 
 8 and a couple little roads before I got to route 72. After I got on route 72 I look 
 or mayor was halfway house and it was there like nothing had changed over
 the last 45 years. The place looks virtually identical. I decided to it again I decided to get a fountain soda and a chicken cheesesteak. Instead of 
 ating and I just took it as takeout so I can eat it later on the beach. I arrived 
 t Long Beach on around 2:45 PM. I just headed straight to WARD's 64th St. where the custard hut is located. I was fortunate enough to find a parking spot.
 Parking spots are few and far in between for sure. It was pretty crowded it 
 as in for vacation mode. Went up to the beach in the work wasn't as bad as
 last time I went. They replenished the beaches and it was a really a long hike to the beach a couple
 of years ago when I was there. Well it 
 as about 4 PM at so I did I needed to get the custard hut get changed get to eat the lights 
 hat too. Well there's too many damn kids I went straight to the bathroom dried 
 p changed and headed out. The trip was going to be 25 minutes longer back 
 hen it was going there. Traffic was busy but there were no 
 ORRIBLE traffic jams. I do extend my CarShare an extra half hour because there 
 s no way I was making it by six. If first said I was going to be 14 minutes late but I was more like 
 2 minutes late. It took me to the parkway south all the way to the 
 tlantic City Expressway up to the Ben Franklin Bridge. I got their
 heart the car came home and Sharon wanted to know if I want sushi but
 I had to leave for the meeting. I got myself some OJ and seltzer water and mix it into a

 container and that was very refreshing. I got here I ended up setting
 the chairs and making the coffee. The first people didn't show
 up till 745 and the meeting starts at eight. I went out to Saxbys got some
 ice coffee. Larry didn't show up because he was busy doin doing Brigantine. 
 ell the meeting to support me attended but it's pretty good anyway. Next time I will leave for the beach a lot sooner but it was nice getting out of town. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday, August 19: A Jumbled Day

Well after being up-and-down sleeping and what not I got 
 up around 730 to go to the 8 o'clock meeting. I ended up fencing around for a bit but I   
 ended being late to the meeting. After
 I went to the meeting me and Mike talked a little bit about her concerns. 
 omething funky going on. That's for sure. After we talk to him and his wife drop me off before they ent to college with her at a farmers market.
  I thought about going to the beach today but I saw that I needed a nap after I eat. I ate some samosas and I waver between being hungry and tired at the same time. I did 
 anage to get a nap. And after that from a nap
 and I found out that Sharon was with her sister at the Bishops 

 ollar. I decided to head on over and be social and meet her sister. I was taken aback a bit how different she looks from Sharon yet she did look slightly similar. 
 his sister
 was there with her kid who's going to Temple in the fall. I am hung out 
with them and ended up going back to the house. Sharon sister opened

 up some of the many boxes in Sharon's front room  some of them were items the
 kid needed 4 college and other ones were knickknacks from what I saw. 
  hung out in the front room and then I decided to shave. By the time 
  came down to sister had left with the kid in the boxes were still there. This did not
 make her happy. I then decided to call Uber and have my laundry 
 elivered to you do we do. I told him I would pick it up Monday. Speaking of 
 onday that's the 
 ay of the solar eclipse. It's supposed to be a partial eclipse here in Philadelphia around 2 o'clock to 2:30 PM. Updated to do you do we do I ordered a veggie platter. You should I split that
  with Pat but I ate the whole blessed thing at the kebab-ish and it was very tasty. Hung out there till about 8:30 PM and then eventually
 caught the 21 bus to 22nd and Chestnut. I then proceeded to walk all 
 he way home since the bus what's not forthcoming. The mellowed out upstairs in my room Sharon and I talked again a little bit. I then Facebook message Lisa while she's in Australia. She think she might be back within six weeks.