Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Monday, May 2: Work and Food Shopping

Greetings from the month of May. It is a place where it's still cool and cloudy and not hot and crispy. Well I am bun and was late for the meeting today.
A Friend
Eyebrows myself out of bed and I noticed
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there was less people than normal. Going to get a cold cloudy Monday morning. And explain a lot.
New Drinks
After the meeting I got a good tip on how to get to Manitoulin Island without going to Toronto. Basically I
From Corpoate
go straight up the route 81 via the turnpike north. I think a password to New York and take Canada
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route 401. The rest I'll look up later or get a map from John. I managed to make
It into work before
Blog List
915. 9:15 AM if the crucial time to get in before I get counted late. Well, I had for walk ins before 12 noon today. I could of had a fifth but she did not keep the
46th and Market
appointment that my supervisor made for me.
46th Street @ Market
After I flog those things settle down pretty much. I leaned how to turn off cellular data. This way I can
Outside the Backdoor
still receive phone calls and text. I just don't get any web access. The text messages aren't
The Bodega
supposed to use any data usage. I'm guessing the text with pictures do but I'm not sure.
My Wallpaper
Well a news outside my bubble my mind, here's a interesting article that's pretty intellectual & depressing.
Are They Going to Paint
Well anyhow I got as much done as I could really. I'm deathly feeling the affects of two days in a row without the meds. I'm going to be going straight home and
After Work WiFi
Favorite Who Album
Sharon and I are going to go shopping.
It's weird seeing the seven bus show up more than every 35
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minutes. I just got off the bus and it's going on 6:15 PM and I'm heading home and we're going to go shopping. It's much nicer now. The sun is out and it's not nearly as damp. Well Sharon and I went shopping.
Heading Home EARLY!
On the 7 Bus at 6PM
at two different places. We went to town on the food it was quite fun. Speaking of fun stories that are interesting. Speed limit increased across 
The 7 Bus Dropped Me Off
Pa. Turnpike,  We must have bought

MoJee and Butters
about $120 worth of good goodness. We both proceed to enjoy being home and chill out with butters and Sharon.
Never Know Who I will Meet
I was so freaking hungry while I was shopping. I don't think I ever been that hungry while shopping
No Bike Path
ever. I don't some corn beef hash yogurt. I fell asleep for a couple hours and got a big bowl of cereal.
We Got Food Here
It really hit the spot. It's nice to have a whole fridge of food waiting for you when you come home and
Sights of Brewerytown
when you wake up. Sharon took the scenic route Audi. After went to Aldi went to a dollar store
Our Shopping Haul
down at 5th & Spring Garden Street. I got some socks chair and got some of the things. There are
Cruzin in North Philly
a lot of scenic urban site for me to take pictures up. I don't show a sample. It was something different.
I managed to miss the intergroup meeting as an alternate. I remembered when we were
A Nice Murel
at the dollar store which was right near where we were at fifth and Spring Garden. Yes I am indulged and
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had corn beef hash here's a cute photo

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sunday May 1st: Rain and West Philly with a Big Dent and a Massage

Outside the Back Porch
Good day everyone. Today is Sunday May 1st. Its May Day in socialist countries. Here is Philly we have a rainy day. This rain was forecast for at
Looking Out the Front Door
least 4 days. I got up and moved the care but
Driving in the Rain
NOT before I had to go back and forth because I forgot my car key for my rental. This VW Jetta has not ignition key but it detects when the key is not present. I decided I can skip the morning meeting and bring a 10 pound
load of laundry to do you do we do in West Philly. I just started to stop at the green line at 45th and Locust and take in the West Philly ambience and edit my
Green Line at 45th and Locust
blog post from yesterday. It's now
View from the Green Line
all the way to 11:24 PM. I have an hour and a half to get the car back at 12 I just got a call from Drew I'm gonna meet him at 1PM. That's the time I have to be at 12th and Chestnut  to return
Writing Todays' Post
the rental. I'm going to be driven to his place and help them get some work done to make a little money. And I'm going to my 5 o'clock massage. It's now
12:04 PM. I'm going to get out in the rain and head into Center City. The next part of my day.
Well, I decided to drive back to my place
OverPass Construction 
good my feet out very wet and I'm comfortable. So I went back home took care of that. I found a
Accident Report
scrape on the side of the car not cool but my $22 insurance on the rental saved my ass. Next group
OOPS!! :(
pick me up at 13th St. near Locust. We drove up to Essington. Boy, his place totally been
Going to Drew's

transformed since I last went there last late spring early summer. Kitchen looks beautiful downstairs
Drew's Place Renovated
looks nice. We  cleaned up his shop, took out all the stuff from one job. and then put a bunch of new 
The Office
stuff in his van for the next job. I earned 50 bucks!! I then got to take a shower and his nice new luxurious
 shower. I really needed to clean up since I was  feeling pretty grungy, sweaty, and dusty. well, Jewetta do
you like to think so we didn't leave till 4:45 PM. He did get me to broad and Fitzwater. I don't how
Before Clean up
to take a cab from Fitzwater the locus so I wouldn't be too late. I did arrive at 1420 Locust at 5:26 PM. I
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was more then 15 minutes late but she was OK. I then went to the Shake Shack and got a yummy
Soon to Be His Crash Pad
Chicken sandwich. I was pretty hungry and it hit the spot. I took advantage of The Wi-Fi they had
Going from Fitzwater to Locust
another place and added pictures and some narrative to that hosting. I then walked a half a
1420 Locust
block over to Saxby's and met Larry and Veronica. They ate at Chili's before coming over to the Saxby's.
20th and Walnut
We caught up and then we went to the 60 minutes. That went pretty well. I then checked afterwords, my data you need to join I've used 23% of my usage so far.
Delicious at Shake Shack
That's almost a quarter of my data.
Color of Astro Turf
I have about 21 days left in the billing period. Anyhow I came home hung out with Sharon. I also
At Saxby's
bought some cereal and some almond milk so I can have breakfast. I need my evening watching
John Oliver. I had a lot of trouble finding new ones I haven't seen yet. Meanwhile time marches on
Political New of the Day
even if the band isn't. And babies will be made.