Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15: Tax Day and the Weather Changes

Good to be here today. Its Spring and time to have babies. If you are a newsreader with a nice income then its time to make news by having a baby Yup, this is local
Jonesing for a Cig.
news for ya! The weather is going to start warm. Next, there will be heavy rain and then by 8pm there will be WINTER temps. Oh my!
Hello a late start. The meeting at 8:15 this morning.
Snooty Bank Teller
Later on this morning the rain came a calling really hard. It's now 140 the rain has let up a lot but it's supposed to rain more then turned
View From EL
very very cold. Work has not been nearly as hectic that's far I've seen two people only. I do expect
Getting Lunch
for more before the day is over. I'm supposed to be going out to dinner tonight around 6:30 PM. 
What I must say that work was a lot more calm today. I was able to walk around my T-shirt not sweat
Catching the 21

having my shirt on and the very hot work environment. The last half hour of work I worked on my commitment
Waiting for the 64
sheets for the two groups and I also paid out the commitment to the group I subbed for for a friend.
I got homework a little weight and I crash till about six and then went over to the ATM CafĂ© at 48th and Baltimore video that SEPTA 64 bus, this restaurant double its size when it took over from where the Maraposa Coop used to be located. The food was delicious and we had a nice conversation and get some catching up. Obviously send up my last two and half years and talked about our experiences with dating sites etc.
Well I came out of there and the rain began to come down hard. Its getting colder now I'm almost home now

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14: A Very Busy Day.

Cruising down Chestnut to Sunrise
Hi it's Monday the warmest day will have all week. High will be 78° It's expected to rain tomorrow and get cooler the rest of the week. Got the meeting in Sheridan and that was
A Nice Warm Day
good and went to the locker room and get coffee. The morning was a very very busy so about seven people and finally slow down a little
Taking a Break Outside
bit around one and now 2:30 PM. I went out and took a breather took a picture of myself and put it on Facebook. Now it's time to go back to work.I am busy and I'm taking the
Going to Meeting 
EL to Spring Garden to go to intergroup I've got to select from my normal 2+ a favor for someone else I'm picking for three groups
Near North 5th at My Meeting
tonight. I'm running about 10 minutes late right now. Meeting doesn't start till seven but getting there by 530 It's  is important to get the slots I want.
Well I first went down the wrong street but it was all cool
Why I Show Up Early
. I got numbers 1516, 17, 18. I have a girl eight slots for three groups. I have meeting packets two of them to be exact. Meeting ended at approximately 8:35 PM. I just
Picking Commitments
got an alert that there's going to be a freeze warning issued hard to believe. We might even get snow flurries Tuesday night. Most immediate forecast says is that it's going to rain.
EL Stop at Spring Garden
I went over to Pat's to have dinner but I was running a little late and I found him sound asleep. He got and asked for 5 more minutes and then proceed to sleep more. I came back to hang out with Dean.  to watch some shows. I ended up watching Ken Burns Civil War and doing my Pa taxes and Dean went to bed.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday April 13:Back to Philly

Leaving Motel in Wildwood
left the motel at eight after got picked up by Joe. We then drove to a place called H Mart  in Cherry Hill to pick up Korean food. I never heard of the H Mart. But there's several
Aisle Sign at H Mart
of them around including one in Elkins Park. I bought some stupid stewed tofu and a aloe vera drink that had Kuava flavor it's the olives serious of juices that they have at
Japanese Tea House
that  store.
Instead of going directly to the Cherry Blossom Festival with Joe, I decided I needed to go home to rest. I charged my phone and unloaded my stuff. I ended up sleeping for about
New Friends at Cherry Blossom Festival
2 hours and then I talked on the phone till about 2pm.
 I then set off going to the Cherry Blossom Festival. 21 bus to the 40 bus. This bus is
Spring is Here!
really packed and I just realized I forgot my hat.
The Cherry Blossom Festival was  pretty fun. Joe flirted with
Getting Ready to Leave
a young woman who knows Chinese like Joe  I just enjoyed the sun and the pretty trees and other visual delights.
I went home and hung out with Dean. He got my script for me since I could not get home by 5pm. CVS Parmacy closes at 5 on Sundays. We  watched Law and Order, then I went to the meeting
Sunset over Chestnut
with Larry. I probably wouldn't go to that one but dinner was fend fun sitting outside of Saxbys enjoying the warm weather. A gentleman
who works for Saxbys working exchanged for dollar bills for 2 two dollar bills.  He remembered me wanting a two dollar bill because I never
/A $2 BILL!!!
see them in circulation. It was pretty fun Speaker had a very intense story that's for sure.
Add caption
I watch three things of law and order and fuck finished filing my taxes and apparently so far so good this time. Let hope I got my refund!

Saturday April 12: A Full Day at the Roundup

Greetings from Room 10 at the Royal Court Motel here in sunny Wildwood NJ. Its a pretty morning to start my 2nd Day at the AA  Roundup. I am waiting for Tom to contact
me so we can get some coffee and head to the 9AM beach meeting. There are 2 other beach meetings today. One is at 2pm and the
other is at 6PM.
As you know Stephen Colbert is taking over the reins of the Late Show since David Letterman is retiring. There is lots of speculation in the news. Here is just one in today's Philly Inquirer. It should be interesting how this all shakes out.
Cool Poster in Hospitality Room

Well, my ride is coming.
There are so many people here on the beach. FANTASTIC!!
Well the beach meeting this really cool. It was
Cool Address
so many people there and the weather just want up where I had to go back and a T-shirt. It's 10:20 AM and I'm chilling in the hospitality
Going to Beach Meeting
 room or the reading room. This is where they have coffee and snacks so I had a coffee and I had fresh milk. I bought a little milk at Wawa so I was able to have fresh milk rather not
Waiting for 6pm Beach Meeting
powdered stuff. I then gave away the rest so didn't go to waste.
intergroup meeting at 10:30. After that I plan to go outside because it's SUCH a nice day out today at Cape May!
Went to the
beach meaning to other more practical meetings now. 
After the business meetings I went to an old timers meeting people 20 years or more spoke. Is very well done. Saw a few friends as well.  Some
Chillin and Having Fun

came up for the day.The beach meeting was a lot smaller because the banquet was going on the same time.
Well and up going to more meetings and then going to get pizza with Joe. Took us a while to find
Beach Image
a place. The fact is map maps program let us to place it wasn't there. That was funny after that I got really tired and got a ride home fairly
early from Joe.  I realized when I got got back from the motel that I've gotten some sun on me and I didn't sleep all that well. Was good time I'm glad I went.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday April 11th: Travel Day to the Roundup

Morning View
I will travel to the meeting, go to the CVS, call for a Dr apt and then pack for my trip to Cape May. Yes, I will be taking the route 315 New Jersey Transit bus via the PATCO High-Speed line later this morning around 10:30 AM.
44th and Chestnut 7:15 AM
The big news in the TV world is that Stephen Colbert will be taking over the late-night reigns from David Letterman will be retiring next year. Well, got the Dr. Camil apt set 4 Weds May 7th at 5:15. Ok, 1 down and
La Columbe
on the 42 bus towards the CVS. As I was waiting for the 21 bus, I  ran into a friend in a new PPA auto. I told him whee I was going. Maybe I will run into him this weekend in Cape May!!

 I got the 21 bus which is running very slow.
New Car
Well hard to believe, CVS hadn't even filled the prescription yet. It seems like this script  always presents a problem.
I got home for some clothes and catch the EL  to 8th street.
Took a cab from the corner of 44th and Chestnut to 30th Street to make sure I did not miss the
10:36 PATCO train to Camden. I last Pat to pick it up just like I used to do for him all the time.
Well of course it is already 10:05 AM, I got the EL 30th St. just in time to catch it so I think I'm good with the time now:)
It will be good
to just chill on the bus!!
I made It in plenty of time and actually got to charge the phone at the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden. Then I walk to the bus
Add caption
and as I sat on the bus, I realized I left my suitcase at the charging station with my computer in it. I ran back and hustled back on the bus. I chilled out for about 45 minutes. I woke up and
Millville 2nd and Pine
realized in Vineland that I lost my charging cord. Yuck! I didn't lose my plug but I managed to lose the bright blue cord that I paid a whole $  $7.00 for. So  my phone died right at 2nd & Pine in Millville at 
12:20 PM  arrived at the Royal Motel at approximately 2 PM. 
Well, I got to the Hotel easy since it was pretty close to the
The Royal Court Motel. My Home Away From Home
bus stop. I met a fellow who is also going to the round up. The bus driver was fairly grumpy and I read a book. I had no alternative but to read to chill myself out. The ride was pretty easy. I was really glad that there is a Rite Aid next door to the hotel. I was able to
get a charger to charge my phone. The problem is that I HAVE to remove the protective case to charge my phone. I was going to get a cheap cover but that ALSO did not work with the stupid FAT plug that I am using
Close to My Destination in Cape May
. I ate dinner leftovers that Dean made.
 Now I am taking the 552 bus which is $6.00. The cab company said it was $ 25.00  it will take an hour to get there when a car takes 20 minutes.
It's nice but pretty
I Made It
cool outside right now it's going on 4:30 PM. It's been a trip so far!! 
Well it's 5:30 PM I finally made it to the grand Hotel now I need to find out what's going on or not going on as the case maybe. Last bus leaves around 1:52 AM this morning. Well, I got settled in and ran into a friend and went to a meeting. He then drove me out to Wawa to get coffee with milk instead of powdered cream. I can be spoiled
First Meeting at 6

brat that way. And then I got myself some milk at the Wawa some tea and some coffee so I have my own milk to add to my coffee. Very nice night sunset was beautiful but it is
Driving to the Wawa
chilly but the official start of the Roundup will be 8 o'clock.
That meeting was way too crowded so we just sat in the another room and had delicious pizza very
comfortable. We're planning for tomorrow's 9 o'clock beach meeting for tomorrow. The ice cream social was at 9pm. From  there at 10 PM we went to the AA Dance. The music was fun and I got to charge my phone a bit more. I got a ride  back to the Royal Court in Wildwood at Midnight.
Overall, a very good day for me.
Speaker Meeting
Tom knows a lot of people here from the last stop. We got the ice cream and then went to the dance and went to the hospitality area and then I met another fellow I hadn't seen in a while and he offered me a ride home on Sunday so I'm pretty happy. Tomorrow I'm getting up early I'm going to a 9:00 AM  beach
meeting then I have a mandatory Intergroup meeting at 10:30. It's the only thing that's mandatory.  They have meetings all night long nonstop during this Roundup!!.