Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday, July 25: Democratic Convention Starts. A Hot Last Week of July

Good day everybody. I hope you're staying cool. Well after really torrential thunderstorm around five in the morning I got up around 6:30 AM
24th Street
and got to the meeting about seven minutes late today. I felt
After the Thunderstorm
tired and my butt was dragging big time. I barely got the amount of work done I was hoping to get done.
At Bus Stop
Fortunately it was a slow day and I didn't schedule very many people. I did however feel very hungry
15th and Market
and just kept chowing down. I basically got the minimum done today. I need to feel better tomorrow
Where I will \Meet Larry
because I got a boat  load of clients  coming in tomorrow. Wednesday this office is closed so I
Very Hot at Mid Day
probably will not be going into work. It all depends how many alerts I get stuck with it tomorrow. I
went up to the fresh grocer today and got my my food divisions. I got items such as ice tea yogurt
Leaving the Fresh Grocer
and grapes. I even got some re fried beans which I actually ate for lunch. My digestion was moving.
Scanning Slow!
I was  tired. It was the kind of day just got through and do as much as I could. Larry and invited me to going
Temp at 5:13pm
on so I'm going to go there to have dinner and then go home. I do plan to crash. Word has
56th Street Station
it with a bunch of Bernie supporters on Broad Street today. Volunteer going to be at the convention floor.
DNC Here in Philly
This woman had a credential that was going to get her in convention hall. Well, I got to Larry and 15 minute Laurie and air-conditioning and he was finishing up doing some work. The big stores with the Democratic convention and extremely hot weather will have till Thursday. Well Larry and I went to look for the food trucks but apparently the food trucks already left town. From the fine we thought, the food truck where the pie. We then decide to stop at Starbucks and cool off and then we went to the OB place diagonal from the Starbucks. I got a chicken cheesesteak and he's getting a chicken steak wrap. I think I do want to take off This Wednesday and check
out some of the political scene down toward South Broad Street. I don't know who's going to be protesting
5:58pm Forecast
what on Wednesday. Today Bernie's fan went out and caught the ruckus for my gathered. Tonight the
official opening a probably watch some of it. 6:34 PM it is overcast but most of the bad thunderstorms are
Studying  Before the Storm
north of us at this time. Larry and I went to the school little store called called Soto fifth and it was pretty
Larry at Pizza Place
cool and then the rain started and we came in to the Starbucks. It's about 716 and we're getting hit good
Add caption
 by a  pretty outrageous thunderstorm!!
And I prefer them a credit convention I'm going to keeping an
John Doyle Got In Convention
eye on the route 48 bus. This Starbucks closes at nine and Larry has to go home soon so I will be catching the 48. Well looks like
Add caption
the rain has stopped momentarily that's good  news. Well it's getting close to the 812pm.  that is when the 48 is supposed to get through. The Democratic convention has started. I feel some guy next to me
Add caption
Add caption
watching it. He's watching it via the Young Turks I could do if I had my earphones but I don't so I am going to have to split soon.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life is really cool

I am a jelly donut

Sunday, July 24: Rybread 4 Lunch and Chestnut Hill West in the Heat

We Chose RyBread
Good morning all you heat dome lovers out there. I'm not going to do much today except go out to breakfast  and stay inside as much as possible. I might
Waiting for Sandwitch
go to the art museum area where a
Greatful Dead "Shakedown Street
water fountain and refreshment stand. Well my friend came over and we decided to go to the Rybread and split a sandwich. We beat the big rush in. I was very fortunate we both got coffee and then flip a
Wonderful Sandwhich
Today's Conversation
delicious vegetarian sandwich on a Panini bread. Walking around the waterfront near the art museum
Hungry Animals
or taking a trip to the beach, we decided to sit home and read the newspaper. I have a 12 week subscription
to the field of you inquiring. And it really came in handy today. We hung out with Sharon and talk shop
Chillin at Home
at least they did because both of them are hairdressers. We did politics and the overriding theme
Blogging Mid-Afternoon
was all pretty disgusting. We read through the Inquirer and then she thought she'd
Next Stop
leave and and after she left I just caught up on my blogging a relax my fat happy butt. Well I missed the bus and decided I would just stay home and catch Uber. Well the bank jammed going well so we had to loop around JFK Boulevard and 30th. I made it on the train with two minutes to spare. It was3:54 PM train why a long train, I saw some people that were protesting for clean-air & against fracking. 
Thousands of pro-Sanders, anti-fracking marchers hit streets
I'm supposed 2 arrive at Chestnut Hill West at 4:21 it is now 4:23 PM and i'm told I have 2 more stops
About to Catch the Train
The Zoo Baloon
before I get to Chestnut Hill West in this heat! I i'm not dressed up that's for sure I get a T-shirt and shorts.
Girard Avenue
I was not going to dress up. I guess she's going to have to like me.  It's 97° outside. I got off the
Add caption
train and had a difficult time trying to figure out where I'm supposed to meet. It didn't look obvious to
Bernie Protesters on Train
me how to get to the other side. Turns out later there was no other side to go to technically. I did run
Almost at Chestnut Hil
into her and we went to Starbucks and hung out. She told me about Square space to make
Another Hot Day
website and maybe I will get motivated. I then decided I better look at the train schedule because
Chestnut Hill West
Sunday kept the trains are very limited.
I saw that there was a 621 train at the Chestnut Hill West station.
Chestnut Hill West Station
After that train next rains not till 9 o'clock. So it's obvious that I cannot miss this train. Well I got on the
House on Fire
train at 6:19 PM. It leaves at 6:21. I discovered an outlet or I can charge my phone for the duration
At Starbucks
of the ride. I've never been able to find an outlet for only communicate rain. So I'm pretty psyched. I should
Add caption
be able to get 20 to 21% power want to go to. That'll be my next stop to meet Larry. Sharing the meeting
My Way Home
and a friend is speaking. It's now 6:42 PM my batteries up to 32%. I went to Saxbys Larry, Veronica
I Want to Sign Up
, and I were there and we hung out. Then went to the meeting called myself out showing up to 3 meetings per
Approching 30th Street
week for thelast two weeks.
I am talking on the phone for a while and overall I'm right back
Add caption
where I started from. There's a song from the 70s it says that. I also got into campaign mode. I had a
Add caption
discussion with you bringing supporter and you couldn't support Hillary. I only asked him to consider
that voting for Trump is ridiculous idea. It's a dick you specially for someone who considers himself a
progressive! It's going to be an interesting summer and fall that's for damn sure