Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday, October 30: Not Too Bad Today Tired and Frustrated

Good day. I got up early despite it being very difficult to do so. I went to the sunrise and while there
Stange Dude Next 
I got a invite to a party. I hope that was really nice. She's the one who introduced me to bit strips. It's the
app that makes yourself a cartoon. I then after sunrise ended up talking to want to share and neighbors/friends
A Target Next?
about all kinds of stuff after I got Sharon her cash for rent. I was a bit late to work. Actually about 25 minutes
First Black Law Firm was Here
late to work. I then got a little bit done. I found myself fairly frustrated over some audit about not doing enough
overpayment allowed to etc. he let myself get frustrated and a bit much. The day went on but how much
Look! The Moon
incident and I managed to get 1 sanction packet done and finished sending from once I got earlier this week. I left work & decided I would take t
My Desk

he train down the 13th & Locust 4 something different.
56th and Market
Also like 13 street there's plenty of cafés and what not to say. I then decided last minute to go to early

night out. I meeting I've not been to in a long time. It's actually in the first place I ever went to a meeting.
13th and Chancler
I did and found myself really tired. So I went to café 12 and got the Wi-Fi and a small coffee. Yes I'm
Coffee Before Dinner w/Larry
supposed to meet Larry and some buddies of his and a Mexican restaurant. Anyway I'm not gonna
At Cafe Twelve
say anymore than that. I'm sure it will be a nice time but I'm a little tire well I got over my grumpy ass self and had a nice time at the dinner. It wasn't too expensive and I knew a few of the people. One of them was friends with Veronica who I at one point want to date.

Fun Night at Dinner
Another one was her friend from the program. So it was a really pretty chill Well, Congress
approved the 2 year budget deal with President Obama. There were wacko Conservatives
who voted against it. One is Pat Toomey. He would be beat but the Dems will nominate Joe Sestak.
Good Folks
He will blow it and we will have 6 more years of this man.

 Enough of that stuff. I'm going to take the 48 back home and get home around 10:45 PM.

Thursday, October 29: A Mild Day for a 3rd

Hello gang it's a mild overcast day here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I watched to many sports videos last night so I slept in a bit. I have a lot
Waiting for the 48
of clients coming in today. I'm thankful yesterday was a productive
Catching the 48 Detour
day. It's now 1:22 PM. I seen about three clients so far today so the trickling in slowly today. Our supervisors were at a meeting for all-white say four hours we have an audit on our SPALS our badness.

was really low something like 9%. It's ridiculous what they expect out of us. Well it's a really fine fall
Add caption
day today nice breeze partly sunny skies and I'm going to go back to work after taking a nice little breather.
Add caption
I see the building owner is m hiring somebody to repaint some of the wall of our building. I believe
Add caption
it's a good idea. Well it's going on 2 o'clock time to eat some soup and go back to work. I need to
 take these outdoor breaks more often just like getting more sleep. It be too simple ways to prove myself.
A Break at Work
When I finished work computer being down for about a half hour. And we got for alerts today and
The Sky at Work
I took care of all. And I sent out three sanction notices today. I I left @ 5 so I could meet my friend
View of 46th and Market
at suburban station by 5:30 PM. Well we met without a hitch and then we went down to elixir café and had a
News of the Day
little coffee and conversation. She liked it. I then did a Siri search for some restaurants nearby and decided
City Hall
to go to the good dog bar and Grill. I've been there with my brother John and he thought it was comfortable
so I figured it was a nice middle-of-the-road place to take somebody. She enjoyed the burger and enjoyed my company in and we walked
It's Time
around a couple blocks around town and I dropped off the suburban
Another City Hall 
station fo The 8:56 PM  train. She just got off the train at Cornwells Heights and driving home. I'm gonna
Dinner at Good Dog
start getting undressed and getting myself bed ready

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday, October 28: A Misty Yet Alert Day

Good day on this cloudy rainy last week of October kind of day. I managed to get up in time for the sunrise. I then took out the remaining garbage. The items were a garbage can and a ironing board. I'm glad you
Slow Saxby's

Rittenhouse SQ

got that done. We had a good speaker today she's a come to the meeting a lot. One day I'll be able
TD Bank
to speak like that. I love my damn umbrella on the train and I Saulet as I was driving as a dream of leaving. That's why buy cheap umbrellas. Maybe I'll
At 19th and Market
hit the right aid or something. well I felt a
Shelter From the Rain
lot more awake today. Yes and I got quite a bit done because of getting my rest. I finished off my alerts I
Leaving Work
sent out a few sanctions and I implemented a couple of sanctions. I believe the number was 3.
Work Parking Lot
Between now and the time I get coffee I won't have to buy another cheap umbrella. I've been
Ropose on Train
a lucky fella that the rain has not been hard at all today. Yeah well I'm going to be late meeting Larry to
News of the Day
Starbucks. I don't have to be in my appointment till 730 he's going to go to group at six. While on
the train I took some pretty pictures of myself morphing into the physical. My head sticks out amongst the two trains passing by each other while taking the EL downtown. So I killed some time and it's time now to get a blog and since I only
Blogging @ Starbucks
have about an hour left. It's pretty humid out here I must say it's 630. I had a good session today after I left
IBELIEVED they Were In Trouble
the Starbucks. I talked about my height variance with someone at the Starbucks little bit and my women
My View at Starbucks
and sex stuff. It was good. I got a text today and I thought my roommate and my friend were stuck in
Nice Temps for Late Oct
an elevator unable to get out. Fortunately that was not the case. They ended up finishing fine in fact there now eating Ethiopian as I speak at 9:23 PM. I am home after letting butters lick me away.