Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday, December 30: Life & Death at the End of 2014

Philly Art Museum
Good morning my 2014 warriors. It's a chilly day in December. The temperature is about normal for this
PECO Building 33 Outside
time of year. I stayed up too late last night so I skipped the sunrise again this morning and took a cab into work since I was running very late and
Powelton Village
I knew that I was going to have to leave soon because of the funeral service at 10:30 AM.well Bob pick
Trying to B on Time!!
me up at the right aid and we went down to N. 43rd St. and went to a funeral home where they had the viewing and the service.
I Work at Elmwood
I thought folks I have not seen in years particularly Henry. Sue has a boyfriend and I saw all the woman
Bob Driving Me
Hillary who I have been in contact with. Bob and I had a heart-to-heart about the hollow ween travesty that
At Service
went on when I was flying in from California and the drama that ensued. He was just worried about
me and and Nonesuch. Hope to get together with him New Year's eve during the afternoon or sometime
RIP Grover. We Will Miss You
New Year's Day. I am now trying to finish up a report but I had a low and client so I decided I cook myself up some
Indian food I had bought at Trader Joe's last night. Well my client did not arrive i like a torrent
Back to Work in the Afternoon
which was extremely helpful. They just trickled in about 3 of them didn't show up. Work ended pretty smoothly. I managed to catch the train to 15th St. and now I'm walking up 15th St. to the Starbucks
it's now 5:41 PM. As I was going to the Starbucks, the folks were leaving. I was 20 minutes late. I fixed this blog and Larry just told me the room is PACKED!! Got to fly!!
Well I think it went well tonight. We had a good discussion amongst folks. I talked about today's conversations
at the funeral. For me it was just except or handle "unsolicited advice". It's 9:04 PM and I am waiting for the
48 which is supposed to be @ 15th and Arch at 9:06 PM. It's pretty cold out but it's not terribly windy so it's
it is bearable.  It is currently 34° outside and I think I see the 48 bus approaching now. I'm looking forward
to getting home and getting my hands warm.came home took a nice shower soon and ended my day. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Full Crate & Mar- She Was Fly

I just randomly saw this video and thought it was pretty cool. I went to the "next blog" and found this blog that appears to be on hiatus. Check it out. Its hard to read though. Enjoy. Here are a few more to check out. Its quite the departure for me. Its really funky and moody.

Monday December 29th: This Blog Page is Acting Strange

24th Street
Good morning on your end or yours. Today little cooler than it had been for the last four days. We have no rain & that's a good thing. Well, I got
A Condemmed  Buildinh
up around 8:15 AM got some cereal and coffee at the ride bread. I made it to 7 bus since the 48 had not shown up yet. I got the trolley @ 22nd
Add caption
just before it left AND I also caught the EL just before it left 30th Street. I was very fortunate since I won't be that late.
Transfer from the 7 to the Trolley
It is now 9:03 AM I'm approaching 57th and market so I should be at work before 9:10 AM. When I got into
Work Parking Lot
work it without madhouse out there. That's because we are close for five days and some people were
Entering Work
Fridayappointments the came back today. It's now 242 taking my first break today and I'm going to
58th and Market
get a Pepsi for myself and my supervisor. Here is the blog I just made. http://www.spacefudge.blogspot.com
So far nobody has found his is
Getting Pepsi
completely hilarious as us. I'm thinking they don't know the background that is in yesterday's blog.
Feels good out here.
It has been but it's not bad. Tomorrow sometime in the mid morning I'm hoping to go with Bob and pay
Leaving Work
final respects for Grover. 
Volleyballer Grover Wilson funeral 12/30/14 at Price, 613 N. 43rd St.(2152226538). Viewing 9am, Service 11am. This
On the Trolley to 19th Street
should be interesting trying to get in and get out as quick as possible as I schedule a bunch of people
Well it's 645 is the Monday night beginners. When it hit the coffee shop now I'm at 56 street. It's now 5:33 PM
and the train is coming now. Well I'm at Saxbys chilling out. They're playing some fairly cheesy music today.Whitney being one of them whole. I just saw on the news that at Cosco
they're paying a $1.95 for  a gallon of gas. 
Winter is Creaping Back
That's a pretty damn good price. It is now 6:12 PM here on my own at the Saxbys going to edit this blog. The photos kept jumping around so I'm hoping that will stop when I use my regular computer.I decided after the meeting to hit the Trader Joe's because I know I didn't
have any lunch stuff and we probably needed other stuff. I was really lucky to catch the 48 right away. Made it off the 48 there was police presence.
It appears there are some trouble making kids are
Some Kids Causing Trouble
causing trouble. I got home ate the rest of my Ethiopian leftovers talk to Larry and Amy and started thinking
More FUDGE!!!!
about years even going to happen and New Year's Day. Any out when it's coming back, and I am
Sweet Babies
going to bed. Let's enjoy the rest of this year! Before I stop writing I wanted to share some groovy music with you. They are Full Crate and Mar. They are DJ's from Amsterdam. I heard them by accident earlier tonite while on blogger. Go to this link I made and check out the video. Way cool and neat!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday, December 28: A New Movement!!

Must Understand and DO!
Good morning to you all on Sunday. I got up and looked at the Cupid and then solar very good posting on Facebook. It made me
Waking Up.
think a lot about my personal situation with others. I shared it with others.I got a
This Morning
call from Saudi Arabia on my Wakie App. It's 4 PM in Saudi Arabia. Very nice guy. They still have not found a
Driving to the Vine Street Expressway
way to fix my app. I'm not able to call other sleepyheads around the world. Well when gave me a ride to the
Being Driven to the Bar None :)
bar nine so that gave me time to go grab some breakfast at the local Wawa. I can get coffee at the place and
The Drive as Seen by Google Maps
it's her often on rain this morning still mild but the nice sunny days are done for now. Well I got at the Wawa
South 6th Street
two bananas and a hash brown and to our juices. That should satisfy my breakfast needs. It is now
Breakfast at WAWA
9:45 AM and I'm in ago get a seat. I should be able to get lunch at grants I'm going to be about 14 minutes early. Of the profit with acceptance. That's always a good one for me. Fact is I chose a topic since
Props to Pat. Nice Shot
the speaker didn't know what topic
My Shirt and I @ Milk & Honey
to choose. Afterward I went to hang out with Drew at the milk and honey café.
Drew at Milk & Honey
Drew had to leave and go to 10th and arch for a job to give an estimate. It's now 1150 I'm waiting for my hairstylist to call to see if she has an opening at the truck shop. Meanwhile I'm going to finish up
yesterday's blog and continue this one. I just got a call from Ruki, my fave hairstylist. I have an appointment at !:30pm today. So I will have a little time to blog out and stay in touch with Drew, Larry, Amy etc. Well back in the real
1:15pm @ Milk and Honey
world that surrounds me, I read today that the Mummers are very much barely surviving!! This is due to hard economic times and less folks
The View Outside
going to the parade. Also, it's costing more for costumes. Well, Shane Montgomery, that kid who

disappeared on Thanksgiving is believed to be drowned in the Schuykill River. That is because there was a
South Street
video of him at a footbridge near the river and they found his keys in the river. He is most famous missing person in Philly now. Well I got my
haircut done and that always feels good to get that completed. Got to catch up with my friend. I am
Getting My Haircut
now walking down six street towards Larry's condo at second and market. I'm still looking for someone
Getting Cash for Free!!
to join me at Larry's New Year's Eve time on his roof deck and the Continental. Speaking of Larry, I'm

going to his place to give him a shirt and a photo book. Then I hope to meet Drew for lunch.  First I went to Larry's and met his friend Carlos who moved to San Francisco. It's 305 I left Larry's and now 

Eagles Block Punt

Eagles Recover for a TOUCHDOWN
Chillin on a Nice Sunday
I am at third and arch Drew was at 3rd  and Market  will be meeting in grabbing a bite to eat. Well we ended up meeting in a corner sandwich place at 3rd and Arch Streets across from the Starbucks.It was a good meal I had a chicken cheese steak and we split a plate of wings. I think I have

4PM Diner

found someone to join me for the New Year's eve with Larry and friends. I'll find out byTuesday evening whether I have somebody or I just start from scratch. I am hoping for the best!

fudge that Sharon has been making all day. It is now 4:46 PM. Well I had a little taste of the Sharon fudge & it was good.
From about 5:15 to about 7:05 PM we hung out install the light bulb
20th Street
 and had a few laughs. It's now 7:41 AM I am now having coffee with my friend and then in 10 minutes
At Saxby's
time to go to our meeting. It's spitting rain outside yet still my head rain outside. At this point our mission is to find conflict free marshmallows and my new photography goal will be taking pictures of things without a face. I think that

Foggy Night @ 19th and Walnut
would go greatly enhance my life and the people closest to me.
This video will be officially released January 1, 2015. Be a part of it be a part of the movement!!!