Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blood and Roses

I am back from the abyss so to speak. I am mentally getting ready to work on some stuff. I am feeling some sort of frustration that only certain folks can bring out. I was sweeping the floor and I listened to the Smithereens; " Blood and Roses". Besides the great baseline the lyrics came out and met me.
"I want to love, but it comes out wrong
I want to live, but I don't belong"
I close my eyes and I see
Blood and roses

This was December 14

Yesterday was a very eventful day in my life. First of all I got enough sleep to help me get rid of this cold I had since Sunday 2 weeks ago. At work I was not see many clients. I was able to get a report done in ONE day. I resolved something with a friend in a phone call around 1:30. My day was just humming along and I got home and found I was rejected for promotion for at least the third time in 25 years. This one hurt more than the other ones. Folks at work kept saying over the last month, 'you'll get it Mark." now so it's disappointing and I want to leave the CDU Unit in the next year. I just you know I think it's probably time but it's not worth drinking over that's for sure.
I am off  from work today. It was good to have taken off today of all days. I am glad I am not THERE today.! I will be going to a new dentist at 9:30, then meeting an old friend for lunch. I then will take care of some legal stuff like paying fines. Next I plan to do some online shopping. For dinner,  I be hanging out with my friend Larry  at his place.
Life would get more interesting between then and today December 30th 

December 30th Last Year

Pat is set to Fly it Soon!
  I have some time to kill now so, I think I will write.I was 14 min late for my Apple Genius Bar apt so now it's at  3:30. I am emailing myself all my iPhone photos In case the upgrade to the new OS messes up. I have done this for the last 3 days off and on. I had over 400 Photos to save or delete. .My iPad was under my Sister's password cause she was able to get me free music this way, BUT I want both under my cloud.Can't really use my iPad like I want till I get this fixed. Can you digg it???

He is in Ireland Now
View of Kitchen/ Living
No Parking Ticket!
I bought a used Windows computer for $136.00. I wanted to have both major operating systems since Apple seems to limit me. I am more used to Windows plus Windows computers are disposable. This HP Compaq C 6400 cost $1500 when it was new!

 I had my Colonoscopy Weds.They found polyps but just a couple. I will find out details next week. Dr was not overly concerned.

What are your plans for the New Year??

I signed up for TD Bank. They have a branch and ATM's close by. I am getting KILLED by the ATM fees at Chase. They have NO BRANCHES near Philly!!! Can you believe it. To cash checks, I had to drive 45 min just to get to the CLOSEST branch near Trenton NJ...,!!

Living Room and Oven Early De
Love the's 53 and sunny now, It's going to be FREEZING by Monday with the low going down to 19 degrees!! nite!! Yikes!!

I have a therapy apt near the Apple store at 5:30, so I will spend my time in Center City most of my afternoon.

Well, have to move my car so I do not get ANOTHER ticket. I managed NOT to get a ticket. I then picked up a nice microwave for 65 bucks. The problem is that its a bit big. I will let others judge. I may just just resell it for the same price

Wes coming to help me shop for stuff for the apartment tomorrow and Stu is coming Sunday.

I start back to work for the first time since October 14th. This is gonna be a trip.

Monday, December 10, 2012

My First Review: Katz Deli

Sausage Sandwich
My friends and I paid a visit to Katz Delhi located at 251 E Houston St. In the Lower East Side near SOHO in New York Sunday December 9th.You will notice the long and rich history in New York. All the framed photos of famous and nearly famous in NYC have had their food. Meg Ryan had a fake orgasm over the food! I now get it!
Great food!!! The Reuben Sandwich and Sausage Sandwiches were the best. They were fresh and tasty. I could tell they used good bread and good lunch meat and sausage. All thumbs up for the food and the fries. I will now turn to the less positive aspects of our meal at this NYC institution
The coffee smelled like bitter Sanka and the service along with the mandatory ticket you HAD to show as you left was obnoxious. I clearly did not get THAT! (When asked why, the woman at the "exit booth" checking ticket said in effect was to verify that we had paid.)
Here we are enjoying the food. Man is that good eatin. Wish the other stuff was not there. Oh well.

Sunday In New York City

Waiting for a Train
Well the  rain did not stop us from hitting the road to New York City with friends I recently met in Philly.
Our plan was to pay a visit to the 9-11 memorial  and after that to look for a good deli to eat afterwards.  We were going to do some shopping (well I got a belt) to  a store called
We went to the 9-11 Memorial first. The rain held off long enough to see it. I was real cool. Seeing the original location, I was stunned at seeing the gaping holes where the twin towers once stood against the blue September sky.
At the 9-11 Memorial
The Latest Weather
We had fun but boy its pricey to go there even if you do not shop much. We went to Katz Deli on E Houston Street and the sandwiches were FANTASTIC but the service did pretty much suck. One of the people with us got the bitterest coffee EVER.
Rockefeller Center
It smelled like left over SANKA!. We asked if it was a fresh pot and they said YES.. Then the no so nice waitress complained to another customer about us mocking the coffee. We all liked out food. My sandwich was GRREAT! It was a garlic sausage with fried onions and melted Swiss Cheese The Price for my sandwich and 2 Cokes was $20 bucks. . The Reuben Sandwich was rated excellent as well.
North on the NJ Turnpike
Next we went to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas display and tree. Man that is one HUGE tree. Its a beautiful sight and we took pictures of this. The rain held off enough to allow us to walk around all day without an umbrella though it was pretty damp.
We all came back from the trip to NYC in one piece, tired but glad we make the trek to see a unique place in the United States!
I did the driving back afer a break at the Thomas Edison rest stop in Woodbridge on the turnpike. I We got home safely and we all got along well. It was something different for sure☀

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Surprise and the Weekend

Well I have been waiting for this online service called Crash Plan to receive my 160 gigs of photos and documents since Sunday. I am about 18 hr from completion of this task. Then I then decide if I want to pay $50 a year. I have been fighting a cold since Saturday night after my visit to Md. Its been hanging around just being a cold. I did get my flu shot. I am going to take Friday off to see the new dentist that is in 1600 Walnut and hopefully take care of business. an
I just listened to the Stone Roses first album (CD, etc) on You Tube. I love the first and 2nd tracks very much. It reminds me of the 1990 idealism of mine. This included a trip to Belgium, and to France. Still want to go to Europe and I know who I want to go with.
I first went to a men's meeting. I then met an old friend from the old West Philly days of the late 80's and early 90's. We hung out at the Satellite Cafe where I saw Mike 'Watson. It was fun learning about the "Diarrhea Trial". She told me she was in jury duty for 6 weeks. WOW! I next tried to help a funky woman get her computer to work at the cafe WIFI. Nope could not get it to work but she was pretty cool anyhow.
Now I can see my voicemail
I next met my neighbor at the Shop N Bag at 43rd and Walnut to get some food basics. It was fun to shop with a friend and I told her about my adventures in Psychiatry from yesterday. She supported my actions and we caught up with the past week. I then went home and puttered around the apartment, made pasta drank OJ and lozenges for my cold.
Yup,My Desk!!
I was on Facebook with Tim who used to live here and I told him I was wondering where he might have gone. I of course thought of the worst besides death. Well, he is indisposed up until December 20th. I was shocked even though he tell me he was going to court that same day (Thursday). Wish him well, but there is not much I can do for him since I am not involved in anyway.
Well, I saw this funny video that makes fun of Instagram and Nickelback. That is that drama band that has the silly voice effects. This video does that effect to the Tee! I found it funny especially when the dude chases the duck for an Instagram photo.
Here is my place after the table cloth and the hutch (or part of one) was fixed up by my MIA friend who is indisposed at this time. Well, time to hit the sack and bring the 9-11 Memorial passes that I got the other day so I can take them to Larry, wife and friend who are all going to NYC tomorrow all day long.
I talked to a friend for awhile and they told me that they  went with friends to this place to see a band called,,,,,,,,
Yes, life is a stage and we are merely players.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Work It Cause Your Worth It: 12-6-2012

Dean 7am
Lots of Calls
 Thursday December 6th was a funky old day. You know like a day in my 50's. It was really an ok day, not bad at all. I went to meeting which was pretty deep. I next went to work with a raging headache and sore throt. Some Advil worked well with that and the lozenges worked pretty good too.
At work the first thing I noticed was the phones. They were the new one's. The new phone system posts messages on the email as .WAV files and it shows the phone number that the call was taken from. by 2:30 I had 15 messages and 29 calls. Another day at the office. 25 years of this got me burnt!
At Belmont and Westminster Aves.
I was Taking the 64 bus to Belmont and Westminster. This photo shows me at 8:30 waiting for the 43 which to Fairmont where my Dr apt is. This bus according to Google maps should be here in 4 min. Behind me is a bar called El Torro. The sign says "Open Sunday." I posted just now. I have a psych apt at 9:30. It's real cold. Gonna walk to a pizza place to snack before telling the Dr that I have sought a 2nd opinion on my meds. I am a bit tense about it

The Office and Waiting Area
Going to Work
He acknowledged that I might have ADHD At the beginning of our session, the Dr was very irritated that I was seeing 2 psychiatrists at once. He was going to "discharge" me. I told him I JUST saw the new Dr. YESTERDAY and he did not prescribe any meds he just had suggested meds. He made a crack that I "was a big boy" and that I can not tell I have ADHD till I was sober for over 6 months. I corrected him stating I am one week short of 9 months sober. That seemed to mellow him out after he stated that I cant have stimulant due to my alcohol abuse. I said that I KNEW that fact already. He asked me some questions that the other doc had given me. He decided to start me on Welbutrin and ween me off the Zoloft. Zoloft was making my libido a bit slack and well you can figure that out. At this time I am going to stick with Dr. Cohen, now that we had our frank session.  I  got back from Dr. C's office at 11:45pm. After a somewhat combative session. It was the first time that he and I got that way but it was for the best I think.
So all in a day's work. One day at a time. Check this out, I have served with the state for 25 years as of this month. Wes was still at Penn and Stuart was married 2 months. Shit what a long strange trip its been. I can see it is for the best since things do change if if we do not wan them to.
Pete's Pizza
My roommate is AWOL. He had to go to court so I have to wonder if they locked him up. Maybe he is doing Karaoke and singing show tunes. Oh well, my heat is crackin and I am a blogging and drinking iced tea. Staying home Friday and Saturday and  going to NYC on Sunday. Plan to take off next Friday for dentest apt and other stuff.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dec 6 is Thursday

The Kitchen Dec 5 AM
Good day kids!! I am fighting off a cold now. I just went to a new Dr today and he said that I meet "the diagnostic criteria" for ADHD! He says he knows Dr C  my reg psychiatrist   calls the  diagnosis of ADHD is over diagnosed too much and dismisses this.  On another matter, I am  still waiting to see if I am going to be a supervisor and the weather is  turning colder day by day. My latest roommate is sleeping. I am going to meetings range be seen when we do for the rest week but I'm going to New York with Larry and his wife on Sunday. I am going to check out the 9-11 Memorial site to see if its open. Its open so I will reserve 4 tickets which are free 
I have an apt at 3pm again today and my late night Dr gets to hear about me going for a 2nd opinion.
I hope the President does not cave to the stupid Republican demands that middle-class folks take all the cuts and the Defense Department takes no cuts and the top 2% are protected from paying ANY more taxes. Lets wait till Jan if they want to go over the "fiscal cliff
Well, got to go late to my meeting!

Monday, December 03, 2012

The Begnning of the Last Month!

While I was at at work last Friday I got the old. "your your own worst enemy " talk from Chuck.
Clerical said at a Sups meeting that I am the worst in making clients wait to be seen. Also I was accused of sarcasm.
 It was time for weekend to get started and leave the work stuff where it belongs at WORK! It will be there when Monday comes!
5:42Pm 11-30-12

Cooking with Dean Sat Dec 1st
21 to 30th St 12-1

Yum at HoJos
I cashed my paper (yes that is correct) check and I just noticed that I JUST made 25 years of service when I looked at my pay stub. I want THAT DPW pin!! LOL. I bet that was cut from the budget! That might explain things.
I spent Friday night doing errands, then I went to to get the HoJos and the Hertz for Saturday and went to bed.
Perryville Md Toll 12-2
Coming Back Home 1 PM Dec 2nd
Saturday, Dean made breakfast and we just hung out and farted around and ate quite well. I then took some leftovers for the drive to Md starting at 1pm. I got to Pikesville about 3pm after a smooth ride in a car with Sirius/XM Satellite Rado. I listened to the early 80's New Wave stuff mostly with some "classic vinyl". When I got to the HoJos, I just chowed down on the homemade food I had packed from Dean's cooking. I then proceeded to take a nap for about 30 min. We just chilled out for awhile since the week had taken a toll. It was cool just chill out for awhile and then just go back to sleep. I then woke up early Sunday and took a nice warm bath.  Boy, that worked quite well for my back and neck for sure.
My sponsor said I need to take a break and listen to music. I got my earphones on the ready.
Sunday Dec 2nd. I drove in the fog of Maryland thick at the the mouth of the Susquehanna River near Perryville and Port Deposit. Man that fog was foggy! No traffic mishaps to report thank goodness. After I parked the rental, I went to pick up the TONS of laundry that was waiting for me. I then blogged a bit and went to visit a friend. We made a fire and caught up with each other about what the latest in recovery, work and play.

I am fighting a cold. I guess it's God's hint that I need to slow down. Ya think???
Today I did follow that advice and when some more B.S floated my way, I just floated away with my phone and got some some iced tea, my favorate Arnold Palmer Iced Tea.

Nice Touch from Dean!
Another View :)
I was crusin pretty good but I had 4 or 5 people and lost some of that feeling. I finished work and took the bus home where I was greeted with a EXTRA delicious dinner with all the fixins. The kitchen looked great and I just chowed down to the MAX! After dinner I went to  another meeting as planned at the church basement. It was pretty good with the mix of young old and all in between. Afterwards, I had a nice talk with some nice woman I know from the meeting. We just talked about Al-Anon Sunday's at Noon in Fairmount and other stuff of meetings and relationships. Glad we are friends. I can always learn from a friend
Well, it goes without saying that "Love is like oxygen. You get too much you get too high, not enough you gonna die!" That is my favorite song by Sweet. I see 2 Psych this week. This ought to be interesting for sure. God it was good to see the old friends from 20 years ago. It was a flashback last week. We have the fiscal cliff talks going on. Will Obama stick to his guns and get tax increases for the top 2% or will he let the Republicans steamroller him?? Who won the election? Will the payroll tax go up? Will I have a new roommate in the Summer? How long will it take to download my files to the be saved in the "Cloud" via CrashPlan. It may take till the end of the week. Who knows? Not we Agnostics!! We have to stick to the program man!
 Well, time to get ready for cleaning up the dishes and sleeping

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 28 2012

It is now November 29 was November 28 service was sad to get I did see a bunch of my friends and family I'm here are some pictures.

Need Cloud Storage: Computer Down!

My sound on my computer has been dead for about 2 weeks now. I messed with the sound settings and had 2 intellegent friends, who were visiting yesterday, update the Bios, the drivers  and reboot. The sound worked with the earphone jack but NOT the speakers.
I then called India er....HP tech support. They were nice enough. I had to wipe my hardrive clean in recovery. I am now going to have to send the computer back to HP for repair which will take 3 weeks or close to Christmas to return. This computer was bought on June 26 2012. ITS LESS THEN 6 MONTHS OLD!!! At least I am under warranty for the next 200 days!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rest in Peace Chris

Charles Christopher Chris Eberharter, 47, of Easton died suddenly Tuesday, November 20, 2012 in Forks Twp. Born: September 24, 1965 in Washington, DC he was a son of June Nixon Eberharter of Wynnewood, PA and the late Herman Eberharter. Personal: A graduate of St. Joseph's Prep School in Philadelphia he was employed by Symantec Corporation for the past several years and was a consultant in the information technology field. He also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. Survivors: His mother, June; brothers, Thomas and his wife, Marie of Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Richard of North Wales, PA; sister, Judy of Drexel Hill, PA; niece, Paige Hannigan of North Wales; and his daughter's mother, Mary Green. His daughter, Juliana died November 20th. Services: A Joint Memorial Mass for Chris and his daughter will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, 3219 Santee Rd., Bethlehem, PA 18020 with a calling period from 10 to 11 a.m. in the church. The Ashton Funeral Home, Easton is handling the arrangements. Interment will be private in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, PA. Memorials: May be made to Moravian Academy, for the Lower School Music Program, 7 E. Market St., Bethlehem, PA 18018. Offer online condolences at

Monday, November 26, 2012

Life and Death: Past and Present November '12

Thanksgiving 2012
Thanksgiving week 2012. I am living life on life's terms. Last Tuesday My friend Tony visited we hung out and he saw my Beatles poster. The day before Thanksgiving last Wednesday the 21st I left work and I drove down to Pikesville Maryland.
Add caption
Madeline and Sister
Tony with Frame
Kathleen and Gwynne
Hung out with a friend that night and then Thanksgiving day woke up in Maryland and drove to Philly. When I arrived in Philly dropped off the rental and went  went to an AA fest then went to South Philly for Thanksgiving dinner, which was a good time. I  slept in late on Friday and went to another meeting 530 and mellowed out most of the day. On Saturday I went to really fun party and saw some old high school friends. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. The birthday girl really enjoyed herself!. The shocking news of the week came Weds while I was going to lunch. My friend Chris passed away  last Tuesday in a freak car wreck. His daughter was in the care and also passed away I don't think I need to see much more than that at this very sad
Weds morning is the funeral service in Bethlehem.
I will try not to text too much and really communicate with folks, like I did when I shared my story thanks to another old friend from back in the day...
Good day.