Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Good morning rainy and walking around in this rain last night I could barely get up in the morning I'm going to the dentist for my stitches. I got them out but the gums are not healing so I got antibiotics and was told I might need my wisdom teeth taken  out
Bus Stop
Latimer Street
Well, enough of the bitching, there is a new day to be had.
My Neighbor
I worked hard then left 15 minutes early. I went to Early Nite Out meeting Us 3 went to a meatball place for dinner. After that my friend from work gave back my Transpass, D and I walked to the Ritz 5 to see Lincoln. this movie was well done but was good pretty depressing. I am pretty tired. My called and and wanted to talk and we did about travel. I have to brush my teeth when he gets tired of asking me questions. Boy he is in the mood to talk and I just want some quiet but I don't get to talk to him often. Now we are talking about about pulling wisdom teeth and Psychiatry. God bless everyone man.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 Days in February

I-95 Baltimore
I ended up getting back to Philly at 5:50. I went back home and stopped by to see a friend who lives nearby. I got a message from D to meet at a Middle East place at 6:45. I'm walking down 4th street and it's cold since its really February.
Discarding the Old
The walk down 4th Street is very nice cause I get the walk on brick. I was just thinking that maybe after we eat at the restaurant,  I could get into watching the Oscars with somebody possibly maybe and getting since I did see actually  I did see  two of the nominated flicks at this point but I'll see how I feel about that I met w D. entering fourth and South at the Middle Eastern restaurant where we both had good dinner.
19th Street 2-25
We went over the 4th Step and did a 5th as well. I even got good advice on a personal issue that looms ahead in the next several months. Read the Big Book p 67 before going to bed.
Pat: Sketch #6
This morning Feb 25 I went to meeting. Inspiring ! Such wisdom from folks like me. I then went off to work via the El. Work was okay I got really frantic.  I read a report incorrectly then I went to the post office to mail off some overdue bills then after that I want the bank to pay and next went to a meeting that went pretty good that I went to a place called more than just ice cream and I just reminded that I  must go pick up keys to take care of the cat and the picture for Pat
Feeding the Cat.
Well   I went out for dinner at a place called  More Than Just Ice Cream I came back here am photographed the 6th sketch for Pat. I have been doing this over the last week.  I then walked over to do a pet sitting job. This job  basically was changing kitty litter opening  cat food cans. I am trying a new website called POF and  just seeing what's out there.  It was a  pretty nice night for  late February to go home and just go to bed to bed Maybe I will  finish blogging today Feb 26th.
The moon is full out as well.

Work is quiet cause I did not schedule folks. I get hit tomorrow. I also have to get my stitches out from my gums for my bottom front teeth. I just heard from the Devaney Brothers from the old LBI days of the 70's and 80's. Rich lives in DC and has 2 kids. He seems well.  Well, back to work while the woman across my cubic talks about her kids and men.
Pat 1987
Pat 1991
Chestnut near 42nd
At Work Sending Appts.2-26
Was pretty busy but at least I did not have a lot of interviews. I have a meeting tonight but first I am going to take another photo of a sketch that Pat will create. This is fun for me to collaborate in a fun Facebook activity. The meeting went well but the windy cold rain made for a wet walk. I went to 46th and Spruce via the 42 bus. Then in the pouring raid at 8:45 I went to 47th and Larchwood to feed the cats. I then walked back to my place, changed socks, then went to 42nd and Ranstead to take photos of 2 more of his sketches. They were dated 1987 for the dog and 1991 the guitarist ( Name is Django Reinhardt ).    Well, I am going end this long diary format  but maybe I wont.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


A Game of Chicken!!
It s now after 3 pm EST and the bus just left the station and we are now on /i-95 N. In the TV news on CNN was the so-called Sequester that will take effect on March 1st. The media (CNN) is attempting to blame BOTH sides and act they are above this political stalemate. God, I love it when they speak of the mainstream Media like THEY aren't  it. WOW! They just are so self-important that they are blind to the reality that the rest of us live in. We want solutions not politics nor ideology  Yes, the President is playing politics with this issue. What the hell else is he supposed to do when Congress will not negotiate over the terms that could end this stalemate this week.  Its Congress who writes the laws of the land. The President can only make a proposal. The President has proposed a balanced plan which calls for MORE cuts then tax raises. The GOP has this odd way of legislating. They hold money and the government hostage to meet their stated goal to slash programs. This time  the GOP has to face to the fact that the US military is facing STEEP cuts. These cuts will harm states like Texas and Pennsylvania harder then other states that do not have as much military spending as some others. The fact that wage income is taxed MORE then investment income is part of the reason we are in this mess. In fact the Capitol Gains Tax rate is lower and does this encourage work?? Well, I think not. The bottom line is the the blame should rest at the Congressional Republicans.

Philly 2 Baltimore

Video in Cab
Philly to Baltimore that is the story for today. I got to the men's meeting and it was pretty cool. I got to hang with Matt at the Saxby's at 20th St and we got some good conversation.
I left Philadelphia and just barley made it on-time!!  I had to take a cab and I still was almost late. it's cloudy outside with a bit of rain. The bus WiFi has mostly worked and it makes it more fun to be on the bus.
44th Street 2-23
Metro Station
Last Leg of Trip
Founded in Baltimore
Etauw and Saratoga Streets
 I have been writing a blog entry during this ride. We stopped at the University of Delaware and its not a bad looking place.  After I go to downtown Baltimore, I will be catching a Metro train to the Reisterstown shopping plaza. L really want to eat when I arrive at the Greyhound Station and have a sandwich if I can get the Metro on time and should be Baltimore by 5:45.
I did make it to the Ho Jo's where there was a bunch of dancers from NYC who were attempting to cancel their reservations. It was pretty funny and they did stay calm on the most part. I got to my room and took a quick nap and then we went out to dinner at a Tex-Mex place. We had a fun time.

I got up early and got dropped off to the Owens Mills Metro station and had my sausage McMuffin. The Metro was pretty fast and we rode along I-695 for a bit. I thought it was pretty cool. I ended up Etauw Ave near the Hippodrome (what a strange name) where I waited the for the 27 bus. Downtown was pretty nice with all the brick buildings but there were some jonzers so it was a sort of a dressed up ghetto.Philly does not have that look in my mind.
1:30 At Greyhound Sta
I am now at the Greyhound station where my bus does not arrive here until 2:35pm . I could catch the 1PM bus BUT I would have to pay an extra $20 bucks for the ability to leave early. Thank goodness for the free WIFI they have here at the station. I have a long wait since I have been here since 11:34 am. Its now 1:49pm and the battery is dying. I will sign off and now listen to A Day in the Life from St. Pepper.
Here is a little video I took from the Metro.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday: Pay Day

City Hall at 5:30am
Sketch #6 by Pat
Well, got up early and decided to blog this morning and not go to CJC till later this morning. That did not pan out, since I did not get moving out of the house as of yet. I felt pretty good and went to work. I was not eligible for the overtime that was made available for Saturday. Last night after work I went to a meeting then I went to Pats's house to take photos of the latest sketch for Facebook. We just chilled out and I found the best way to get to Reisterstown MD without a car. I take Grayhousd to Downtown Baltimore then I catch the Metro to Reisterstown Shopping Center which is about a mile or so away. It was a pretty good day and I got to pay my fines at the CJC, that is done!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Feb 21st 2013

Thursday February 21st.  I am going to blog during the day today see how that works I have a Blogger app on my iPhone and I am going to write when I can during the day. I will use Dragon Dictation to create some of the entries (Note: This requires some correcting of sentences )
 I am on the 21 bus heading to a meeting at 19th & Walnut Streets. I caught it as it was waiting for a green light at 44th and Chestnut. I was thankful for that. I  wanted coffee at Saxby''s. it is only a block away and went there before  work and see how it goes partly cloudy out and not quite so cold.
Meeting over. I don't know what I was thinking thinking it wasn't quite as cold as yesterday, because it is cold in this jacket that I'm wearing. I have to wear this coat cause my zipper broke ion my leather coat. it so going to 19th St. to catch the trolley, then the EL to 56th St and go to work.
 Hi work is done and i am on the EL & going to 13th Street I am then walking to Filbert St to pay some fines. I got real lucky break this day. I pray for good decisions .(See the "service" I got in the video above.) I go to group at 6 pm.
Starts March 2
Okay well I'm at the Starbucks and I ran into someone from from the program and I had walked with somebody I guess she was younger than me just talking and she felt so she just wanted to tell me size. I long way to go she hung out with me so I feel little bit better I'll be bringing up the group for sure. I havea long way to go  Maybe I'll just move up to  the middle of nowhere in North Dakota and then I won't creep people out. Okay. that's just a stupid thought bye
Well, group went well. Folks were supportive and I some thoughts to ponder
I then went home and mellowed out. Now it's early on February 22, 2013 I'm going to put pictures on this blog process it and then go to the meeting go to the criminal Justice Center and pay my fines then go to work.
This entry looked SO long in my phone but not so much here. I am not sure how this worked but I thought I would try it out

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Days go Long but the Weeks go Fast!

The Progress from Right to Left

Carl Sketching Pat Dec 2011
It has been a long time since I wrote on this blog. I was not motivated to sit and write. I would just be in the mood to be entertained by Jon Stewart, Mediate. , Buzzfeed, Crooks and Liars  and Facebook. They are all nice and I think folks should check them all out.
Mark and Stuart using Skipe
Since I last wrote there have been some changes going on. First of all at work, my supervisor of 12 years retired in Mid January. This changed the tone of the CDU Unit. Gone are the mass of folks being scheduled at the 9 and 10 am times. Yes, there are some that are scheduled but it has been cut by 70% in this month of February 2013. I do have to do more scheduling but that is worth it since I do feel more in control  my work. I think I was just tired of how the unit was running. Change can be good.
Dental Surgery Feb 20th
I am approaching one year of sobriety. My year will arrive on March 11th. It is a big deal to me since I have done work and started working the steps. Yes, I don't always follow though but I have done the 1st step well and learned that having some spiritually can be accessible and not overwhelming and scary. I go to at least one meeting every day and someday go to 2 meetings. I did this on Monday and Tuesday. Today I had dental surgery so I am taking a break from going to a meeting. I am one person who needs to attend meetings since I am not the best Big Book student in the whole world. Philadelphia has tons of meetings and this I am thankful for. I still want to be more consistent and organized so I can do more complete follow-though. I
Sketch by Pat
have been not beating up myself over it like I used to . I am still hesitant to share cause I still feel nervous about what I am going to say even after all this time. I suppose I just need to just say something and face it head-on. Well, as they say.."Progress not Perfection."
Looking East 2-6
I am hoping to get some finances in order in the next month and visit some friends as the weather warms up. I am overdue to get outta town and see other places. I plan to hit AA meetings wherever I go. I think it will be cool to meet folks and see how other places run their meetings. I want to visit my sister in San Diego and see how they are holding up and get some warm weather in me. Next I want to go to Buffalo  to see an old college friend. Maybe I can hit Tampa for a week in April. Well, we will see what happens. I get my licence back March 17th

Old Murph's Crew

Meanwhile I now want to see movies. You know first-run ones at a theater  I just saw West of Memphis. Boy that that was great documentary  Just tonite Feb 20th I just saw Side Effects. It was filled with twists and turn to excite any movie-goer! I think they are a good bet and you should go out and see them!

In the news, after the Sandy Hook massacre  President Obama put up some modest Proposals to curb gun violence  Suffice to say, the gun lobby is screaming AGAIN. "They gonna take our guns away!!" This is so far from the truth but it does gin up fear and gun sales. I could spend a whole blog entry on this but why bother???!
Lets hope I can blog more consistently man. Here is what I wrote last Feb 18th