Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday :terrorism, Taxes, Tired

Good morning peeps it is Monday and we have very tiny raindrops is about 7:15 AM had a good time with you last night and have me meet somebody that ought to be interesting but I'm running a little way to the meeting Chris I just missed the 21 and I have a project that's due today that's going to be interesting. I had help and I may be able to get this project mostly done.It was really a difficult day to work being really tired.
My Desk
I still  worked till about 7pm.  I did catch a break, my Supervisor left early and the due date is tomorrow, Tues April 16th first thing in the AM.
There is talk again of changing my employer's name Pa Department of Public Welfare by removing WELFARE from its name. Did you know that Pennsylvania and Idaho are the ONLY 2 states that still have the "welfare" in their human services departments. The reason it has not
been done already is that it will cost MONEY!! Well, ain't that convenient? Other states have managed to survive the name changes, why can't Pennsylvania??
Artists At Work
I was a Pat's eating dinner and napping while he was creating a
Talk to the Hand!!
sketch of his hand. When he was done, it was 11:45pm! I had take photos and split! It ended up that Pat did not find his sketch to his satisfaction.I was just going to have to  file my state income tax  late and pay the
Before my 7:30 Nap
 penalty. Well, when I sat down with my W-2 at 12:05am, I got a message that the deadline was EXTENDED 24 hours!! WOW, now that is my God looking out for my tired butt! I found out that the State of Pa Revenue Department was having problems with their server  and this is the reason for the extension.  I managed to file but later when I checked out the E-File page I got this:
IMPORTANT: Due to technical issues that prohibited residents from accessing commonwealth websites including the Department of Revenue website and tax filing resources for a few hours on April 15, the department will not impose penalties or interest on personal income tax returns filed on or before Tuesday, April 16.
As you can see this was true!  I owed $ 1.00 so I did not have to write a check since I owed a dollar or less!! Boy that was quite the break that I needed!
Coffee Anyone?
PHS Garden at 19th & Walnut
Today will most noted as the day that a terrorist attacked the Boston Marathon! I just saw video of the explosion as it happened! There were 2 explosions 15 seconds apart!! Here is the latest as reported by the BBC as of 1:45am April 16th. This is sure to be the biggest story for the next month for sure. They are pretty damned sure that THIS was a terrorist attack. Rumor has it that they have a Saudi man under guard at a Boston hospital. As of this writing, this is NOT confirmed

Don't understand life. I want a frisbee.

Chicken freak that hammer

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