Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Wednesday, August 2: The Road to Recovery

I  got a great nights sleep last night. I only had to get up once at like 6:30 AM. Based guys up 
 o tonight for the first time in months I swear
. I got up rolled out of bed and fed the cats. They then scored a lot of 
 nts away from the sink. I've been pretty good at doing that so Sharon doesn't get exposed to that crap. I then went to walk down 
 owards Pennsylvania Avenue because the 48 has an ongoing detour. While I was walking 
 8% right by 23rd in Fairmount. I started complaining
 to the man who sets up at the London and then lo and behold here 
 omes a seven bus running right down 23rd St. It's deafly contradicted 
 he sign in the bus driver was not well informed on it because it's communication system is down. 
 ight now it's 9:04 AM and depending on the mood to my supervisor 
 'll be docked or's also hot as hell outside. Well I got to work in 
 he freezer is still on but I went ahead and plug the way. I then found out I have to go to 
 raining and kill an hour and a half to two hours learning about updates to 
 he medical program into the computer program. Wasn't all that bad and I took the 
 nowledge test and got them over with. I then went back to work we had 
 arious interruptions but I almost got one on my list done. As I was working, 
 t's not the really rain outside. That's were talking about how
 hard it was raining. I never did go outside but I did take a look at it around 
 30 or so. After all that stuff yesterday
 I slept really well. I worked pretty hard today. I was simply exhausted after my therapy appointment. 
 hat was it 6:15 PM I then went to West 
 hilly change litter on the cats are fed it and then fell sleep for 45 minutes. I want to Kobobeesh. I wanted to 
 et some dinner and then catch the bus home. I ran into Pat as he was making 
  delivery for GrubHub. So I went with them with the delivery and he drove me home. That was really chill I felt a lot better after eating wow hang out with Pat. So was a bit difficult day but it ended well.

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