Monday, August 07, 2017

Monday, August 7: Rain ☔️

Well I got up slowly and caught the bus after walking all the way on the Pennsylvania 
 venue. The new 48 busty to her that you picked up near the gas station on the
 corner I was able to find a seat and then that off the cats the trolley. Even though 
 here are 4 trolley routes we still had to wait!! It's now 8:50 AM and if one doesn't 
 ome soon I'm deathly gonna be late. Already 3  EL trains zipped by going 
 estbound well a trolley finally did show up and it was packed as 
 ell. What's 9:06 AM and I just got off the train at 56 street it's still raining
 outside time to go to work and try to get alerts done before the reports come out. Less you can see

 from the picture in the building it looks like it may clear up in a half hour or so. 
 e shall see I'm entering the building and it's 9:11 AM. When my 
 upervisor is super late for a personal thing. So that helped very much and I 
 idn't get docked. It's now 2:27 PM I'm just getting lunch 
 ow. My world famous tuna hoagie at the Bodega. I got my first bunch 
 f alerts now I just need to see if I can get it least halfway done the second last. 
 lready the weekly reports come out I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see it yet and then deal with it on Wednesday because Tuesday's
 appointment day. I got out of work and the rain 
 t's still drizzling on pretty steadily at this time. I got off of 15th and 
 aught the 12 bus. It's going really slow through the 15th run a construction

 area but if I get rained on. Thankfully I have my umbrella. Well we've reached the second 100 days of theTrump  Administration . That's 200 day
s total. Well I hope you had a car for Joe for a bit and it was still raining. If I stop raining when I went to feed the cat out in West Philly.

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