Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10: Working and Pet Sitting

I  managed to get up at a half decent hour today and got myself out of the 
 ouse around 7:15 AM. I saw Tom and said hello to him. I ate breakfast and went on my way and caught the 48 bus on Pennsylvania 
 venue. That's where the theater 
 s for the first seeable future. I went to walk the dogs after getting on the EL and then the trolley. The dogs
 were well behaved in the walk was very nice.  
At the end of the walk I got pretty warm 
 nd I found myself getting very hot. I ended up walking from Baltimore Avenue  all the way to 46th and market to catch the train. I took a pitstop A Plus Mini Market
 and got myself an iced tea because I was getting really hot. Got to 
 ork about 9:03 AM. I wasn't distracted and I want to head and worked 
 n pushing those alerts before the client came in. They eventually did come in but I missed two of them because I didn't hear a 
 age and I didn't look at it. Anyhow I am proposing to close them 
 effective in September. Anyhow I was feeling a little bit 
 ired of the work caught up to me. I was definitely having my nose to the grindstone 
 ecause I didn't pay attention to my phone even once. Well I 
 ot out of work and it was pretty warm outside and I thought I would do the animals 
 nd then hit the 7 o'clock meeting. It ended up that I went to the cat house
 and did my thing and then lie down on the couch and fell asleep for an hour 
 nd a half. I obviously needed it because I was stone cold 
 xhausted. I got up and witnessed a beautiful sunset right along Hazel 
 venue. I then went ahead and walked the cute little mini pins and then Pat picked me up and we ordered Indian at 
 abobeesh. We watch near plane disaster movie and a top 10 show that talked about the top 10 scams. We watched an airplane disaster movie and then Pat drop me off home. I was not able to talk on the phone with my friend from New Jersey

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