Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sunday, August 6: A Good Meeting and I Buy New Clothes

Good day everybody. I got up around 8:30 AM to meet my sponsor at the La  
Colombe in Center City. This is the second time I've been there in the 
 ast year at least. That place used to be at stomping ground. I actually recognized one of the women who work there.
 Anyhow it was pretty crowded so we cited to go outside and go to 
 ittenhouse Square and sit on one of the benches. It was a nice cool day,  the air-conditioning
 was cold and people could overhear her conversation between two guys. 
  asked him where he got his nice shirts from and he said place called Zara. It's  on 
 alnut between 17th and 18th. I I decided I would check out the place! It's a clothing 
 tore in Rittenhouse Square. I just had to check it out since he always has 
 ice looking shirts. I was pleasantly surprised  that prices were no 
 idiculously expensive! I got 2 shirts and 2 pants and three
 of the items were on sale!!  I spent about 85 bucks which is not bad for a fancy pants
 store it's 12:19 PM I just got the 7 bus home I came 
 ome and Amy was already there with a friend Jill and Amy got her hair done and I took
 my shave and shower. I also got to talk to Jill and that was really
 Nice. She recalls that I haven't seen her since I lived in west Philadelphia 
 lmost 3 years ago. I am the paining out that Bishops collar with Jill and
 Amy and Sharon after Amy's hair was done but then ran home got to 
 hange into my skinny clothes that I just bought. The pants fit fine but the shirt
 Squeezed the middle of my stomach. I just got used of it & I hung in there. 
 ell the restaurant was pretty nice. It was right near 
 idvale and Kelly drive in that part of the city. We didn't eat anything we just had drinks I had some
 coffee and she had one drinking soda. We had some pretty animated conversation. I put on my best performance but she was for looking for something I couldn't offer such as being Jewish and divorced. Hey hell it was decent. But then when upstairs took a nap and then went off to 60 minutes. Larry was still in Cape May so I just did my thing and then came home. I then talked on the phone for quite some time

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