Friday, August 04, 2017

Friday, August 4: Work and a Meeting in Delaware County

I got up this morning after feeling pretty horny overnight. 
  know that sounds strange but that's the way it was. Anyhow I got up and ran late to work again. The 48+ it being detoured so I have to walk 
 own to Pennsylvania Avenue until further notice. That's kind of a pain in the ass. I 
 id end up getting work 15 minutes late and I signed in because I saw that my supervisor was already there. I then took it is my job to work on the overdue a little alerts that I erased yesterday to keep showing up late. I did get at least 2/3 of it 
 done but it was a bit of a slog in but it ended up being OK. I did have someone
 who's ranted 
 nd raved that me. I haven't had a good rate for like that in a long time which 
 s a good thing. So I just put the phone down and let her stop yelling 
jump up-and-down and not listen to me. Well work ended and I was 
 oing to see a friend afterwards bu but plans changed since it
 was going to be too tight of a schedule. I will see her at 3 o'clock tomorrow. 
 I am going straight to 11th St. or 13th St. and yes get some coffee and I'll catch the train at 6:30. I'm  to be 
 eatured speaker at  an AA meeting in 
 olcroft. I found out that  a train that takes me within a half-mile  from the
 meeting location!!  The meeting starts at 8 PM but I arrive at the train 
 tation at 7pm. The meeting will be up around 9 PM. Maybe I'll get a ride home with him so worth it Uber it back home
 catch the train. I'm gonna try to find someplace on 11th St. to serve coffee. I think the closest coffee place is Saxbys somewhere on 
 ocust Street I believe. Well, outside my  bubble, in Harrisburg 
they still have not agreed upon a revenue plan for the Pennsylvania state budget. It appears to be a standoff. Well I want to 
 axbys got a large ice coffee and then headed back towards the 
 efferson Station. I then almost had a personal emergency but I've heard that. I got on  
the train and realized that I'm gonna run out of batteries. I arrived and fall craft. Around
 7:10 PM. The meeting today I have 2% left on my battery because I don't have a chord with me. The 
meeting is in a nice air-conditioned room at a church. I spoke and it went pretty well. Let me in good spirits. I even got a ride back home but she was really clutch considering the meeting ended after 9 PM

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