Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Tuesday, August 8: Depression Lifed Work Hard Others Talk

Good morning today is Tuesday client day and going to the therapist 
 oday I have a bunch people coming in and the reports are being issued
 today 4 the month of August. The latest  fucked up trump news is
 that they want to alter a report that links climate change to human 
 ctivity. They are such jerks!! Well it's 9:09 AM I'm just walkin
g in the door at work. We'll see how the morning goes man. Well I got in but my supervision
 which is good. Now go to Taco Bell things fit it so it's time for me to focus focus focus. Infinity to look for for my cavalcade of clients comes in. Well I saw 13 people and 
 orked like a rented mule. It's  been a decent day.  I wasn't harassed yet I did 
 ork pretty hard and saw a bunch of clients.  I just got out and I'm going to the Bodega.
 I did have some pasta but I'm getting some snacks because I am hungry. It's 3:09 PM
 I just got my snack pile with ice tea and Pepsi and a Macy 
 ne more person which will add up to 13. 14 people came in and one did leave. 
 t has warmed up quite a bit since I was last out which 
 as approximately 9:00 AM.  Well I finished up my last client a little after 4 PM. I did a little
 cleanup of my calendar and that felt good. I then got a little tired 
 nd went to the train and took the train downtown. I had a really good session I was feeling 
 eally good and it was so nice. I was just
 talking and having conversation and laughing. I just wasn't
 all up in my head. Considering how hard I work and I wasn't on my meds I don't 
 hink I felt really good after my session and I chatted up to women real quickly 
 opped on the bus and bought a bunch of food at the Indian store 
 nd I want to cut a bitch for a quick pick up dinner. It's now 8:15 PM I'm 
 oing to be walking the many pictures
 and then checking out the cat litter. I probably won't be home till close to 10 o'clock. Well as I was getting that done and I got a hold of Pat and he picked me up.
 I then remembered to take out the garbage. We went on two deliveries and then had drove me home. With then hung out and had stayed overnight and I stayed up looking at YouTube videos man

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