Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday, August 11: Crushing It and Pet Sitting

I got up around 7 o'clock at the setting alarm at 6:30 AM. I took my time at 
 reakfast and got the 48 bus down on Pennsylvania Avenue. I was very 
 ortunate I 
 idn't have to wait for the bus lot. Also the bus 
 asn't very full. I got very lucky because the first try then stopped at 22nd St. was a 34 which goes to 
 altimore Avenue that was a good thing because I got to be at work at nine
 I just arrived at the dogs house at 8:19 AM. OK it's 8:46 AM adjuster
 arrived at the 46 street station the eastbound train us already left. 
 ccording to the Google Maps it won't arrive till 8:53 AM. Well the train 
 id come earlier than 8:53 AM, it's now 8:56 AM I might have time to run there Bodega
 and refill my ice tea supply before I go in. Decided to come in first 
 Go in the office and drop my stuff. I then signed  on the computer and then 
get my stuff done. Well I skipped doing th 845 report  because it was never sent to me. I got it from my 
 orkmate and verified that my supervisor for neglected to send it to me. So 
 onday will have to be just doing the report all day and not doing the
 alerts. Though it is very tempting to clean them off completely with him about seven people away from. On 
 ugust 3, 2017  I had 64 people on 
 y alerts. Today August 11, 2017 I have eight left. I have to keep that on the
 down low because if I get too much done then I'll say they don't need 
 nother person. It's one of those damned if you do and damned
 if you don't. Oh freaking well! Well after work I took the L down to 46 street. I
 was hoping to catch the 64 bus. Well the 64 was about 10 minutes late 

 hich is not surprising. I think went to 48th and Hazel and walk to the 
little mini pins. They really had to go that's for sure. Then I wen to feed the cat at 
 6 street. It was there that I knew I hadn't taken the meds that I 
 as very hungry. I then decided I would just try to catch the trolley and head home. 
  lucked out and got the trolley and the 48 bus. I then came home 
 nd hung out with Sharon for a bit then went to the Bishop's collar ate some
 chili. Weather some interesting developments. A friend of mine might be able to
 move close to Fairmount because another friends kid needs a roommate quickly by 
 eptember because his girlfriend couldn't get out of Ireland. Thank you President Trump! Can only hope that it all works out because it would help multiple people with problems that they're having.

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