Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tuesday August 1st: Put in My Place

Well I got up in the usual way and quickly got dressed and headed out 
 o the 48. I found out by circumstance that the 40 it's going to be diverted down to the parkway for some road repair as tradition 
 as it. To be following somebody 
 alks real fast and they had seen the sign telling folks that there was a detour. I'm glad I saw because I barely
 got to work on time as it was. Well my 
 upervisor is running late but I got in did my thing and said good morning to my desk made. All 

 he said is "did you read the email" I hadn't. Then she just ripped me a new one because
 she felt offended that I had done too much. Every so often she likes to put me 
 n my place specially when I violate her norms or when she has to do more work.

Good  morning

It is now 9: 51. Yes I am . here and I have been here for your information.  Mark you are not my supervisor.   If you would read the narratives, you would have t seen that I gave her the initial carfare; therefore, the carfare should be given by the worker.  Please do not try to monitor me If Ms.  Ulmer wants to track my whereabouts let her do it.  I am not going to tell you again.  Find something else to do with your  time.  Take the sup test.   furthermore if you did not send her back there in the midst of bein terminated.   There would not be any confusion as who is to give her carfare.

that that's safer other places. I did however work on my report and got it done on time. I did get the infamous female silent treatment which is well known in this world. Amy emailed the property 30s and went ahead and did my work thing. I decided that since I didn't have my usual appointment up to say is I would head home and go to a local club house thing. I decided I'd skip the cat out as well. I went to the clubhouse thing it was all about that. Perfect for my mood. Sharon with cool she came up with an idea of ordering out and we ordered from famous pizza since I didn't want to be with people. I talked to a few friends and that made it much better.

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