Saturday, August 05, 2017

Saturday August 5:Thanks I Needed That!!

As I promised I'm getting up early and going to the men's meeting which I haven't 
been to in months. It's up really good and pack meeting and I
 know a lot of people there. The clubhouse is  a little bit closer to my place and it's 
 ater in the morning at 10 AM. Well after the men's, I walk through 
 itttenhouse Square having an outdoor sale. It was very scenic and lots of
 good people watching. I went to catch the bus towards the 10 @ 1030. I then decided to go 
 owards the haircut place I go to call "cut." I was thinking of making
 a later appointment but decided I just got my haircut if they have an opening. Since my 
 aircut is easy I generall can walk in without a problem! After
 that I ate the rest of my sausage and egg sandwich went to the WAWA to clean up.  Next, 
 caught the 38 bus back towards home. 
 'm going to go to the CVS and buy some of that liquid soap and 
  couple sponges and something to drink. Well my home and Sharon 
 nd I decided to go check out the storage place. It's the same storage place 
 e used to years ago when she moved out of her her shop down the street. 
 hen we had lunch at Famous Pete's I had the vegetarian chicken cheesesteak 
 and we hung out. I'm at now heading down to 8th & Samso to get a much-needed
 massage. Really listened up some of the masses the tightened up to this
 past few weeks.   I also got myself a date tomorrow at 4 o'clock 
 t was extremely easy cause she showed interest.   We'll see how that goes. It'4:41 PM  I'm 
 oing up to  the place with the 2 
 ini pins to check the keys well I did go to the place with the many pins 

 ere and then will be in the moment had a nice conversation. Just got it. It's due for about 
  to 6 months. The man's name is Donovan. After that I met at Mike's place 
 nd we had some hummus and it was pretty good. He then drove me back
 towards home. Once home I ate my leftovers from Pete's famous. 
 nd it hit the spot pretty good. When I mellowed out and enjoy the rest of this
 fine day. It's the first day in so long that there was no humidity
 and a nice stiff breeze to cool things off. Well in response to the bizarro world we 
 ive in under our current president, Stephen Colbert  has been rippin The president 
 a new one because he frankly deserves it.

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